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When it comes to balancing our super-sensitive skin, it can be a nightmare trying to figure out what each of our faces need to be perfectly soothed.

Our latest recommendation comes as no surprise to those in the beauty industry who have been raving over the product for months; Payot's Crème N°2 Cachemire.

Everything from stress, hormones and UV rays to air pollution and diet can damage our skin, making it hyper-sensitive as a result.

Drawing on the latest discoveries in the skin biology industry, the Payot Crème N°2 Cachemire strengthens and restores balance to your sensitive skin.

The cachemire cream nourishes your system, calms any sensation of discomfort and reduces the irritations and redness of sensitive and dry skin. What could be better?

As a result of the science, skin is reinforced and protected from external aggressions because of the cutaneous flora action, which helps to maintain the natural balance of the skin.

Payot Crème N°2 Cachemire has a gorgeous, healthy formula containing Boswellia extract, Jasmine Flower extract, Prebiotic and Probiotic.

Its creamy texture envelops your skin straight from application. Day after day, your skin is left feeling soothed and luminous, and the sensation of discomfort from redness is alleviated.

Gain total facial calmness and soft, brightened complexion for just €50- We insist that it's worth the money. 

All Payot products are available in pharmacies and selected stores nationwide, as well as online.


We all experience hormonal break outs from time to time, and let's just say we're not too fond of them.

From dry patches, to spots and oily skin, it can be hard to keep our faces under control and blemish-free.

However, this new chart can apparently track when your skin is going to break out.

Dr Terry Loong, a top skin doctor, created a monthly 'Skin Cycle' in order for women to treat their skin properly.

How to work out your skin's 'monthly cycle'

"The Skin Cycle is all about being in tune with your body and can help minimise break outs, sensitivity and dryness and maximise skin repair," she told Cosmo.

The chart is 28 days long, and works along with your time of the month.

According to the cycle, from days one to four your skin will be "greasy and acne prone.

"Skin is most problematic during this time of the cycle. It is oily and thus prone to acne, and you may have pronounced dark circles under your eyes.

"Even if you don't feel like it, try to work up a sweat with exercise – it helps remove dirt and unclog pores," the chart reads.

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"Make sure you sweep toner over your face afterwards to remove sweat and grease."

The chart then moves onto days five to ten. During these days, it claims that your skin will be mostly dry.

"Your skin is likely to be dry and a little flaky at the beginning of your cycle. Drink plenty of water and increase your intake of healthy fats to help it to stay supple."

Then from days 11 to 21, the chart states that we're supposed to have "normal and glowing" skin.

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"Skin should be the healthiest and clearest between [these days]."

It suggests to "engage in gentle, relaxing exercise, such as yoga, to help ease your stress levels and keep skin clear."

Unfortunately, from days 22 to 28, our skin is back to being greasy and acne prone, and then the cycle starts all over again.

But as we all know, everyone is different, and if you suffer from bad skin the best thing to do is consult with your own doctor to figure out the best course of action for you,



At one point or another, everyone will suffer from blemishes.

Whether it's in your teens, 20s, 30s or beyond, breaking out can seriously damage your confidence and put a dent in your self-esteem.

However, this skincare range for oily and blemish-prone skin has a huge success rate, and it might just be skincare secret we've all been waiting on.

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La Roche-Posay's award-winning Effaclar range is being extended this year, adding two new treatments to its line.

The line promises to provide a correcting and hydrating product in one, and since 2014 has garnered rave reviews.

Here's what's new to the Effaclar collection:

Effaclar Purifying Mask – €15

Promises to: Unclog pores, control shine and cleanse deep impurities.

This mask will offer an immediate clean-feel finish, and won't cause your skin to dry out, like many other masks do.

La Roche-Posay conducted a survey and found that 69 per cent of users saw a reduction in excess sebum immediately after using this, and 85 per cent reported a reduction within four weeks.

Effaclar Duo [+] SPF 30 – €18.50

Promises to: Correct uneven skin tone, hydrate and now protect your skin

New dermatological research from La Roche-Posay claims that UV exposure can actually worsen acne by over-drying and activating sebum glands.

Effaclar Duo [+] SPF 30 will tackle your imperfections, even out your skin tone, as well as protect your skin against UVA rays, UVB rays and pollution.

In the consumer survey which La Roche-Posay carried out, 89 per cent of participants said their skin looked smoother and 83 per cent said their skin cleared after four weeks of use.

With results like that, it would be crazy to not try this range out!



Why is it that spots always choose to show up at the exact worst time? You're getting all psyched up for that big interview or first date and then – BAM! – a nice big spot shows up on your cheek.

Squeezing a whitehead might be tempting, but if you can resist you'll find the blemish disappears much faster and without leaving a scar.

Instead, follow these six pro tips for concealing and covering up that spot until it decides to vacate the building.

1. Clean your face well
Before applying any make up to your face and especially before putting it on top of any blemishes, make sure your face is clean. Wash your face with lukewarm water and the facial cleanser of your choice. Pat your skin dry with a clean towel.

2. Use a good base
Apply a cream foundation or primer to your face, covering the whole area.

3. Conceal and colour correct
For best results when dealing with red or blotchy blemishes, use a green tinted concealer. The green counteracts with any redness and reduces the colour. Take a concealer brush, one with pointy, flat bristles, and cover it with the concealer.

4. Apply like a pro
Instead of using a brushing motion to apply the concealer, press the bristles on top of the blemish and twist the brush. Repeat this until the spot is completely hidden. With a clean index finger, gently press down around the sides of the blemish so as that the concealer will soften and blend into your skin.

5. Blend, blend, blend
Then apply your foundation as normal, taking it right up to the very edge of the spot so as that your skin is one even colour.

6. Set it with powder
Finally, apply your powder. The powder should be an exact match with your skin colour. Use a clean finger to lightly tap the powder on top of the concealer. The powder should set the concealer, eliminating the risk of smudges or fading. It also works to even out your skin tone.  


If you break out in spots in similar areas all the time, you skin could be trying to tell you that there’s something not right going on inside. Check out the guide below to see what’s causing your skin to be less than perfect.

If you break out on your forehead alot, this could indicate that you’ve been eating too much sugary food and/or are under stress. It can also be a sign of digestive problems, or simply, a greasy fringe. Grap the shampoo!

Between your eyes
Apparently this is a sign that you’ve been drinking too much alcohol, smoking too much, or have a weak heart.

If you get spots on your nose more often than not, it could be a sign of a poor diet, constipation or bloating or indigestion. Time to stock up on bran flakes!

Left cheek
Perhaps you’re stressed out, overeating or having some liver problems. Either that or your phone is passing bacteria to your face when you’re talking.

Right cheek
Breakouts in this area could indicate problems with your lungs, allergies, stomach problems, or again a dirty mobile phone.

Chin and jawline
Blemishes here are usually hormone related, but they also be a sign of gynaecological problems.

Around your lips
Any breakouts here could be down to irregular bowel movements, constipation, or eating too much spicy food.