Valentine’s Day manicures that we’re head over heels in love with


The day of love is fast approaching, and our mass preparation has begun.

From gift buying to restaurant planning, for many no stone goes unturned on Valentine's Day. 

So why not go all out this year, with a romantic manicure, inspired by the day of love? 

Sure look, even if you're single AF (guilty), it is always nice to be on trend, right? 

So if you are getting your claws done this week, have a look here for some inspiration. 

rihanna nails GIF

1. Simple little hearts. 



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2. Polka dots of love.

3. Heart tips! 

4. Loads of love for these beauties.

5. How cute are these?

6. We love these blue bad boys.


Sometimes the smallest things take up the most room in your heart 

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7. Holographic hearts for the WIN.

8. Okay, these are our faves.