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Looks like this brilliant Irish beauty brand has yet another celebrity fan to add to it's list: None other than the legendary American rapper Cardi B.

Carter Beauty by Marissa Carter may only be less than a year old, but the burgeoning company has raised the bar when it comes to gaining noteworthy fans.

Their growing portfolio of friends in high places now includes Cardi B, who wore Carter Beauty by Marissa Carter’s €4.95 'On the Lash' false lashes in style 'Glamour' on stage at a sell out performance this week.


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All eyes were on one of the most successful rappers in the world as she donned the false lashes, which are a shockingly affordable price.

The lashes were expertly applied by Cardi’s go-to celebrity make-up artist Erika La Pearl who called the Irish brand her new obsession. Wow, the compliments just keep on flowing in.

Cardi B isn't the first famous face to be seen sporting Carter Beauty. Grammy-award winning singer Ariana Grande wore the brand's  €4.95 Supreme Gel liner in her music video this year.

Her make up artist, Rokael Beauty, took to Instagram to share all the behind the scenes secrets, writing,

"Still obsessed with this dazzling look from the #breakupwithyourgirlfriend music video."

"For all the #Arianators asking I used @carterbeautycosmetics @marissacarter Supreme Gel Liner so in love with the way the tip is super fine and its jet black and smudge-proof."


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Kourtney Kardashian's make-up artist also announced that their €9.95 Full Measure HD Foundation was his go-to for filming, and Love Island star Olivia Buckland emphasised her adoration for the entire collection of Carter Beauty products.

There's no stopping this brand. Team CB is officially Team Cardi B, we have it in writing. The ink is dry, gals.

For anyone wondering, the Carter Beauty by Marissa Carter 'On the Lash' false lashes come in six alternating styles from Natural up to Dramatic.


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 The Carter Beauty by Marissa Carter false lashes are innovative, 3D artificial lashes designed to add volume and depth whilst seamlessly blending with your own lashes for a natural look.

Grab your 'On the Lash' in style 'Glamour' before it's gone.

Carter Beauty by Marissa Carter is available in Irish pharmacies nationwide and in selected Penneys stores. You can also buy the goodies online on their website here.

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Many of us feel just that little bit too self-conscious if we step outside the house without covering up those bags under our eyes and the latest spots to emerge on our face.

We're not alone, according to a new survey undertaken by Carter Beauty Cosmetics. The brand, started by beauty mogul Marissa Carter, has taken the industry by storm.

Apparently, 86 percent of women feel that they need concealer, and a whopping 69 percent of women aren't confident that they know how to use concealer correctly. 


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If this many women feel naked without their daily dose of concealer to match their makeup regimen, what's our best product recommendation?

Carter Beauty's new Out of Sight Concealer Palette is only €7.95, so if you're on a budget this is the ideal concealer for banishing dark circles, blemishes and redness.

The palette is an absolute game-changer, and a must-have for any beauty lover looking to hide any tell-tale bags. Finding that flawless base has never been so easy.

It has six pans of high coverage yet light, creamy concealers to brighten those eyes to get ready for smizing (*cough* Tyra Banks *cough*).

According to Marissa Carter, the business boss herself;

“Concealer is a make-up bag must have. With shades such as Cloaked, Obscured, Masked, Hidden and Disguised, the Out of Sight Concealer palette does exactly what it says on the tin – bags be gone.”

We can think of a few times when the 'Panda Eyes' were in play, be it from a hangover, exam season or just leftover mascara wreaking havoc.

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Seeing as so many people aren't sure exactly how to use concealer in the best manner, we've got some tips assembled from Carter Beauty to assist you:

First of all, always apply your foundation first, and concealer second. When you apply concealer before foundation you’ll find that you remove most of it during the foundation application.

Next, draw a triangle with the base under your eye with the point towards the cheek. Intensify eyeshadow colour and avoid fallout by priming your lid with concealer before applying eye make-up.

Use your ring finger to apply concealer. Seeing as it's your weakest, you'll apply just the right amount of pressure without pulling at your delicate eye skin.

Opposites attract: Orange or peach tones such as Disguised and Obscured from the Out of Sight Concealer Palette will cancel out the blue and purple shadows that cause under-eye circles.

Top the orange or peach tones with a cover-up that matches your skin. If you think your concealer looks cakey in fine lines, cut a tissue in half and use it to remove excess oil.

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Hopefully the number of people who don't fully understand the correct method of using concealer will be reduced now, thanks to Carter Beauty. Utter Queens. 

Remember, you don't need concealer to feel your most beautiful self. Think of it as an empowerment tool that gives you control over your under-eye-bags, instead of the bags controlling your self-esteem.



The secret to Kourtney Kardashian’s flawless skin? Irish brand Carter Beauty by Marissa Carter’s €9.95 Full Measure HD Foundation.

Celebrity make-up artist Rokael Lizama let slip last night that he uses Carter Beauty’s bestselling Full Measure HD Foundation to create Kourtney Kardashian’s flawless glow.

The celebrity make-up artist credits the hero buy for holding fast under filming lights on set, having used it during filming for the promo of the latest season of Keeping Up With The Kardashians.

In imagery from the Season 16 promo shoot, Kourtney’s skin looks flawless thanks to the high-coverage, lightweight budget foundation.

Heralded as a cult buy by make-up artists, beauty experts and consumers alike, Full Measure HD Foundation is a make-up bag must-have, available in 12 shades from Meringue through to Vanilla Fudge.  

Entrepreneur Marissa Carter is no stranger to A-list love, last month Ariana Grande wore her €4.95 Supreme Gel Liner in the music video for break up with your girlfriend, i’m bored and sister brand Cocoa Brown by Marissa Carter counts both Kylie Jenner and Khloe Kardashian as fans.

Carter Beauty’s Full Measure HD Foundation is a lightweight, full coverage foundation which leaves a flawless finish. Full Measure was developed for creating impeccable looks that last. Full Measure is buildable for medium to full coverage. The light, water-based formula glides onto the skin leaving incredible coverage as a base for any type of make-up look.

As for which shade Kourtney wears? Crème Brûlée. Get it before it’s gone.



We've all been bopping away to Ariana Grande's new single break up with your girlfriend, im bored, and while watching the music video for the tune, we couldnt help but notice Ari's striking makeup look. 

Featuring her classic tanned complexion and strong winged eyeliner, the singer looked sultry, glam, and flawless in the eye makeup department. 

It turns out that the eyeliner used in the video is from an IRISH brand, and can be picked up in Penneys. 


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Ariana Grande’s make-up artist, Rokael Lizama announced last night that he used Carter Beauty by Marissa Carter Supreme Gel Liner to create the iconic liner look

Taking to Instagram, he posted a snap of Ari's look from the video, saying:

'For all the #Arianators asking I used @carterbeautycosmetics @marissacarter Supreme Gel Liner so in love with the way the tip is super fine and its jet black and smudge-proof.'


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The liner can be picked up in Penneys and a whole host of pharmacies nationwide. 

Best of all, it's only €4.95. 

Carter Beauty is also a proud member of  PETA's Beauty Without Bunnies Cruelty-Free programme



Earlier this year, one of Ireland's biggest names in beauty announced that a makeup line would be  her next venture. 

Taking to Instagram, Cocoa Brown Tan guru Marissa Carter told her followers that she would be be releasing a full line of makeup, and it officially lands in Penneys, Mary Street today. 

The collection has already arrived in pharmacies nationwide, but now fans of the 103 item collection can pick up their favourite pieces along side their fluffy socks, CB tan and packs of earrings. 


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“Beauty has always been my passion,' says Marissa. 

"Before Cocoa Brown I owned my own salon, Carter Beauty and the satisfaction I got from seeing a woman watching herself transform was second to none."

"Carter Beauty is almost an ode to that. It’s really important to us that our customers get value for their money without skimping on quality.”


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Carter Beauty brand has something for everyone, from dewy foundations to affordable eyeshadow palettes.

Just like Cocoa Brown, Carter Beauty is cruelty-free, much like the PS…Beauty range in Penneys. 

Carter Beauty Cosmetics will be available in Penneys nationwide in October, so keep your eyes peeled. 



Earlier this year, one of Ireland's biggest names in beauty announced that a makeup line would be  her next venture. 

Taking to Instagram, Cocoa Brown Tan guru Marissa Carter told her followers that she would be be releasing a full line of makeup, and it officially launched today. 

Arguably Ireland's biggest beauty launch of the year, the collection was viewed this afternoon by some of Ireland's top names in style and beauty.

Marissa previously told her audience that the collection was going to contain very makeup bag addition a girl or guy could need, saying she would be launching: 'An entire collection – everything from foundations, to concealers, to mascaras, to eyeliners, blushers, highlighters, bronzers, lipsticks, lip-glosses…'

And trust us, she didn't disappoint. 

The collection contains a whopping 103 products, with absolutely every item you could need to paint your face.


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For base, the Hold Tight Perfecting Primer promises to keep your makeup in place all day, and most importantly, prevents your makeup from oxidising and turning orange. 

Unlike many beauty brands, Carter Beauty is maintaining an accessible price point. When Cocoa Brown first burst on to the scene, the affordable tan was likened to much more expensive products, and Marissa wanted to maintain the brand ethos of high quality products at a low cost. 

Items in the range start from as low as €3.95, and the most expensive product in the collection are a trio of 18-shadow eyeshadow palettes, coming in at €14.95. 

'Beauty has always been my passion,' Marissa said. 'Before Cocoa Brown, I owned my own salon, Carter Beauty, and  the satisfaction I go from seeing a woman watch herself transform was second to none.'

'Carter Beauty is an ode to that.We want to help women feel confident in themselves. '

The range has truly kept every kind of woman in mind, with variations in foundation shades, lip textures, and eyeshadow colour stories. 

Rather than just come out with one product like most brands do as they attempt to break in to another area of the market, Team CB jumped right in with an entire line of cosmetics that have been years in the making. 


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It's difficult to identify hero pieces from the collection as there are many, but a basic element to a finished makeup look has to be the foundation. 

Carter Beauty is launching with two foundations, with a huge shade range – and if you are a certain shade in one, that's the corresponding shade you will be in the other. 

The first foundation is the Full Measure HD foundation, giving full coverage with a matte finish (it's worth noting here that not a single one of Marissa's products are tested on animals, and have been accepted as proud members of PETA's Beauty Without Bunnies Cruelty-Free programme). 

The second foundation is a dewy finish, called the Half Measure Dewy Foundation, for those days where you want your skin to shine through with just a little help. Both of these foundations have a very affordable price point of €9.85. 

Moving on the the eyes, and to marissa's own favourite product , there;s the Supreme Gel Liner (whose pale pink packaging is to die for.)

'I couldn't live without the Carter Beauty Supreme Gel Liner. It's so easy to use, jet black, and it lasts all day,'  she said – and it's only €4.95. 

The three eyeshadow palettes are completely studding, with two being the every-day palette you turn to and the third being a tad more dramatic. 

The Smooth Nude Palette does exactly what it says on the tin, with 18 amazing shades in a range of browns, taupes and neutrals, It's the palette tha you take on every holiday and dip into everyday for work, before dipping into the darker shades to carve out that cut crease before hitting the town. 

The Sweet Apricot palette was formulated with a bride in mind – flushed with soft peach tones  shimmering bronze hues and warm neutrals. 

Every shade in the Sweet Apricot palette is named after a sweet that Marissa herself is a fan of – I'm particularly partial to Flump and Milkshake. 

The third palette is the most dramatic, and it's definitely responding to the year's biggest makeup trends. 

An array of warm sumptuous shades, the palette has Warm Velvet palette is decidedly rose-toned and rich. 

The rest of the collection was equally as high quality, in kitch but minimalist packaging, with sassy names like the Throw Shade Duo contour sticks and Setting Standards baking powder. 

One thing that really stood out to me about the collection is that it's completely customisable. There is no 'one look' that the line emulates. 

It's ias individual as the woman who wears it, and anyone of any makeup style could peruse the Carter Beauty makeup stall and come away with elements that would compliment or revolutionise her current beauty look. 

With the astronomical success of Marissa's tanning brand, there's no doubt that the makeup line will see the same triumph – and it's available online now and in 150 pharmacies nationwide over the coming weeks.