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Why switch to vegan products? How to get the beauty benefits on a budget

Here’s a statistic worth noting: our skin absorbs up to 60% of any product which is applied to it.

If the beauty brands we use are processed, synthetic and jam-packed with toxins, chemicals and preservatives, that’s a lot of possibly harmful material we’re consuming.

Not to mention that many brands are ambiguous at best when discussing their animal testing.

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Vegan beauty products are all made without harm to animals and they also don’t contain any animal ingredients, animal by-products or animal-derived products.

Some common animal ingredients used in skincare beauty include beeswax, lanolin (grease from sheep’s wool – ew), carmine and uric acid from cows.

Some haters suggest that vegan products can’t possibly be as effective, but actually this is merely a myth. Formulas which don’t contain animal ingredients are actually far better for your skin.

Plant-derived ingredients contain more vitamins, minerals and antioxidants which repair and hydrate the skin.

It’s largely unsurprising then that millions of people around the world have switched to vegan beauty.

In the last decade, beauty addicts around the world are raving about new and natural vegan creations. Returning to nature is becoming more and more attractive, except finding the best quality products with all-natural components has a hefty price tag.


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Here’s where vegan brand Nacomi Beauty come in: they’ve just opened their flagship store in Malahide, Co. Dublin and have caused a massive stir.

Their gorgeous body mousses, scrubs, shower jelly and body butter are absolutely flying off the shelves. Why have they propelled to the top of the vegan beauty chain?

Here are a few reasons:

-They import raw materials from all over the world and produce their cosmetics in Poland, surrounded by stunning green scenery.

-ALL their products are totally handmade for each individual, so you know anything you buy has the unique customer in mind. SO personal.

-They don’t just sell produce for women, they now have a mens and baby range. Inclusivity, people. It’s the best.

-They are completely against animal testing

-They source the highest quality product from all over the world and use cold pressed oils, butters, extracts and cosmetic clays in their pure form.

-Their products are all made within a month of being ordered, so it’s fresh to death.

-Their price ranges from… wait for it…€6 to €42.


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YAS BETCH, we can finally afford it to be natural.

-The simplicity of their cosmetic compositions is what make them totally different, they use Unrefined Oils and Vitamin E as natural preservatives.

-They don’t use paraben, harmful dyes and preservatives, SLS/SELS, petroleum derivatives,  or mineral oils.

Nacomi stand by their mission to provide the best quality products at affordable prices:
“We believe that everyone deserves the opportunity to use healthy cosmetics.”


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That’s right, we don’t have to be rich to be able to live our dreamy natural ingredient lives anymore. Long live Nacomi, we say.

Nacomi is available for purchase from their flagship store in Malahide or online from www.nacomibeauty.com.


Remember that disgusting spicy pepper polish your parents used to put on your nails to stop you from biting them? Well, now the opposite has just been invented. 

Two parents have created Kid Licks, an organic polish that you can eat off your fingers; but this makes us wonder, will it entice kids to bite their nails more and also, it's totally going to wear off so, what's the point?

Well, Audrey Amara and Josh Kroot noticed their daughter really wanted to start painting her nails on her own. But when Audrey and Josh did some research, they found that the ingredients in most nail polishes weren't safe for their little girl, who kept putting her polished fingers in her mouth. 

So, they invented Kid Licks, which is made from organic fruits, vegetables and plants. 

It's specifically designed for small children to paint their nails without harm, but you can use it too – especially if you tend to bite off chipped polished.

It's also perfect if you need quick manicure on-the-go as you can wash it off with a thorough scrub of soap and water – no harsh nail polish remover needed!

If you want it to stay on longer though, blast your nails with a hair dryer to make the polish harden. 

As it is, the polish comes in three colours, Barely Grass Green, Beet Red and Sour Carrot Orange, but more shades are in the process of production.


The organic food industry in Ireland is having a great year with annual sales valued at €99.1 million – which means the industry could be back to its best days. In 2010, sales were at an all-time high at €106 million.

According to a survey, the average organic food consumer is a female urban-dweller in the wealthier ABC social class, and 73% of us said we’d buy something that was ‘local organic’ rather than just ‘organic’.

We like to go organic for special occasions too – 66% of shoppers said they would be more likely to buy organic if they were preparing a romantic meal at home.

Hmm, hopefully this means organic food will get a bit more affordable!



Organic food has been famed for a long time as being better for our health.

However, a recent study shows that eating organic food does’t reduce a cancer risk in women.

Cancer Research UK scientist at Oxford University, Professor Tim Key said about the study: “In this large study of middle-aged women in the UK we found no evidence that a woman’s overall cancer risk was decreased if she generally ate organic food.”

The study was conducted with 600,000 women in the UK over 50 years old who were asked if they ate organically.

Their health was then monitored by researchers for nine years.

The results showed that 16 of the most common cancers were present in 50,000 of the women during the nine year study.

Researchers then compared 180 women who never ate organically with 45,00 who “usually” or “always” ate organically found no significant difference in the risk of cancer.

Scientists have linked the risk of cancer with people’s eating habits however, as Dr Claire Knight says: “Scientists have estimated that over 9% of cancer cases in the UK may be linked to dietary factors, of which 5% are linked to not eating enough fruit and vegetables.”



It’s hard to look at Miranda Kerr and not want to look exactly like her.

The 30-year-old has skin to die for and it seems like she hasn’t aged a day since she first started modelling – well for some!

So here are her top 5 tips for maintaining a flawless complexion:

Eye gel
Don’t underestimate the importance of eye gel.

No matter where you go, always carry a bottle of water with you so you remember to stay hydrated throughout the day.

Keep it natural
Since everything you put on your face is absorbed by the skin, you should use quality organic beauty products.

Spray mist
Have one nearby so you can spritz when you need to hydrate your skin.

Roseship oil
It has powerful regenerative benefits suitable for everyone.