The 13 worst things about summer in Ireland


It’s not all sun, sea and sand people! There are some serious struggles related to summer and as we so rarely get one, it can be hard to adapt. Here are the 13 worst things about the summer months (especially when the weather is actually good!)

1. Flesh, flesh everywhere


Seriously, people think this is the best excuse to go around dressed in next to nothing…!

2. Sticky conditions


We love it for about a half hour, then we go inside saying how it is “fierce close” outside.

3. Sweaty Betty


Horses sweat, men perspire and ladies glow. So our mothers tell us. This is not what happens and many tank top colours are now off-limits due to sweat marks – we’re looking at you, grey!

4. Sunburned Sally


PUT DOWN THE BABY OIL! Seriously ladies, let’s look after our skin, SPF 50 all the way!

5. Pollen problems


Ireland is the perfect breeding ground for hayfever. Too perfect, in fact. Going abroad for a week offers your poor, pollen infested body a chance to recover, only to land one week later back in Dublin to resume your fight against pollen. Excuse us please.

6. Wacky weather


You know when you leave your house in hot pants, a tank top and an umbrella (just in case, like) that Ireland has some seriously wacky weather.

7. Infestation issues


Flies, flies everywhere. Those gross sticky things your mum hung from the ceiling is really putting you off your lunch.

8. Bad BBQs

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It’s all great until you wake up the next day smelling like a camp-fire and are violently sick from sausages that definitely needed more time on the grill.

9. So many children


It’s a Monday, it’s July and the clock has just gone seven. Why parents, why do you let your little darlings outside before we have had our morning bucket of tea? Put a few cartoons on for them. That always worked for us. Failing that, summer school?

10. Crappy summer jobs


Summer jobs are a special brand of fun. Whether you’re spending your sunny days in a shop dishing out chicken fillet rolls to hungover people that you wish you were or are pulling pints for tourists, you can be pretty much guaranteed that you’ll envy all of your customers. It is an unwritten rule that the customers will be having a great time and that you, well, won’t. But hey, at least you’re making €8.65 for every hour of fun you endure. WOO WOO.

11. Cans all over the shop


Teenagers off school for the summer hide in the bushes as piles of druids cans slowly build up.

12. Summer lovin’


Seriously, who do they think they are? Noah and Allie? Jeez…

13. Sleepless nights


Getting a decent nights sleep during the summer can be tricky. This is usually due to a number of factors: the fact that it’s still bright outside at ten o’clock, the screaming of little children and that damn humidity!

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