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Since Halloween is a bit of a bust this year, why not pass the time by trying out any of these super easy makeup looks?

Usually we'd be looking forward to the spooky holiday for several weeks beforehand, perfectly planning out our costume and sending out some feelers to see which Halloween party all are pals are hitting up.

However, 2020 had other ideas in mind, and now it looks like we'll be spending Halloween night laying on the couch, devouring all of the sweets and chocolate we can find, while watching Hocus Pocus on repeat.

Want to feel a little more festive while stuffing your face? Check ot these fool-proof makeup looks, which are sure to put the spook back in spooky season.

1. Purrrfect Pretty Kitty

Black eyeliner? Sorted.

2. Vampire Vibes

For this, all you need is your typical smokey eyeshadows and some red lippy. 

3. Spider Surprise 

How cool is this?

4. Spooky Cheshire Cat

Smile, it's Halloween! 

5. Pretty Little Panda

Add two buns for ears, and you are ready for action! 

6. Simple Clown Face 

Whip out that liquid liner, lovely ladies. 

7. Doe, a Deer! 

All you need is brown eyeshadow and some liquid liner. Simples. 




When we see a Taylor Swift inspired make-up tutorial on YouTube, we expect an easy tutorial showing how to achieve Tay's statement red lip and winged eyeliner. 

We don't expect to see a person who looks nothing like Taylor Swift, literally become Taylor Swift before our very eyes. 

And that's pretty much exactly what Korean beauty blogger Park Hye Min does in her latest video. 

But before you go and create your Taylor Swift Halloween costume for October, one thing we did learn from the vid is that this look requires a serious amount of products and a truck-load of serious skills. 

So while it's nice to know that you can transform yourself into pretty much anyone with just make-up, it's safe to say it probably won't be happening on our faces anytime soon. 

But the amazing clip is quickly going viral as it hits over a million views on YouTube at the time of writing.  

Watch the incredible tutorial below. 



Often there is a constant struggle between wanting to have the most perfect cat-eye and contouring combination, but also wanting to stay in bed as long as possible. Often the snooze button can be the big winner there and we are left struggling with uneven eyebrows for the remainder of the day. 

Finding inspiration in our favourite stars on the red carpet it great, but then we are reminded of the fact that they have a professional team of people to help them get ready and hours to do so. 

However, there are some easy ways that you can manage perfect makeup in five minutes flat. 

Sculpted cheekbones:

Sweep a flat rounded blush brush  over your blush. Then, smile and starting at the apples of your cheeks, use light strokes toward the tops of your ears. This keeps the blush exactly where you want it (on the apples) and helps blend it out seamlessly. 

Quick Contouring:

You don't need an expensive palette or an overly complicated face map. All you need to do is make sure you have a decent bronzer. then, suck in you cheeks (a lá the duck face pose) and sweep the bronzer from the sides of your face towards the side of your mouth. 

The perfect cat-eye:

No messy liquid liner required. Hurrah! Take a brown shadow, not too dark, and sweep it over the entire eyelid. Then use a slightly pointed shadow brush to bring a darker brown or black shadow close to the lash line and flick it out to create the winged effect. You can build on the shadow to make it darker depending on how you feel.

Speedy lip lining:

Apply your lip colour. Then, only apply lip liner where needed, no need for hours spent getting the perfect outline. Just on the cupid's bow and towards the middle of your bottom lip. 



Reality television star Kim Kardashian is certainly the celebrity who sets the make up trends nowadays.

When she started contouring, the entire world followed suit. But will we be able to say the same for her electric blue eye shadow?

The colour brings us right back to our teenage days long before we winged our eyeliner or filled in our brows, to when blue eye shadow and a bit of mascara was all we needed. 

Kim shared a step-by-step contouring guide on her Instagram account last night which is part of her collaboration with make-up artist, Mario Dedivanovic, or the founding father of contouring as some might say. 

We are set to see make-up tutorials to help us achieve that flawless finish on the upcoming website KimKardashianWest.com and we are really excited! 

The website will include some tricks of the trade and videos to help you apply your make-up just like Kim does. 

Kim who is pregnant with her second child, isn't the only one in the Kardashian/Jenner clan who is getting into the beauty website industry, her younger sister Kylie also told fans on Instagram "can't wait to release all my beauty secrest on KylieJenner.com coming soon"


can't wait to release all my beauty secrets on KylieJenner.com coming soon. Love this bright look by @makeupbyariel

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So look, mascara doesn’t always come very cheap. Often there’s going to be a decision to be made: Do I buy snacks, or more beauty products?

If you’re anything like some of us, then snacks are a pretty popular option. Well, don’t worry, because one helpful YouTube blogger has found the solution.

She makes mascara out of Oreos. Of course! How come we never thought of this before? Most likely because we enjoy, as so many people do, eating our food.

However, this beauty blogger makes the process look so easy that we think we might be tempted to give it a try.

The very simple method just requires you to smash the biscuit part of your Oreo into tiny pieces and then mix it with water to make for an easier application. It sounds fool proof, doesn’t it? Katharine uses an alcohol sanitizer to make sure the pot is completely clean. However, it is probably worth bearing in mind that getting a lot of food in your eye area is probably not so good for them.

One big positive about this handy tutorial, aside from being quite bizarre and entertaining, obviously, is that you don’t need to use the cream filling of the Oreos. Basically, yet another reason for you to enjoy scooping out the centre, because you really needed another reason.. 

Katharine is also responsible for making lipstick out of Starbursts and eyeliner from M&Ms. So, you can always try those too if you're feeling particularly adventurous. 



With so many new make-up techniques and trends taking over the world, it can be seriously hard to keep up.

Baking and strobing seem to be the latest two crazes that beauty bloggers are raving about but you still just can’t beat contouring.

Make-up artist Nadia El Ferdaoussi from Sleek Make Up has revealed the three easy steps to contouring like a pro.

Know where you need to contour

The places that you usually want to highlight are the cheekbones, the cupids of the bow of your upper lift and the bridge of your nose. Use lighter shimmery shades on these parts to give a glow to the skin. Use darker, matte shades to the areas you want to sculpt, such as the hairline, under the chin and the lower side of your cheekbones.

Find a formula that suits you                                         

The face form palette and face contour kit from Sleek Make Up have darker matte powders for contouring and lighter pearlescent shades for highlighting that can also be used on the eyes.

Blend, blend, blend

The secret to contouring is subtlety so it is vital that you blend correctly. Always build your colour and coverage slowly. Use small fluffy natural hair brushes for powders and synthetic fibres or fingers for creams. Always make sure that there are no obvious lines around the edges. 


As part of a new S! TV series, we’ll be finding out the answers to some of our viewers’ most pressing beauty questions, with the help of make-up artist Stephan Ulvund Øien from IsaDora Global.

We all know that we should use powder when applying our make-up, but we don’t always know exactly where on our faces we should be putting it.

In this new video, Stephan gives the best advice on where you should apply powder.


Contouring has had its time in the spotlight, and strobing is just getting in on the action, BUT, have you heard about baking your makeup yet?

If you’ve ever watched Ru-Paul’s Drag Race, you’ve probably heard, and seen, the fantastic results this makeup hack can have for your face.

If you want a flawless, crease free and long lasting makeup look, you need to get on board with this trick. Beauty bloggers on YouTube are starting to get in on the trend and provide the rest of us cosmetic novices with useful advice on how to nail this look.

It takes a little more time, but the results are worth it. Plus, Kim Kardashian’s favourite makeup guru is a fan so you know that this is legit the way to ensure your face is flawless all day and night.

Basically, the method involves applying your under eye concealer and blending with a damp sponge to avoid any creases. Then you apply more concealer, yes, it’s an awful lot on makeup, but the long lasting results are worth it.

Then you dust on your translucent powder, with your fluffy eye shadow brush of course. Now you’re ready for the baking part, and no, you don’t need an oven for this step, relax.

You use a wedge sponge to pack your powder over the concealer coated areas, generously, and leave it to sit for 5 to 10 minutes. Then get that fluffy brush back out and dust it off.

You are now baked to absolute perfection. Get ready to look red carpet flawless every day of the week; if you’re willing to set that alarm an extra 10 minutes early.

Take a look a more in-depth look at the ‘baking’ technique in this tutorial, sadly, no cupcakes are involved, apologies.  




The all-natural, less is more look can sometimes be a difficult one to master, but this tutorial makes it simple.

As the official make-up brand backstage at the Joseph AW15 show at London Fashion Week, Estée Lauder have offered an insight into how the models' gorgeously fresh look was created.

"The inspiration is very rustic, organic and bohemian," says the show's key make-up artist Lynsey Alexander. "There doesn't appear to be a lot of makeup, but every element is considered. Skin is gorgeous, luminous and radiant. These girls are fresh from New York Fashion Week so great skincare is key."

Lynsey also revealed which products she used to give the models their effortless look.

She began by prepping the skin with the Estée Lauder Cyber White mask and DayWear moisturiser, before applying the brand's Illuminating primer and Perfectionist foundation. "I love this foundation – it mimics skin texture and looks like real skin," says Lynsey.

"We polished it onto the face and the result is a healthy and luminous complexion."

For the models' "young and flirty" glow, Lynsey mixed together two shades of Estée Lauder's Pure Color blush, using Peached Passion and Lover's Blush for the perfect look. For some extra radiance, the BB Glow brush-on highlighter pen was applied on top.

To enhance the cheekbones and brow bones, Lynsey used the new Pure Color Envy lip balm. "With bleached brows, sometimes the look can be quite harsh. But this skin and makeup brings the femininity and beauty right back," she says.

The look was finished with Pure Color Envy in Insatiable Ivory on the lips, and Double Wear Stay In Place pencil in Pearl for the eyes, with the new Little Black Primer applied at the roots of curled lashes for extra definition.

All products are available from Estée Lauder stockists nationwide. We can't wait to try this look out!



Alexa Chung is absolutely stunning, she never looks too done up and always appears flawless and naturally beautiful.

The British TV presenter has a quirky ‘I-don’t-care’ sort of style that we have major envy over and her cat eye look is definitely one of her make-up signatures.

In the video, make-up artist Lisa Eldridge shows us how to achieve Alexa’s look while the 30-year-old model lets us in on her beauty secrets.



This Valentine’s Day look is perfect for anyone who can’t wear red or for those that feel red lipstick is a little too ‘grown-up’.