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Summer coming to an end can be a troubling time for all of us. Why should we have to cope with Ireland's gloomy, cold seasons once more? It doesn't seem fair.

What can be the best stress reliever during difficult and chaotic moments in our lives? Food, obviously.

Deliveroo has revealed how the return to school and end of August can affect our food preferences, and we're not one bit shocked at the rise in alcohol orders during September.

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Summer 2019 is leaving us behind *pause for sobbing* and it's time to ditch the bikinis for uniforms and work clothes. According to Deliveroo, healthy orders significantly increase in September…what?

The alcohol orders rise by 14 percent as we realise that exams and essay deadlines are back in our lives once more.

The end of summer has broken our hearts, but at least we got to enjoy Love Island and let our pasty skin tones get a tad bit more…red? There were glimmers of sunshine and plenty of rain showers, but it was a good time all the same.

As the nights become shorter, we're less likely to stay out dining late or visiting Dublin's best beer gardens, but Irish adults still need some vino to take the edge of the darker September evenings.

Back-to-school season means that rather than venturing out in dark, dreary weather, it's much easier to order a Prosecco Fiabesco from DRINK! or a Coors Light from Herlihy’s instead on Deliveroo. 

With the end of summer comes the end of the 'beach bod' goals. The month is associated with changes and positive progress, with healthy food orders rising by 22 percent last August.

From salads and falafels and miso salmon to super-sub sandwiches, Sprout and Co and SuperSubs see a rise in Deliveroo orders during the month of September. Look at you go, gals. 


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September is also seen as a 'new beginning' time of the year, but we all dread the darker nights accelerating from here until December. It's depressing as f*ck.

The darkness weirdly makes us feel more tired at an earlier time, which means that Deliveroo orders start coming in earlier in the evenings too. 

Last year, the average order time in June was 8:01pm, whereas by the time September rolled around, the average order time was at 7:34pm. Mad what the sky can do to us, isn't it?

So we’re making some new changes with the addition of salads and other healthy orders, but then we need a drink as a result. It's safe to say that September has us in a state of total flux.

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As we salute summer and August goodbye, it's time to get your September skincare in order.

The change in the season signals the start of a new skincare routine to tackle the autumn and winter weather.

Searching high and low, we sussed out the essentials, from scrubs to skin protectors – to keep your skin in tip-top shape for the second half of the year. 


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1. Scrubs

Kicking off our lust list is a hot deal, so you'll need to act fast. 

For the month of August, Yonka Paris is spoiling us with 20 percent off their SPF's Guarana scrub.

The Yonka Guarana Scrub is a triple action exfoliator that purifies, polishes, and invigorates all skin types, while gently cleansing and unclogging pores using micro-beads.

On the other hand, if you'd like to start your day with some elegance, Lancôme's Rose Sugar Scrub warms and soothes the skin. The mask is enriched with sugar grains, that instantly melts on the skin for a delicate exfoliation to kick off the day, the right way.

2. Problem skin

Sticking with the morning, and there's nothing more annoying than waking up to a breakout – cue the angry mirror hatred.

Fear not, as the wonderful people from Dermalogica have heard our early morning cries.

They have developed god sends; a Breakout Clearing Booster and a Blackhead Clearing Fizz Mask to banish and tame that unruly skin. The Clear-Start fast-acting booster helps to kill breakout-causing bacteria for rapid skin clearing.

Dermalogica's Clear Start Blackhead Clearing Fizz Mask NEEDS to be your secret weapon in the battle against blackheads.

Use it two to three times a week and watch the skin intruders fizz away as it opens pores and decongests skin. Both of these skin heroes are vegan and cruelty-free. 

3. Your daily skin protectors

Lancôme's Hydration Zen Jelly Mask is the perfect product to de-stress and rehydrate tired skin. It's infused with peony extract and rose water, and is ideal for sensitive skin.

Additionally, you'll need to protect your face from ageing by incorporating Uriage's multi-action cream. The multi-action cream and eye contour protects your skin from daily aggressions such as blue light, UV rays, pollution and fatigue.

4. Make-up removers

Before you get some shut-eye, removing your make-up is a must. – I see all you skin sinners who sleep in their make-up.

Lancôme's Eau Milcellaire Confort will hydrate and soothe the skin as it takes off your make-up and removes impurities. 

We are also lusting after Bioderma’s Sensibio H2O Limited-Edition pump bottle which is FINALLY returning to shelves this September.

You're in safe hands with Sensibio H2O, as it's the first dermatological micellar water and alcohol-free.

However, don't underestimate it as it's powerful enough to remove even waterproof make-up whilst being kind to skin.

5. September suncream 

Contrary to popular belief, winter sun can impact our skin, and it is important you wear suncream even in the winter months. 

Yonka's range of suncreams come in moderate, high and medium protection – so you're protected no matter where your day leads you.


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For all those going to Electric Picnic this year, (I hope you can feel the envy through the screen), we have a suncream that you can't leave home without.

It's suppose to be a cracker of a weekend, and you’ll need high-performing sun protection that won’t let you down.

P20’s Continuous Spray is essential EP product; offering 10 hours of protection, you can hop from music act to music act without worry. 

For other essential EP goodies, check out this article.

Now you have no excuse to allow your skin to suffer this September. We've done all the hard work and given you the essentials that we are lusting after.

Thank us later when everyone is complimenting your skin.



It's fierce heavy out there today. Met Éireann are politely calling it "warm and humid" (they're not wrong) – and there's also been a load of mist along the south coast. 

And while temperatures will hover around the low-to-mid 20s (that'll do nicely, September; that'll do), it's the CRAZY humidity that really caught our eye. 

Yup – in short there is about zero point in attempting to do anything with your gruaige until at least Thursday. 

Spare a particular thought for Cork: there, humidity has hit a MAD 98 percent. Waterford came in at 94 percent, with Galway hovering around the 90 percent mark. 

Dublin gets off lightly with a mere 77 percent humidity. Limerick and Belfast notch up an 88 percent and an 82 percent respectively. 

As for sleeping tonight, you won't be getting much of it. Met Éireann warn: "Tuesday night will be another close and humid night with widespread mist and with patches of drizzle and fog also."



Just because the weather is getting kind of dull, doesn’t mean your make-up has to! MAC’s September collection looks brilliant – we can’t wait to get our hands on some of these products.

The Simpsons Collection
The Simpsons are celebrating their 25th anniversary, and MAC have decided to celebrate along with them by bringing out their Simpsons inspired make-up! Don’t worry though – it isn’t yellow paint!

Their Lipglass (top right) comes in four colours:

  • Nacho Cheese Explosion: a bright neon lime yellow
  • Grand Pumpkin: bright creamy orange
  • Red blazer: bright fuchsia
  • Itchy & Scratchy & Sexy: electric blue violet

You could also try their eye shadows and blush which all have equally Simpson-esque names such as Beehive Blue (eye shadow) and Sideshow You (blush).

A Novel Romance
If you were never really a fan of The Simpsons anyway, you might find something from their A Novel Romance collection: "a colour collection teeming with luscious shades that will have you feeling overwhelmed with desire", apparently. And we have to agree, check out these fab nail polishes and eye shadow collection:

Matchmaster Concealer
The thing we're most excited about though, has to be their Matchmaster concealer. It comes in 12 different shades and contains vitamin E which moisturises your skin while the concealer gets to work covering up blemishes and under eye circles. What more could you want?

Studio Sculpt
To top it all off, they have their new Studio Sculpt products. The Defining Powder offers "sheer coverage with a barely-there finish, immediately correcting uneven tones, leaving skin smooth and sculpted without looking powdery or cakey" – sounds good to us! And their mascara, Superblack Lash now comes in a "deep, rich shade of carbon black". Impressed? So are we. We may just plan a little shopping trip come the 4th of September when all this is available! 




A new semester is almost upon us, a fresh beginning, a new start. A chance to right your wrongs, put to bed those past study regrets that you may be harbouring, the time to draw on a clean slate.

Every single semester students up and down the country lie to both themselves and everyone around them by promising themselves things they won't do.

Happy procrastinating!

1. “I’m going to be so focused and organised this semester.”

This is probably the strongest lie that we try and tell ourselves. We try and scare our inner thoughts into believing that this is our one last chance to cop on and knuckle down, that a refill pad filled with notes from the seven different classes that we’re taking is a perfectly acceptable, organised system. Well it’s not. But that’s not going to stop you now, is it?

2. “I’m going to study at least thrice as much as last year.”

If by study you mean procrastinating, then yes, you will ‘study’ three times more than you did last year. Cleaning, Netflix and Facebook creeping will be all on the rise. Good intentions still count, right?

3. “I’m going to go out far less.”

Of course you are. Until Thursday, when you somehow end up sitting in someone’s dingy house with a six pack of Dutch Gold in hand. Seeing as you’re in college, hitting the town twice a week (minimum) is inevitable, so stop lying to your inner socialite and get your finest dancing shoes on immediately.

4. “I’m going to be super healthy this time around.”

Yes, you may believe that running, quinoa and lettuce will form a major part of your life now that you’ve promised yourself glowing health, but be honest, after a rough night on the beer nothing spells hangover cure better than a salad right? WRONG. So wrong. Chinese and the couch anyone?

5. “I’ll have so many golden weeks, they’ll probably give me an award.”

Correction, you’ll have so many absences, they’ll probably give you an award. Golden weeks are the stuff of legend, the pinnacle of a successful, dedicated student. It’s similar to a golden ticket in that you’re never going to get one, so stop lying to yourself now.

6. “The library shall be my new home for the next year.”

This is partly true, the library shall be your new home for a brief period (week) leading up to exams. As for the rest of the semester? Well, lets just say that you and your bed will form a close and intimate relationship because at least in bed, you won’t be judged for watching whatever classy shows it is that you watch.

7. “I’m going to really embrace college life and be a society head.”

Don't do this. Just don't. Please. 

8. “I will hand all of my assignments in on time and will not leave them untouched until the night before they’re due.”

This is very much a true and genuine aspiration, true that is, until we are given an assignment that’s due in three weeks. Three weeks seems like such a very long time, you think. I’ll leave it for a few days, do some research, gather my thoughts. (Enter Netflix) Then suddenly, without you even realising, it’s the night before and you’re pulling another caffeine fueled all nighter. So you see, really, it’s not actually all your fault…

9. “I will do every bit of recommended reading that comes my way.”

Yes, but have you SEEN how much reading one is actually expected to do? How in God's name are you expected to fit it in around sleep, drinking and online ‘researching’? It’s an impossible task. Give up now and spare yourself the stress.

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