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If you remember Charlotte Tilbury's sell out Instant Eye Palette, then you're in for a 24-hour treat.

Make-up guru Charlotte Tilbury (MBE) is renowned for her eyeshadow palettes, and now she's gifting us a brand new Starry Eyes To Hypnotise Instant Eye Palette for one day only.

The queen of dropping makeup when we're least expecting it has struck gold once again, fresh after the launch of her cult beauty product 44-shade Airbrush Flawless Finish Foundation.


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The palette resembles 2017 and 2018's sell-out Instant Eye Palettes, which had over 40,000 people on the waiting list. The eyeshadow palette market is worth a whopping £38.5 million as of last year.

Starry Eyes To Hypnotise has 12 brand new shades designed to create four stunning looks; Happy Glow, Love Glow, Dream Glow and Seduce Glow. 

Moonlit smoky eyes, bronzed emerald goddess, a golden glow and a rose-blushed finish are all within your grasp for €67 (£60).


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Just because Tilbury is an absolute genius, the shadow formulas are made with REAL diamond powder and are packed full of pigment.

The blendability is the same as the make-up artist's other, successful palettes. If the award-winning formula isn't broke, then why fix it? 

The palette is part of the Christmas collection, launching on October 3, so you can add it to your basket if you miss out on the palette today.


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The upcoming Christmas collection includes a beauty advent calendar, Magic Star Highlighter and a Swarovski edition of the brilliant Filmstar Bronze & Glow palette. We've truly been treated.

You only have until 9am on September 13 to snatch the product or else you'll be waiting for the official October 3 launch. Head over to Charlotte Tilbury's website for the goodie.

Feature image: Charlotte Tilbury


Richard Madden has had quite a year, and it's only getting bigger following his stint as David Budd in the worldwide TV thriller The Bodyguard.

News has just emerged that the 32-year-old Scottish actor has received a Golden Globe nomination for Best Performance By An Actor In A Television Series – Drama.

He visited Ellen DeGeneres on her veteran show to discuss the breakout BBC hit, which is now on US Netflix and has been streamed constantly, as predicted.

Ellen is never one to hide away the shirtless photos of her male guests, and she continued her tradition of embarrassing her talk show visitors by addressing Madden's naked scenes in the show.

She asked the actor how his parents feel about his nudity as the bodyguard of the Home Secretary of Britain, and he replied that his parents are less than impressed with seeing his rear end on screen:

"I've made a few mistakes I've made in my time, one of which is neglecting to tell my mother that there's going to be a sex scene in my show," he told Ellen.

Image result for richard madden shirtless

This would be fairly embarrassing TBH, most parents don't want to witness their loved ones wearing nothing on TV…and Richard's rents are no different:

"I get a hysterical phone call of "you must tell me and your father, I was watching it at the time with a cup of tea, I nearly spilled it!"", he laughed.

We're gonna throw in another Richard Madden gif for good measure:

Image result for richard madden shirtless

You're welcome.

His mum certainly sounds exactly like any Irish mother, cup of tea and slightly judgemental tone paired with the casual Catholic shame… classic.


Remember the last time you were working out in public, and decided that the whole experience could be improved if only you could shed every stitch of clothing you had on?

Yes, us neither.

But it sounds like someone out there has had such a thought if the Hanson Fitness Nude Workout Session is anything to go by.

This New York gym is all about injecting a little excitement into your standard exercise sessions, and it involves ditching your clobber.

"Rihanna's favourite celebrity trainers Hanson Fitness are going to be running naked fitness sessions to celebrate the New Year," reads their Facebook page.

"These naked personal training sessions are all about creating a ‘new (‘nu-de’) you’, as guests burn the calories whilst nude."

Elaborating on the science behind the madness, they continue: "Working out without clothes provides a number of benefits to your exercise including skin breathing, the release of endorphins due to Vitamin D from sunlight and complete body awareness so you can see if you're cheating on your exercise routines."

The event page contains the standard information, with talk of long and short-term goals, but finishes with a disclaimer we've yet to see in an Irish gym – 'nude underwear can be worn if desired'.

Good to know, guys…. we think.


In the past year there has been a huge boom with… naked stuff. From restaurants to rooftop bars, it looks like the world is keen on getting starkers to enjoy their weekend activities.

And the latest venture into the world of no-clothes is a nightclub.

Now, we all know that your average nightclub is not the most hygienic, and give it an hour or two of people bopping around, and the place is practically a sweat house.

So, imagine THAT – along with sweaty pits and jiggly bits everywhere in sight…

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The club, called Get Naked at the Takeover Bar in Greek Street, Soho, launched last month and operates two nights a week.

It is optional to get your kit off (you can't exactly force anyone to go nude), and those who do decide to take their tops off will be rewarded with a bottle of champers for their, erm…'bravery'.

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Live music, naked hula-hoopers (???) and naked shot-servers fill the bar each night, with the promoters saying it is "steeped in debauchery", with "booze, bubbles and bums."

We think we'll pass on this one…



There are many, many things grown men should just never do.

And top of the list is to wear a nothing but a jaunty cap while wandering around the house butt-naked.

Unfortunately for Marnie Simpson's Snapchat followers, the Geordie Shore's star boyfriend, Lewis Bloor, never got the memo and was more than happy to be filmed doing exactly that.

After recently deleting all trace of Lewis from her social media accounts, Marnie came back with a bang this week… and we really wish she hadn't.

Sharing footage of the TOWIE star wearing little more than a grin – oh, and a strategically-placed aubergine – Marinie confirmed that the love story which blossomed in the Celebrity Big Brother house is far from over.

Well, thanks for that.




As the US presidential campaign went up a gear this week, Katy Perry decided to contribute to the discussion by reminding US citizens to exercise their right to vote on November 8.

And she did it naked.

Teasing fans with her plan on Twitter yesterday, Katy tweeted: "TOMORROW, I USE MY BODY AS CLICK BAIT TO HELP CHANGE THE WORLD."

And after spending much of the intervening period sharing her thoughts on last night's presidential debate, Katy finally revealed her video.

Created in conjunction with Rock the Vote, the Firework singer assured the public that it didn't matter what you were rocking when you rocked your vote as long as you had your say in one of the most controversial presidential campaigns in US history.

From your PJs to your birthday suit, it's all good in the American Constitution… until it isn't.

Turns out Katy needed to brush up a little on her polling booth etiquette, but hey she was half right…right?



Well, this was unexpected.

Calvin Harris took to Instagram yesterday to wish his manager, Mark Gillespie, a happy birthday. However, the snap he posted has probably made every woman's eyes pop by now.

Standing beside a fully-clothed Mark, Calvin left little to the imagination as he stood beside him with nothing on but his Emporio Armani boxers on.


Happy birthday to my manager @gillespiemark I love u

A photo posted by Calvin Harris (@calvinharris) on

Calvin simply captioned the post: "Happy birthday to my manager @gillespiemark I love u."

His fans we're delighted with the photo, but couldn't help but wonder why he choose this one to post? Does he not have any other snaps with his manager? Hmm…

Anyways… Whose birthday was it…



It's safe to say we all didn't know what to think when Orlando Bloom got his junk out to go paddle-boarding with Katy Perry.

The couple were in Sardina when the snaps were taken, but now it seems that he might have to pay a fine as he inadvertently broke the law.

Public nudity is actually illegal on the Italian island (unless at a specified nudist beach) which means Orlie could face a €1,200 fine. Ouch.

We just don't know what he was thinking in the first place…



Well, this is interesting.

Last night, Kanye West debuted his new music video for his song Famous – and it features a whole host of naked celebrities in bed together.

We kid you not.

It shows the rapper in the middle of the bed with his wife Kim Kardashian naked and asleep, and then ten other celebrities are surrounding them.

A zoom out reveals the other stars to be Amber Rose, Caitlyn Jenner, Bill Cosby, George W. Bush, Donald Trump, Anna Wintour, Rihanna and Chris Brown – a strange combo, indeed.

Kanye has kept quiet on whether some of the celebs are really there, or whether it's a mix of look-a-likes and digital mastery.

He certainly put in a few controversial bedmates, as it's his feud with Taylor Swift is widely known and Kim's ex, Ray J, was the co-star of her infamous sex tape.

Kanye unveiled his new piece at the LA Forum in front of family and thousands of fans.

Some of the Kardashian's ex also went to the affair, including Tyga, Scott Disick and French Montana.

Oh, and did we mention they threw out wads of cash to the crowd? Kim snapped about it.

Some party, hey?



It seems like Kourtney Kardashian had a little too much fun at the Glamour Woman of the Year Awards last night.

The reality star was all glitz while attending the fancy event – yet, the after-party saw her stripping down to nothing, and posing for a picture with only a fur blanket thrown over her.

The reality star took to Snapchat to share the image with her fans. She simply captioned the pic: "After party."

But, it's no wonder that the 37-year-old let her hair down as she was flying solo on this trip to London.

She went without any of her children or her sisters, so we're sure the night was pretty much drama-free.


When you arrive into a celebrity's home, you expect to see a lot of things; but a naked painting of Justin Bieber with pancakes on his penis and syrup dripping down his torso is not one of them.

As Rolling Stones were doing an interview with Macklemore in his home, the writer Jonah Weiner decided to have a little gander.

"There is a kitschy velvet painting of a bald eagle, an oil painting of Drake, and a transfixing rendition of a naked Justin Bieber with maple syrup pouring down his chest onto a pancake balanced on his boner."

Weird? Yep. And here it is:

Nothing like you've ever seen before, huh? 

We're not sure what type of art Macklemore is into, but it sure is original. 


We get it. Kim has bounced back from her pregnancy bod and wants to show it off – but a naked selfie? Really?

The reality star took to Instagram last night to show off her body in all of its glory, just 13 weeks after she gave birth to her first son, Saint.

The 35-year-old posed completely naked (we're guessing that the snap was taken a few weeks ago at New York Fashion Week when she sported a blonde wig) and captioned the snap, "When you're like I have nothing to wear LOL."

LOL indeed, Kim. 

As we all know, this isn't the first time Kim tried to break the Internet with her curves. In 2014, she starred on the cover of Paper mag with her shapely bum on show and since then has been giving glimpses of her apt assets on social media.

In fairness, she has a banging bod, but keep it for Kanye, we think he needs it more.