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One of the nation’s favourite TV presenters Anna Daly today launched La Roche-Posay’s Save Your Skin campaign in partnership with the Irish Cancer Society in a bid to drive awareness of skin cancer prevention through Sun Smart behaviour.

Unveiling this year’s campaign with Averil Power, CEO of the Irish Cancer Society, La Roche-Posay revealed new research findings that show almost 3 out of 4 people (72%) in Ireland are concerned about the risk of developing skin cancer when exposing their skin to the sun, yet, alarmingly 1 in 2 people (49%) admit to forgetting to carry SPF with them in Ireland.

Showing the real need to turn awareness into action, the research found that eight out of ten (87%) people always reach for their sun glasses when the sun comes out while just 2 in 10 people (21%) reach for sun protection factor (SPF) when it is sunny in Ireland.

The research also found that more than one third of adults (34%) admit to experiencing sunburn during last year’s heatwave as a result of not wearing any, or enough, SPF. Alarmingly, of the 34% who experienced sunburn last year, almost 6 in 10 of those were aged between 18-24 which suggests a greater emphasis is needed on encouraging young people to be Sun Smart.

We know that the sun emits harmful UVA and UVB rays which causes damage to and premature ageing of unprotected skin. UVA rays, in particular, are present all year round while UVB rays are most prevalent during the summer months. According to the Irish Cancer Society, once UVA or UVB damage occurs, it cannot be reversed.

Elsewhere in the survey, almost three quarters of adults (72%) claim that they worry about the risks of skin cancer when exposing their skin to the sun while half (47%) are worried about sun damage or skin ageing. While 75% of those surveyed associate long evenings with summer in Ireland, only 27% associate sun-cream with the summer months.

Reacting to the findings, Averil Power, CEO, Irish Cancer Society, said: “We are delighted to continue to support La Roche-Posay’s ‘Save Your Skin’ campaign and its strong advocacy for raising awareness of just how important it is to stay safe in the sun. Non-melanoma skin cancer is still the most common cancer in Ireland and we have the highest reported rates of it in Europe. That is why it is so important for everyone to be SunSmart this summer by avoiding the midday sun, covering up, and wearing a minimum of SPF30 on any exposed areas of the body.”

Supporting the campaign broadcaster Anna Daly said: “The La Roche-Posay and Irish Skin Cancer ‘Save Your Skin’ campaign has such an important message for all generations in Ireland about the need to be sun smart.  It’s fascinating that we reach for our sunnies when the sun comes out but forget about sun protection factor. It’s okay to love your sunnies but please love your skin more this summer!”

A charity partner of the Irish Cancer Society for over 10 years, La Roche-Posay will donate €1 for every stickered Anthelios product sold to help further the research and preventative work that the Society does in the fight against cancer in Ireland.

La Roche-Posay and the Irish Cancer Society are calling on the public to become sun aware by following the following three steps:

  • Seek Shade – When UV rays are at their strongest – generally between 11am and 3pm – and don’t forget to check the UV Index.
  • Cover Up – By wearing a shirt with a collar and long shorts. Also wear a hat that gives shade to your face, neck and ears. Wear wraparound sunglasses and make sure they give UV protection.
  • Apply Sunscreen – Use sunscreen with SPF 30 (SPF 50 for children) or higher and UVA protection on exposed areas of the body and apply 20 minutes before going outside.
  • La Roche-Posay has also developed a number of new sun protection products under its innovative and award-winning range, Anthelios sun protection. The new products are aimed at encouraging widespread use by making sun screen application more user friendly, especially for those with sensitive skin.

For more information on La Roche-Posay Anthelios products available please visit https://www.laroche-posay.ie/sun.


Summer has finally arrived, and as thoughts of sandy beaches and scorching temperatures begin to creep into the back of our minds, it's worth considering the precautions we should take to save ourselves from the yearly lobster-equse glow we pick up on holidays.

After months of freezing weather, it can be easy to get over excited when the sun finally makes its welcome return – so easy, in fact, that many of us forget what a bottle of sun cream even looks like and end up spending hours submerged in a bath of aloe vera.

However, our careless sun care habits may soon be a thing of the past thanks to this new innovative invention.

L'Oreal has designed a piece of wearable tech that will track your UV exposure and notify you when you're at risk of sun damage.

The genius little gadget is know as the UV Sense and is so small that it can be stuck onto the wearers fingernail.

“We set out to create something that blends problem-solving technology with human-centred design to reach even more consumers who require additional information about their UV exposure,” says Guive Balooch, Global Vice President of L’Oreal’s Technology Incubator.

Th sensor can be worn for up to two weeks and works in synchronisation with an app on your phone.

It is not yet known how much the UV Sense will retail for, but it will reportedly launch in the US this summer.

Bye-bye sunburn, hello gorgeous skin.


We'd wager that there are more than a few of you out there today sporting some very unwelcome sunburn.

With temperatures in the mid to late twenties across the country over the weekend, the vast majority of us wasted no time shedding our clothes and exposing our pale skin to the sun's rays.

And now we're all paying for it.

If you woke up looking like a lobster and feeling pretty damn foolish this morning, don't worry because we've got your back on this one.

1. Drink ALL the water

Your skin is quite literally burnt right now, and likely going through a process known as vasodilation which means your blood vessels are dilating and your skin is losing water.

This process can make you feel oh-so dehydrated and sluggish, so you need to chug on water in order to treat your internal system.

If you don't fancy making your way through pints of water, why not add some mint and lemon or stock up on coconut water which is just as beneficial?

2. Stock up on natural yoghurt

Chock-full of countless probiotics and enzymes which help to treat our skin, live natural yoghurt is a must if the weekend has left you sore and peeling.

Opt for natural (as opposed to flavoured) and apply a handful to the burned areas.

When you feel the yoghurt beginning to soothe the affected body parts, allow it to sit for five minutes before gently washing it off with cool water.

3. Avoid strong shower gels

The last thing any of us fancy when we're sunburned is a hot and steamy shower, but it's worth reassessing your entire shower routine during this time.

Avoid soap and suds while you're treating your sunburn as your skin is obviously in a very fragile condition and won't thank you for layering it with chemicals,

Finish every cool shower or bath with an Aloe Vera gel or moisturiser.

4. Collect all the cucumbers

We all know cucumber has a soothing, refreshing element which is why we often rest them over our eyes.

But have you ever thought to apply it to sunburn?

Throw a couple of chilled cucumbers into a blender along with some Aloe Vera gel and apply to the affected areas.

5. Milk it for all its worth

And no, we don't mean demanding days off work simply because you fell asleep in the sun after one too many cans.

Instead, apply cool, not cold, milk to a clean facecloth and rest it on your sunburn.

The milk will create a film on your sunburn that boasts a protein base which will help to lessen irritation and ultimately soothe the damaged skin.



It's been a gloriously hot few days, but sometimes your skin can take a turn for the worse after too much sun exposure.

Here are a few quick and easy remedies for sunburn that we'll be needing if this glorious weather continues. 

7. Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera is a key ingredient when it comes to saving searingly hot skin. 

The plant is an herbal remedy that has been used for thousands of years in ancient and modern medicine for a variety of conditions, including sunburn. 

You can snap a stalk off the plant itself and apply the gel, or seek out an after sun product with the ingredient. 


6. Hydration station 

If you get really burnt, you need to replenish your body with liquids.

Water is your best friend at this point, 

5. Cool yoghurt

Applying cool (but not cold) yoghurt to red-hot skin causes a natural cooling sensation to bring some relief to your painful skin.

Rinse off with cool water and pat skin dry afterwards.

4. Cool teabags

Fell asleep in the sun and burnt your eyelids?

Try placing two cool, drained but moist teabags over them.

The tannic acid in black tea can reportedly help draw heat from sunburned skin, and aid in restoring the pH balance according to Medicine Net. 

3. Witch Hazel

Remember the stuff you used to dab on teenage spots?

Well witch hazel is said to have long-lasting anti-inflammatory relief, according to Fredric Haberman, MD. 

Apply little ad often for some sweet sweet relief. 

2. Avoid soap

While you're in your cool shower seeking some relief for your burnt skin, resist the urge to reach for the soap to cleanse your skin. 

The suds in the soap can cause further dryness in already scorched skin and lead to higher levels of irritation. 

1. After sun, after sun, after sun

If all else fails, then slathering yourself with some hydrating after sun is the only way to go. 

If you're not up for emptying the contents of your fridge in pursuit of a cure, then a handy bottle of after sun can be the only saviour.  

Garnier Ambre Solaire After Sun Hydrating Tan Maintainer



Good weather in Ireland is something which should always be taken advantage of, but sometimes even the sight of sun can cause our pasty complexions to redden.

If you’re heading into the bank holiday weekend looking more rosy-cheeked than sun-kissed, fear not because American beauty blogger Donielle Campopiano has the answer: Contour your sunburn!

On Sunday Donielle posted a video to Instagram – which has since been viewed over 70,000 times – showing her followers how to cover their sunburned skin with various coloured concealers and a full-coverage foundation. 

It might seem a little extreme but given that temperatures here are set to hit 22 degrees this week Donielle's idea could come in handy! 



So you got a little too much sun yesterday? Seeing as we’re pretty sure your mother already gave out to you, we won’t do the whole ‘well you should have been wearing suncream’ lecture.

But we will offer advice on how to cool the pretty painful burn:

Aloe vera
Summer is definitely the right time to invest in an aloe vera plant. The sap from the plant is great at easing pain and soothing the skin.

Ice cubes
If it is really hot, put a handful of ice cubes in a bag, wrap it in a towel and press it onto the sun burnt area – don’t put the ice directly onto your skin you will burn it.

It you have some yoghurt in your fridge, apply it to the brunt area, leave to soothe the skin for about 30 minutes then rinse off in the shower.

Teabags are just good for dark circles. Simply apply cold used tea bags to the affected area to ease the pain.

Make sure you apply lots and lots of moisturiser.  You have really hurt your skin and it is crying out for some moisture right now.

Now remember, the next time you go outside, make sure you are adequately protected from the sun – a red lobster is not an attractive look.



Look, we’re not used to it ok? Cut us some slack and understand that when the sun comes out, we will lose our minds. Here are some things Irish people are known to do in those odd moments of sunshine:

1. Say things like “I’m going to get a great colour”
Yes, two choices: burgundy or scarlet. Which one are you?

giphy2. Build terrible homemade pools
Leaks, leaks everywhere…

holland-3-630x4723. Apply no sunscreen whatsoever so you get a ‘tan’
Please put away the baby oil. Please!

fPUUf4. Apply loads of tan afterwards so people think you got a lovely colour
Wow, that doesn’t look fake at all…


5. Chase the ice-cream man whose prices have risen with every degree
Remember when a 99 cone used to cost 99c and not €2? Them were the days…


6. Guys wearing their GAA shorts as swimming trunks
Yes, they do go see-through.


7. Complain about the heat constantly
Jesus though, it’s too warm isn’t it? Heh?

giphy-58. Jump off piers and bridges
Ahh pier jumping – nothing says summer like hurling yourself into a dodgy harbour.


9. Huff and puff loudly every 5-6 minutes and repeat the words: “it’s soooo hot” over and over
It’s not even 20 degrees…


10. Ice-cream suddenly becoming a staple part of your diet
Suddenly eating four ice-creams a day becomes a totally okay thing to do.

10489973_254928544711095_109536164621725949_n11. Updating your Facebook status to let everyone know that it’s hot outside
Like you’re some kind of social media meteorologist.

10402887_688926654512269_1453208850886000769_n12. Laying in bed smothered in after-sun at 6pm. 


13. Build a potentially lethal water slide out of materials you found out back

14. Spend a week looking like this
Ah, there really is nothing like the Irish summer is there? Thank God it’s only one week a year!

22e026390da6fff1525a448a24864dc1e6cf0c08-634x472via our content partner CT