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Since Halloween is a bit of a bust this year, why not pass the time by trying out any of these super easy makeup looks?

Usually we'd be looking forward to the spooky holiday for several weeks beforehand, perfectly planning out our costume and sending out some feelers to see which Halloween party all are pals are hitting up.

However, 2020 had other ideas in mind, and now it looks like we'll be spending Halloween night laying on the couch, devouring all of the sweets and chocolate we can find, while watching Hocus Pocus on repeat.

Want to feel a little more festive while stuffing your face? Check ot these fool-proof makeup looks, which are sure to put the spook back in spooky season.

1. Purrrfect Pretty Kitty

Black eyeliner? Sorted.

2. Vampire Vibes

For this, all you need is your typical smokey eyeshadows and some red lippy. 

3. Spider Surprise 

How cool is this?

4. Spooky Cheshire Cat

Smile, it's Halloween! 

5. Pretty Little Panda

Add two buns for ears, and you are ready for action! 

6. Simple Clown Face 

Whip out that liquid liner, lovely ladies. 

7. Doe, a Deer! 

All you need is brown eyeshadow and some liquid liner. Simples. 




We are channelling all our girl power energy into our Halloween costumes this year. There’s no better group of people to dress up with than your gals so we’ve conjured up a list of the greatest girl gangs in history.

We’ll feature girl gangs from the 1980s to modern day queens who rule the world.

The Heathers:

The 1989 flick features one of the quirkiest and (meanest) girl gangs in cinema history. Gather up the gang and rock those iconic blazers with padded shoulders, the backcombed hair and don’t forget your scrunchie.

The Original Disney Princesses:

Cinderella, Snow White, Sleeping Beauty, Ariel and Belle are the OG Disney gals so why not step into the magical world of Disney this Halloween. Plus, you’ll certainly stand out from the crowd because there’s no doubt everyone will be dressing up as Elsa again this year.

The Barden Bellas:

Pitch Perfect is a movie that celebrates female friendship and supports people who sing ALL the time- we couldn’t love it more if we tried. The perk of dressing up as the Bellas means you can randomly sing all night long because it’s ‘part of the costume’.

The Derry Girls

National heroes. Icons. Irish legends. Who wouldn't want to dress up as Erin, Clare, Michelle, Orla and of course, the wee English fella.

Related image

Rachel, Phoebe and Monica:

Embrace that glorious 90s style by dressing up as the Friends gals with your two closest girls. We’ve always dreamed of rading Rachel’s iconic wardrobe and now we can.


The shops are full of plaid EVERYTHING at the moment so putting this outfit together will be simple. Find the most flawless plaid skirt suit and feel free to mutter ‘Ugh, as if’ to anyone who asks who you're supposed to be.

The Pink Ladies:

We're ending with one of the original girl gangs- the Pink Ladies. Go back in time to the 60s and channel your inner Frenchie or Rizzo with this old-school look. And remember, don’t forget your neck scarf.



Whether you have a big Halloween party to go to, you want to impress at your own, or even if you're sitting in to answer the trick or treaters, these clever re-vamp hacks will make your costumer better than ever.

We all have these odd Halloween bits lying around the house, so why not make them into something new: 

Devil's Pitchfork to Mermaid's Trident

1. Spray both sides of your pitchfork in a green or blue colour and let it sit for an hour to dry.

2. Next, glue on any embellishments you have. You can use anything like sea shells, pearls, sequins and ribbons.

3. To finish, use a glitter spray to add a bit of sparkle to your new mermaid trident and it's good to go!


Rabbit Ears to Mouse Ears

1. You can really make these into any animal of your choice but if you want to achieve cute mouse ears, first fold down the bunny ears to make a circular shape.

2. Cut pieces of felt to cover the headpiece. Make sure to measure how much you'll need before cutting.

3. Stick the pieces of felt to the ears with a strong glue (so you're able to party your socks off).

4. Cut off any loose ends and if you want, dazzle your ears with some sequins or jewels. 


Cat Mask to Masquerade mask

1. Cut the ears off your mask.

2. Paint the mask in a colour of your choice.

3. Glue on any embellishments, like feathers, flowers, sequins or lace.

4. To finish. attach a stick or rod to the corner of your mask so you'll be able to hold it up at the party. 


Late night Netflix and chill, an excuse to eat endless fistfuls of sweets, bundling up under blankets – what’s not to like about a Halloween night in.

But on of our favourite spooky night past times is scrolling through social media to find the best thing ever – animals dressed in costumes.

Lucky for you, we’ve rounded up the best of the best from dachshunds to hedgehogs.

Here are the cutest and most hilarious animal costumes yet:

1. Simba 


A post shared by Art Select (@artselect) on

Not only is this cat adorable, but it’s more majestic than we can ever hope to be.

2. Hot Dog


A post shared by carlos diaz (@calos_diass) on

This weiner dog has had enough of the hot dog jokes.

3. Wrecking Ball


A post shared by Charlie Danger  (@charliehallas) on

Throwback to Miley’s crazy days, this pug is a millennial icon.

4. Bat Kitty


A post shared by Mary Frances Ferrante (@mary.frances14) on

This vampire bat kitty never goes hungry. No one can resist inviting its cuteness in.

5. Fernando the Hedge


A post shared by FINN the hedgehog (@finn_the_hedge_) on

Taco bout the best hedgehog costume ever.

6. Wonder Husky


A post shared by MIKE O'HEARN The TITAN (@mikeohearn) on

Even Wonder Woman has to hit up the gym sometimes.

7. Super Dog


A post shared by Crusoe the Celebrity Dachshund (@crusoe_dachshund) on

His powers include super strength and overwhelming cuteness.

8. Breaking Bad Cat

Heisenberg has really let his beard go.


A post shared by Linda Picci (@linda_pc_) on

9. Captain Fluffy

The sassiest pirate to sail the high seas.


A post shared by The Weekly Fluff Cats (@the.weekly.fluff) on

10. Ghost Doggos

Now you see us…now you don’t. Watch out for these furry spirits tomorrow.


A post shared by Digby & Aloysius Van Winkle ❤ (@digbyvanwinkle) on

11. Woger Wabbit

What’s up, doc? This bulldog means business.


A post shared by Trotter (@trotterpup) on

12. Guinea-chu


A post shared by Fuzzberta & Friends (@fuzzberta) on

Fuzzberta’s favourite costume…yes her name is fuzzberta and she has her own Instagram.

Are you dressing up your pet this Halloween? Tag us in their photos!



Halloween is only a few weeks away and as per usual we’re already fretting about our costumes. 

You could go as one of the Marvel superheroes or perhaps your favourite singer like Taylor Swift or Britney Spears- does anyone have a snake we can get a lend of?

Some of us will spend weeks, if not months, getting our costumes ready. We search Etsy for the perfect Halloween accessories, we scour through charity shops looking for costumes, we look to Instagram for Halloween makeup inspiration.

Then there’s the group of people who always seem to forget about Halloween until the day before when the shop shelves are bare and there isn’t a single witches hat or cowboy costume in sight.

Luckily, we’ve conjured up a list of 5 Halloween costumes you can literally make with a black bin bag.

1: The classic witch

Back in the day, every second kid on my road donned a black bin bag for Halloween. It was the go-to costume for parents who completely forgot about dress up day at school. We may not be in primary school anymore but this classic costume will never let you down.

All you need to do is cut out holes for your arms and head and maybe add a belt to give yourself some shape. Grab a witches hat and you’re sorted.

2: A bat

Simply cut bat wing shapes out of a black bag. Wear your favourite little black dress and secure the wings to the underside of your arm and the side of your body. It’ll look like you’re flying when you move your arms up and down. You can even make bat ears by cutting two triangles out of the bin bag and securing them onto a black Alice band.


A post shared by Emma Finnigan  (@kickerofbutts) on

3: Maleficent

Maleficent is one of our favourite Disney villains. Angelina Jolie brought the iconic Disney character to life in the live-action movie and you can mimic her iconic costume by simply using a few bin bags. To make the famous Maleficent horns all you’ll need is some newspaper, a headband and some sellotape. Twist the newspaper into cone-like shapes and place them onto the headband. Cover them both in bin bags and hey presto- you’re a Disney villain.

4: Cheerleader

Ready? Okay! We’ve all daydreamed about becoming a cheerleader. We blame the millions of times we watched Bring It On for this. Put a spooky twist on the American- sweetheart costume by making black pom-poms out of bin bags.  See the below tutorial on how to make the perfect pom poms and channel that team spirit.

5: Skeleton

It’s a stereotypical costume, but it works so well with the perfect face paint. All you need is a black bag and masking tape. Simply cut a hole at the top of the black bag for the head and one on either side for the arms. Lay the bag down flat and shape out the bones of the skeleton using the masking tape. Focus on creating an incredible makeup look like the one below and you’ll be bound to win the costume of the year.


A post shared by I R A T I M A K E U P (@iratimakeup) on


Kylie Jenner has set the bar pretty darn high for celebrity Halloween costumes this year. 

Last night, King Kylie attended a spooky fancy-dress party, and it was her own costume that really stole the show. 



A photo posted by Kylie (@kyliejenner) on

Christina Aguilera's infamous bleached braids and  boxing ring attire from her Dirrty video inspired Kylie's INSANE Halloween look.


Diiiiiirty @xtina

A photo posted by Kylie (@kyliejenner) on

Not a single detail was left out of the costume, which even included facial piercings.. no half measures here lads.

Kylie shared a number of pictures of her amazing costume, including a short video of her busting some Christina-like moves. 


Can I be XTINA forever

A video posted by Kylie (@kyliejenner) on

While Xtina is yet to comment on the costume, we're sure she'll approve! 

We cannot wait to see all the AMAZING Hollywood costumes over the next few days. 


Nothing is more fun then dressing up with all your friends for Halloween.

We absolutely LOVE the idea of a girl squad dressing up together, in coordinating costumes.

Whether it's your favourite girl band, or television characters, we've listed our favourite group costumes for girl gangs…

Image result for taylor swift squad

The Spicegirls

A true classic. This is always fun, as the costumes are all so different, yet together you'll all look pretty spice-tastic!

Image result for Group Halloween Costumes for Women

Bad Blood video

I think we all remember how COOL Taylor Swift and her squad looked in her music video for Bad Blood. Dust off that PVC and get ready for action.

Image result for bad blood video costume

Sweet tooth

Why not dress up as your favourite delicious treat for Halloween? This one is pretty easy, and adorable.

Image result for halloween costumes for groups

Ghost Busters

Who ya gonna call?

Image result for ghostbusters group costume

Disney Princesses

The ultimate girl squad…

Image result for Group Halloween Costumes for Women

Mean Girls

Does she even go here?

Image result for mean girls costumes

Social Media sites

We're totally obsessed with this idea!

Image result for social media costumes

Bridesmaids movie

Dress up as the HILARIOUS cast from Bridesmaids. Just try not to behave like them IRL…

Image result for bridemaids movie costume




When Caitlyn Jenner introduced herself to the world as a woman, she did so on the iconic cover of Vanity Fair.

It is a photoshoot which has now been seen by people all over the world. 

And now an American costume company has began selling a Caitlyn Jenner outfit which is inspired by the Vanity Fair cover.

However, the Halloween attire has caused serious outrage online, with fans of Caitlyn branding it as "disgusting". 

The websites Spirit Halloween and Anytime Costumes posted the costumes on their websites, but both have received backlash, with some people suggesting that the unisex outfit is offensive to the transgender star. 

Lisa Barr, senior director of marketing at Spirit Halloween, said: "At Spirit Halloween, we create a wide range of costumes that are often based upon celebrities, public figures, heroes and superheroes."

"We feel that Caitlyn Jenner is all of the above and that she should be celebrated. The Caitlyn Jenner costume reflects just that."

Transgender activists have even launched a petition on Change.org asking the companies to stop selling the costume, which is priced at €68. 

As an alternative, there is also an Olympic-style option which recreates the former Bruce Jenner's gold medal-winning moment with a red top and blue shorts.



Couples costumes can be the height of cheese, but sometimes, people just get it right.

Here are a few that made us majorly jealous…

1. Google Maps
Simple AND informative.

2. Tom Hanks and Wilson from Castaway

3. A pair of breasts and a lovely bra!
Boobs. Enough said. It's your choice if you go with pert or saggy!

4. Bishop and Nun
Okay, it's slightly cringe, but it got us laughing!

5. Tetris blocks
We love that they slot together!

6. JD and Coke
This could be adapted in loads of ways… our vote is for a Gin and Tonic!

7. Lego Couple
Perfect if you don't want to look at your other half all night…

8. Struck by lightning

9. Where's Wally and Where's Wanda
This one never gets old.

10. Fairly OddParents
Anyone who watched Nickelodeon as a kid will be getting serious nostalgia pangs right now.




Halloween is fast approaching, and with it comes the stress and panic of choosing your costume.

Not just any one mind you, but an outfit that will get people talking. Put down that witches cape or that sexy Playboy bunny outfit – things are about to get real!

Here are our top picks for some VERY current Halloween looks to impress at this year's party. Now, they mightn't be the sexiest of costumes, but that's all part of the fun we think!

1. Taylor Swift's "No It's Becky" ensemble
Taylor joined Tumblr recently and though it took her a while to get the hang of it, she soon jumped on board and won the internet with her response to the "No it's becky" photo that had been trending online for a few months. 

All you need is a yellow t-shirt with a few words inked on, a tartan shirt/skirt and some cute ankle boots. It's an outfit in itself!

2. Trish from Love/Hate
This RTÉ drama started up again recently, so by the time Halloween hits it's sure to be all anyone's talking about. Some brown or black hair extensions, anything remotely tight or leopard printed, a duck-face pout and you're good to go.

3. Elsa from Frozen
You'll be the envy of seven-year-olds everywhere with this costume. This is a great option if you're looking to keep things sweet and girly. Just walk around like you're terrified to touch anything in case it turns to ice – sorted!

4. Daenerys from Game of Thrones
If there is any show on TV that lends itself to Halloween dress-up, it's G.O.T. And who better to dress up as than Daenerys, Mother of Dragons? You can re-use your Frozen wig for this one too!

5. An Ice Bucket Challenge victim
We've all just about recovered from having our Facebook feeds overtaken by Ice Bucket videos – now it's time to exploit the phenomenon for your costume. You'll need a plastic bucket and some silver tinsel or clear plastic sheeting – anything that could resemble pouring water. To really look authentic, retire to the bathroom every once in a while to pour more water on your head.

6. Olivia Pope from Scandal
Your office wear can double as a Halloween costume too, you know. Anything neutral – cream, white, beige or grey will work. Top the look off with a swanky hat and sip your drink only from an oversized wine glass for the night.

7. Spider Dog
This is technically a costume for your pet but it'll definitely be a memorable one! The spider dog video struck fear into the hearts of millions when it was released last month. This costume takes a but of crafting but it will be so worth it!


8. Alex from Orange is the New Black
Don a prison suit, draw on some flicks with your eyeliner, repeatedly take your glasses on and off and be very snarky to everyone who approaches you. Easy!

9. Jasmine Tridevil
In what was surely the biggest internet hoax in years, Alisha Hassler convinced the world's media that she was a three-breasted woman named Jasmine Tridevil who'd had surgery to get an extra boob. The aim? To become "unattractive to men." Needless to say, it was all a lie. You'll need to alter your bikini for this one, and don't forget the heavy eye make-up and dyed black hair!