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Halloween 2018

They say the world was made for two, and in the case of the glorious fright-fest that is Halloween, this is doubly true when it comes to the sacred choosing of the costumes. You just have so much MORE choice with another person added to the equation.

And you don't just have to think of a couples' costume as something meant for you and your bae; what about your beloved BFF? The one who always helps you stash the extra vodk… I mean, goodies, as you proudly indulge in a spot of treating and trickery before the main event – the house party (how else are as many peeps as possible going to catch you both at your most fabulous?).

To that end, if you're still stuck for some ideas on what to don in the Halloween couples costume department, we've trawled the Internet for the most eye-catching and hilarious of inspo.

Feel free to recreate these any way you see fit (no judgment. Okay, maybe a little) and don't forget the obligatory dual selfie when the outfits come together on the night.

Happy scrolling!

Soap and Loofah    

Yep, this is real.

Zach Galifianakis from The Hangover 


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Yep, because your plus one might be your furry best friend.

Starbucks coffee conciser and matching latte


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Extra marks for the latte 'foam' here.

The creepy twins from The Shining


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An excellent choice for you and your BFF. 

The lazy gals option


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It's PERFECT tbh.

A pinata and its 'smasher'


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That look of fear.

Peter Rabbit and farmer


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This one disturbs me.

Oreo (and its filling)


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Hilariously adorable.

Alternate couple goals attire


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No introductions needed.



Since Halloween is a bit of a bust this year, why not pass the time by trying out any of these super easy makeup looks?

Usually we'd be looking forward to the spooky holiday for several weeks beforehand, perfectly planning out our costume and sending out some feelers to see which Halloween party all are pals are hitting up.

However, 2020 had other ideas in mind, and now it looks like we'll be spending Halloween night laying on the couch, devouring all of the sweets and chocolate we can find, while watching Hocus Pocus on repeat.

Want to feel a little more festive while stuffing your face? Check ot these fool-proof makeup looks, which are sure to put the spook back in spooky season.

1. Purrrfect Pretty Kitty

Black eyeliner? Sorted.

2. Vampire Vibes

For this, all you need is your typical smokey eyeshadows and some red lippy. 

3. Spider Surprise 

How cool is this?

4. Spooky Cheshire Cat

Smile, it's Halloween! 

5. Pretty Little Panda

Add two buns for ears, and you are ready for action! 

6. Simple Clown Face 

Whip out that liquid liner, lovely ladies. 

7. Doe, a Deer! 

All you need is brown eyeshadow and some liquid liner. Simples. 




We are channelling all our girl power energy into our Halloween costumes this year. There’s no better group of people to dress up with than your gals so we’ve conjured up a list of the greatest girl gangs in history.

We’ll feature girl gangs from the 1980s to modern day queens who rule the world.

The Heathers:

The 1989 flick features one of the quirkiest and (meanest) girl gangs in cinema history. Gather up the gang and rock those iconic blazers with padded shoulders, the backcombed hair and don’t forget your scrunchie.

The Original Disney Princesses:

Cinderella, Snow White, Sleeping Beauty, Ariel and Belle are the OG Disney gals so why not step into the magical world of Disney this Halloween. Plus, you’ll certainly stand out from the crowd because there’s no doubt everyone will be dressing up as Elsa again this year.

The Barden Bellas:

Pitch Perfect is a movie that celebrates female friendship and supports people who sing ALL the time- we couldn’t love it more if we tried. The perk of dressing up as the Bellas means you can randomly sing all night long because it’s ‘part of the costume’.

The Derry Girls

National heroes. Icons. Irish legends. Who wouldn't want to dress up as Erin, Clare, Michelle, Orla and of course, the wee English fella.

Related image

Rachel, Phoebe and Monica:

Embrace that glorious 90s style by dressing up as the Friends gals with your two closest girls. We’ve always dreamed of rading Rachel’s iconic wardrobe and now we can.


The shops are full of plaid EVERYTHING at the moment so putting this outfit together will be simple. Find the most flawless plaid skirt suit and feel free to mutter ‘Ugh, as if’ to anyone who asks who you're supposed to be.

The Pink Ladies:

We're ending with one of the original girl gangs- the Pink Ladies. Go back in time to the 60s and channel your inner Frenchie or Rizzo with this old-school look. And remember, don’t forget your neck scarf.



The sweets have been eaten, the costumes are in tatters and we've still got traces of face paint still embedded into our faces.

As we are slowly coming to terms that Halloween is over and soon jingle bells will be haunting us, Instagram is a flush with pics of celebrities' offspring. 

Some of the costumes this year were hilarious, and we really appreciate just how much effort and thought were put into them – so buckle up as these are ten of the best outfits.

1. Reign, Saint, North and Penelope


A post shared by Kim Kardashian West (@kimkardashian) on

Trust Kanye to take over Halloween in the most Kanye way possible.

Kim and Kourtney got their crew together to recreate the looks from the I Love It video.

The sparkling and still water that North and Penelope are rocking comes from the live performance that Kanye and Little Pump gave – fair play Kanye.

2. Silas Randall Timberlake


A post shared by Justin Timberlake (@justintimberlake) on

Justin Timberlake, Jessica Biel and their son, Silas have just won Halloween.

The family went as characters from the extremely popular Lego Movie and they looked class.

3. Stormi Jenner


A post shared by Kylie (@kyliejenner) on

Kylie and Stormi were definitely up to some tricks this Halloween.

Taking inspiration from her name, the costume is pure brilliance and might take a stab at the people who didn't like the name Kylie chose for her daughter.

4. True Kardashian 


A post shared by Khloé (@khloekardashian) on

Baby True didn't just have one costume, but three or four…or five – we don't know, we've lost count.

We know for sure True sported a unicorn, sheep, piggy and tiger outfit, though it might be a little bit OTT – she did look hella adorable in all of them.

5. Max and Emme Lopez (JLO)


A post shared by Jennifer Lopez (@jlo) on

JLO's twins opted to be a cow and the joker from the Lego Movie.

The Lego costumes are proving to be a trend amongst the celeb kids and Max is just hilarious in the video – you've got to watch to the end.

6.  Harper & Gideon Burtka-Harris (Neil Patrick Harris)


A post shared by David Burtka (@dbelicious) on

It was a family affair in the Burtka-Harris household and they really did go all out.

They were transformed into haunting hitchhiking ghosts.

7. Santiago Enrique Bastón (Eva Longoria)


A post shared by Eva Longoria Baston (@evalongoria) on

Baby Baston hasn't just stolen Eva's heart, he's taken ours too – cue the ovaries fluttering.

The four-month-old looks so cute for his first Halloween – what a super baby.

8. Willow and Jameson Hart (Pink!)


A post shared by P!NK (@pink) on

Pink and her clan took inspiration from The Greatest Showman and they've owned it.

The four of them look unreal and Carey Hart, in particular, is mighty fine in that pink dress.

9. Liam James Tell (Lauren Conrad)


A post shared by Lauren Conrad (@laurenconrad) on

This little blackbird enjoyed Halloween, just as much as his mum did.

Lauren posted the sweet snap of the pair of them, and we love the fluffiness of Liam's outfit – COSY. 

10. Luna Legend (John Legend)


A post shared by John Legend (@johnlegend) on

Luna has found her prince in her daddy.

The little girl was dressed up as a princess and looks adorable on her dad's shoulders.

The standard of these costumes are seriously impressive – and put us to shame for our half-arsed efforts.

Now, we are off to tidy away the wigs and decorations for another year.


Feature Image credit: Kim Kardashian/Instagram.


Calling all Potterheads and Death Eaters – it's time to give up the Polyjuice addiction.

Blogger Helen Anderson has just blown our feeble attempts at recreating the bad b*tch that is Bellatrix, out of the water. 

The blonde bombshell goes from basic white girl to a distorted, jeering Death Eater. 


A post shared by Helen Anderson (@helenanderz) on

Helen goes through the Halloween transformation step by step – so you can easily copy the costume.

The Youtuber reveals at the start of the video that a lot of people say that she resembles Helena Bonham Carter.

So this year, she finally gave in and decided to take on the look.

And don't worry if you're artistically challenged, Helen explains that the transformation is easy enough to achieve, as Bellatrix just looks like a bit "skank". 

The Youtuber nails every element of the character from the red lippy, to the black stained teeth and curly hair.

Helen recommends a paler foundation to channel your inner Bellatrix and some brown contact lenses, a wig and a witchy dress.


A post shared by Sam (@myfunkomadness) on

If you're looking for a Halloween costume, this is a simple yet effective look.

Helen even fully commits to becoming Bellatrix by dancing around at the end of the video in a smoke-filled back garden – we appreciate the effort, gal.

Even if you have no intention of dressing up this Halloween, Helen is utterly hilarious and her Harry Potter impressions are gas, so it's definitely one to watch – you're welcome.



Halloween is only a few weeks away and as per usual we’re already fretting about our costumes. 

You could go as one of the Marvel superheroes or perhaps your favourite singer like Taylor Swift or Britney Spears- does anyone have a snake we can get a lend of?

Some of us will spend weeks, if not months, getting our costumes ready. We search Etsy for the perfect Halloween accessories, we scour through charity shops looking for costumes, we look to Instagram for Halloween makeup inspiration.

Then there’s the group of people who always seem to forget about Halloween until the day before when the shop shelves are bare and there isn’t a single witches hat or cowboy costume in sight.

Luckily, we’ve conjured up a list of 5 Halloween costumes you can literally make with a black bin bag.

1: The classic witch

Back in the day, every second kid on my road donned a black bin bag for Halloween. It was the go-to costume for parents who completely forgot about dress up day at school. We may not be in primary school anymore but this classic costume will never let you down.

All you need to do is cut out holes for your arms and head and maybe add a belt to give yourself some shape. Grab a witches hat and you’re sorted.

2: A bat

Simply cut bat wing shapes out of a black bag. Wear your favourite little black dress and secure the wings to the underside of your arm and the side of your body. It’ll look like you’re flying when you move your arms up and down. You can even make bat ears by cutting two triangles out of the bin bag and securing them onto a black Alice band.


A post shared by Emma Finnigan  (@kickerofbutts) on

3: Maleficent

Maleficent is one of our favourite Disney villains. Angelina Jolie brought the iconic Disney character to life in the live-action movie and you can mimic her iconic costume by simply using a few bin bags. To make the famous Maleficent horns all you’ll need is some newspaper, a headband and some sellotape. Twist the newspaper into cone-like shapes and place them onto the headband. Cover them both in bin bags and hey presto- you’re a Disney villain.

4: Cheerleader

Ready? Okay! We’ve all daydreamed about becoming a cheerleader. We blame the millions of times we watched Bring It On for this. Put a spooky twist on the American- sweetheart costume by making black pom-poms out of bin bags.  See the below tutorial on how to make the perfect pom poms and channel that team spirit.

5: Skeleton

It’s a stereotypical costume, but it works so well with the perfect face paint. All you need is a black bag and masking tape. Simply cut a hole at the top of the black bag for the head and one on either side for the arms. Lay the bag down flat and shape out the bones of the skeleton using the masking tape. Focus on creating an incredible makeup look like the one below and you’ll be bound to win the costume of the year.


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If you think you're good with horror movies – think again.

Come and test out your creepy credentials at The Sugar Club on Halloween night.

Scary up and get your fright fix at the Kraken Screamfest, which is a fearsome film festival that isn't for the faint-hearted.


A post shared by Kraken Rum Ireland (@krakenrumirl) on

Buckle up and dive into the deepest darkest depths of the ocean to discover the myth and legend of The Kraken sea beast.

Hold on to your hats and if you get seasick, it's time to exit now, as your mystery exploration will plunge you into a sea of terror as you take in a classic horror film. 

If you dare book a seat at their auditorium packed with gruesome ‘Horrors From The Deep’, you'll be watching movies chosen by real horror gurus. 

But you can also do your bit by selecting the surprise feature film on the Kraken Rum Ireland social media channels by casting your vote for the most spine-tingling sea movie of all time.


A post shared by Kraken Rum Ireland (@krakenrumirl) on

As a Screamfest cinema-goer, you will enjoy a one-of-a-kind movie experience like no other – if you think you can handle it.

For those of us that just can't do make up – don't worry. Kraken Horror Parlour has you sorted with a freaky, sea-themed makeover before the movie begins –  which will make top-notch Insta content.

Horror-seekers will also sample a spine-chilling selection of The Kraken Black Spiced Rum cocktails including The Perfect Storm signature cocktail, and tuck into hauntingly delicious cinema snacks, along with a few other dark and twisted surprises along the way. 


A post shared by Kraken Rum Ireland (@krakenrumirl) on

Those who dare to face The Kraken can get their hands on a ticket at Ticket Tailor.

Tickets cost €20 and include two Kraken Rum cocktails. But beware, there will be a limited allocation available.

So if you think you're brave enough for a truly frightful Halloween, with some on-point make-up and delicious snacks and drinks – this will be one, not to miss.


We can’t deny Halloween is one of our fave holidays, and the perfect excuse to binge some spooky flicks.

If you’re hosting a gals night or you're just a horror loving junkie, we have the top picks for some Netflix and chills.

So buy the popcorn, fire up the group chat and warm up those vocal chords for the screams. 


New to the streaming sight, this 2011 thriller looks truly horrifying. Insidious follows the story of a family who leaves their haunted home to a new place – but it turns out, the house isn’t the problem, it’s their eldest son.

I have to issue a disclaimer, I’m shockingly bad with horror and couldn’t even make it through the trailer without ripping out my headphones at least three times – pathetic, I know.


A post shared by Daniel Radcliffe (@daniel9340) on

The Woman in Black

Harry Potter is all grown up, and Daniel Radcliffe finds himself in the role of a lawyer. Leaving London, the young professional winds up in a small community trying to source a buyer for a house.

Little does he know about the curse that follows it.

The nail bitter will have you hanging on the edge of your seat as the supernatural sets up in your living room.

Scary Movie 1, 2 & 3

If you’re anything like me, the Scary Movie instalments should be right up your alley.

The light-hearted goof fest is perfect for all the horror wimps of the world.

Ensure you have enough snacks to get you through for an entire Scary Movie marathon, as Netflix has all three on site.

Kick back and enjoy the frightfully funny parody which takes the piss out of some of the biggest movie titles. 

Cargo (2018)

Zombie lovers gear up, this 2018 dark horror movie that will mess with your mind.

The film takes a fresh approach to the zombie genre as it’s much more character driven.

Martin Freeman plays a cracker leading role, as he desperately searches the Australian wilderness looking for someone to protect and care for his infant daughter.


One of the all time CLASSICS, it would be a crime to leave out Carrie. If you haven't seen this teenage flick from the 70s – you need to watch it immediately.

Adapted from Stephen King's horror novel, Carrie isn't your average basic b*tch, the girl has telekinetic abilities and she ain't afraid to use them.

The teen unleashes the inner beast when the 'in crowd' targets her during prom – you go gal!

Bonus content:

If you haven't got enough time to squeeze a movie into your schedule, don't worry – I've got you sorted.

Get into the Halloween spirit when the Chilling Adventures of Sabrina hits our screens on October 26 on Netflix.

For all those who don't know, Sabrina is getting a revamp unlike any other.

Wave goodbye to the wholesome Spellman you once knew, this remake will be much darker.

Thank us when you're screaming your head off.

Happy almost Halloween.


Looking for something to do this Halloween?

If you love a good mystery, make sure to sign up for The Happy Pear’s murder mystery dinner next month.

Dubbed ‘Murder on the Menu’, the event will satisfy even your darkest cravings.

(Cue spooky laughter)


A post shared by The Happy Pear (@thehappypear) on

This upcoming bank holiday on October 28th, The Happy Pear will be giving vegans everywhere the chance to solve a chilling crime.

The evening will include prosecco on arrival and a delicious three-course vegan meal, with prizes for the best fancy dress, best detective, and more!

So, start looking for the most terrifying costume you can find because it could earn you some delicious prizes.

Also, we recommend finding something stretchy that you can let your food baby hang out in. It is a dinner, after all.


A post shared by The Happy Pear (@thehappypear) on

The event will take place at The Happy Pear Clondalkin from 6:30-9:30pm and will include a night full of thrills and chills.

At just €49.92, this delectable whodunnit is one evening you will not want to miss.

Make sure to invite your friends and book your tickets early because this must-attend event will sell out quickly.

Buy your tickets here…if you think you can handle a dinner full of horrors and hauntingly scrumptious food.


Halloween haters, you ain't welcome.

We are LIVING for one of the most underrated holidays, as we embrace all things spooky, haunted and scary.

And now there's a slight chill in the air, we are unleashing our inner Jack Skellington. 

Penneys is feeding our love of the Halloween by launching a collection to celebrate the holiday. – and it's divine.

Join the fright club with these terrifying (yet stunning) face gems to give your make-up that wow-factor. 

Additionally, you can let out your inner ghoul with face crayons, glitter and fake blood, for a price even students could afford. – Cheers Penneys.

Our fave outlet also has tutus, a bunny ear set and most impressively, a Halloween contour stick.


A post shared by Aideen Murphy (@aideenkate) on

For the all-important costumes, look no further than your nearest Penneys.

Stick on 'This is Halloween' and get out those Jack inspired moves by snapping up glitter skeleton legging and a matching hoodie.

Or, bring out your bada** attitude with Harley Quinn, – Penneys has a full outfit, from the iconic bomber to the shorts and a tee. – And it's an absolute steal.

The accessories will give your outfit that stand-out feel, they include lace masks, devil horns and a whole selection of deadly earrings.


A post shared by Primark Lille Fan non officiel (@primark_lille_fan) on

Of course, if you love Halloween as we do – get ready to deck out your bedroom.

From ghost and pumkin lights to snow globes, bunting and Frankenstein Halloween mugs, you can really let out your dark creative side. 

Here's to all the Halloween lovers, spook on b*tches.



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