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Remember Claire's Accessories, the place where the world and its mother went to get their ears pierced for the first time?

From glitter hair spray to patterned hairbands and colourful scrunchies, Claire's was the place to BE when you were roughly 13-years-old.

Unfortunately, the high street brand are in hot water over asbestos concerns in some of its products, specifically the 'JoJo Cosmetic Kit'.

There were highly concerning rumours about their products containing traces of asbestos in 2017, and the fears have now been confirmed by the US Food & Drug Administration (FDA).

The presence of asbestos was identified in three of the brand's products after an investigation, and the JoJo Cosmetic Kit has now been pulled from stores..

Yes, the place where we all bought our first iteration of makeup (blue eyeshadow, anyone else? Sheer lip gloss?) has actual asbestos in a YouTube star's range of cosmetics.

JoJo Siwa is a Nickelodeon star and Youtuber who has collaborated with Claire's on numerous occasions.


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Defined by the British Lung Foundation as “a group of minerals made up of microscopic fibres,” asbestos has been shown to damage lungs and possibly cause cancer when breathed in.

Claire’s told Today Style that the palette has been recalled “out of an abundance of caution after testing by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration indicated the possible presence of trace amount of asbestos fibres in the powder eyeshadow element of the kit.”

A Claire's spokesperson maintained that the company “stands behind the safety of this product and all other Claire’s cosmetic items as such small trace amounts are considered acceptable under European and Canadian cosmetic safety regulations.”


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They also pointed out that “Claire’s moved to talc-free cosmetic manufacturing,” in 2018 to “prevent any further concerns about talc contamination.”

Small particles of the contaminated eyeshadow in the JoJo Cosmetic Kit can become airborne when swept onto lids. Full refunds will be offered to anyone who bought the kit, at least.

The future of the brand is now being called into question, with rumours of sinking sales as high street stores struggle to keep up with major stores like H&M and Primark. The company filed for bankruptcy in March.

Feature image: mytotalretail.com



As a style journalist and fashion fanatic from my twennage years, I've noticed that spring is the perfect time to invest in good, clean staples tgo see you through the rest of the year. 

Spring is the ideal time to shop – as the new year sales are long behind us, and the floral, fluorescent summer trends and holiday shopping sections are just beginning to trickle into the shops (there comes a time around mid-June when shopping for staples becomes impossible thanks to the mass influx of printed sarongs and paisley-print 'suitcase essential' separates that dominate the high street).

Whatever personal style aesthetic you strive for, there are a few basics that every women needs to carry the rest of her trend-driven pieces through out the year. The right jeans can be worn with a bralet and strappy sandals in May and boots and a faux fur coat by November. Ditto, the correct neutral white t-shirt is a friend to Christmassy velvet trousers and summer's denim mini-skirt. 

Here are the top five staples to snap up this spring: 

1. A statement but neutral handbag 

Handbags are the one thing that spruces up an entire wardrobe, not just one outfit. 

The right piece can be a talking point without being glaringly OTT. 

This chainmail-esque offering from Topshop combines a classic slouchy shape with enough room for all of your bits, with a subtle but statement embellished exterior. Looking for something to take on a night out – try this perspex and wood mini bag, also Topshop. The combination of clashing textures keeps the piece current and allows it to come in and out of 'style' many times each year. 

Miracle TPU Tote €29.00, Link Shoulder Bag €44.00

2. Sporty but chic runners 

The era of the 'dad sneaker' in fashion is still having it's hey day – but if you want to nab something that will keep you looking cool and trendy while comfortable, a nude, cream or classic white runner is the way to go. 

The Nike Tekno is a nice middle ground between fash-hun footwear and classic street style, while New Balance runners have maintained their cool-factor by constantly adding to their range of colourschemes and gently varying styles. 

Nike M2K Tekno €100, New Balance 608 V3s €75.00

3. Blue jeans in a chic cut

Jeans will never be out of style – and the right pair can look like they have been cut from a vintage atalier whrn you actually nabbed them on the highstreet. 

This pair from River Island nod to last years Vetements shows, where Franken-denim stormed the catwalk, but it's a more subtle take on the trend. 

Team with a sun hat and white crop top in summer, and add a turtle neck and hiking boots as the seasons change. 

River Island jeans €55.00

4. An oversized blazer 

Oversized blazers never go out of style. Choosing a boxy, over-sized fit means you can layer under it in colkder months or enjoy a loose, breezt fit in summer.

A black piece is timeless, while colour-pop blazers are the perfect way to jazz up plainer outfits. 

This mustard Zara blazer is a must-have for summer – it would look perfect with white runners, denim shorts and a white tee mid heatwave, and will add perfectly to an autumnal wardrobe palette when summer ends.

Yellow double-breasted blazer €89.95, Black crepe blazer €69.95

5. Black strappy shoes – in various heel heights 

Black strappy heels will always be the perfect building block for outfits – from work wear to nights out.

Mules are always chic, so a backless chunky heel looks gorge peeping out from under a pair of jeans teamed with a white structured shirt. 

High, pointed black heels will never age, so snap them up before the shops are over run with espadrilles.

Strappy mules €18.00, Strappy high heels €49.95


A study has just found that major high street chemists are selling potentially damaging tooth-whitening kits, leaving teeth weaker and more sensitive.

Testing of five common brands discovered that they can harm enamel, and dental experts are now requesting a ban on non-hydrogen peroxide based whitening kits sold over the counter.

Tests on extracted teeth that had been whitened saw damage, according to a study published on Friday in the British Dental Journal.

Home users can apparently cause more damage to occur by leaving the whitening strips on for too long or using them too often. If they have underlying dental problems, the authors said they are also at risk.

Dr Linda Greenwall, author from Manchester University wrote; “The lack of research and ease of availability of these products from major retailers is alarming and may potentially be harming the consumers’s dentition.”

A wide range of teeth whitening products have been saturating the market since an EU directive in 2011 said products with more than 0.1 percent hydrogen peroxide were only be sold to dentists.

Dr Greenwell and her colleagues claim that, despite safety testing taking place, the longer-term effects of the whitening kits are drastically misunderstood.

Three of the tested products in the BDJ study possess sodium chlorite, an additive which can react in the mouth to product enamel-harming chemicals.

Samples which were treated with the Brilliant 5-minute kit and iWhite instant teeth whitening had the most noticeable effects after being tested, and also showed softening which leaves teeth vulnerable to abrasions.

Users have potentially wasted time and money, as some of the tested whitening kits produced no effects at all.

The British Dental Bleaching Society is now asking for all dentists to be trained in tooth-whitening and bleaching. A spokesperson for the group said;

“We are concerned that the OTC products included in the study may be harmful to teeth and advise the general public to see their dentist if they are considering having their teeth whitened.

A Boots spokesperson said: “The safety of our customers is extremely important to us and we thoroughly assess all of our dental care products before we put them on sale.”

High street cosmetic procedures have been increasingly popular with more of the public trying to imitate the look of celebrities and reality TV personalities.

Feature image: @iwhiteteeth/Instagram


We're all most likely familiar with the incredible Marvel film Black Panther.

One of the biggest phenomenon's of 2018, and the highest grossing superhero movie of ALL TIME, the hiring of a nearly all-black cast was a pivotal moment in cinema.

The setting of Wakanda remains one of the most iconic aspects of the film, which mainstream fashion has gripped onto. 

Image: Polygon

The film's acclaimed costume designer Ruth E. Carter wanted to change the public's generalised perception of the African continent;

“I want people to have a new vision of the continent of Africa,” she told Refinery29.

“I want people to understand it's not just this dark place where everyone dresses the same with bones in their nose, living in a grass hut. People need to see this is a modern continent. It has a voice and an aesthetic.” 

Unfortunately, clothing brand Forever21 have released clothing inspired by the film, but have gotten into some hot water when it comes to the models chosen…

Fans of the film are NOT happy to see possibly the palest man in existence modelling merchandise for the infamously diverse movie, but some fans are claiming that the backlash is unfounded.

Forever21 tweeted; "Wakanda Forever, get the sweater here" last night, alongside a photo of a mens' top, named a 'Wakanda Forever Fair Isle Sweater.'

Twitter did it's job, to say the least. The clothing company quickly deleted the tweet, but the image is still on their website.

If you click on the link, it redirects you to another model, this time a diverse one, wearing a yellow and black sweater.

There's nothing wrong with a person of any race enjoying a movie's merchandise of course.

However, many users online were troubled at the perceived whitewashing, considering the film is arguably the first superhero of it's kind to appeal to all races, ages and genders.

Whitewashing has been appearing in fashion more and more recently, with Zara and H+M getting into trouble for missteps in their high street fashion.

Prada found itself getting backlash last week for a shop window display featuring a charm eerily reminiscent of a Blackface character.

We think Forever21 need to be a tad more careful with it's marketing campaigns…



It happens every year.

We get our spy gear ready, complete with night vision goggles, Google maps and  snacks, of course. We buckle ourselves up for our long-awaited search, the hunt for that jaw-dropping, glamorous, PERFECT….

Winter coat.

Every woman needs a casual must-have jacket for the chilly season, and Penney's have DELIVERED, with a snakeskin cherry on top.


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Snakeskin is absolutely everywhere right now, most likely due to Taylor Swift's iconic Reputation album and added snake theme for her immense world tour.

Animal print is the ideal way to make a statement.

You want to be the first person noticed in the Christmas decorated rooms, and the way to do this is by nabbing the most stunning coat in the fashion business.

This puffer jacket is cosy AF, not to mention cheap.

Penneys, €30

At €30, just think how much cash dollah you're saving for your Christmas shopping.

You can accomplish just about anything in the right coat, we would like to take this opportunity to thank Penneys for keeping us warm without robbing our bank balance of it's dignity.

Say thank u, next to the cold this season, fashion has saved you.



If you're looking to stock up on statement pieces this autumn, then River Island is full of your must-haves.

With fur and sparkles galore, RI has exactly what you need to work that cocktail party, day-to-night, boss lady look. 

But just don't take my word for it. Let's have a look at how you can build your very own River Island staple wardrobe. 

 First you get the fur, then you get the money…

Just kidding, but in all seriousness, River Island is a fluffy haven this winter. We're loving this brown leather trench with the fur collar, layer it up with a plaid skirt or over a print dress and you're ready to rock the high street. 

Need more bulk to fend off that wintery weather? I know it seems like ages away but you'll thank us later with his white leopard print fur coat. 

Or if you're more into a grizzly than a polar bear this teddy bear coat is right up your alley.

Team it with a pair of white chunky healed boots and a Baker Boy cap for a medley of 90s and 60s vibes.  

Oh and did we mention that oversized furry bags are a thing? In love isn't the word. 

What winter wardrobe would be complete without a cosy chunky knit?

We adore this muted toned polo neck, worn loose for maximum comfort. 

Go slouchy with a pair of skinnies or dress it up with this delectable plum leather skirt. 

Tis the season to sparkle and shine- and these party pieces are guaranteed to steal  the spot light. 

Are you more cutesy in oversized baby pink and blue sequins or sultry and mysterious in black and gold polka dots?

 Animal prints are everywhere for autumn, even in our two piece suits!

Be the queen of the jungle AND the cocktail party with this fushia sequined suit.

The best part? Use them as separates with either block colours or go bold with clashing prints and textures.

Of course no River Island mooch would be complete without an accessories haul dahling.

Go chic and classy with these elegant pearl and gold drop earrings or bold and show-stopping with massive costume earrings (pictured below). 

Also we NEED these heels! Who ever said that tartan was just for skirts? Eh, not us, we'll take two please. 

Have a gawk at the rest of the collection on the SHEmazing Instagram story at @shemazingie – pieces soon landing in a River Island store near you! 



Spring is one of the trickiest times of the year when it comes to style – especially when we live in a country that can't seem to make up its mind about what season it actually is. 

But in saying that, there is one item on clothing that will carry you through the transitional season, no matter what the weather throws at us – a classic spring jacket. 

It's time to say a well overdue farewell to our winter coats, and opt instead for something a little more compact, and to help het your spring/summer wardrobe off to the best start, we've rounded up our top picks of the best spring jackets on the high street right now.




The weekend is finally upon us, so it's time to hit the town. 

And, you can't even use the "I've nothing to wear" excuse not to head out, because we've put together a selection of gorge style pieces that are available in store right now, so hop on that bus to town and do some last minute shopping.


Earrings €12.99

Glitter top €7.99

Red boots €34.99

Vinyl skirt €22.99

 River Island

Red frill bandeau top €45.00

Turban hat €17.00

Leather skirt €43.00

Pink ruffle dress €75.00


Red biker jacket €17.00

Clutch €8.00

Skirt €14.00

Heels €19.00


Plaid skirt €44.00

Skater dress €50.00

MOTO denim jacket €60.00

Pink heels €50.00


Black kimono top €24.99

Silver minidress €24.99

Red velvet minidress €24.99

Heels €24.74



The Bank Holiday weekend is upon us, and so it's time to check out what's in high street stores right now for those of us who want to hit the town but have nothing to wear. 

We've trawled through the shops to find the perfect, Halloween-themed pieces to add a hint of horror to your usual night out look. 

Whether you want to create your own costume with items you would wear again, like New Look's flamenco dancer emoji-esque top or Penneys fortune teller headband, there are plenty of pieces to pull a last-minute look together. 

Alternatively for those who can't be bothered to dress up, we've included some glam pieces with extra edge. 


Flamenco dancer top €24.99

Lace-up dress €29.99

Lace kimono €29.99

Popper tracksuit bottoms €29.99


Chain choker €43.00

Leather studded jacket €215.00

Dress €87.00

Monster clutch €22.00


Crop top €38.00

Dress €68.00

Feather trousers €60.00

Fatal Love hoodie €46.00


Leather jumpsuit €39.99

Bodysuit €19.99

Mesh top €6.99

Red fur coat €69.99


Headband €3.00

Velvet bodysuit €12.00

Dress €18.00

Skirt €12.00



It's officially the weekend, so there is no better time to head out on the town and let your hair down. 

One thing that can ruin the night out prep is the thought of having nothing to wear, but never fear. 

The addition of one simple new item is all you need to create a load of extra outfit options. 

Here's what's in the shops now:


High heels €65.00

Red ruffle top €34.00

Black skirt €40.00

Mint tie top €43.00


Red ruffle dress €16.00

Nude heels €14.00

Kimono style playsuit €28.00

Mesh dress €16.00


Fishnet top €9.99

Faux fur coat €45.99

Fluffy heels €35.99

Velvet playsuit €29.99


Floral wrap dress €39.95

Bow crop top €19.95

Boots €89.95

Sequin skirt €29.95



Saturday night is always a mad one, and whether your a fan of Coppers or Workmans, the eternal struggle to find something to wear can just get too much sometimes.

Luckily, town is usually a mere bus route away, so here's a few bits that are in stores at the moment to rescue your night out ensemble. 

Image result for nothing to wear

From a Penneys must-have playsuit to a sultry lace blouse, here a re a few of our top picks from the high street:



High heels €16.00

Playsuit €28.00

Pinafore €19.00

Top €10.00


Tassled top €24.99

Lace crop top €24.99

Embroidered skirt €29.99

Handbag €19.99


Ruffled top €33.00

Sheer top €43.00

Boots €60.00

Skirt €45.00


Star dress €64.00

Red top €40.00

Wrap dress €57.00

Skirt €52.00



Feeling like you have nothing to wear tonight?

Never fear, we've put together a selection of gorge style pieces that are available in store right now, so hop on that bus to town and do some last minute shopping before hitting the town tonight. 

 Left to right: Zara playsuit €39.95

Zara flounce top €25.95

Zara palm leaf heels €79.95 

Zara skirt €29.95

 Left to right: H&M ruffled top €24,99 

H&M denim jacket €44.99

H&M skirt €24.99 

H&M playsuit €22.99 

Left to right: Penneys crop top  €9.00

Penneys jumpsuit €20.00

Penneys Mesh dress €14.00

Penneys heels €14.00

River Island lace up top €33.00 

River Island floral crop top  €40.00

River Island khaki heels €45.00

River Island fishnet top €35.00

 Left to right: Bershka gingham playsuit €24.00

Bershka ring detail top €12.99 

Bershka embroidered dress €27.99

Bershka bralette €12.99

Left to right: Topshop blue dress €40.00

Topshop lace-up skirt €46.00

Topshop pink lace dress €52.00

Topshop playsuit €44.00