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Electric Picnic attendees, have I got some amazing festival related news for you. 

Returning to Electric Picnic this year is the absolutely bopping Casa Bacardi, who always showcase some of the finest talent on their DJ decks.

For 15 years, the stage has been serving up some of the finest choonz alongside the most refreshing cocktails available at the festival (just sayin'). 


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Electric Picnic 2018 is no exception, with DJ, Melé headlining the opening night of Casa Bacardi on Friday night, 31st August, followed by iconic house duo, CamelPhat.

Support on the night comes from DJ Nialler9  and Zoo Project Ibiza resident and former Fade Street star DJ CiCi.

Acid House and techno fans will be delighted to hear that Saturday night will bring Felix Da Housecat to the headline decks, with Boots & Kats, A-Skill and DJ Deece also taking to the stage. 


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Joey Negro will close Casa Bacardi on Sunday night, alongside Krafty Kuts and DJ FLIP.

Fingers crossed the weather maintains it's good behaviour so was can bop along all night – although lets be real, with this line up, we'd be there mid downpour. 


Ah festival season, which marks the start of the summer and the beginning of many three-day hangovers. 

With people coming from all corners of the country to pitch their tents in various fields, there are a few common tropes you will tend to see. 

We hate to play into festival stereotypes, but you have to admit that these are pretty apt: 

The Influencer

What would a festival be without a little bit of product promotion from our fave influencers?

It's actually pretty handy to have these guys and gals on Snap, otherwise you would probably forget about some of the more niche elements of the festival itself that they're hired to flog.

Their outfits will be on point and their hair will somehow perpetually look like they've just popped out of Dry & Fly, even on the Sunday. 

Most likely to be heard in the VIP section panicking that their phone is about to die and all their power banks are empty. 

The Lad™

This particular breed of festival folk is your typical hearty Irish guy. 

He just wants to have a bit of craic with the lads, and if that involves spending a few hundred quid to drink cans in a field for 12 hours a day, so be it. 

Electric Picnic often falls on a weekend of serious sporting importance, and this year is no different.

If you encounter one of these boys, feel free to let him know that they will indeed by showing the hurling final, at the Newstalk Lounge in the Mindfield area of the festival. 

The Festi-hun

You know this girl, You love this girl. You probably are this girl.

The festival gal is ready to battle through a weekend of frivolity in her Penneys leopard print wellies, and she means business.

From dragging her pals to every act to having a different flower crown for every outfit, festival season would not be the same without her. 

Aren't we all this girl really? At least a little bit inside. 

The Professional Raver

This crew will have you uber-envious of their rainbow hued threads and seemingly endless supply of energy. We wonder where they get it from?

Decked out head to toe in Ireland's finest vintage store finds, the niche acts are her calling.

When she's not bopping at an exceptionally cool DJ set you've never heard of, she'll be found getting her braids fixed at the on-site hairdressers.

The Lost-weekender

This guy has more Baja hoodies than he can count, but he just brought the one to make space for more cans.

He'll have every festival wristband he's ever gotten looped up his wrist, and despite your warnings about the potential hygiene issue this look entails, he won't ever hear you over his horror that you've 'never even been to Sziget, man.'

His ultimate goal is to one day make it to Burning Man, but for the time being he'll survive on the Irish festi vibes.




Comedy can feel like a male-dominated area of the entertainment industry. 

However, Electric Picnic is taking steps to rectify this. 

For the very first year, Ireland's biggest festival is introducing an all-female comedy lineup on Thursday night. 


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Early-arriving festival attendants will be treated to a plethora of comedic talents on the Hazel Wood stage. 

Aoife Dooley, Lisa Casey, Sharon Mannion, Aine Gallagher, Ruth Hunter, Ashlee Bentley, Sahar Ali, Blaíthín De Burca, Aoife O'Connor, Christina McMahon, Orla O'Doherty Brown, Fiona Frawley and Grace Mulvey will lal be performing on the night. 

One of Ireland's most noted contemporary comedians Joanne McNally will be MC for the event. 


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According to EP, the idea was concocted by Festival Director Melvin Benn and Emily O’Callaghan.

'Emily, a sometime stand up herself, had noticed a lack of female talent in the comedy line up at many festivals, as did Melvin.'

'Separately, striving to bring more gender balance to the festival and the music industry in general, Melvin started the ReBalance programme in the UK and he will now extend the principle with the Comedy Stage at EP.'


Electric Picnic organisers have announced that next year's festival will kick off with an all-female comedy line-up.

Taking place on Thursday night, some of Ireland's best-loved female comics will take to The Hazel Wood stage where they will perform to a crowd of 5,000 early entry ticket holders.

The idea came about following a chance meeting between festival director, Melvin Benn and Emily O'Callaghan.

Emily, who sometimes dabbles in the world of stand-up, noticed a distinct lack of female talent at last year's festival – a thought echoed by Melvin.

The stellar line-up will see performances from the likes of Joanne Mc Nally MC, Aoife Dooley , Lisa Casey, Sharon Mannion, Aine Gallagher, Harriet Braine , Ashlee Bentley and many, many more.

Early entry tickets are priced at €25 and are on sale now.

Note: Early entry tickets are only valid with weekend camping tickets.


While some of us might not have even unpacked yet from EP 2017 (just us? Okay) others are already gearing up for next year.

Tickets to Electric Picnic 2018 are on sale right this minute, so if getting ahead of schedule is the way you roll, then get purchasing. 

As well as the usual GE tickets, the festival have once again opened their loyalty scheme to long-term patrons.

'Once again we are offering the Loyalty Scheme tickets to our loyal followers as well as a three-stage instalment plan,' reads an EP statement.

'To be eligible for a discount, you will need to prove you’ve been before and in return you’ll get the discount code.'

'If you have been to the festival three times or more a ticket will cost €165, if you've been once or twice a ticket will cost €185 and if you haven't been before it will cost €205.'

As well as weekend camping tickets, Family Camping tickets and early entry passes are also available now from Ticketmaster


Electric Picnic 2017 seems like it has barely passed (probably because that's the truth) and we're already raring to get all the details on next year's festivities.

Electric Picnic bosses are already gearing up to put on another epic festival experience in 2018, and tickets for next year's weekend bender are on sale this Friday. 

The festival have once again opened their loyalty scheme to long-term patrons.

'Once again we are offering the Loyalty Scheme tickets to our loyal followers as well as a three-stage instalment plan,' reads an EP statement.

'To be eligible for a discount, you will need to prove you’ve been before and in return you’ll get the discount code.'

'If you have been to the festival three times or more a ticket will cost €165, if you've been once or twice a ticket will cost €185 and if you haven't been before it will cost €205.'

If you have been a few times before, check your email, as you may have already received an email with your discount code for next year's tickets. 

Loyalty Scheme tickets are available until October 25 2017. 

Next year's festival is scheduled to taje place from August 31 to September 2.

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If you're sitting at home eating the remnants of last night's takeaway, feeling pretty miserable that the rest of the country is living it up at Electric Picnic, we have something that is bound to make you feel better.

Uploaded to SoundCloud by fairlyquicheproductions in recent days, this rap sums up the true experience of every EP reveller, and we'll be honest, we're in knots.

To the tune of Intro by The XX, the track follows the exploits of a guy at this year's Stradbally session, and chances are if you've ever attended a festival in Ireland, you've met this lad… and his mates.

This track reminds us that when it comes to music festivals, there are as many grim moments as good ones, and from the introductory checklist to the horror that is the portaloo situation, suddenly we're feeling pretty smug to be curled up on the couch.

Do yourself a favour; take a listen, and then prepare to replay over…and over… and over.


Extra security measures will be in place at this year's Electric Picnic to keep festival goers safe.

It is reported that armed guards will be stationed at the festival.

'We’ve been working really closely with the Gardai about that, holding tabletop exercises and really spending a lot of time with all the different agencies – talking through likely scenarios, potential scenarios,' organiser Melvin Benn told The Irish Mirror.

'Of course we’ve changed our security plan, I mean the whole of Europe has changed their security plan in every aspect of everything we do.'

'We’re not alone in that.'

An updated list of prohibited items has also been published. 

These include:

  • Smoke & Gas canisters
  • Aerosols over 250ml  
  • Fireworks or flares
  • Glass (Larger than 100ml)
  • Illegal substances, drugs, ‘legal highs’
  • Laser equipment/pens
  • Megaphones
  • ky or ‘chinese’ lanterns
  • Sound systems
  • Spray cans
  • Tabards/high viz jackets
  • Drones
  • Professional Cameras,
  • Video/ Audio Equipment
  • Weapons (anything that could reasonably considered a weapon)

Patrons are also advised to bring layers for sleeping in their tents at night, as it is set to get extremely cold.

Bright sunshine is expected during the day, as is heavy rainfall over the weekend, so prepare for every type of weather. 



Let's face it, while we may have every intention of keeping our hair perfectly styled and festival-ready throughout Electric Picnic this weekend, there's a very big possibility we'll have lost all motivation by Saturday morning.

Wouldn't it be great if there was an on-site stylist to do it for you?

Speak no more.

Get ready to rock the #HeadlinerHair of your dreams, because Aussie Hair will be on hand to revamp your tired locks, just when you need it the most.

In celebration of the launch of the new Aussie Wash + Blow In A Can, the much-loved haircare brand are bringing their 'Jhooz Bar' to this this year's festival.

Located in the Jimi Hendrix campsite, festival-goers can choose from a menu of six on-trend styles.

  • Double bun with braid

  • Loose waves

  • Braided half up

  • Braid rings

  • Braid parting

  • Double braid

Oh, and did we mention it's absolutely free of charge?

Simply book your appointment once you arrive at the festival to ensure you're rocking the ultimate festival-chic styles all weekend long.

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If you’re a veritable whizz on anything and everything 90s-related, and are only dying to get your hands on Electric Picnic tickets, you need to bring you’re A-game tonight, ladies.

In order to reward those with a real grá for the 90s, Electric Ireland are running a Facebook Live #ThrowbackShow tonight, where tickets to Electric Picnic will be up for grabs!

Hosted by national treasures, Dustin the Turkey and Don Conroy, the ‘Electric Ireland Throwback Show’ will air on Facebook tonight at 8pm.

If you know your 90s nostalgia trivia inside out, then there’s a pretty high chance you’ll be living it up at Electric Picnic this weekend!

So, dust off that rucksack and take your chances against the nation’s 90s-obsessives.

We know what we’ll be doing tonight.


Earlier this year, many music fans were left disappointed after tickets for this year's Electric Picnic festival sold out in record time.

The music and arts festivals draws huge crowds to Stradbally Hall year after year, and while nothing could ever recreate the its unique and creative atmosphere, RTÉ want to bring the action to living rooms across the country.

The national broadcaster, in association with Three Ireland, have today announced details of its coverage of Ireland's largest festival.

Over the weekend (September 1 – 3), RTÉ will become your go-to destination for festival highlights, exclusive interviews and live coverage from the main stage.

On Thursday, August 31 at 11pm, Bláthnaid Treacy will look back on some of last year's stand-out performances including, Gavin James, Bell X1, NAS and The 1975.

From 8pm on Saturday, September 2, Bláthnaid and co-host, Eoghan McDermott, will be on-hand to provide dedicated Electric Picnic coverage throughout the night, with exclusive performances from mani stage headliners.

Soraiya Ryan and Emman Idama will be reporting from the 'Picnic' arena, bringing the latest news, exclusive artist interviews and festival gossip.

Brian Geraghty, RTÉ Media Sales says: “This is RTÉ's fourth year covering Electric Picnic across television, radio, digital, online and mobile, and each year we've gone from strength to strength.”

“Our audiences who can't make it to Stradbally get to experience the best of the festival from the comfort of their couch.”

Sounds good to us! 


Electric Picnic is just around the corner, but if you haven't managed to secure a ticket yet, never fear. 

There is even more reason to head down to Stradbally this September if you are a fan of 90s tunes.

Electric Ireland, the official energy partner of Electric Picnic, has announced that it will be bringing 90s nostalgia to the masses in the form of our favourite cheesy pop tunes at the Throwback Stage.

S Club Party

If the thought of bopping to 5ive and S Club Party gets you going, then head to the Throwback Stage where both acts are headlining.  

If icons Don Conroy and Dustin the Turkey bring back major memories, then prepare for a trip down memory lane.

Free tickets to the three-day festival could also be on the horizon with the help of the artist and the UNICEF ambassador(yes really).

The pair are to star on a Facebook Live game show called the ‘Electric Ireland Throwback Show’ which will air on August 23 at 8pm on the Electric Ireland Facebook page. 


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The show will feature a number of 90s nostalgia related games with Electric Ireland inviting people to tune in to win tickets. 

So dust off your old bucket hats and rewind your Weezer tapes, because a few tickets to EP could be on the line.