Still no Halloween costume? Check out these last minute makeup looks


There are only days to go until Halloween and some people are more ready than ever for the spooky holiday. People have been planning their costumes, practising their makeup looks and organising festivities for quite some time, and others (myself included) have left everything until the last minute.

Thankfully, the makeup mavericks of Instagram are here to save the day for those of you who are like me. Us procrastinators need all the help we can get, especially if you’re invited to a last minute Halloween celebration.

I’ve conjured up a list of the best (and easiest) makeup looks that will make Halloween a lot easier for my fellow procrastinators


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The Classic Cat:

This look will take all of two minutes to achieve. All you need is some eyeliner and you’re good to go. Draw three whiskers on each of your cheeks and dab on a little black nose on the tip of yours and hey-presto you’re a cat. Is it one of the most over-done costumes? Yes. But will it make your night a hell of a lot less stressful? YES.


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Dress up as this beloved mythical creature by making the most of your glitter collection. Use your boldest and most colourful lipstick and go to town with the rhinestones to transform yourself into a unicorn. Add a unicorn headband and you’re good to go.


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Harley Quinn:

She is probably the most loved member of the Suicide Squad so embrace the pigtails and smeared lipstick this Halloween. Forget about your makeup being flawless because the messier it is the better. Add some red and blue temporary dye to your hair to achieve the look.


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Mia Wallace:

The Pulp Fiction leading lady is by far one of the coolest characters to dress up as for Halloween. All you need is a dramatic red lip and the nose-bleed stain and you’re good to go. Pop on a white blouse and some black skinny jeans and you’ve achieved Mia’s bad-ass look.


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