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You may know Tropical Popical for their intricate nail designs, eclectic nail bar and penchant for Lilt.

While creating bespoke nail art for the masses is their priority, the women behind TropPop stand for a lot more than well-groomed cuticles. 

As well as showing their support for the Repeal Project, Tropical Popical have turned their attention to the issue of period poverty. 

It may not be something that immediately crosses your mind when you consider the day-to-day struggles of homeless women, but period poverty is a big issue. 

Women residing on the streets or in shelters are often left without any options when it comes to managing their periods. 

As pointed out by Tropical Popical via a recent Instagram post: 'Whenever you get your period, think of the women experiencing #PeriodPoverty and pop an extra pack of tampons or pads or mooncups in your basket.'

'We always have a #HomelessPeriodDublin drop off point on the go and as women get their period every month (yes, we did biology in the leaving), there's a constant need for sanitary products.'

The fantastic initiative will change the quality of life for homeless women, so when you head to Boots this month to pick up your sanitary product of choice, make sure you duplicate your usual purchase and donate to TropPop's drop off point. 

You can find their innovative nail bar at 28 South William Street, Dublin.



An injection of culture is literally going to be at our fingertips very soon. 

Cult nail salon Tropical Popical has teamed up with The National Gallery of Ireland to work on a very exciting project invoving the gallery's Vermeer exhibit. 

The gallery has recently re-opened after extensive refurbishments, and is playing host to a selection of works by the artist who created the iconic Girl with a Pearl Earring painting.


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The Tropical Popical team will be creating their own works of nail art inspired by the exhibition, and the unique looks will reportedly be available in their South William Street salon for the month of August.

The ideas for the nail art will be generated after a creative viewing of the exhibition.

The girls will also be painting the looks onto the nails of the public in a one-off event in September. 

'It will be a reaction to it as opposed to a direct copy,' Tropical Popical owner Andrea Horan told The Irish Examiner.

'Then we will go back to Trop Pop and decide on five styles. All staff will be able to do them in-house, and then we will be doing them in the gallery in September,' she added

The looks will also be projected onto the walls of the gallery, turning them into works of live art. 


Pink flamingos, disco balls, super-sound staff and EPIC nail art… there's a reason South William St salon Tropical Popical is fast becoming a Dublin staple.

When we're not lusting over their Instagram page (or eyeing up the tees from their new Tropical Popical Shopical range), we're sneakily plotting how we can just move in without anyone noticing.

Here are just a few of the reasons Tropical Popical is our go-to…

1. Lilt from a coconut cup is served up as standard
Forget the nails, we're already happy out with that.


2. Want Craig David-themed nails? No biggie.
What's that? Oh, just Craig's perfect likeness on my thumb nail.


Anyone else sweating for @craigdavid tonight? @aislinnellen is!!! #CraigDavid by @glamglamniamh

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3. Tropical fruit nails? Yup, they've got you covered.
Craving watermelon right now.


Ultimate #tropical mix from @glamglamniamh #TropicalPopical #NOTD #NailArt #PalmTreeNails #WatermelonNails

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4. The staff there are gas tickets
We want to work there, please.


5. You can now buy all kinds of Tropical Popical merch from their online shop
Flip-flops, amazing tees (like this one for €30) and fluro jewellery: need, need and need. Shop the whole range here.


6. Oscar-nominated Saoirse Ronan is their number one fan
As she repeatedly told Ellen DeGeneres recently.


7. And the Lord Mayor of Dublin can't get enough of them either
She was contacted directly by a VERY happy customer.

Basically, we just want to move in.

Check out the salon for yourself by booking at hello@tropicalpopical.com, and head to Facebook, Instagram and Twitter for all kinds of manicure madness. 

Plus, feast your eyes on the Tropical Popical Shopical range on their website here.



If the people of the world hadn't heard of Tropical Popical after it got a triple shout-out on The Ellen Show last week, they certainly have now.

Actress Saoirse Ronan couldn't resist name-checking the popular Dublin nail salon on the Golden Globes red carpet in LA this evening, as she recalled the moment she heard about her Best Actress nomination.

"I was getting my nails done in a salon in Dublin and I had no idea the nominations were coming out that day" she told E! host Giuliana Rancic.

"By the time I was doing all the reaction phoners afterwards, I was sitting in the corner of this salon, it's called Tropical Popical, there's lots of palm trees and flamingos, and everyone was getting their nails done and drinking champagne around me."

Speaking about last week's Ellen Show mention, salon owner Andrea Horan told SHEmazing it was a dream come true.

"It feels like it's fake.The fact that she [Saoirse] was actually describing the salon was just amazing. It's gone mental since then, we've had people calling from all over."

Carlow native Saoirse looked absolutely breath-taking in a white Yves Saint Laurent number for her appearance at tonight's awards, showing she's more than able to handle the high stakes of the US awards circuit:

She was at the centre of some geographical controversy this week, as UK channel Sky News claimed her as "one of our own" when annoucning her BAFTA Best Actress nomination.

Presenter Richard Suchet today apologised for any offence caused:

Wishing our gal Saoirse the best of luck this evening!



When staff at Tropical Popical nail salon in Dublin received a call from The Ellen Show earlier this week, they started crossing their manicured fingers in hope.

Saoirse Ronan, a loyal customer, had just pre-recorded her interview with Ellen DeGeneres. Could this mean a plug on one of the world's biggest chat shows was on the way?

"I was out of the office, but the girls texted me saying they'd just had a call from LA asking for permission to use some pictures from our Instagram," salon co-owner Andrea Horan told SHEmazing! today.

"All we were thinking was, 'Imagine if they actually mentioned us by name?'"

In the end, of course, Saoirse gave the Tropical Popical ladies more than a passing mention. She couldn't stop raving about the place, in fact:

Speaking about the salon – where she was having a treatment when she heard about her Golden Globe nomination – Saoirse said, "There are palm trees everywhere and flamingos, you feel like you're in Ibiza and you're just getting your nails done in Dublin." 

So have Andrea and her crew recovered from the shock yet?

"It feels like it's fake," she admitted. "The fact that she [Saoirse] was actually describing the salon was just amazing. It's gone mental since then, we've had people calling from all over."

Something tells us that Saoirse's next gold mani-pedi will be on the house.

Watch the full interview, as shown on The Ellen Show yesterday, below:




A number of Irish stars have been nominated for Golden Globes this awards season and we could not be more proud. 

And it kind of seems fitting that Saoirse Ronan was in the country when she got news of her nomination. 

The 21-year-old is up for the Best Actress award for her performance in Brooklyn and many are speculating she is a shoo in for an Oscar. 

And as it turns out, Saoirse got wind of her nomination while getting her nails done in popular Dublin salon on South William Street, Tropical Popical. 

And it seems that everyone in the salon got understandably pretty excited. 

In an interview with the Wall Street Journal, Saoirse admitted she was getting a lot of phone calls while she was trying to get her manicure done. 

"So I answered: ‘I can’t talk to you right now! I’m getting my nails done!’ Then, my publicist was like, ‘Well, you just got nominated for a Globe, so you have to talk to us!’ I kind of squealed."


Just some lil #GoldenGlobe nomination bubbles. NBD! (Really read waaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhh)#SaoirseRonan #TropicalPopical #GoldenGlobes

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The actress said that the whole salon cheered when she told them the news. 

"It’s quite a way to find out you’ve been nominated. And I’ve gotten gold painted on my nails. I’ve got golden nails right now."

We are going to take that as a good sign! Fingers crossed.