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OK, we are major fans of all things Disney, and all things nail art… but this is just too much. 


Shipping these out to North Carolina USA tommorow  thanks @rachelinneverland for your custom! Xx

A photo posted by Emma Worcester (@weirdandwonderfulthings) on

Emma Worcester, of the Instagram account weirdandwonderfulthings, recently posted a picture displaying the craziest nail art ever. 


#art #clay #miniature #sculpture #disney #snowwhite

A photo posted by Emma Worcester (@weirdandwonderfulthings) on

"Throw back to when I made these fantasy nails a couple of years ago," wrote the talented artist.


#art #clay #sculpture #unique #jewellery #disney #beautyandthebeast #enchantedrose

A photo posted by Emma Worcester (@weirdandwonderfulthings) on

The picture shows little sculptures of our five favourite Disney princesses, each stuck to an acrylic nail.

As impressive as this nail art is, we cannot help but think how gosh darn impractical they would be.

They are a serious display of artistic ability, but we wouldn't DARE try these out.


Bibbidi bobiddi-Boo #art #clay #miniature #sculpture #disney #cinderella #unique #jewellery

A photo posted by Emma Worcester (@weirdandwonderfulthings) on

However, Emma specialises in creating beautiful Disney jewellery, which might be a little bit more our speed. 


#art #clay #sculpture #disney #thelittlemermaid #ursula #unique #jewellery

A photo posted by Emma Worcester (@weirdandwonderfulthings) on

 You go, girl! 



It seems like everywhere we look, people are incorporating glitter into their beauty routine, and we love it. 

To be perfectly honest, if we could cover our entire body in glitter every day, we absolutely would. 


#powderblue #matte #glittercuticles #nails #tiffany 

A photo posted by S T E P H A N I E (@stephdouglas_x) on

However, that would be deemed socially unacceptable, so we must opt for a subtle approach to sparkle.

That is why were are majorly crushing on glitter cuticles at the moment.

Glitter cuticles caught our attention at the Spring 2017 Rodarte show, and we have been obsessed ever since. 

Image result for glitter cuticles rodarte

They are the perfect way to include glitter into you nail art, without going OTT (however, we support that too!)

We'll be trying this look for SURE. 



Kim Kardashian has had a triumphant return to social media, now regularly updating her Snapchat and Instagram with photos of her life.

One thing she often shares is her glam routine, and a certain set of elaborate nails really caught our attention recently.

The star uploaded a video showing off her freshly pierced nails, each complete with two or three gold hoops.

The pierced nail look definitely isn't new, but Kim's extreme take on the style is pretty note worthy.

The reality TV queen has been a little obsessed with piercing lately, regularly wearing a fake diamond hoop on her lower lip. 

However, we can't help but think of all the things that would suddenly be a major struggle if we adorned our finger tips with jingly hoops.


A photo posted by Snobette (@thesnobette) on

Buttoning up a shirt would be extremely inconvenient, as would running your fingers through your hair or applying fake eyelashes.

And there's no way you would be able to do something finicky like put in actual hoop earrings.

While the look is pretty cool for a fashion show or a photo shoot, it might not be all that practical for real life.


A photo posted by Natascha (@nataschasnailart) on

However, some of the pierced nail looks dotted around Instagram showcase a more subtle take on the trend, one that we could consider getting behind.

Although some of them remind us of those phone charms everyone used to add to their old Nokias, the look is cute if impractical.

Here's a few of our faves.


A photo posted by Sabrina Carver (@sabrina.carver) on


A photo posted by N A I L G A L S (@nailgalsinsta) on


A photo posted by Emily (@emilyeviexx) on




Nail trends come and go, and after a few seasons of extreme looks like fur nails, knitted nails and the flip manicure, we're ready for a more subtle way to express yourself using your nails.

Wire nail art is the minimalist, futuristic manicure of our dreams, and the artistic look is high on our must-try list. 

The trend comes from the entrepreneurial Unistella nail salon, which is renowned for its revolutionary nail looks. 

The look varies from creating aerodynamic arched tips, cuticle embellishments and artfully crafted all-over designs. 

"When you make neon signs, you have to bend the wires to make certain lettering," Unistella owner Eun Kyung Park explained to Marie Claire.  

"It's one long wire that's bent to create and connect the letters. I thought this was really cool and since nails are an accessory, I wanted it to be used for expression. Like rings."

Using painstaking precision, Park contorts the thin wire to her every whim using a tweezers and a hell of a lot od dedicated concentration. 


A photo posted by Misaki Hiramatsu (@mskinguu) on

This look is best lest to the professionals, but if you're doing it DIY, it's important to remember to give the wire a perfect finish so it doesn't snag on clothes or damage your skin (anyone who took metalwork in school can attest to this).

 While this look may be a little high maintenance, we're dying to try it out.

To the hardware shop we go. 


Just when you think the Internet cannot possibly get any weirder, we are faced with CHEESE NAILS. 



A video posted by テイストメイドジャパン (@tastemade_japan) on

We love cheese (more than we care to admit) and we love getting our nails done… but frankly we don't see the need to combine the two. 

However, like it or not, cheese nails are here, and people seem to really love them. 


Cheese-Nails  #nailart #cheesenails #mouse #matte

A photo posted by Franziska Bundies (@franzi.bun) on

Simply search #cheesenails on Instagram, and you will be faced with hundreds of people who are rocking cheesy nails. 

The trend was popularised by Tastemade Japan, who shared a video on how to achieve cheese nails.

The video in question has been viewed over 364,000 times since it was uploaded last year, which is pretty darn impressive. 

Despite the clear popularity of these nails, we will be keeping cheese on pizza… where it belongs. 



Love is in the air ladies, and Valentine's Day is just around the corner. 

With that in mind, we decided to do a little bit of Insta-stalking to find the cutest and most loved-up manicures out there.

Check out our top 10 Valentine's nails…

Image result for valentines nails

1. Classic red

Keep it simple with a gorgeous rouge!

2. Rainbow hearts

How fun are these, though? 

3. All that glitters

Nothing says "I love you" quite like a bit of sparkle.


Hugs and kisses for all!


#valentinesnails #xoxo #pinks

A photo posted by Yuri (@yuri_love23) on

5. Pink chrome

The nail trend of 2017, with a hint of love! 



A photo posted by Emma's Powder Room (@emmaspowderroom) on

6. With a kiss

If in doubt, say it with a smooch. 


#jamberrynails #valentinesnails #valentines #withakissjn #blackandwhitestripe #thebestbusinessintheworld

A photo posted by Dawn Simpson (@missdawn40) on

7. Purple hearts 

If you're not really a pink or red kind of girl, we suggest you opt for a lovely purple shade. 

8. Heart it

These might just be our favourites.




So, we are just a few weeks in to 2017, and we have already seen so many bizarre beauty trends.

The latest obscure beauty trend is aquarium nails, and we just don't really understand them.


First and last attempt. Exclusively for you @wanyigabyzac #sgnails #miwasg #soqnails #aquariumnails

A video posted by Fan WenQing (@soqnails) on

Nail artists use acrylic, baby oil (or water) and nail baubles to create mermaid-approved claws that are a little bit OTT, even for us. 


#aquarium #aquariumnails #nails #art #artnails

A video posted by Ola Komorowska (@pink_candyyy) on

This nail trend is similar to the snow globe nails of 2016, but with a little bit of under-the-sea flair.


#dereknguyen #lanails805 #aquariumnails #purplenails #ombrenails #love #northlittlerock #northlittlerockarkansas

A photo posted by LA Nails by Derek (@lanails_ar) on

Equipped with glitter (and lot's of it) and various mermaid-related gems, these nails are truly outrageous, in a weirdly wonderful kind of way. 


My 2nd attempt making #aquanails aquarium #aquariumnails

A video posted by Nicole Frances Phiretta (@frances_phiretta) on

While they do look pretty cool on Instagram, we don't think we'll be trying them any time soon. 



Stand out nail art is one way to spice up your beauty routine, and from fur nails to knitted nails, there are plenty of trends to choose from.

However if you prefer a more pared back look but want to add a flash of creativity, look no further than the flip manicure. 

The flip manicure involves rocking some fancy af designs on the flip side of your nails, which, admittedly, is pretty bizarre, but a great way to add a pop of colour to a usually muted manicure.

 Painting painstaking designs to the back of your nails is definitely the territory of a professional nail artist, but adding another colour or even a pop of glitter is definitly DIY-able. 


A photo posted by LN ◦ NPA (@passionailz) on

The trend was started by R'n'B songstress Ciara all the way back in 2014, but it's only starting to catch on amongst us mere mortals. 

Here's a few of our favourite flip manis from Instagram.


A photo posted by Ellisons (@ellisonsmobile) on

We've never really considered embellishing the underside of our nails, but now that we know about this trend it's going to be pretty hard to resist. 

Mentally adding it to our beauty regime list. 


You may or may not know this, but we are really into unicorns at SHEmazing HQ…


unicorn vibes⠀ ⠀ #nailart #nailartmelbourne #melbournenailart #acrylics #superradnailsisters #superradacrylics #melbournenails #glitternails

A photo posted by The Super Rad Nail Sisters (@superradnailsisters) on

That is why we are totally in love with the latest nail art trend.

3D unicorn nails are all over Instagram at the moment, and for obvious reasons.


 #aquariumnails #unicornnails

A video posted by Annabel Maginnis (@nails_by_annabel_m) on

Imagine acrylic nails that have been sculpted into the shape of a unicorn horn, so you can have pure magic at the tips of your fingers.

We can accept that it probably isn't the most practical nail art ever, but wo cares?


When ur jealous of ur mates unicorn horn so you get yourself one  #unicornnails #livingthedream

A photo posted by Sarah Withey (@sarahbouffwithey) on

LOOK how gorgeous they are. 

We need. 


Diamonds are a girl's best friend, whether they be around your neck, in your ears OR on your nails. 


#diamond + #bracelet  #leddianail #braceletnails #gemstoneonthenails

A photo posted by 유니스텔라 네일_박은경 (@nail_unistella) on

There is a new nail trend taking the world by a storm, and it's diamond nails. 


#캔디사탕  #glassnails #보석네일 

A video posted by 유니스텔라 네일_박은경 (@nail_unistella) on

Diamond nails are an amazing update on the shattered glass nails that we fell in love with a while back.


 #diamondnail #diamonnail #leddianail #gemstoneonthenails

A video posted by 유니스텔라 네일_박은경 (@nail_unistella) on

According to Teen Vogue, "the technique involves sticking prismatic pieces of cellophane on your nail beds, creating the look of glass shards."


 #diamondnail #leddiamondnail #gemstoneonthenails

A photo posted by 유니스텔라 네일_박은경 (@nail_unistella) on

The genius behind this gorgeous nail technique is South Korean manicurist and founder of Unistella salon, Eun Kyung Park. 

We cannot wait for this trend to spread so we can give it a whirl!

Diamonds are forever.  


 If you are looking for some festive nail-spiration, then you have come to the right place! 

We have done a hunt on Instagram, and put together some of the loveliest Christmas nails out there. 


1. Christmas lights

2. Snowflakes


Getting in the Christmas spirit 

A photo posted by Emma's Powder Room (@emmaspowderroom) on

3. Snowmen



A photo posted by 히로미HIROMI (@hiromieyo1208) on

4. Santa Claus

5. Rudolph

6. Frosty

7. Christmas jumpers

8. Candy cane nails


Candy cane nails! 

A photo posted by Allie (@nailallie) on

9.  Simple nude


Crimbo Nails 

A photo posted by Emma's Powder Room (@emmaspowderroom) on

10. Christmas pudding


Cute crimbo nails for @hocjr 

A photo posted by Emma's Powder Room (@emmaspowderroom) on



Nothing makes us feel more put together than a good manicure!

While trawling the Internet for some nail inspiration, one particular trend kept jumping out at me… and for good reason! 


aurora#chromenails #mirrornails#holographicnails #winternails#metallicnails#delfinnail

A photo posted by Naoko Ota (@naoko_ota) on

Holographic nails are EVERYWHERE, and they are so fabulous. 


Hello #holo my gel creation:)

A photo posted by Devon Mahealani (@devthenailjunkie) on

The iridescent glow is achieved using a special sort of powder, and can be used over all sorts of shades.



A photo posted by Emma's Powder Room (@emmaspowderroom) on

We can't help but think how PERFECT the holographic look would be for the party season, replacing the classic glitter manicure. 


Can't COPE @katemitchell__

A video posted by Emma's Powder Room (@emmaspowderroom) on

Get one step closer to your inner unicorn, and rock the GLOW. 


 #magicnails #chromenails #naildust #iridescentnails

A photo posted by Paige Hammond  (@paigehammy) on

We cannot wait to try this nail-tastic look!