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If you were a pre teen in the 00s, you definitely had a Bratz Doll or two (or twenty).

From their amazingly MTV-inspired clothing to their freaky pop-off feet, the dolls captured the hearts and imaginations of kids all over Ireland. 

Everyone had their favourite Bratz (this writer's was Jade) and major fights could erupt on the playground over who go to be who during whatever games were played with the dolls. 

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They were super glamorous, despite their odd proportions, and there are definitely still a few rattling around attics across the nation.

Despite us all having grown out of playing with Yasmin and Sasha, pop culture is still obsessed with them 

From the Bratz Doll-esque Snapchat filter to Kylie Jenner constantly being compared to the dolls thanks to her dramatic eye liner and full lips.


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Now, one talented MUA has turned herself into a life-size Bratz Doll using the power of makeup alone.  

Promise Tamang dressed up as Bratz Doll for Halloween, and her look left her one million Instagram followers shook. 

The MUA copied the intricate and dramatic makeup which is painted onto the face of each doll, and used face paint to make her eyes appear huge and doll-like. 


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She also added some very noughties pencilled brows, and added mega volume to her lips with crazy over-lining. 

The finishing touches were not one, but two black wigs for long, voluminous hair (though we gave our dolls many the terrible haircut), oversized plastic sunglasses, and door-knocker earrings. 

The finished look is rather unsettling, but we're loving the nostalgia. 



There are a few things that are heavily associated with millennial: selfies, college debt, brunch and avocados. 

Supermodel Gisele Bündchen decided to pay homage to one of these millennial markers with her very distinctive (and adorable) Halloween costume.

Opting for a couples costume, Gisele and hubby Tom Brady went as our fave brunch combo avocado on toast. 


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Paying homage to the now cult combination, the couple scored major points for originality and relevance. 

'Happy Halloween!!! I can't resist an avocado,' reads the caption accompanying the snap. 

And only Gisele could literally wear a slice of toast and look fab. 


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However, we think their two kiddos would have looked super cute as a pair of poached eggs to compliment the look. 

Then again, Benjamin and Vivian looked adorable in the snaps shared by their Mum. 


Kylie Jenner has tongues wagging once again, after the reality TV star failed to showcase her Halloween ensemble in it's entirety. 

Usually one to showcase her figure on Snapchat and Instagram, the 20-year-old only posted head shots this Halloween, as rumours of her alleged pregnancy continue to circulate. 

The star donned what appeared to be a figure hugging angel costume, which complimented the devil costume worn by bestie Jordyn Woods. 


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Kylie completed the look with white lashes and an icy blonde wig. 

When sharing snaps online, the star only shared pictures from the décolletage up, despite the dramatic wings she sported on her back.

The social media sharing is a far cry from last year's Halloween, when the makeup mogul flaunted her enviable abs in an epic Christina Aguilera homage costume.


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Her new social media habits have buoyed rumours of her alleged pregnancy, but one image on Snapchat had fans questioning the alleged pregnancy. 

The star recently shared a picture of a hearty plate of food, which sat on the table beside a full glass of wine, leading fans to speculate that the beauty guru isn't pregnant. 

Can we just get a confirmation already? The suspense is killing us. 


With the Halloween weekend in full swing, and just days to go before the big event, the "wtf am I going to wear" panic has well and truly set in. 

But, luckily for us, the 2017 celebrity costume game is stronger than ever – menaing there are some seriously iconic looks just waiting to be reimagined. 

From classic horror films to country music stars, here's the best celebrity costume of  Halloween 2017. 

1. Rita Ora slays as Poison Ivy on the KISS House Party red carpet

2.Kourtney Kardashian channels her inner MJ

3. Bruce Willis and his assistant, Stephen J. Eads, as the Grady twins from The Shining

4. DUA LIPA performing as Lydia Deetz from Beetlejuice 



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5. Usher as Jules Winnfield from the Tarantino classic, Pulp Fiction 

6. Adele gives off some serious Hocus Pocus vibes here 

7. Kim Kardashian and Jonathan Cheban as a modern day Sonny and Cher 

8. Ariel Winter and Levi Meaden keep it simple 

9. Gigi Hadid gives Olivia Newton John a run for her money

10. Ellie Goulding as Dolly Parton 


I love you Dolly! 

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On Sunday, Drop Dead Twice will celebrate the end of the world as we know with their kick ass Zombie Apocalypse party.

The zombie theme is a classic, while the drinks menu adds a unique twist. 

Located on Francis St, the party will be kicking off early.


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Those who attend in fancy dress will be awarded with Trick or Treat shots, and there will be an epic prize for the best dresses. 

Everyone who heads to the bar, dressed up or not, will get a zombie vaccine shot to get the party started.

On the drinks menu are Cauldron Punch Bowls (yes please) along with specially created Halloweeny Martinis. 


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There will be an entire menu of Halloween cocktails (it is set in Dublin's original bring you own cocktail bar, after all) as well as deals on bottled beer.

Can't think of a costume? Henna by Hannah will be on hand to create spooky makeup looks for the masses. 

See you there, cauldron in hand. 

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Fancy something a little bit different this weekend?

Kick off the Halloween celebrations in style at a special screening of Bram Stroker's Dracula at the Light House Cinema this Friday night.

Kicking off at 9.30pm, guests can expect a gothic glam party like no other complete with delicious cocktails and some legendary ghoulish soundtracks, before taking their seats in front on the big screen.

Fancy dress is encouraged, with organisers promising a night of “gothic elegance and decadence” as they kick off the Bank Holiday weekend.

The screening takes place as part of the sixth annual Bram Stoker Festival which honours the life and work of the legendary Dublin novelist.

For more information on this and other events taking place across the festival weekend, click here.

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With Halloween just around the corner, now is the perfect time to start planning a spooky weekend getaway. 

Grab a group of your most fearless friends and check- in at one of Airbnb's most haunted homes (just remember to leave a spare bed for the ghost you'll be sharing with). 

Here's a list of some of the spookiest listings available to rent right now. 

The Madness Chamber (York, United Kingdom)

This one isn't for the faint of heart.

Nestled in one of the world's most haunted cities, this 600-year-old apartment, eerily dubbed 'The Chamber', is every bit as creepy as it sounds. 

Those daring enough to stay here have reported everything from unexplained bumps in the night, to encounters with the real, albeit friendly, ghosts who call this place home. 

“The flat is very, very old and oozes ye olde character, the ghosts are friendly too and the spooky paraphernalia great fun. You would be mad not to stay here.” -Jason, Brighton UK

The Girl in the Yellow Dress (New Orleans, LA)

While this cosy bedroom might look like the perfect place to rest your head after a long day exploring New Orleans, it might be worth mentioning that you'll be bunking with a young, raven-haired girl wearing a long yellow dress.

Host, Adrienne Parks, first learned of her mysterious house guest through neighbourhood chatter, and while her benign presence is largely accepted, no one knows what exactly she is searching for.  

“This is our go-to place in New Orleans. The location is ideal, and the mansion is perfect – filled to the brim with the whimsical, hysterical, and sometimes perception-shifting.” – Michael, Florida

The Soldiers’ Asylum (Gettysburg, PA)

This historic civil war farm house would provide the perfect setting to any Hollywood horror film. 

It's idyllic location and vintage interiors may scream 'quiet weekend away', but in reality, just over 150 years ago, this stately stone house was a scene of unimaginable anguish thanks to its location in Gettysburg, a battleground for the bloodiest war in U.S. history.

According to the host, Stephani Maitland, “The column of cannons, horses, bodies, and all the injured soldiers was drug down that road. It was a horrible mess.” 

“Beautiful place, exciting for Civil War history lovers, and rejuvenating for those looking for an escape to the countryside.” -Atticus, Cambridge MA

The Lady in Waiting (Piedmont, Italy)

Legend has it, this picturesque property is haunted by the presence of a broken hearted women named Barbara who died for love in the tower of the Castle. 

Some day that her sighs and wails can still be heard coming from the walls. 

But hey, they do offer a continental breakfast for your troubles. 

There are currently no guest reviews for this property, which could mean one of two things:

1. Someone is yet to muster up to courage to stay here for the night. 

2. No one has made it out alive… 

(We're guessing the first one tbh). 

Happy Halloween! 


Halloween in Ireland has evolved massively over the last three decades – just ask anyone born in the 80s.

The time, effort and cost that goes into children's Halloween costumes these days would have been met with dropped jaws and open mouths in every primary school classroom back in the 1990s.

And if you did your formative trick or treating in 90s Ireland, you will know that Halloween meant running around your housing estate dressed head to toe in bin liners while frantically trailing a ripped shopping bag of loot behind you.

It also meant a blatant disregard for the following…

1. Political correctness

A worrying number of children in 1990s Ireland actually trick or treated while dressed as someone of a different race and ethnicity.

Alarming and all as it seems these days, neighbours didn't bat an eyelid 20 years ago when they were met with a group of Irish children culturally appropriating like nobody's business.

"And who are you meant to be, son? What country would that be?"

2. Child safety

Oh, your mother may have warned you to stay back from the bonfire and avoid bangers at all costs, but she also thought nothing of dressing you head to toe in one of the most flammable materials ever – black plastic.

While bangers may have sailed over your head and sparklers were indiscriminately discarded by the hem of your 'costume', you innocently assumed all would be well because it's not as if your mam would have put you in obvious danger, right?

"My mam told me not to come running to her if I was set on fire."

3. Reputation

Back in the day, we were forced to show good manners when that oddball in the corner house hesitantly dropped a ropey-looking Granny Smith and a handful of Monkey Nuts into our open plastic bags.

And God forbid if your family ever ran out of treats, and were forced to raid the fruit bowl.

"My brother says your mam gave him an apple on Halloween, so you can't sit with us."

4. Sibling safety

If you had an older brother or sister, you'll know that your safety generally wasn't a priority back in the day, but you put up with it if it meant you could trick or treat with the big kids.

From forcing you to knock on houses your parents warned you against to making you hop fences into different estates, the fact that you were left hanging by the arse of your plastic costume from a railing was just par for the course.

"Either hop that wall or give me the Wham bar you got. It's your choice."

5. Sugar intake

Our parents would have been well within their rights to ration our loot, and dole out a piece every day from Novemeber 1 until the following year. but they didn't.

No, they watched while we poured our haul onto the sitting room floor and stoically made our way through it while beads of sweat broke out on our foreheads and our hands shook from the sugar rush.

"Sure, look it, have at it, as long as I can have that mini Galaxy you got there."




Love it or hate it, Halloween is fast approaching – and if you're anything like us, despite all good intentions, you've left costume planning to the last minute. 

But never fear.

This year, the high street is packed with Halloween collections that are both stylish and spooky in equal measures. 

From casual tees to OTT wigs, here's our top pick of what's on offer. 

1. Regan Knitted Skeleton Halloween Jumpsuit – Boohoo €24.00 // 2. Skeleton Hands Corset Waist Scuba Mini Dress – ASOS €43.24 // 3. Skeleton Black Print Leggings – Pretty Little Thing €18.00

1. Halloween Floral Net Head Band – New Look €9.99 // 2. Get Catty Diamante Headband – Nasty Gal €9.00

1. Halloween Pink Synthetic Wig – ASOS €24.32 // 2. Halloween Grey Extra Long Wig –  Pretty Little Thing €18.00 // 3. Purple Ombre Halloween Wig – Claire's €29.99

1. Amy Halloween Slogan Bodysuit – Boohoo €8.00 // 2. Black Witch Please Slogan T-Shirt – New Look €9.99 

1.  Halloween Novelty Deer Headband – ASOS €13.51 // 2. Sugar Skull Face Stickers – Pretty Little Thing €4.20 // 3. Black Lace Mask – New Look €6.99 


Ladies, if you’re hoping to celebrate Halloween in style this year, look no further than Ireland’s favourite theme park and zoo – Tayto Park.

The Co. Meath attraction is excited to announce two brand new attractions for Halloween – Morbid Manor for teens and adults and Ghost Hunters for the kids.

And we are buzzing.

If you're on the tamer side you may want to stick with the young'ins, who will be immersing themselves in Ghost Hunters, which is an interactive children’s adventure where guests will become ghost hunters and can enter an old abandoned manor to discover the strange happenings inside.

And when the sun goes down? Well. that's when the freaks come out to play.

Dark comes over Tayto Park and an eerie atmosphere comes over the carnival rides. Guests should beware of the creeps, ghouls and clowns roaming outside in Tayto Park after night fall.

By night, the spooky abandoned mansion is transformed into Morbid Manor, the ultimate immersive horror experience with 13 actors in full costume.

Willing guests will pass through various rooms and secret passageways and meet the inhabitants of the haunted manor, both dead and alive.

Guests can then catch a night ride on The Cú Chulainn Coaster, Air Racer, Rotator, Windstar & Endeavour before experiencing the terrifying 5D horror movie, Fun House Express.

For more information, you can find all the details here!



It's that time of year again – evenings are getting shorter, lipstick shades are getting warmer, and the LUSH Halloween collection is back on the shelves.

Last month, the ethical beauty brand took to Instagram to unveil some spooky treats for the season ahead, and after a long wait, we can finally reveal that seasonal products will land in Dublin stores tomorrow morning.

Think ghoulish bath bombs, fierce lip tints, and all the glitter you can get your hands on.

Oh and that's not all.

Rumour has it the Christmas collection will also be available from tomorrow – meaning we'll all be smelling like Snow Fairy for the foreseeable future.

But hey, we're not complaining.

Feature Image: Instagram 


2017, the year of Beyonce's twins, Chris Pratt and Anna Faris's breakup, and Kylie Jenner's potential pregnancy. 

While all of these Celebland stories have made major headlines, only one of them has been turned into a Halloween costume. 

It was a mere four days ago that rumours started swirling about Kylie Jenner's alleged pregnancy with rapper bf Travis Scott. 


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The pregnancy has not even been formally confirmed yet by the Kardashian clan. 

However, that hasn't stopped pop-culture influenced costume site Yandy from turning it into a costume, ready to ship for this year's Halloween festivities. 

The costume imagery looks tellingly like the 20-year-old reality TV starlet-turned-makeup maven. 


From the glossy black wig to the selfie pose, this seriously looks like a Kylie Jenner costume. 

The pack comes with a white wrap dress and a fake pregnant belly (we actually kind of think we'd wear the dress by itself on a night out.)

The name of the costume – 'Reality Star in the Making,' also hints at it being a depiction of the young makeup guru.