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This gorgeous new product is for those who crave that fresh and rosy glow in the mornings: Vichy has just launched the new Neovadiol Rose Platinium Night, an overnight moisturiser that works wonders on your skin while you sleep. Created specifically for mature skin, this new cream will soon become an essential part of your night-time skincare regime. 

Think rejuvenation and glow, Neovadiol Rose Platinium Night is enriched with calcium to boost vitality and skin bounciness. It also works to re-plump and cushion skin with enriching oils, giving it that renewed appearance. It contains natural active ingredients selected specifically for all types of mature skin, like rose flower extract, shea butter, beeswax and plant sugars.


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Neovadiol Rose Platinium Night works immediately, making it a unique must-have for your bed-time routine. It’s clinically tested to prevent the appearance of sleep lines and restore bounciness to your skin, giving you that natural rosy radiance in the morning. Skin feels firmer, smoother and fresher.

The light texture gives you that instant feeling of hydration, essential to recover plumpness. Night after night, the skin strengthening ingredients work to boost vitality and re-plump the skin.  Apply Neovadiol Rose Platinium Night after cleansing to dry skin, avoiding the eye area.


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Formulated with mature skin in mind, Neovadiol Rose Platinium Night is perfect for those going through menopause. A complex process, hormonal changes in menopause can have a direct impact on the skin. Oestrogen and progesterone help to provide elasticity and hydration to skin.

As these hormone levels naturally fall, skin can lose structural fibre and elastin leaving it harder to recover shape, texture and glow. VICHY are pioneers when it comes to skin ageing influenced by hormonal changes. This trusted brand recommend the Neovadiol skincare range for women during and post menopause. 


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Neovadiol Rose Platinium Night costs just €34.00 and is available from Irish pharmacies nationwide

To celebrate World Menopause Month, VICHY is also proud to be launching their new Menopause Hub. After 15 years of research, this new platform will share information with women on what some might consider “unspoken topics” with lifestyle and scientific content lead by industry experts.

The Menopause Hub is the perfect tool for women starting from pre-menopause and right through to post-menopause with topics covered by experts in their field including:  Skin & Beauty, Health, Wellness, Body & Nutrition and Intimacy. 




When it comes to anti-ageing products, it can be difficult to narrow down the best ones. We're advised to start an anti-ageing skincare routine in our mid-20s, but where do we start?

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However, there's one serum that undeniably brings results, with loyal consumers and critics alike raving about it.

Lancôme Advanced Génifique has been one of the most critically successful skincare products in the industry ever since it's 2009 launch.

Leading the way in cutting-edge innovation and pioneering science, the product delivers skincare like no other using microbiome science. 

Lancôme Advanced Génifique was born out of over 197 formation trials, and has been tested on an amazing 4,000 women. There's a good reason why it has over 10,000 five-star reviews.

97 percent of women who use it would recommend it to others, and it's received over 170 awards over a decade on since it's launch.

It's hardly surprising that 25 million bottles of the serum have sold worldwide, that's one every six seconds.


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Renowned for it's ability to activate the 10 signs of youth, it's efficiency is hard to deny. Younger-looking skin isn't as hard to accomplish as it seems, with products like these raising the bar for the skincare industry.

As the culmination of 15 years’ worth of research into the skin microbiome, a new Lancôme Advanced Génifique serum is born. It's withstood the test of time to become a beauty icon, and this new version promises to be timeless.

The new serum is enriched with seven prebiotic and probiotic fractions, it acts on the microbiome. Skin recovers faster, feels stronger and looks visibly younger.


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The serum wasn't created easily. Researchers have been captivated by the skin microbiome, which has formed the basis of 18 scientific publications and is a breakthrough in the skincare industry.

We're made up of 50 percent human cells and 50 percent bacterial cells, with our unique skin microbiome acting like our unique signature. It's a beneficial living ecosystem of microorganisms and a vital part of the skin surface.

Our skin's healthy appearance is essentially influenced by the balance of our microbiome.

A team of 50 experts, from physicists and clinicians to dermatologists and computer scientists, based in different global centres, has been involved in this research.


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Our microbiome needs to be balanced to defend and recover, as well as repairing the skin and regulating excessive inflammation.

By working with Pr. Hattori, from Waseda University, Sōdai in Japan, Lancôme researchers were able to make a huge discovery: The skin microbiome changes as we age.

Our unique microbiome can be harmed by our lifestyle and environmental conditions such as UV rays, pollution, diet, hormones and medications. This can lead to spots, ageing, dryness and wrinkles.

Lancôme scientists have found that women living in a polluted environment and display premature signs of ageing. They were then able to create the ultimate formula to act on the skin microbiome.


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New Advanced Lancôme Génifique contains three plant or biotech-based prebiotics: Mannose, α-Glucooligosaccharides and β-Fructooligosaccharides.

Allowing beneficial bacteria to grow will unlock your skin's inner potential and strength, providing radiant results. 85 percent of women who tested the product claimed their skin felt rejuvenated.

The patented, self-loading dropper releases 30 million prebiotic and probiotic fractions at each application, with an addictive and weightless texture. It absorbs rapidly, and delivers immediate results.


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With celebrity fans like Penelope Cruz, Kate Winslet, Bae Suzy, Lily Collins and Taylor Hill, you can't go wrong. 

Advanced Génifique has been tested on four continents by 4,000 women, so rest assured that the product is confident in it's success. It even suits all skin types, even sensitive skin.

Lancôme skincare plays a big role in bringing the most advanced, transformational science to women's skincare routines around the world. Don't miss their newest solution to finding youthful skin.

Lancôme Advanced Génifique can be bought in Boots stores nationwide, or on the Lancôme website.

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It's that time of the week once again, where we choose our favourite beauty or skincare product that we know you're going to adore.

This week, we are absolutely blown away by the new Clarins treat: Rose Radiance Cream. The formula was specifically designed to replenish skin and boost radiance, and that's exactly what it does.

The feeling of having lost that glow about your skin is what drove the veteran company to create their new beauty-enhancing skincare product in Clarins Laboratories.


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In its expert formula, they have combined the best immediate radiance-boosters with the finest replenishing key ingredients, and the pink colour already has us hooked.

Essentially, Clarins are encouraging us to feel like a vibrant flower in bloom, at any age or with any skin type. 

Rose Radiance Cream delivers a smooth skin texture, luminous complexion and even skin tone with three core ingredients. The vitamin C derivative reduces the look of dark spots to give a fresh face.


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The fresh fragrance has notes of delicate, blossoming rose. Glowing skin and the floral scent? It's a win-win.

The gentle biological exfoliation of hibiscus flower acids is how a smooth skin texture is achieved, alongside illuminating pearls.

Hibiscus sabdariffa flower acids delicately cause the removal of dead skin cells, encouraging skin renewal and more supple skin. 


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Four different pearls were chosen by Clarins to achieve a specific shade, and to reflect white light when put together. These pearls allow the formula to adapt to different skin tones.

Harungana, Hibiscus sabdariffa, Shea, Furcellaria, Nipplewort and White horehound are the herbs picked by Clarins for the incredible formula.

With 86 percent of their customers referring to the product as "like radiance in a jar," we definitely think it's worth a try.

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The Kardashians are always on top of the latest beauty trends, but this one is next level eccentric. From the 'vampire' facial that Kim made famous to micro-needling; the famous reality star family try some pretty out there beauty routines.

Kourtney shared an image of herself and Kim using an unusual face mark regime which absolutely TRANSFORMED their faces, and fans were alarmed to say the least. Their eyes and lips are completely contorted, and it's not a filter.

The gals were trying out the new Korean facial mask named Hanacure, which is meant to be some type of anti-ageing miracle of some sort.


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"Kim convinced me to use this face mask and I feel stunning," Kourtney wrote to her Instagram followers.

38-year-old Kim and 39-year-old Kourtney manage to defy ageing, with skin products or money, and now they're giving their social media followers a good laugh at least with the latest one. The gel mask creates a zombified effect on the skin, hence the alarming response from fans.

The lifting serum works its magic presumably; their skin was soaking up the supposed renewing and rejuvenating effects.


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The Hanacure Multi-Action Treatment Mask "promises to ‘dramatically transform the appearance of your skin" by removing impurities and dead skin cells from your pores.

You peel back the top of the square ‘gelling solution’ pot, pour in the vial of ‘purifying compound’ and shake until mixed, and then spread the mask over your skin with the brush provided.

Ironically, the face contorts and as the mask dries and tightens, it gives you wrinkles. You get older…trying to look younger. Picture Charlize Theron in Snow White and the Huntsman. We're glad Kourtney has a sense of humour about it at least…

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French Skincare brand Académie are launching their stunning limited-edition Eternal Youth Cream N°260 in collaboration with Swarovski Crystal, and we are LOVING it.

By reinterpreting their famous Eternal Youth Cream N°260 (50ML- €110), Académie are aiming to totally revive our skin's youthful complexion.

The limited-edition cosmetic treasure has been gorgeously reimagined to deliver us the face cream of dreams containing precious active ingredients such as diamond peptides and powder which grant you the glow you’ve always wanted.

The beautifully re-created jar with its silver cap covered in Swarovski crystals is the perfect gift for someone special, not to mention for treating yourself.

Containing the first age-recovery skincare from Académie, it radiantly restores your skin to its youthful softness.

The Diamond acts as the heart of the new formula, adding beautiful Swarovski features to Académie’s products for the absolute match made in heaven.


So look after it! #AcademieSkincare #AcademieBeauty

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The diamond particles in the powder diffuse all wavelengths of the light, reducing lines, pigmentary spots and imperfections. 

The powder which acts as a liposome, includes age-recovery peptides as it’s primary ingredient. The creams bio-availability enables a better delivery of peptides, stimulating the fusion of anti-ageing proteins which help to fight early signs of wrinkles.

Eternal Youth Cream is the ultimate velvety perfection for any woman who wants to fight against the signs of ageing, hydrate their skin and have a flawless complexion, whatever their skin type.

At the start and end of your day, simply apply Eternal Youth Cream Morning on a cleansed skin with light massages to the face, neck and décolletage.

The limited-edition Eternal Youth Cream n°260 (50ML- €110) will be available October 2018.

The Académie Beauté range is available from select professional salons nationwide, for your local Académie salon, please contact 01 6205493.

Check out their website here.



We all want the appearance of an effortless glow, don’t we? Call off the search, because NUXE Aquabella® have released a new combination skincare regime that gives you fresh, clear skin in just three easy steps!

NUXE has combined two ingredients, White Waterlily and Natural Hyaluronic Acid, to end the eternal struggle of targeting specific areas of our face with moisture.

We can’t thank them enough, our skin definitely needs a boost for the coming winter months! Not to mention for the damage the sun did over the summer, that sunburn still needs moisturising.

NUXE is using their Natural Blur Complex as a skin-beautifier to visibly enhance and mattify the skin, creating a radiant and dewy complexion.

Their goal is to achieve fullness in dehydrated and a pure, clear complexion in oily areas, so your face has a natural freshness without any unwanted shine.

They’ve also added the scent of sweet floral jasmine with a water note of cucumber and zesty nuances of lemon.

Say goodbye to your layers of make-up, concealers and foundations that only temporarily and artificially smooth the skin’s texture.

NUXE are offering rejuvenated skin quality with no illusions, their National Blur Complex means you won’t have to spend hours applying make-up in front of a mirror. It’s the ultimate time-saver.

Their use of white waterlily blossoms helps to maintain effective moisturising due to its concentration in mucilages which retain water molecules.

The extract has a dual “moisturising/purity” action that alleviates bacterial proliferation in oily area of the face. Its immediate and lasting smoothing effect is the key to your healthy glow.

Aquabella® Micro-Exfoliating Purifying Gel, €14.50 (150ml)

This gorgeous crystalline gel provides deep cleansing action yet somehow doesn’t leave your skin feeling dry. Miracle, much?

It uses core active ingredients of white waterlily and the Natural Blur Complex to remove excess sebum, and its natural blue micro-beads gently smooth away textured impurities in the skin.

Women immediately feel the effects of this gel, and after 28 days the skin is at its clearest. Every morning and evening use the Aquabella® Purifying gel on damp skin using your fingertips, and then rinse off. Easy!

Aquabella® Beauty-Revealing Essence-Lotion, €17.00 (200ml)

This essence lotion is a master of refreshment. It veils the face in a moisturising layer with white waterlily from Madagascar and natural origin Hyaluronic Acid.

The lotion provides a level of comfort for your skin, leaving it feeling soft and pampered.

The exclusive Natural Blur Complex corrects and improves the quality of the skin, and after four weeks, the pores are tightened and the texture is even. Use the lotion in the morning and evening with a cotton pad, and keep it out of the eye area for the best results!

Aquabella® Beauty-Revealing Moisturising Emulsion, €27.50 (50ml pump bottle)

The beauty revealing light emulsion is perfect for achieving that ultra-fresh bare skin finish. It adapts to the needs of your face, moisturising the dry areas while targeting and mattifying oily areas with Silica Power.

The white waterlily and hyaluronic acid combination work effectively with the Natural Blur Complex to diffuse the skin-beautifier all over the face.

Your complexion will feel so much better for it, trust us! Use it every morning and evening after the Essence-Lotion to get the maximum moisture. We’re sold.

These three products are your triple threat to get your skin glowing and radiant in no time!

NUXE are a pioneering French brand in natural cosmetology, dedicated to combine the strength of nature with the efficacy of science to make the highest quality skincare products that put the woman back in touch with nature itself.

For more information, head over to their website.

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It's never too early to start protecting our skin from ageing.

Our skin undergoes a lot during the day, from taking on pollution to battling the elements – so, giving it a helping hand is essential to keeping the wrinkles at bay. 

We can't reverse ageing, but by God, we will do everything in our power to slow it down. 

That's why we are oh-so grateful to Vichy.

These beauts have gone and changed the anti-ageing skincare game, so we can hold off on the botox. 

Vichy has just launched their new LiftActiv collection.

The line is inspired by the power of nature and uses unique, cutting edge technology to stimulate the skin to naturally replenish.

Included in the stunning range is a market first, Vichy's Micro Hyalu Patches. – And we are betting they'll become your very best friend.

The patches sit under the eye, and use 160 micro-cones to penetrate the skin and release the much sought after skincare GOD: hyaluronic acid. 


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Say goodbye to tired, sunken under eyes; it tightens the area and give us the quick results we all desire, without the pain of a needle.

It's ideal if you've got a big event coming up, such as a wedding, and you need an SOS (Save Our Skin).

They also super handy for the busy gals, as you stick them on before you go asleep, they won't budge, wake up and voila – replenished beautiful skin.


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Skin expert, Dr Katherine Mulrooney, recommended using Vichy's Mineral 89 after removing the patches, as it's gentle and caring to the skin.

Then put on the LiftActiv Collagen Specialist Day cream – which will help to stimulate the cells responsible for collagen production. 

It's infused with agave and smells sensational, and the bio-peptides within the cream are the hard workers which boosts the natural proteins in the skin. 

And, if you suffer from pigment issues, this cream has Vitamin CG which helps to even out skin tone.


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Vichy has also created a divine Sunday night skincare mask. 

It gives your skin the protection from the signs of ageing, and is the perfect way to re-boost and prep your skin to take on Monday, and the rest of the week. 

If you're in the market to stop the signs of ageing but you're not ready to commit to a needle, then Vichy's LifeActiv is the perfect collection for you. 


This is not a drill ladies… you can officially buy a gin that will make you look young. 

2017 is officially the best year ever, and it's only January. 

Anti-aGin liquor contains drinkable collagen, which reduces the appearance of wrinkles and the effects of aging on the skin. 

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This life-changing product can be purchased online, and will set you back £34.99 for a 70cl bottle. 

Small price to pay for happiness if you ask me…

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According to the website, "It's the newest way for people to have collagen in their lives and still enjoy their favourite tipple. Not only does this revolutionary product contain drinkable collagen but it also contains a heap of other fantastic and peculiar botanicals."

I'll drink to that.


While we agree it can be almost impossible to keep up with all of the latest beauty products, there is one that has caught our attention of late.

We are forever being told how to keep our skin looking youthful and it seems that we are being inundated with the very best of beauty regimes, oils, masks and so on to help retain a dewy glow. Which is all great but how do we know what to choose?

The people at Dermalogica have helped us narrow it down.

They are introducing their new AGE Smart Overnight Retinol Repair serum next month. The first of its kind, with a medical professional seal of approval no less, the retinol treatment is design to accelerate skin renewal.

The key ingredient is a high concentration of Retinoal, pure Vitamin A which has been proven to reverse the signs of aging caused both by the natural aging process, and harmful outside forces.

The treatment, applied a night with the accompanying buffer cream to help soothe your skin while you sleep, works to stimulate collagen production.

Collagen improves your skins appearance as it boosts the elasticity of your skin and helps prevent it from looking a little saggy. Michelle Keegan is a fan of collagen based products, and we all know her ‘woke up like this’ selfies are pretty impressive.

If there’s a chance we can have fresh-faced skin that’s going to help us prevent or even reverse any of the unwanted signs of ageing then we are all for it.

The latest wonder product will be available from October and retails from €91 for those who are looking to take their skin care to the next level.



Right now, protecting your skin from signs of ageing might not seem like a pressing issue, but believe us, it's important to start as soon as possible.

When it comes to fine lines and wrinkles, prevention is far easier than cure, and all it takes is one or two simple changes to your skincare regime.

Here are a few things you can do now for ageless skin in the future…

1. Stay hydrated
Drinking enough water (or more than enough, when you can) not only brightens the skin but also plumps it up to make pores and fine lines appear smaller. Win. Aim to spread your water intake out over the day instead of downing three glasses at once.

Our bodies can only absorb a certain amount of water each hour, so any more than that and you'll be rushing to the toilet every ten minutes.

2. Invest in skincare
Looking after your skin now will definitely pay off down the link, so rather than splashing out on a new eyeliner or mascara next time you hit the beauty counter, why not stock up on some key skincare products instead?

One brand new release that we cannot wait to add to our daily beauty routine is M.A.C's Mineralize Timecheck Lotion. As well as working as an anti-ageing serum to reduce the appearance of fine lines, shrink pores and hydrate the skin, the lotion also acts as a primer and so is perfect for applying as a base coat for your make-up.

One thing that puts us off serums and primers is their sticky consistency, but M.A.C Mineralize Timecheck's gel-lotion formula feels instantly refreshing and sinks in without a trace.

3. ALWAYS remove your make-up
Okay, you can't help those rare Saturday nights when you fall into bed still in your heels and false eyelashes, but you should be aiming to remove your make-up every night. 

Sleeping with foundation and mascara on not only blocks your pores but also dries out the skin and increases the risk of irritation. Not a good plan for the future. Keep make-up remover or wipes plus moisturiser by your bed, so even when you're exhausted you're giving yourself a fighting chance.



Victoria Beckham has come a long, long way from her days as Posh Spice although you would never notice with her never ageing skin.

However, it seems that Victoria has a little trick up her sleeve that helps her avoid getting any winkles. The now hugely successful and respected fashion designer admitted to Vogue, that she takes an awful lot of vitamins to maintain her youthful glow, saying: “Twenty-two amino acids, 12 vitamins, 28 minerals. Please don’t write that I’m completely mad, we don’t want wrinkles.”

Last year, there was speculation that the  40-year-old  mum-of-four had gone under the knife but her dermatologist cleared that up, saying: “She’s an incredible health nut – she watches her diet, her exercise, she sort of leads an ideal healthy life. She pays meticulous attention to product use and lifestyle. And I supervised all of it so I assure you nobody has touched her with any surgical implements or lasers. She’s an example of self discipline.”

However, it’s not just vitamins that the designer takes, she also dabbles a bit in the latest trend of eating bee pollen, although she is not the only one – Kate Middleton and Gwyneth Paltrow have also caught on with the trend.




As soon as we hit our mid-twenties we, apparently, need to start worrying about our wrinkles. Yes, from 24 years of age – what?!

According to the experts, we should start our anti-ageing regime from about 21 years of age!

However, before you start worrying that you’ll be the image of your granny before your time, now is more about protecting your skin from damaging effects like the sun rather than trying to smooth out fine lines and wrinkles.

According to Dr Tabi Leslie, spokesperson for The British Association of Dermatologists, it is all about suncream at this age. Dr Tabi says: “Our message at the British Association of Dermatologists is that the best way to avoid wrinkles is to keep out of the sun and to use a sun cream or a moisturiser with sunblock in it, preferably everyday,”

Dr Nick Lowe consultant dermatologist agrees: “Choose well-formulated sunscreens and a good cleansing routine as well as a healthy diet and you will see the benefits for many years ahead. Ignoring these factors will make you age faster”

Eek, better get the suncream out!