Lads, don’t bother straightening your hair… the humidity is INSANE


It's fierce heavy out there today. Met Éireann are politely calling it "warm and humid" (they're not wrong) – and there's also been a load of mist along the south coast. 

And while temperatures will hover around the low-to-mid 20s (that'll do nicely, September; that'll do), it's the CRAZY humidity that really caught our eye. 

Yup – in short there is about zero point in attempting to do anything with your gruaige until at least Thursday. 

Spare a particular thought for Cork: there, humidity has hit a MAD 98 percent. Waterford came in at 94 percent, with Galway hovering around the 90 percent mark. 

Dublin gets off lightly with a mere 77 percent humidity. Limerick and Belfast notch up an 88 percent and an 82 percent respectively. 

As for sleeping tonight, you won't be getting much of it. Met Éireann warn: "Tuesday night will be another close and humid night with widespread mist and with patches of drizzle and fog also."