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Sun worshippers rejoice!

The glorious weather isn't going anywhere just yet.

Temperatures are expected to remain as high as 26 degrees in the first half of the week, making Ireland hotter than the Canaray Islands – bad news if you're off on your holliers.

All parts of the country will experience temperatures well above average for this time of year, however the best of the sunshine will be in Munster and Leinster.

Monday: A warm sunny day with top temperatures of 25 degrees.

Tuesday: Warm and humid with hazy sunshine and highs of 19 to 26 degrees. Isolated thunderstorms will develop in the south of the country towards evening and gradually spread northwards throughout the night. 

Wednesday: Top temperatures of 20 to 26 degrees. However the heat and humidity will set off a number of heavy thundery showers during the day and these will continue to occur into the evening time.

Thursday: Temperatures are set to drop slightly with highs of 17 to 21 degrees in southwesterly breezes. Mostly dry with spells of sunshine and some cloudier periods. 

Friday: Highs of 15 to 18 degrees.General increase in cloud with occasional patchy rain. 

It looks like temperature are set to drop back to average over the weekend, although Saturday is expected to be a mainly dry day. 

So, don't put the factor 50 anywhere just yet. You're gonna need it this week. 



If you managed to catch the good weather yesterday by ducking out of the office, then good on you, but you may have wanted to save that strategic break for today.

The temperature is due to reach a glorious high of 24 degrees, and we're just glad our foundation has built-in SPF.

According to Met Eireann: 'Sunny spells developing widely during the day and becoming warm with highest temperatures 18 to 24 degrees in light breezes.'

Temperatures are expected to remain high until Friday, when there may be a spot of rain. 

We're dusting off the sunnies in anticipation. 


At last!

Put away those winter coats ladies – there’s some glorious sunshine on the way.

Temperatures are expected to reach highs 17C this week, with Shannon Airport even recording temperatures of 20C on Tuesday.

Met Eireann forecaster, Vincent O’Shea told Independent.ie: "It's going to be dry and sunny for the rest of the week, including the weekend.’’

 ‘’It won't be beach weather as such but it will be fine and dry although overall it might be a little breezier than it was on Monday and Tuesday.’’

"It could be slightly cooler along the east coast due to sea breezes but it'll get gradually warmer as you move inland.’’

Temperatures are expected to drop ever so slightly over the weekend with highs of 15C forecast for Friday and Saturday.

But wait, it gets better.

Early indications suggest that temperature could reach a balmy 21C early next week.

Summer has finally arrived! 

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We were given a lot of false hope over the past few weeks with the weather.

One day it was sunny, the next; wind and hail stones.

So, it's safe to say we've all been hoping for a bit of a scorcher to come our way soon.

Well, today could be our lucky day as Met Éireann believe it's going to be "brighter and sunnier."

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There will be some outbreaks of rain today, but it's not looking like it'll stay.

"Some light showers will develop in northern parts of Ulster and Connacht. The best of any sunshine will be in Munster and south Leinster," the Met Éireann website reads.

"Highest temperatures of 11 to 13 degrees with light to moderate northwest breezes."

Thursday is looking good too, with sunny spells and a little bit of rain. "Highest temperatures of 11 to 15 degrees with mostly light westerly breezes.

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"Friday will be dry with sunny spells. There'll be a bit more cloud along Connacht and west Ulster coasts with a risk of a little drizzle at times. 

"Highest temperatures of 11 to 15 degrees with light south to southwest breezes. It will be warmest in Leinster.

"Saturday will continue dry and mild with good sunny spells. Highest temperatures of 13 to 17 degrees with light southerly breezes."

We can't wait to see if this actually pans out!



Now, we know everyone is holding out for another heatwave (fingers crossed), and this weekend isn't quite the scorcher we all want, but we'll take it nonetheless. 

We're going to see the best weather from Friday to Sunday of this week, but Met Éireann says it will be changeable again after that.

Friday will be mainly dry, "with sunny spells, but some scattered showers will occur in parts of the east and southeast.

"Max. 14 to 17 Celsius generally, but 18 or 19 C in southern coastal areas."

Saturday will be mostly the same, however it will become "cloudy along the west and southwest coasts, with a little patchy drizzle or light rain possible later in the day.

"Maximum temperatures 15 to 20 Celsius, highest in the eastern half of the country."

And Sunday promises to be dry again (hurrah!) with bright, sunny spells, "but with a good deal of cloud, bringing a few patches of drizzle." Damn.

"Max. 16 to 20 Celsuis, in a freshening southerly breeze."

We're just going to have to roll with it, ladies.

Feature image: Malik Aberkane Twitter


On days like today (that are so scarce in Ireland), there's nothing better than sitting back, having a cool drink and relaxing.

And if Queen Bey is anyone to go by, Lemonade is best served cold (and with some sweet strawberries).

Here is a recipe by Delish for strawberry lemonade… Because, why not?

Now, quench your thirst and go have some fun in the sunshine:




Finally!! According to Met Eireann's latest reports, we may just be in for a bit of good weather over the next few days. 

We think it's safe to say that the entire population of Ireland feel a bit hard done by with the total lack of summer for the past few weeks but this news might just make you feel better. 

It will be a mix of weather over the next few days with several good dry spells (the more the better we hope) and Sunday is set to be the best day of the weekend weather wise. 

Met Eireann reports that "There will be a few showers on Sunday but there will be some sunny spells too. It will become warmer in eastern parts with highs of 16 to 21 expected."

Saturday is set to be somewhere in between good and bad with it being dry earlier in the day and some showers as the day goes on, but not to worry, as long as we see some sun we'll be happy!

The forecast for next week doesn't look too promising though, not too much rain in store for us but the temperatures are set to lower a bit.