We are big supporters of freeing the nipple, so when we saw this nip-inspired nail art, we thought it was pretty damn impressive. 

Nipples are having a bit of a fashion moment, with celebs like Bella Hadid and Kendall Jenner freeing their nips at any given opportunity.

Some women are even purchasing fake nipples to get in on the look.


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Mei Kawajiri, the nail artist behind Nails by Mei, has just created an amazing, artistic nail art look in solidarity with the free the nipple movement.

They're pretty damn creative, with the 10-digit look featuring nipples of all shades.

Some of them even have some very stylish nipple piercings as an extra decoration.


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Instagram usually removes images of female nipples from the platform, but as these are in the form of art, Nails by Mei should be safe from social media censorship. 

While we'd rather see these in a museum than on our fingertips, we're definitely obsessed with the 'normalise the nipple' message these nails represent.