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Halloween might be a while away yet but already we have the perfect movie for October 2020.

Jamie Lee Curtis is reportedly back with arguably greatest Halloween movie franchise of all time.

Yes, while some will moan that another movie in the never-ending franchise is flogging a dead horse, others will jump for joy.

Look, the story of Laurie Stride and masked killer Michael Myers is iconic – and things are iconic for a reason. 

Because they are good. 


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Ok, so there hasn't been a brilliant flick in the franchise since Halloween 2 in 1980 BUT 2018's offering was met with good reviews and positivity from fans.

Cast members Judy Greer and Andi Matichak are expected to reprise their roles as Laurie’s daughter and granddaughter.

Why it was such a success was not only the return of Jamie Lee but also the fact that it was a direct sequel to John Carpenters 1978 original. 

Carpenter is expected to return as a producer of the 2020 sequel so that can only mean good things.

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Horror has taken over cinema since 2017, with the Stephen King remake of It, Jordan Peele's Get Out and Us, Hereditary, Happy Death Day, A Quiet Place and Summer of '84.

There is a real hunger there to be sacred, and it's clearly a formula that has an audience.

So yeah, it might be a story that's been told a good few times but so what?

I know for sure I'll be watching it. 


It's looking like Fiji Water Girl has found one hater already, after gaining notoriety at the Golden Globes for world-class attention grabbing photobombs.

Jamie Lee Curtis has criticised the "blatant promotion" tactics taken at the Globes, after she specially requested for no advertising to take place on her behalf.

Fiji Water Girl has become an internet sensation; Kelleth Cuthbert was noticed almost immediately online by viewers of the coveted awards ceremony for her "ominous" constant presence.


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The famous Halloween actress noticed that she was included in a photo with Kelleth Cuthbert after her husband, who "doesn't look at a lot of show business news sites," read an article on CNN.

Jamie took to Instagram to inform her  followers that she "specifically moved away from the blatant promotions by Fiji… where young women with their trays filled with their wares stood near a designated camera." 

"I knew why there was a photographer poised there and I moved away as I said out loud that I didn't want to be doing advertising for either," she reveals, clearly frustrated. 


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The 60-year-old veteran actress claims she intentionally moved out of the way to avoid being photographed with brands who she doesn't endorse, she was still papped with Fiji Water Girl.

"Clearly this angle shows that I moved from her being behind me and yet from the side it still happens," she said.

She claims that brands must be more cautious around celebrity marketing; "The sponsors of events need to get permission from people when they get them to take their picture next to products," she says. 

She is currently the lone star to slam Fiji Water for their PR stunt at the awards show, which is in its 76th year.

Richard Madden, Amy Adams, Idris Elba and Jim Carrey were all pictured with Cuthbert loitering in the background but haven't commented as of yet. Whose side are you on? We stan Queen Curtis. 


The sweets have been eaten, the costumes are in tatters and we've still got traces of face paint still embedded into our faces.

As we are slowly coming to terms that Halloween is over and soon jingle bells will be haunting us, Instagram is a flush with pics of celebrities' offspring. 

Some of the costumes this year were hilarious, and we really appreciate just how much effort and thought were put into them – so buckle up as these are ten of the best outfits.

1. Reign, Saint, North and Penelope


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Trust Kanye to take over Halloween in the most Kanye way possible.

Kim and Kourtney got their crew together to recreate the looks from the I Love It video.

The sparkling and still water that North and Penelope are rocking comes from the live performance that Kanye and Little Pump gave – fair play Kanye.

2. Silas Randall Timberlake


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Justin Timberlake, Jessica Biel and their son, Silas have just won Halloween.

The family went as characters from the extremely popular Lego Movie and they looked class.

3. Stormi Jenner


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Kylie and Stormi were definitely up to some tricks this Halloween.

Taking inspiration from her name, the costume is pure brilliance and might take a stab at the people who didn't like the name Kylie chose for her daughter.

4. True Kardashian 


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Baby True didn't just have one costume, but three or four…or five – we don't know, we've lost count.

We know for sure True sported a unicorn, sheep, piggy and tiger outfit, though it might be a little bit OTT – she did look hella adorable in all of them.

5. Max and Emme Lopez (JLO)


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JLO's twins opted to be a cow and the joker from the Lego Movie.

The Lego costumes are proving to be a trend amongst the celeb kids and Max is just hilarious in the video – you've got to watch to the end.

6.  Harper & Gideon Burtka-Harris (Neil Patrick Harris)


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It was a family affair in the Burtka-Harris household and they really did go all out.

They were transformed into haunting hitchhiking ghosts.

7. Santiago Enrique Bastón (Eva Longoria)


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Baby Baston hasn't just stolen Eva's heart, he's taken ours too – cue the ovaries fluttering.

The four-month-old looks so cute for his first Halloween – what a super baby.

8. Willow and Jameson Hart (Pink!)


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Pink and her clan took inspiration from The Greatest Showman and they've owned it.

The four of them look unreal and Carey Hart, in particular, is mighty fine in that pink dress.

9. Liam James Tell (Lauren Conrad)


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This little blackbird enjoyed Halloween, just as much as his mum did.

Lauren posted the sweet snap of the pair of them, and we love the fluffiness of Liam's outfit – COSY. 

10. Luna Legend (John Legend)


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Luna has found her prince in her daddy.

The little girl was dressed up as a princess and looks adorable on her dad's shoulders.

The standard of these costumes are seriously impressive – and put us to shame for our half-arsed efforts.

Now, we are off to tidy away the wigs and decorations for another year.


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Mel B's Halloween costume is sure to upset a few people, but you can be sure that Victoria Beckham won't be happy, to say the least.

Scary Spice lived up to her name and sported a mask of Posh Spice while wielding a sign saying 'No I am not going on tour.' Yikes.

She appears to be not-so-subtly taking a dig at Victoria Beckham's refusal to join the Spice Girls reunion tour and consequentially causing a fallout within the former iconic girlband.


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The America's Got Talent judge attended Heidi Klum's annual NYC Halloween party and appeared to confirm that Posh Spice did in fact cause a feud among the band by rejecting offers for a worldwide tour.

She was accompanied by her close pal Gary Madatyan, who wore a jersey which read “Beckham” and held a sign that read: “Please, please, please do it for the Spice fans."

They're certainly trying to send us a message, that's for sure!

Mel imitated Posh's iconic look of towering heels and a Little Black Dress, and finished off the controversial look with a mask bearing the face of the designer mum-of-four.

She is living up to her new reputation as Shady Spice – and the internet appears to be loving it.

Victoria did not attend Klum's star-studded 19th Annual Halloween Party at LAVO in New York, and therefore wasn't able to defend herself.

Instead, she celebrated Halloween with her kids back in London, dressing up as a creepy bunny which will likely scare most of her neighbours.


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Fans were living in confusion over the future of the girlband in the last few months, after the members were all seen together engaging in meetings regarding a tour.

Mel C previously commented that the band might not rejoin as a five-piece, indicating that Victoria was reluctant to engage with her former bandmates.

Why can't they just reunite and be friends again? Wannabe will never go out of style.


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Despite Victoria's apparent absence from a future comeback, music mogul Simon Fuller is the brains behind a possible tour featuring the four remaining Spice Girls.

Mel C has been the most vocal in regards to the lack of interest from the designer: "Victoria has been quite vocal, it’s really not something she wants to do at this time."

The four-piece band will reportedly gain around £12 million individually if the tour sells out, even without Victoria Beckham. 

Will there be a rebound swipe at Mel B by Posh Spice, or will she even dignify the costume with a response? 

Feature image: Instagram/@victoriabeckham


Halloween night is usually one of the busiest nights of the year for pretty much every fire brigade nationwide, and this year was no different.

Dublin Fire Brigade received a shocking 900 calls last night, with fireworks and illegal bonfires causing the vast majority of incidents.

Greg O'Dwyer, Acting Assistant Chief Fire Officer with Dublin's brigade said the service's full crew was on duty last night, with the entire fleet in operation.

According to O'Dwyer, regional control centre mostly dealt with Halloween-related occurances, and injuries sustained were prominently of the hands and eyes.

Speaking to the Irish Independent, he commented on the massive amount of ambulance calls:

"We received 904 '999' calls into our control centre, 368 of these were Dublin fire calls (230 Halloween related) and 365 were Dublin ambulance calls," the service said this morning.

While speaking on RTÉ's Morning Ireland, Mr O'Dwyer said that this was at least six times busier than the normal Wednesday night, but relatively on the same wavelength as past Halloweens.

He also said that anti-social behaviour was actually decreasing and the number of injuries are being reduced as a result of organised events by local authorities in the run-up to this year's Halloween.

This past month, Gardaí have been clamping down on the gathering of incendiary items such as fireworks or bonfire materials, which appears to have had positive effects.

"I can’t stress how positive it is to have the organised events. It keeps people in a safe environment," said Mr O'Dwyer.

The assistant fire chief described the situations where cars were actually being driven onto dwindling bonfires in the early hours of the morning, as they die down. 

He claimed that people will do "anything to keep them going", and that the major danger with illegal bonfires is the combustible materials which people throw onto them, for example aerosol cans and gas cylinders.

"There is no safe distance" for those types of fuels.

Cork reported an unusually small number of bonfire-related calls, with Cork City Fire Service claiming that last night was no busier than average.

The Northern Ireland Fire and Rescue Service (NIFRS) described their Halloween as a "relatively quiet" evening.

Firefighters in N. Ireland responded to 6% fewer calls on Halloween night compared with last year.


It wasn’t just the Kardashian sisters who decided to dress up as Victoria’s Secret angels this Halloween.

Kim, Kylie, Kourtney, Khloe and Kendall all donned white angel wings and various forms of lingerie for their group Halloween costume. 

Love’s Island Georgia Steel also paid homage to the iconic annual fashion show by nabbing a look that was very similar to the Kardashian sister's. 

Georgia optred for a pair of white, custom-made feathered angel wings to create her Victorias Secret look. 

She wore a white bodyshuit with a cut-out detail, along with white fishnet tights and holographic silver boots. 

Rather than going full VS, Georgia added a deathly element. 


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The Love Island alumn added white-out contact lenses and dark grey eyeshadow to add a spooky vibe. 

The reality TV star partied the night away with pals Samira Mighty and Nicole Charbass. 

Looks like Victorias Secret is the them of this Halloween. 


Kylie and daughter Stormi definitely got into the Halloween spirit.

Not only did Kylie take to Instagram to show off their stunning mum and baby matching costumes, with them both dressed in cute pick butterfly wings, but the 21-year-old also gave fans a glimpse at her costume from Halloween 2018.

The snap on her Instagram stories shows a heavily pregnant Kylie enjoying the holiday festivities.

The reality TV star and businesswoman posted three pictures from last year on her stories, from when she was hiding her pregnancy.

She said to her fans, "I know I have a lot of costumes going on this year but I'm not finished. I have just one more. One more, I promise."

The next video showed her dancing in a short white mini dress that showed off her blossoming bump.

She can then be seen holding her stomach in her angel costume, complete with giant feathered wings.


my baby butterfly..

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The video was timestamped '29th October 2017'  which makes it three months before Stormi's birth.

She captioned it, "throwback to last year, cooking Stormi."

Kylie has kept fans up to date with her Halloween celebrations by posting pictures on Instagram of herself as a human Barbie doll and most recently one of herself and her little one dressed up and holding a lightning bolt.

She captioned it, "Stormi Weather" which delighted her 118 million followers who were quick to comment.

One wrote, "this is the cutest" while another said, "best idea for a Halloween costume ever!"

They are just so adorable, we just cant even.


By Kate Brayden

Welcome to Riverdale’s neighbouring Greendale, where “it always feels like Halloween.”

The new Netflix reboot based on the Archie Comics original has already received hugely positive reviews, and now it's our turn to investigate. 

From the opening theme with it's rich, horror-soaked animation paired with eerie music, Sabrina adopts the alluring fantasy of the supernatural and brings it into 2018.


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Kiernan Shipka of Mad Men fame steps into the role of a sweet-looking girl with a wicked secret. We’re hooked already, tbh.

The modern-day teen drama is perfect for the time. Sabrina Spellman is a seriously empowered, political gal who we can easily see protesting on the streets looking glam AF, with Harvey on her arm.

On her 16th birthday, Sabrina will have to choose “between two worlds: the witch world of her family and the human world of her friends.”

The main gal herself is ordered to choose between the mortal world and the world of Satan, but it is only a deceitful imposter of a choice, in reality she has no control over what is going on around her.

Forces around her are trying to pull her a million ways, and the secret is simmering throughout the opening episodes in regards to why exactly she is being lied to about her heritage.


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Her ‘Dark Baptism’ (what even?) is the night where her life-changing decision must be made, and it’s quite a scene.

Sabrina, whose father was a powerful Satanic priest (the Salem equivalent of your dad being on the Supreme Court) and whose mother was a mortal, is expected to pledge allegiance to the Dark Lord, Lucifer himself, and renounce her human ties.

In return, she gets unfathomable power—but only in return for total and unquestionable loyalty.

Naturally, Sabrina doesn’t want to leave her friends and boyfriend behind, which is the consequence of choosing to serve the devil. So far, so relatable.

Harvey is adorbs to be fair; Disney Channel doesn’t seem suitable for child actor Ross Lynch in this context. He’s a slightly minor character in the initial few episodes, with the main draw obviously being Sabrina and her struggle surrounding her Sweet Sixteen.


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The show paints a far more macabre, historically accurate picture of witchcraft, which has long been associated with sexual deviance and the corruptible power of women.

First of all – I LOVE that she refuses to be bullied into making a choice – women are often cornered into sacrificing parts of who they are, but this gal is having NONE of it.

Her character is also more complex than her initial impression conveys- there are undoubtedly dark parts to her light aura. She is far too casual when discussing hexing her principal, for example. The spider scene which accompanies this hex is traumatic as a total arachnophobe, but I'll forgive them for it. Eventually.

I wasn't expecting to be genuinely spooked by some of the content, but it made it even more enjoyable. Think of it like a dramatic teenage female Harry Potter: an orphan with a colossal weight on her shoulders, an animal sidekick and some MAD sorcery skills.

Plenty of freaky stuff starts happening from the get go: she takes a bite of a malum malus—an evil apple, and has a vision of witches hanging from a tree.

She is told she must sign the Book of the Beast in the woods with her own blood. She gets a blood curse. The list goes on, really. The darkness and absurdity create a kind of gruesome and macabre humour, which grows as the episodes progress.


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The audience becomes pretty desensitised to the weirdness, after all we have seen some pretty ridiculous stories from other YA series (Pretty Little Liars, The Vampire Diaries, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Twilight etc).

I was part of the generation that watched the 1990's Sabrina until the BITTER END. The bitter end being, of course, her wedding to long-time on and off boyfriend, Harvey.

The show ran from 1996 until 2003, and was far more comedic and slapstick than the current endeavour. Screwball humour, a hilarious witty cat named Salem and a leading lady who was far more relatable than other female characters on TV.


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Kiernan Shipka, who plays the protagonist, said, “It’s nothing like the ‘90s sassy, mean Salem at all. That’s its own thing that we’re not going to try to compete with or be in the slightest because you can’t live up to that in any way. This is more of a subtle sort of nod, I would say, to the old show.”

She's dead right, the new show is 100% not trying to imitate any of its predecessors, and this works in its favour. Loyalists of the Melissa Joan Hart edition will be fairly baffled at the lack of humour, and disappointed about Salem the wisecracking kitty being MUTE. 

I'll be honest, this devastated me. Salem was hilarious, the original was voiced by Nick Bakay and he's still iconic for his sassiness. The modern day Salem might well speak in future, the show's creator hasn't ruled it out.


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The main positive of creator Roberto Aguirre-Sacaso's take on the show is the relevance to modern day and age of Me Too.

At Baxter High School, Sabrina stands up to bullies and founds a women’s intersectional cultural and creative association (WICCA) to provide students with support.

Her BFF Susie is gender non-conforming and suffers for it, and her STUH-NING cousin Ambrose (Chance Perdomo) is pansexual. He is such an aesthetically pleasing man, here's his Instagram for you all to creep on if you don't believe me.

He could win Most Beautiful Mortician of All Time any day, but who can say if this is a hotly contested competition.


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As a witch participating in various ceremonies, Sabrina publicly objects to the controlling behaviour of Satan himself. She's braver than us…

She’s of the social media generation, woke AF would be the phrase that immediately comes to mind. She's super savvy, and sniffs out injustices in her own world and in the supernatural.

We love a gal who questions authority. Witches historically have been used to fit the zeitgeist of the time, and the current political climate is part of the reason why the show could be taking off.

The notion of what would happen if women had supernatural power has terrified communities around the world since the 13th century.

The show has already been confirmed for a season two, before season one had even aired.

One down-side of Sabrina for me is the over-the-top theatricality in some parts, but we can’t deny it’s entertainment value.

The orgy scenes, for example, were a bit much considering Sabrina Spellman is sixteen and has an adorable boyfriend, but we get what they were going for.

Maybe they’re trying to embody the wilderness and confusion of adolescence, or maybe they’re just in the mood for some seriously sinister teenage drama. Who can tell?

What no one can deny about the Archie Comics reboots is that teenage angst is taken totally seriously; the adolescent frustrations, anxieties, passions and friendships are all explored and given a platform.

Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa of Riverdale fame has his roots showing in this context. Riverdale had a plot in season one and has now just completely gone off in bizarre tangents, hopefully Sabrina doesn't end up going down this route.

Melissa Joan Hart herself has given the Netflix effort her stamp of approval.

One thing's for sure: you won’t be bored, and you’ll definitely appreciate the fun she has with her wicked skills.

It's highly-enjoyable television that made me want to join a coven and curse the entire patriarchy. Well, even more so than I did before…

The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina is currently streaming on Netflix.

Feature image: TVLine


Tomorrow night is the time when all the ghouls and ghosts come out to play and everyone will be all dressed up in their unreal and super clever costume that they thought of/made/bought weeks ago.

And you?

If you're anything like us, you've clicked on this article because you have absolutely no idea what you're gonna wear tomorrow night and it seems like literally everyone in the whole world does. 

But fear not, mere mortal…for we have your lazy ass covered.

Read on to see how you can get ready for the spookiest night of the year in five minutes… 

Wednesday Addams

She's iconic. And oh-so-easy to pull together as a costume if you're stuck.

Plait your hair in two thick braids, throw on a white shirt with a collar under a black dress, black tights and shoes and there you have it. 

Holly Golightely

Any Breakfast at Tiffany's fans?

Channel your inner Audrey Hepburn in a simple black dress, a string of pears, a dark sunglasses.

Sweep your hair into an updo and if you have one, a cigarette holder finishes off the look. 

Bubble Bath 

This is soo cute.

Put on a shower cap and stick loads of white balloons to pin onto a t-shirt.

Even the most un-arsed people can manage this one. 

Bread Winner

Wanna have to spend only five minutes getting ready and have a clever costume?

Throw on a plain t-shirt, a fake plastic medal and carry a loaf ofbread.

You're a bread winner! Get it?


This is another so-easy-it-hurts one.

You need: a straw hat, Hawaiian shirt, and a camera, preferably on a strap to hang around your neck. 

Raining Men

Another idea if you have no time/interest is this one.

Grab an umbrella and hang cut-outs of hot guys off it.

Voila – it's raining men. 

Cinema Floor

Dress all in black and stick movie ticket stubs, sweet wrappers etc to yourself and there you have it…you are the floor of a movie theatre.

Not the scariest thing in the world but an easy Halloween costume, and you can't have everything. 


We all know this one…a white bed sheet with holes cut for your eyes and chuck it over you.


Freudian Slip

If you a slip dress handy and some well-know terms coined by Sigmund Freud cut out that you can attach to the dress. Easy and funny.

Happy Halloween lads, stay safe, have fun and do one of these five-minute costume ideas if you're panicking about what to wear. 



Whether you're bringing a smol bean trick or treating or hitting the bars with the girls, Halloween falls on a Wednesday this year, which is making us feel a little less festive. 

Rather than opt for a full-on costume, we're leaning more heavily on our makeup bags to nail our witchy looks. 

Luckily, Ireland is bursting to the seams with talented MUAs who have provided us with all the inspiration we could need fro a spooky full face.

Here are some of our favourite looks: 


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Those that revel in the delightfully fiendish time of year that is Halloween are living (dead) the dream right now. The scary films, the frightening puns, the gloriously ghoulish costumes; it's hell on earth – and you know you love it. Special attention is put into choosing your spooky attire; you want a look that's both terrifying AND on trend.

To stand out from the crowd, many of us opt to take things to another level of horror and pop in special scary contact lenses – taking the scream factor from two to twenty if done right.  However, caution must be taken when it comes to using these; used incorrectly and you could seriously damage your sight. We've all heard the horror stories.  Because if you can't see a potential hot Dracula to sink your fangs into on All Hallow's Eve, WTF is the point, really?  

Here's what you need to know – and why caution needs to be taken – before buying and using Halloween contact lenses:

It's better to invest in a decent pair


A post shared by Shannon May (@shann0n_xx) on

Yes, it can be very tempting it can be to order some cheap, creepy contact lenses online the day before the party, without the hassle of having to go into a store and have lenses properly fit (and we've all probably done it).

However, any type of contact lens – no matter where they’re from – that haven’t been properly fitted by an eye care professional can cause serious damage to your eyes. Specsavers, for example, will fit you for some – they aren't the cheapest on the market, but you know you're getting a quality pair which will minimise any risk to your eyes. 

What will happen if I just buy a cheap and cheerful pair for the day/night?

Some eye conditions people can experience after wearing these types of lenses include:

  • Decreased, or blurry vision
  • Redness
  • Conjunctivitis (pink eye)
  • Infection
  • Allergic reaction
  • Scratches on the cornea
  • Corneal swelling
  • Eye ulcers
  • Eye pain
  • Blindness, in extreme cases

You might think you'll be fine just wearing them as a once-off, but do you really want to take that risk? Experts have said don't do it.


A post shared by Maria Grazia (@olddollsstillplay) on

Do I need a prescription to wear them?

Yes. In Ireland, it's illegal for anyone to sell contact lenses unless they are supplied to a valid contact lens prescription. All lenses, including non-prescription lenses, are now classed as medical devices, and should only be supplied or supervised by a registered optician.

What happens if I do wear some that I've just bought online or in a shop?

Options would advise against wearing cheap contact lenses from the Internet and without a proper prescription, especially if you have never worn contacts before. But if you have or are planning to, here are some things you can do to ensure your eyes stay safe and healthy.


A post shared by Lyttlie (@lyttlie) on

  • Take them out immediately if they feel uncomfortable
    at any point.
  • Make sure you understand how to clean and handle the lenses, as well as other recommended instructions.
  • Look out for ‘CE’ marking on the packaging. This indicates the lenses conform to health, safety and environmental protection standards.
  • Share your lenses with other people, as this can cause infections.
  • Wear them for extended periods of time.
  • Wear them over your normal contact lenses.
  • Wear a torn or damaged lens.


There’s a little under a week to go until Halloween and some people are more ready than ever for the spooky holiday. People have been planning their costumes, practising their makeup looks and organising festivities for quite some time, and others (myself included) have left everything until the last minute.

I am so envious of those who are constantly prepared for All Hallows Eve. There have been many years where I frantically run around my local shopping centre looking for the perfect costume, but alas, there’s nothing but a rogue cowboy hat and a kid’s princess dress left on the shelves.

Thankfully, the makeup mavericks of Instagram are here to save the day for those of you who are like me. Us procrastinators need all the help we can get, especially if you’re invited to a last minute Halloween celebration.

I’ve conjured up a list of the best (and easiest) makeup looks that will make Halloween a lot easier for my fellow procrastinators


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The Classic Cat:

This look will take all of five minutes to achieve. All you need is some eyeliner and you’re good to go. Draw three whiskers on each of your cheeks and dab on a little black nose on the tip of yours and hey-presto you’re a cat. Is it one of the most over-done costumes? Yes. But will it make your night a hell of a lot less stressful? YES.


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Violet from Willy Wonka:

The wonderful Rebekah O’Leary came to our rescue with this incredible Willy Wonka inspired look. Violet is one of the movies most iconic characters so who better to dress up as for Halloween? Plus, you can rock a purple tracksuit for this look. Any excuse to be comfortable.


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Dress up as this beloved mythical creature by making the most of your glitter collection. Use your boldest and most colourful lipstick and go to town with the rhinestones to transform yourself into a unicorn. Add a unicorn headband and you’re good to go.


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Harley Quinn:

She is probably the most loved member of the Suicide Squad so embrace the pigtails and smeared lipstick this Halloween. Forget about your makeup being flawless because the messier it is the better. Add some red and blue temporary dye to your hair to achieve the look.


A post shared by EmmaCmakeup (@emmacmakeupx) on

Mia Wallace:

The Pulp Fiction leading lady is by far one of the coolest characters to dress up as for Halloween. All you need is a dramatic red lip and the nose-bleed stain and you’re good to go. Pop on a white blouse and some black skinny jeans and you’ve achieved Mia’s bad-ass look.


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