Bikini rashes, sweat and frizz: 7 things that happen on a hot holiday

You're finally heading away on a summer holiday.

You've saved (or splurged) your money, bought all of your summer clothes; suncream, sandals, sarongs, the works. It's going to be great, right?

Until you take a step off the airplane and realise that you are indeed an Irish person and can't even deal with the heat.

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The sweat, the frizzy hair… the bikini rash. Here are seven things that will happen to you when you head away on a HOT summer holiday:

1. Your hair might as well be a blanket wrapped around your neck

Bets are, you just got your hair done before going on holiday. A new cut and colour. Fabulous.

Except 30 minutes in it feels like your dog came on holiday with you and you're carrying him around on your neck.

The sweat gathers, you become sticky and you give up. Goodbye freshly styled hair. Hello messy bun.

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2. Blisters, blisters everywhere

During your holiday shop, you probably bought an array of glitzy new sandals and flip flops.

And you probably think you look super chic while talking a stroll down the boardwalk on your first day.

But by the end of the day, your feet are red and throbbing. Then you wake up the next morning with a mighty blister on your heel. Not good.

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3. Sunburn

You've planned it all out. You'll wear factor 50 suncream for the first few days and then move down to factor 20 in the hopes of securing a nice tan.

Except that tan probably never comes. And your shoulders get burnt. And your scalp is red and flakey.

Then your bra straps rub against the burn on your shoulder… and just, ouch.

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4. Frizzy hair

Yep, back to the hair. Since you've had it up in a top knot for basically the entire holiday, you decide to wear it down one night.

You blow dry it and straighten it. Hell, you even put some serum in it to make it look super shiny.

Fast forward three hours later, you look in the mirror and resemble Chewbaca. Brilliant.

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5. The bikini rash

You've no doubt trimmed, or in some cases, totally got rid of your lady garden.

Since you had your hair done before the hol, you didn't have enough cash to head to the beauty salon too, so you shaved down there.

It looks fab for the first few days… and then it starts to grow and gets SUPER itchy. The rash forms… and shorts to the pool it is.


6. Damn bug bites

You don't notice ANY bugs near you for the entirety of your holiday. But hey, there's a bite on your leg…

Another pops up on your arm… oh, another one on your heel.

And let's be honest, you're going to scratch the life out of yourself because there is literally no itch like it.

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7. Sweaty Betty

You practically sprayed your whole body with extra-strong deodorant, but you still end up a gross, sweaty mess.

Your face is sweating your make-up off, you have dark patches under your armpits, and your T-shirt is stuck to you.

Yep, you thought you'd be super glam on this holiday, but the minute you got off that plane, the glam disappeared.

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But still, no matter how much of a mess you look, it turns out to be the holiday of a lifetime.

Soak up the sun, drink all of the Sangria and eat all of the glorious food. Because they're the great things you'll remember when you look back.

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