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Well, well, well. The time has finally arrived for the return of Ireland's biggest music festival; Electric Picnic.

With some unbelievable headline acts such as The 1975, Billie Eilish, Florence and the Machine, The Strokes, Dermot Kennedy, Christine and the Queens and Freya Ridings, you can expect for your mind to be blown on numerous occasions in front of the Main Stage.

With festival season comes the prospect of camping for three full days in questionable Irish weather (rain is forecasted, are we shocked?), we've decided to put together a list of the best beauty products for the experience.

camping celine dion GIF by E!

You'll need a tent, about a 52 pack of cans, maybe a 70cl of Smirnoff, rain ponchos, a bucket hat and a bum-bag, but what about your makeup bag? And your skincare routine? 

Look no further, we've got it all sorted:

1. Misslyn's Desert Fire collection, from €5.95


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The Misslyn 'Desert Fire' collection echoes the rich colours of the desert and creates a unique atmosphere with earthy shades and a mixture of matte and shiny tones for your eyes.

The Desert Night Metallic Eyeshadow Palette is only €12.95, and combines on-trend metallics with matte shades in 12 beautiful colours. The colour crush lipstick is a bold red shade, and costs just €7.95.

Don't forget your True Colour Eyeshadow Base for €5.95 to start off your eye makeup routine. Find the whole 'Desert Fire' collection in Penneys stores now and on Beauty Bay.

2. EcoStardust biodegradable glitter


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Many festivals are now only accepting glitter which is biodegradable, considering the amount of plastic engrained in the substance and how much of it is spread around events like EP.

EcoStardust is just one of the gorgeous brands creating glitter which won't harm the planet as a result of you dancing your heart out to The 1975's The Sound.

Shop the colourful collections on their website, or on ASOS.

3. Fuschia's 'GlamHer' van to save the day

The legends that are Fuschia makeup are bringing their 'GlamHer' van to Electric Picnic to provide festival looks for anyone and everyone. We stan a gang of queens in that van.

The van will be down to greet all of your festival glitter needs at Electric Picnic, with the Fuschia Pro Team are attending in full force to kit you out in full festival makeup, a bath of glitter, body art and hair braiding.

Take the pain of that hungover morning tent rut and book yourself in to let Fuschia give you a 1990s-era iconic makeover.

4. Riemann P20 suncream, between €20 and €30


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As somebody who got absolutely CHARGRILLED to lobster level last year at EP, you don't want to risk getting burned if the sun magically appears. Our poor Irish skin can take it,

P20 products provides seriously reliable suncare for up to 10 hours, so you can go from music act to music act without compromising your performance.

This durability means that, even if you have very sensitive skin, you can enjoy the peace of mind you deserve when spending time in the sun. It offers UVB protection as well as very high UVA protection, thank the Lord.

Grab your set of P20 suncreams at leading pharmacies, Dunnes StoresPenneys and airports nationwide so you won't turn into a meme of the classic sunburnt eejit.  

5. L'Oréal Paris bambi eyes mascara, €14.95


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L'Oréal Paris are seriously reviving that Twiggy era look, serving complete doe-eyed fierceness like there's no tomorrow.

The short bristles grip the lashes in an exaggerated curl, and the long bristles elongate from root to tip for noticeably long lashes.

Available nationwide for just €14.95, we're sold on that false lash Bambi Eye mascara vibe. You'll be making eyes with everyone in the festival tents, they won't know what hit 'em.

6. KISS iEnvy lashes in Premium, €3.50


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If you're gasping for gorgeous, lightweight, natural lashes then look no further than KISS iEnvy at Penneys.

Their Premium lashes fit perfectly with the texture of your own lashes as well as being easily pliable and quick to apply.

Adhesive glue is included in the set, and you'll be amazed at the price; €3.50. Is this real life, or is this just fantasy? We'll take the lot.

7. Nivea's MicellAIR Professional Make Up Remover, from €4.99 to €6.99.


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Of course, you can't have a festival makeup routine without planning for makeup removal, now can you? Luckily for us, Nivea's MicellAIR Professional range has us covered. Or, uncovered?

Formulated with a combination of MicellAIR complex, dry oil and black tea extract, it works like a magnet to effectively lift long-lasting and stubborn waterproof makeup from your face and eyes, leaving zero percent greasy residue, so your skin looks clean and healthy.

It's an absolute essential for your festival bag, and don't even THINK about going to sleep with your makeup on. I don't care how gargled you are from the cans, take it off. No excuses.

The MicellAIR Professional Eye Makeup Remover comes in at just €5,49, the MicellAIR remover wipes are €4.99 and the MicellAIR Professional Makeup Remover is €6.99 from pharmacies nationwide.

8. SOSU by Suzanne Jackson x Keilidh 'Urban Bible': 16 Shade Eyeshadow Palette, €24.95

For a festival where you can't exactly bring the contents of your entire room to, it's important that you bring small, compact palettes with a decent range of colours. Enter the SOSU by Suzanne Jackson x Keilidh MUA Urban Bible palette, isn't she a beaut?

Keilidh MUA describes the palette as her two make up personas, Grunge Vs Insta Fun;

“I continuously struggle to find that one palette that I can take anywhere which contains all of my favourite eyeshadow shades. My ultimate goal was to create a palette that would inspire everyone to play with colour and get creative. Release your inner freak.” We will indeed, gal.

At only €24.95, you'd be mad to miss it. We have our eyes on those two purple shades, 'Freedom' and 'Myth' for our own looks.

9. Bellamianta 'Flawless Filter Body Makeup', €22 (£19.99)


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I mean, if it's good enough for Maura Higgins then it's probably good enough for us. We aren't Love Island royalty but we still deserve a glowing golden tan for the biggest music festival in the Irish calendar.

Bellamianta have released their 'Flawless Filter Body Makeup', and it's absolutely brilliant.  Seamlessly smoothing imperfections, pores, stretch marks, blemishes and evening out skin tone, it's a beauty must-have for any day of the year.

The quick-drying, full-coverage formula is available in two shades; light/medium & medium/dark and can be used on both the face and body. Check out the products on their website here.

10. Dr Bronner's lavender hand sanitiser, €5.35

The Health Store, €5.35

With festivals come germs, and lots ot them. We all need some hand sanitiser for those traumatising trips to the portaloos, but investing in an organic one can be great for your skin.

It also almost ensures that none of the irritants and harmful chemicals are present, which is a bonus. Dr Bronner's organic hand sanitiser kills germs using only organic ethyl alcohol, water, organic lavender oil, and organic glycerin.

It's just as effective as conventional hand sanitisers, but uses none of the same chemicals. It's perfect for using on the go at a festival, keep it in your bum bag at all times. Why not sanitise with a healthy conscience.

Available from The Health Store for €5.35.

11. Charlotte Tilbury Airbrush Flawless foundation, €40


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There's a reason why this product has a months-long waiting list: it's a total goddess product and it gets results. Charlotte's new innovation foundation is the secret to poreless-looking, flawless complexion with a weightless, full-coverage formula and natural matte finish.

The foundation comes in 44 flawless shades after Charlotte used her colour artistry to make a formula to seamlessly balance your unique skin undertones and optimise your overtones. Charlotte Tilbury is the first colour cosmetics brand to use ground-breaking Magic Replexium to reduce the appearance of wrinkles.

it's sweat proof, humidity-proof, waterproof and transfer-resistant, what's not to love? Pack it in your bag and you'll be glowing all day. Grab your shade from Charlotte Tilbury's website here.

12. Glossier 'Balm Dot Com' universal skin salve€12 each or €75 for the full set


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Glossier are a cult beauty brand and once we tried one of their products, we just lost control of ourselves and became overwhelmingly addicted. Just one product can be the gateway into one of the greatest skincare brands in town, and their balm dot com skin salve is a fan favourite.

The hydrating, multipurpose lip balms and skin salves are packed with antioxidants and natural emollients to nourish dry, chafed skin. The dense, waxy texture stays in place to seal in moisture. You can choose the Original, or pick from seven mood-enhancing flavors: 

Birthday (a subtle shimmer), Rose (a barely-there pink tint), Cherry (a sheer red tint), Mint, Coconut, Mango (a translucent coral tint), and Berry (a sheer berry tint) are all available for €12 each or €75 for the full set. Run, Forest, Run. Check out their website for the heaven of festival skincare options.

13. essence 'Lip Saviours' collection, all less than €4


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You didn't think we'd forget lip care, did you? Of course not. You can't head to a glamorous festival without at least looking out for some great lipsticks, lip glosses, lip balms and lip liners. Where would a gal get all of them in the one go? essence cosmetics, that's where.

The queens over at essence have created 52 amazing lip products in a 'Lip Saviours' collection, and we can't thank them enough. You may need to sit down after we tell you this, but the entire collection is available for UNDER €4. Yes, you read that right. We're shaken at that bargain.

They've got 18 lipsticks, 14 lip glosses, 13 lip liners and 7 liquid lipsticks available, with countless combinations. Whether you prefer natural or glam, understated or vibrant, nude or bold, glossy or matte, we have your signature lip look sorted. Pronounce that Electric Picnic pout, girls and boys.

No matter what beauty disaster happens at the festival, be it a fall into the mud or a drink spilled all over you, these 12 products will save the day when it comes to your glamorous lewks.

awkward renee zellweger GIF by Bridget Jones

Enjoy EP everyone; Stay stunning xoxo. 



Hands up who loves long fluttery lashes?

You’re not alone, and in an age of strip lashes and semi – permanent extensions, achieving full flirty lashes is easier than ever.

However, continually subjecting your lids to glue and fake lashes may not be the best way – not only can the application of fake lashes on a regular basis sometimes cause your natural lashes to thin, the glue and prosthetic lashes can also lead to bacteria build up.

Thankfully, there's no need to despair just yet, as natural, healthy, luscious lashes can still be yours with our top tips:

Comb Your Lashes

Believe it or not, taking the time to comb through your lashes daily can help stimulate growth. It helps to rid your lashes of particles, dirt, pollen and dust, and it also spreads your natural lash oils through the hair, softening them.

This can encourage your lashes to grow longer before being shed, with the overall result being thicker lashes.

Coconut Oil

If you’re a beauty blog addict, you already know that coconut oil seems to be a magical remedy for almost anything, so it should come as no surprise that it can be a great lash asset as well.

The oil itself makes lashes softer and more resilient to shedding, and the natural vitamins and nutrients in it can encourage healthy growth. You can melt a little between your index finger and thumb and coat your lashes with a cotton ball or clean mascara wand.

beach, coconut, delicious

Eyelid Massage

Blood flow is vital to healthy lash growth and a massage is a great way to encourage it. Gently massaging your eyelids and lashes once or twice on a daily basis for five to ten minutes can lead to healthier, stronger lashes. Feel free to combine this with your coconut oil application!

Lemon Peel Infusion

Lemon peels are loaded with vitamin C, vitamin B and folic acid—all of which are critical elements to thicker, healthier hair growth.

Of course, putting lemon peels on your eyes probably isn’t a good idea. However, you can create a lemon peel infusion by soaking lemon peels in olive oil for several days. Apply up to one drop of the infused oil nightly before bedtime.

agriculture, citrus, close-up

Eyelash Serum

The easiest and safest way to encourage thicker lashes, however, is an eyelash serum.

IMAGE Skincare have the most amazing serum, that will promote lash and brow growth (yes please)! I BEAUTY Lash and Brow Enhancement Serum promotes the  growth and life span of thin and short eye brows and lashes while helping to prevent breakage and further hair loss making your lashes look great while providing the benefits of all of the above tips, safely and conveniently!





She already has a best-selling range of nail polishes, as well as a mega-hit contour palette.

And now – finally – Suzanne Jackson has released strip lashes, so (fingers crossed!) we can get the blogger’s gorgeously full look ourselves.

Yes, under the SOSU brand, the 31-year-old Dubliner has created not one but TWO lash collections – Human Hair Lashes, which boasts eight different varieties, and 3D Luxury Silk Lashes, of which there are four different types.  

The Human Hair lashes (€5.95 per set) are lightweight, of premium quality and enable beauty lovers to create quick and easy everyday looks.

While the 3D Luxury Silk Lashes are notably more costly at €19.95 a pair, they come in more dramatic designs and, once cared for, can be reused up to 20 times.

Speaking of her new venture, Suzanne said: “The initial SOSU Lash journey began three years ago but for me the range had to be perfect – a premium lash collection offering plenty of choice and catering for everyone.”

According to sosu.ie, the Ella, Gigi and Katie lashes – all of which are from the Human Hair collection – are already sold out.

Currently, the other nine lash styles are still available online.

SOSU Human Hair Lashes cost €5.95 and SOSU 3D Luxury Silk Lashes retail at €19.95.  SOSU Lashes are available from selected pharmacies nationwide and www.sosu.ie.



Contouring seems to be the one beauty trend that just keeps on giving.  Already it's allowed us to cover sunburn, create chiseled cheeks and draw on better boobs so really it's about time we tried the technique on our eyes.

As most people know, contouring involves a combination of shading and highlighting to enhance desirable attributes while reducing the prominence of our less favourable features and it's because of this the process can be quite product heavy.  But luckily we've found one easy-to-use solution for contouring the eye.

The new Eye & Brow Contouring Palette by Catrice includes one shimmer shade for highlighting the brow bone and three different matt brown colours for adding depth and definition to the eye.

This compact palette comes in two colours (one designed for people with warm skin tones and one for those with cooler complexions), can easily be slotted into any handbag for on-the-go contouring and costs just €4.95.

For added definition, why not apply a line of Catrice’s Glam & Doll Super Black Liner (€3.95)?  The uniquely shaped flexible felt tip on this product allows for the creation of both fine and thick lines and its long-wearing formula means your wings should stay picture perfect all night long.

And for all out glam, stick on a pair of the brand’s new Smokey Eyes Volume Lashes (€4.50).

Catrice’s Autumn/Winter ’16 collection will be available in Penneys stores and pharmacies nationwide this August.



For most women applying mascara is a no brainer – find one you like, give your lashes a few quick swipes and off you go.  But apparently this process should be a lot more labour intensive than you’d think.

According to Allure, using just a couple of layers of mascara applies nowhere near enough product to achieve the volumising and lengthening effects you’ve been promised.

Makeup artist Amy Nadine claims it takes exactly 30 strokes per eye to get lashes on fleek and the technique used to apply the mascara shouldn’t exactly be haphazard either.

Amy told Allure the stokes should not be long and precise and that instead you should use “quick brisk strokes” when putting on this product.

Given that she’s recommending 60 strokes per day, they’d want to be pretty brisk indeed.

Feat image: Studio D


Don’t we all at some point dream about having long, voluminous lashes without even trying? A life free from mascara wands and false lash glue sounds pretty appealing.

Unless you were one of the lucky people born with fabulous lashes, then chances are you may have considered faking your way to luscious lashes at one point or another.

However, some experts say that you can achieve great lashes without using falsies. No more sticky glue in tiny impractical tubes? Sounds good to us!

Consider a supplement

Not just for your lashes but healthy hair in general. Plenty of people are known to take a supplement that contains biotin to help promote healthy hair growth, this includes helping your lashes grow stronger.

Eat the right food

According to one expert apple cider vinegar is also known to increase hair growth when ingested, not when applied topically! Spinach, pineapples, cranberries and cauliflower all offer some of the same benefits too.

Consider some oils

Lavender essential oil is said to increase hair growth and strengthen follicles but you warned that as with applying anything to skin near the eyes to be extremely careful.

Try a strengthening treatment

If all else fails, there are serums and conditioning gels that are made with the purpose of helping your lashes to grow stronger and appear fuller over time.



A good mascara can really make a difference to your overall appearance.

Although there are plenty of mascaras out there that can get the job done, these ones really bring your lashes to life:

ysl mac_false_lash  lash_domination  scandel_eyes_001  ben_theyre_real

PRICES: €31.00, Yves Saint Laurent Luxurious Mascara, Brown Thomas; €23.50 MAC False Lashes Extreme, Brown Thomas; €21.00 BareMinerals Lash Domination, €26.00, Debenhams; Benefit They’re Real, Brown Thomas



Cheryl Cole has the most amazing eyes and while we can’t steal her flawless genes, we can steal one of her secret weapons – mascara.

It’s the perfect tool if you want to give your eyes a dramatic, scene-stealing look. However, if it is not applied right you can end up with clumpy and gloopy lashes.

If you want a Cheryl Cole look, follow our guide to applying mascara.

  • Firstly, make sure your mascara is of good quality and hasn’t been sitting in your makeup bag for months.
  • Always start at the root of your lashes. This is where you will create the most volume. Run the wand through your lashes in a zigzag movement from left to right.
  • If you do end up with a few clumps, a lash comb will help separate your lashes. Simply run the comb through after you have applied the mascara.
  • Only apply a second and third coat if your lashes are still wet. If you apply after they have dried you will just end up clumping them even more.
  • To make them appear fuller, draw a thick black line of eyeliner along the lash line.