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Get ready for a heatwave!

Temperatures are set to soar in the coming days, as we'll be enjoying some dry, bright weather on Saturday with highs of 17 to 23 degrees (with western Connacht and Ulster having cooler weather).

The rest of the week will also be dry and soaked in sunshine, according to Met Éireann.

It will be very warm by day during the week with the mercury climbing up to the mid to high twenties during the afternoons.

Coastal areas may be a bit cooler thanks to some sea breezes, and sea fog may affect these areas later in the week.

The nights will start off as cool, with Saturday having the lowest temperatures of 6 to 10 degrees.

However, from Monday night, evening temperatures shouldn't drop much below 15 degrees.

Enjoy the fab weather, and don't forget the sun cream!



In case you hadn't noticed, the sun is splitting the rocks today.

"Dry and mostly sunny this afternoon and evening with temperatures reaching 15 to 19 degrees in light to moderate southeasterly breezes," is the forecast, according to Met Éireann. 

As always when the sun is out, we can't help but take photos of the gorgeous little island we live on, and these photos from today prove just how beautiful the place is. 

12. Oh Galway, how we'd love to be at the Spanish Arch today. 


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11. No filter needed is right. 


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10. This picture of Temple Bar has us dreaming of pints in the sunshine.


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9. Howa'ya Howth, you beauty. 


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8. These gorgeous cherry blossoms in Wicklow are giving us life.

7. We're loving how blue the sea is looking today.

6. It even looks good from the high-altitude angle. 


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5. Even the bog is looking lovely. 

4. Artistic AF.

3. Barely a cloud in the sky in Dublin city centre.

2. And no clouds at all over the Botanic Gardens. 


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1. Completely breathtaking views in Donegal, TBH.


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Feature image: Instagram / Adam Littlewood 



While other countries are guaranteed a consistent supply of Vitamin D during the summer months, those of us in Ireland have to wait with fingers crossed for the sun to reveal itself.

So we’re sure you’ll be delighted to hear that this weekend we’re in for some sun.

According to the Independent, Ireland’s temperature will begin to rise today with those in the sunny South East benefitting the most.

Between Sunday and Tuesday temperatures in the west of the country are expected to reach 25 degrees, while the rest of us should be prepared for 21 degrees.

Unfortunately you’ll have to make the most of the weekend sunshine as Mr Sun will be dashing off late on Tuesday, only to be replaced by a thunderstorm.  From there temperatures will drop to around 10 degrees.

Well, you can’t accuse an Irish summer of being boring!

Feat image: wallpaperswide.com



The end of summer is now in sight – but that doesn't mean that beach holidays are a distant memory just yet.

In fact, you might well be amid the waves of savvy folk that are able to jet off in early September when prices are lower and the resorts less jam-packed – and if so, you'll be treated to a serious haul of gorgeous swimwear both online and in stores.

And for the rest of us, there's still no harm in taking a moment to dream of white sand, palm trees and warms oceans. *Sigh* In fact, looking at Pippa Middleton's KILLER bikini bod, we're already thinking about summer '16 anyway.

Here, SHEmazing! picks out our top 15 favourites to inspire your best ever poolside-look:


Red spotted bikini halter-neck top, €10, and bottoms €8
Black & floral bikini halter-neck top, €10, and bottoms, € 6 
Both from Heatons stores



TART Penelope printed bikini, €67.27, theoutnet.com
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Clockwise from top left: Pink embellished bustier top, €32, River Island; neon
bikini top, €19, prettylittlethings.com; butterfly by Matthew Williamson top, 
€42 (with briefs, centre) Debenhams; pink embellished briefs, €19, River Island;
Neon bikini bottoms, €14, prettylittlethings.com; VIXSkin printed bikini briefs,
€47.35, theoutnet.com; mix and match red brief €9, laredoute.com;
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Palm print bikini, €31.49, laredoute.com
Stella McCartney green bra and bikini top €59, and briefs, €31



Samantha Faiers push up bikini top, €25, and briefs, €20, very.co.uk​
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Samantha Faiers ring trim bikini, €38, very.co.uk​




Finally, we've got our summer weather back.

After a full month of lashing rain and wind, it seems we can finally put our winter coats away again… for a few days.

The weather has been slowly picking up all week. and according to Met Éireann we can expect temperatures of 19 to 24 degrees Celsius in many areas today, though the west coast will stay around 18 degrees. Win!

As for the weekend, you had better root out your shorts because we're in for a mild and sunny few days. While temperatures will drop to between 16 and 19 degrees Celsius tomorrow, both Saturday and Sunday are expected to be dry and sunny.

Of course, this is still Ireland so there is a risk of, you guessed it, "scattered showers". Sure what would an Irish barbecue be without the looming threat of a rain shower?

Come next week, the weather will be generally "unsettled", but the mild temperatures are expected to last into Monday.

See you at the beach!



To celebrate 30 years in business, Ryanair have treated us all to a sale on more than one million seat prices.

And yes, we are DELIGHTED!

The slash on prices began last night at midnight, but don't worry, it continues until midnight on Sunday night. 

This sale is across is a load of their European destinations including London, Paris, Madrid, Berlin, Prague and lots more, travelling between September 1 and January 31.

Understandably, the website was almost impossible to get on to last night with thousands of people hoping to get themselves a cheap flight. However, at this stage there are still plenty of the sale seats left and no problems accessing the site. 

Not all flights are €19.85 (boo!), depending on whether they are peak times or not, so make sure you have a good look around for the cheapest dates and double check the price (as well as all those extras) before purchasing. 

If you are planning a visit to friends or a long weekend away, you can fly to London Luton for €19.85 one way or you could also enjoy some winter sun with flights to Morocco and Lanzarote which are on sale too but still up around the €60 mark. 

Helpfully, the homepage of the company's website has a picture saying: "Sale, 1 million seats at €19.85" and once you click on that link it will bring you to the cheap flights. 

This sale has gained the website a lot of popularity so if you have the funds to hand and you fancy a cheeky mini-break away – it's definitely best to get on booking as soon as you can… the 1 million seats might be gone before Sunday!



We tentatively got the barbecue and sun cream out of storage last week as some sunshine began to peek out from behind the clouds, and now it looks as if the sunny weather is here to stay.

After a pretty dreadful May and early June, last week's sunshine kicked off the beginning of the Irish summer with temperatures hitting up to 20C… and this week's forecast promises even more sun.

According to Met Éireann, temperatures as high as 22C could be on the way this week, with "little or no rainfall" in most parts of the country.

Little or no rain? To the beach with us, so…

The south and east of the country will benefit the most from the good weather this week, with temperatures of 18 – 22C expected toward Thursday and Friday.

If you're living in the west or north of Ireland though, you might want to pack an umbrella along with those sunnies as some patches of "rain and drizzle" are expected.

With a whole host of festivals on next weekend including Body and Soul in Co. Westmeath, will the good weather hold out for campers? Yes, it seems, according to current forecasts which promise "a good deal of dry weather."

We are already getting excited for what lies ahead this summer….



It’s here… it’s REALLY here!

Yes, after what is being described as the most miserable May the country has ever seen (radiators at full blast; scarves and winter coats given regular outings) it appears that the sun has decided to grace our fair land with its presence.

Cue a steady stream of ice-cream, shorts-and-t-shirts – oh, and sun-burn.

And not only does red and raw skin look (gonna be blunt here) not very attractive at all, but harsh rays can furthermore be seriously damaging and ageing.

In short, sunscreen is an absolute must at this time of year – even when you’re on home-soil.

Still, Irish weather requires an Irish-appropriate product: enter P20 sunscreen – THE sunscreen for extreme weather conditions

We know that those who are frequently exposed to UV rays before the age of 25, as well as people who get sunburnt as a child or teenager, are at a much greater risk of developing skin cancer in later life.

In fact, their risk is almost doubled – and that means slathering on a higher SPF; think P20 sunscreen SPF 50.

And why do we love P20 in particular? Its unique formula is non-greasy (hurrah!) and fragrance free (hear, hear!).

Better still, it provides great coverage, even in water, for up to ten hours, meaning it only needs to be applied once-a-day.

The P20 range consists of SPF15, SPF20, SPF30 and SPF50+ and is suitable for those with very delicate and sensitive skin.

With prices ranging from €19.99-€34.99, P20 is available from pharmacies nationwide. 



You better appreciate your redhead friends guys, because they could be the last redheads around!

Apparently scientists are concerned that the increased sunlight in Scotland will have an effect on the red head gene in their population, as the gene is said to be a revolutionary response to their gloomy weather.

Dr. Alistair Moffat, who works at a genetic testing company called ScotlandsDNA said:

“We think red hair in Scotland, Ireland and the north of England is adaptation to the climate. We do not get enough sun and have to get all the vitamin D we can.

“If it was to get less cloudy and there was more sun, there would be fewer people carrying the gene.”

Well, there goes future redhead conventions anyway. We’re devastated!



There are certain things that everyone does when the sun comes out – but that doesn't make them any less annoying. 

1. Instagram
Lads, we all know how that yellow yoke in the sky looks, we’ve seen it on TV. And you can relax with the lens flares – your life is not a Sofia Coppola movie.



2. iPhone Screenshots
Wow, you have an iPhone. We get it. It has a cool weather app. 


3. Opening Every Door and Window
This is one the mammies are guilty of. All the windows and doors are flung open with aplomb to ‘air out the house’. Excuse me, but how else do you think we survive? Air circulates. Air does not stop at a door and say: ‘Whooops! Can’t go in there!’ and go about its air-y business.



In addition, she wants to wash all of your clothes, duvets, pillows, blankets and shoes while ‘we have the weather for it.’ Your whole life is on the washing line, visible for all to see. The shame!

4. Not Wearing Deodorant
 While we know it’s such a chore to douse yourself in deodorant on a normal day, when it’s sunny you need it more than ever. You mightn’t be able to smell you, but we do. And it’s a bit icky. (Advice: when it’s warm, offer a can of deodorant around like you would a packet of chewing gum. If the smelly perpetrator fobs your offer, commence obligatory ‘Ah go on, go on, go on … 'repeat as necessary.)

images (8)

5. Not Wearing Suncream
You know you’re going to get sunburnt if you even look at the sun on TV, so why would you step outside without smothering yourself in sun-cream? ‘Ah, it’s not that warm, be grand.’ Well, you don’t look very ‘grand.’



6. Wearing sunglasses indoors
‘I’m sorry, I don’t usually do this, but can I have your autograph?’ 



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We all love a bit of sunshine, and let’s face it, it doesn’t happen too often!

Clisare, who created that hilarious video Shite Irish Girls Say, has done it again with another brilliant (and spot on) video.

What more could you need when the sun comes out in Ireland only oil and vodka.



It may be hard to believe it when you look outside today, but there is a localised flood warning in place!

The warning will be initiated tonight at 9pm until 9pm Saturday night. 

So, while you may be out sunning yourself today, make the most of it as torrential and thundery rain is set to begin this evening. Eek!