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Seeing as 80 percent of young women say they feel more confident as a result of playing for their national team, why not encourage their dream to become a reality?

Boots Ireland has kicked off their three-year partnership with the Republic of Ireland Women's National Team to nurture this confidence in girls and women, and we're loving the support.

Only seven percent of the Irish population have attended a live women's sporting event, which is pretty shocking. Women in sport aren't celebrated as much as their male counterparts, which needs to change.


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According to a Boots survey, 76 percent of the Irish population believe that female sports stars should be equally celebrated, but sponsorships can help to draw in the funds needed to air the matches.

Legendary Republic of Ireland captain and Arsenal midfielder Katie McCabe announced the partnership between the national team and Boots Ireland to boost confidence in our sporty ladies.

Recent research from UEFAi found that awareness and participation in women’s football has created a powerful impact on the confidence of girls and women, with the Women's World Cup this year drawing in record numbers of viewers. The demand for women in sport is definitely there. 


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The Irish national team is currently competing in the UEFA Women’s Championship qualifiers, kicking off this September with Ireland facing off against Montenegro.

Interestingly, one-third of women feel great about themselves while playing sport, while 31 percent of women who play sports feel happier. 45 percent feel healthier, so what's to lose?

As part of the partnership, Boots will be shining a light on the amazing role models within the Republic of Ireland Women’s National Team, who will be inspiring the next generation of female footballers and sportswomen.

Republic of Ireland Captain Katie McCabe said: “I am delighted to launch the partnership between Boots Ireland and the Republic of Ireland Women’s National Team."


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"As a team, we have a big couple of months ahead, with qualifying for the European Championships starting next month. It was great to see the women’s game get the exposure it deserves during the Women’s World Cup.”

Women's football is growing in every area; be it commercial, participation and performance. Our gals are going from strength to strength, and we owe it to them to support the team.

Boots Ireland hopes to encourage more women and girls to get involved in the great game by watching, supporting and playing football, whilst feeling good too.

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According to research from Nielsen, 63 percent of people want to see Ireland's sportswomen honoured as national heroes in the same way as sportsmen.

Irish journalism focused on women in sport is in dire need of improvement, and today Investec has launched it's inaugural 20×20 Media Awards to recognise excellence in this field.

The 20×20 Nielsen Sports Study found that just a shocking three percent of print and four percent of online coverage was dedicated to women’s sport in Ireland: it's time for improvements.

The Federation of Irish Sport presented Investec as a sponsor for 20×20 in order to provide more support for women in sport.

Greater cultural recognition is one way to start; broadcast, print and online journalists are being invited to submit entries on women in sport to it's latest awards competition.

Investec has curated an expert panel of judges for their 2019 Media Awards;

Anna Kessel as chairwoman; Mary O’Connor, CEO of the Federation of Irish Sport; Michael Cullen, CEO of Investec; Sarah Colgan, CEO of  Along Came A Spider and 20×20 co-founder and Gordon D’Arcy, former Irish International rugby player.

Nielsen Sports were commisioned by 20×20 to monitor media coverage of sport, which resulted in quite discouraging statistics. 

20×20 has estimated television coverage of women's sport is less than 12 percent, and 59 percent of Irish people believe that the media should do more to promote female sport.

57 percent of people want to see equality in female and male sporting role models in the media, and 63 percent of the public would love to see Irish women being given the same 'national hero' status as men.

Anna Kessel, chairwoman of Investec 20×20 Awards said: “In celebrating women's sports journalism the Investec 20×20 Media Awards are sending out a very powerful message: women's sport is amazing, and of value."

"For every sports editor who's ever wondered if it's worth covering; to every coach who questioned whether girls needed encouraging, and to every sports’ governing body deliberating over how much to invest in their female athletes this year, this initiative makes it clear: women's sport matters."

The objective of 20×20 is to increase the level of coverage of women’s sport across media by 20 percent by the end of 2020, according to its founder, Sarah Colgan.

Gowan girlos, you deserve a medal. Like Katie Taylor-sized medal. Multiple medals, actually…

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World-renowned footballer Ada Hegerberg had just been crowned the first ever female recipient of the Ballon d'Or award, which essentially is a marker that you are the best player IN THE WORLD btw, when French DJ Martin Solveig put his foot in it.

He created a hugely awkward moment on stage when he asked the gifted player if she could 'twerk', to which she curtly responded with a simple 'No'.

We probably would have responded in a much less classy manner, but that's a testament to how much sexism she has presumably had to deal with as a female footballer.


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The 42-year-old DJ claimed that the Lyon and Norway superstar forward, despite answering "no" – had told him after the ceremony that she "understood it was a joke".

Hegerberg also told BBC Sport she "didn't consider it sexual harassment" after the 23-year-old was recognised as the world's best player in Paris

It was all the more awkward seeing as the footballer's speech was referencing her hopes of inspiring girls to believe in themselves.


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The reaction on social media was swift and furious, with tennis player Andy Murray commenting on the matter; "Another example of the ridiculous sexism that still exists in sport."

"To everyone who thinks people are overreacting and it was just a joke… it wasn't. I've been involved in sport my whole life and the level of sexism is unreal."

Solveig took to Twitter to express his apologies, but claimed that it was a total misunderstanding.

He also uploaded a video, claiming that anyone who has known him for a while is aware of his respect for women, and that it was taken out of context;

We don't quite know what to think of this one.

Do you think the question was out of line, and that Murray is right in saying that sexism still exists in sport?

Or do you think this all blown way out of proportion? 



In the lead up to the World Cup in Russia, fears of off-pitch problems dominated the discussion. While there have yet to be any major incidents reported from the tournament, instances of homophobia and misogyny have been widely spread. 

However, calls for the football stands to be made a more equal space for female supporters compounded today, thanks to a rather unusual source. Photograph-sharing platform Getty has come under fire for publishing an article featuring a collection of "sexy" female football-watchers. 

The article, now deleted, was screen grabbed by indy100 and included the by-line: "Soccer is known asa beautiful game, and that includes its fans. Check out photos of some of the sexiest of them here." 

According to Indy 100, the gallery contained approximately 30 images of traditionally attractive women and not a single man. Oh, and there was another catch-line that read "Talk about a knock-out round…"

How charming and original. Not. 

Needless to say, Twitter was not pleased. 

This comes at a time when more and more women are calling for greater inclusion in the sporting world. Just last week, the ban on Iranian women attending matches was lifted and pages such as This Fan Girl have been working tirelessly to promote real women (as opposed to sex symbols) in the stands. 

A spokesperson for This Fan Girl, Emma Townley, told indy100 that the publication of the piece was "disappointing". 

"They need to do better, because of their size and influence they have a huge responsibility to not perpetuate the toxic male primacy that exists in football. I was going to tiptoe around this but we're so bored of this narrative.

"We set up This Fan Girl to fight exactly this, clearly, the problem is still fairly deep rooted and we desperately need balance."

In response to the backlash, Getty deleted the article and apologised saying that it "did not meet our editorial standards." 

Speaking to Channel 4 Getty's chief executive, Dawn Airey said that the piece as not reflective of company beliefs. 

"[The gallery] was not appropriate or in any way consistent with our company values or beliefs.

"We hold a deep belief in the power of visuals to incite change and shift attitudes and we have done and will continue to do, much work to promote and create a more evolved and positive depiction of women." 

We hope that this outdated approach to female football fans will die off soon. 


Okay, I'll be the first to admit I don't really get football. 

Like sure it's entertaining to watch people go wild when their team scores or watch the hilarious injuries (10/10 for dramatic deleivery), but it still doesn't hold a huge appeal. 

However, I would DEFINITELY watch if this gal was the commentator. Meet  Alison Finlay, a student from London and our new hero. 

Her boyfriend was delayed on his commute home, so instead of missing the FIFA World Cup game between England and Tunisia, he asked Alison to give him a play-by-play of the action. 

“He had to work late and hoped he’d make it back (for the game) but didn't, so asked me to fill him in. I kindly obliged!” Alison told the Press Association

After England won the match 2-1, Alison uploaded her texts to the Internet, which went wild for her. 

Our personal favourite is: 

"A Tunisian man is on the floor [sic]. Looks like he got hit in the hair. The referee is uninterested. the man with the injured hair is not pleased." 

 She also takes the piss out of soccer player's hair, which at half an hour into the game she observes that "everyone's hair is holding up well."

Oh as for the injures? She's calling BS on them. 

"This time and Englishman received a light tap and fell down violently." LOL. 

 Thanks to the popularity of her original tweet, she uploaded the rest of the conversation which was equally as hilarious. 

Twitter is loving it, with many begging her to live tweet the rest of the World Cup. 

Can she just narrate our lives please? 


Ireland’s Euros hero Robbie Brady has proposed to his long-term love, Kerrie Harris.

On Sunday, dance school owner Kerrie took to Instagram to celebrate her engagement to the Irish soccer star by sharing a photo of the couple with their two-year-old daughter Halle.

“That’s Halloween sorted so.  Feyonce it is,” wrote Kerrie.  “#HePutARingOnIt My heart could burst right now #FutureMrsBrady.”


That's Halloween Sorted So . Feyonce It Is#HePutARingOnIt  My Heart Could Burst Right Now #FutureMrsBrady

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Clearly delighted by the proposal, the 24-year-old continued to celebrate the good news online last night as she posted a picture of her stunning engagement ring to social media.

Kerrie – who first started dating the Norwich City footballer when she was just 16 years old – captioned the post: “My new favourite accessory #TheBoyDidSoGood #TheDream #Fiancé.”


My New Favourite Accessory #TheBoyDidSoGood #TheDream #Fiancé

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Congrats to the happy couple!


#France #Euros2016 #ProudGirls #COYBIG

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It was the video seen by millions – not just in Ireland, but around the world too. 

Yes, in a Euro championships marred by thuggery, Ireland supporters have been winning over their own fans – and making a few local ladies blush at the same time.

Meet Carla Romera: a stunning young Bordeaux woman who works as a lifeguard and loves the beach and bikinis.

She was the centre – quite literally – of attention when Ireland were beaten 0-3 by Belgium in her home city at the weekend, being playfully ambushed by dozens of boys in green. 


Le top ces irlandais Ils aiment bien les françaises je crois #delire#euro2016#irish#france#bordeaux#france

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Posting her own video of her amazing experience to her Instagram account, Carla showed her appreciation for the 'top' Irish, whom she reckoned 'liked the French'.

In it she can be seen surrounded by 'les verts' – who treated her to a rendition of Can't Take My Eyes Off You, and latterly, Hey Baby.

In conversation with Mail Online, she also revealed: "I want to say that I am very proud of the Irish, it was a magical time filled with kindness and joy."

In her own video, one lucky Irishman can also be seen smiling in Ms Romera's direction – his charm eventually seeing him steal a cheeky kiss by the end of the crowd's rendition. 

Now all that's left to find is that young gentleman – who has amassed his own following of female supporters following the video's release. 

Although several requests as to his identity have been made online, as of yet he remains nameless. 

Do you know the Ireland supporter who nabbed a kiss from Carla? Email us hello@shemazing.ie.



*UPDATE Wednesday, June 15, 12pm: Kane has now been found. His friends say he was attacked and robbed in Nice, but that otherwise he is well and safe. They have thanked everyone who shared the campaign for their support. 


The friends and family of soccer fan Kane Leslie are getting behind a social media campaign to locate him in Nice. 

The young Northern Irish man has been missing since Sunday afternoon and significantly missed his team's first Euro 2016 match against Poland.

It is believed that he has last seen heading towards the French costal city's beach.

Among those who retweeted the appeal was Calum Best, the socialite son of Belfast legend George, and radio presenter Colin Murray.

He has now officially been reported as a missing person to French police. A close friend – Steve Hudson – who is driving the campaign with the hashtag #findKane added on Twitter this morning that he believes Mr Leslie has lost his wallet.

Anyone with information about Kane's whereabouts is being asked to contact Steve on social media.

Yesterday, it was revealed that a young Northern Irish fan had become the first fatality of Euro 2016. Darren Rodgers, who was 24 and from Ballymena, fell 8metres to his death on Nice's beach promenade. 

As a mark of respect, Republic of Ireland fans stood up and applauded on the 24th minute of their team's game against Sweden yesterday evening. 


Tens of thousands of Irish fans are currently in the French capital in advance of the team's opening Euro 2016 game.

And joining them this evening is none other than Mr Tayto himself.

The oversized potato-man furthermore made sure he was suitably decked out for the sporting event – which sees the Republic of Ireland squad take on Sweden. 

Wearing a green, white, and orange curly wig he proudly sported a green jersey and scarf while getting to know some of in situ fans.

Closer to home, the same Mr Tayto can currently be found across Tayto Cheese & Onion 150g sharing bag and Tayto multipacks.





An Irish soccer fan attending the Euro 2016 tournament has died in Nice.

The 24-year-old Northern Ireland supporter fell 8-metres from a promenade on to a stony beach below and later died from his injuries. A local official later confirmed the man been climbing a sea-front railing shortly before his death.

A police spokesman at the city added that the incident took place yesterday.

"Many fans were out on the promenade, and were drinking heavily when the man fell from the promenade.

"The victim was taken to Nice hospital but has since died," the spokesman said. 

The identity of the young man has not yet been released.

About 10,000 fans from Northern Ireland are in France for the competition. 


Rumour has been abound that John Giles – the very face of our national broadcaster's soccer coverage – was about to be dropped by RTÉ. 

And this afternoon it has been confirmed that the sporting legend will leave Montrose after the Euros this summer.

"John has been an integral and much-loved part of our soccer coverage for over 30 years as well as a respected ambassador for the Irish football family as a whole," RTÉ said in a statement issued to SHEmazing.

"The Republic of Ireland's participation in this summer's tournament and RTÉ Sport's coverage is an apt occasion for John to bow out at the top and we wish him all the very best with his future endeavours."

It concluded: "It's been a privilege to work alongside John through some of the most thrilling times for Irish soccer and his contribution to our programming has been phenomenal."

It had been suggested that the 75-year-old former professional player was set to retire, but in a statement to the Herald, he said: “In my negotiations with RTÉ Head Of Sport Ryle Nugent last year, he made it clear to me that this was to be the final year of my full-time engagement with RTÉ.

“He said that this was designed to allow him to continue the requirement to plan and prepare for the future.

“This was perfectly understandable to me and I signed the contract which finishes after the Euro 2016 final in France in good faith.

“But I want to make it perfectly clear that I’m not retiring or even thinking about it.”

Mr Giles along with Eamon Dunphy and Liam Brady are known as the Three Amigos. The late Bill O'Herlihy once described him as the best football pundit "in the world".


Well, what are the chances of something like this happening of a Friday?

Actually, considering that there are not that many dedicated supporters on location in Zenica this evening, the odds of spotting your dad in the crowd on the telly is decidedly more likely. 

Which is exactly why William Murphy’s dad is going to have some serious explaining to do when he arrives home.

Yesterday, William realised that he hadn’t seen his dad for the entire day. Naturally, he was beginning to feel a bit unsettled by the notion.

However, he need not have worried because once he turned on the on the nine o’clock news on RTÉ his questions were answered. 

There’s dad! Right there on the streets of Zenica in his very fetching green jersey. He is quickly being branded a hero by social media users for his dedication to the sporting cause.

In case you were wondering, Zenica is 2,752.9 kilometres away. So, you know, a handy detour on your way back from picking up a few messages. 

Fair play to him, but now we’re dying to know how he explains himself when he gets home.