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While beauty brands come and go, dip and flow, in popularity among makeup lovers based on influencer recommendations and online trends – one thing remains constant, and that's MAC. 

MAC lives in the memoirs of young men and women who saved up their after-school job money to purchase their first 'proper' foundation, and remains alive today in their vibrant, professional and adaptive collections. 

Creative yet classic, the brand knock it out of the park year after year with their coveted Christmas collection, and 2018's offering is no different. 


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MAC have launched their Shiny Pretty Things Collection – and it's the perfect Christmas gift for the beauty lover in your life. 

We have to first point out the delightful, 80s inspired cellophane wrapping that coats the collection – in dramatic, acidic shades of cobalt, fuchsia and tangerine, they definitely won't be overlooked under the tree.

The collection has a mix of sets and stand alone items – some of which come in decked-out sequin makeup pouches. 


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Our ultimate must purchase from the collection is the lipstick vault – we've seen it IRL and it truly made us gasp in delight. 

There's nothing more decadent than treating yourself (or someone else) to not one, but ten new lipsticks. 

The MAC Lip Kit  includes firm favourites Diva, Chili, See Sheer, Velvet Teddy, Twig, Ruby Woo, Relentlessly Red, Rebel, Snow Orchid and Snow. 

Best of all, it's only €63.50, making each lippie, in it's co-ordinating capsule, only €6.35. 


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Along with the lip-focused set, MAC has also come up with face sets to get that complexion glowing for party season. 

We're particularly fond of the Medium/Deep palette – which includes, like it's Fair sister, an Extra Dimension Skinfinish highlighter, Blush and Bronzing Powder with rich, peachy undertones. 

Next up is the selection of Party Favours – little quads of cosmetics in jewel-toned sealed cellophane.

These kits host four of MAC's iconic dazzle pigments – and for a mere €24.00.

The iconic brand have also followed down the youngest Kardashian-Jenner's path by combining their bestselling lipsticks and lip liners to create kits. 

The Goody Bag Lip Trios come in stunning makeup bags, with a neutral trio and a red trio to choose from. 

Accompanying the liner and lipstick is a stunning LipGlass – one of MAC's bestselling products. 


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Our final pick for the beauty buff in your life has got to be the Extra Dimension Skinfinish in Snowflushed

The colour itself is stunning – an iridescent peach with hints of strobe gold – and we're loving the adorable bow finish on the highlighter pan. 


The entire collection is available now from Brown Thomas and Arnotts, as well as maccosmetics.com. 



While we all know by now that Instagram does n ot the depict the reality of any situation – one ,makeup brand has been changing the narrative surrounding makeup accounts and Photoshop. 

MAC Cosmetics have received waves of praise for featuring up-close images up makeup without retouching.

Most notably, one image which showcases a stunning brown lip look also includes the upper lip hairs of the model in full view, going against silly societal expectation of hairless, dolphin-skinned women. 


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'Living up to other people's beauty standards can be so exhausting and emotionally tolling – especially when as women our bodies and faces are expected to be predominantly hairless and poreless,' said one commeter. 

'Absolutely love the natural image. Allows consumers to better see the quality of the product too,' said another. 

'Appriacte you for not editing or photoshopping the model! We Stan a natural sister,' another wrote. 


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 Recently, huge brands like Urban Decay and Charlotte Tilbury have ditched the photoshop in favour of digitally unenhanced images. 

The brand have chosen models with skin texture, freckles, and pores on their social media account. 

Here's to hoping brands ditch photoshop from now on, so we see what women (and the products) really look like. 



Have you been good this year? You better hope you have!

Why? Because the gorgeous folks over at M.A.C have given us a look at their amazing Holiday collection, and you're going to want it.

ALL of it. 

The brand's highly anticipated "Snowball" holiday collection is the most beautiful combination of shimmer and spice – and we're in love.

"All eyes are on the cool kids, hanging out, swaying to the beat, showing off with a little festive flirtation. You’re the sleighbelle of the ball, dancing until morning, feeling alive, revelling in the new generation. the lights catch a crystal and glitter snowflake adornment, all the bling you’ll ever need – everyone goes starstruck. see you on the dance floor," reads the press release from the brand. 

This is a message we can get down with.

What's in this divine collection, I hear you ask?

MAC Face Powder in Happy Go Dazzingly

WELL, there are snowflake-embossed eye-shadow singles in gorgeous glitter shades, a set of 12 mini lipsticks, perfume-lipstick duos, and shiny silver and gold makeup brush sets.

There's even a set of gold false eyelashes that you may not wear, but hey, tis' the season. 

All of these glorious goodies are available from 26th October at all M∙A∙C locations – so kindly, shut up and take our money.  

Just LOOK at all these babies:

MAC Extra Dimension Eye Shadow in Stylishly Merry

MAC Lash in 36 Gold ($17)

MAC Extra Dimension Eye Shadow in Delicate Drift



 Fleur de Force is one of the world's biggest bloggers, boasting a following of over one million fans across social media.

The beauty obsessed blonde has teamed up with MAC Cosmetics to create her signature lip stick, which is being sold online at MAC and at Brown Thomas.

Today, the blogger will be in Brown Thomas to discuss her new lippie shade, and will be hosting a meet and greet in the Grafton Street store.

'Take your photo with Fleur, try her perfect nude lipstick and discover her favourite M·A·C products,' reads the event description. 


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In case you didn't manage to get your hands on a ticket to the event, Fleur will be over on the Brown Thomas Facebook page at 4.30pm doing a Facebook live.

The blogger is set to discuss her new venture and will be doing a Q&A session live on the social media site.

 We definitely won't be missing this.



MAC have started the new year wth another amazing makeup collaboration.

Former Olympian and reality star, Caitlyn Jenner, has teamed up with the makeup giants to produce a truly beautiful collaboration. 

Caitlyn originally teamed up with MAC over a year ago, to create a gorgeous rose coloured lipstick called "Finally Free". 

The 15-piece line is described by MAC as being "beautifully suited for those who embrace life, in whatever form they choose."

The products are hitting MAC stores worldwide today, and will also be available online.

We'll take one of everything please.  



Being one of the most recognisable brands in the cosmetics world, it’s no surprise that M.A.C. employs some of the industry’s most talented makeup artists.

But while M.A.C. counters are pretty much everyone’s go-to for a solid smoky eye and a decent spot of contour, behind the scenes its MUAs are working on some incredibly creative projects.

With Halloween just around the corner, the “MacSeniorArtist” hashtag is throwing up some pretty impressive costume ideas on Instagram.

From creepy clowns and withered hags to bejewelled sea creatures and movie-worthy aliens, check out some of our favourite M.A.C. looks below.


• HALLOWEEN IS COMING • repost from @stephanie_montes Yesterday I did this makeup on the lovely Stephanie for the @thezoereport Facebook Live page. We had loads of fun and talked to people live whilst doing it! My first time doing that!  This look was inspired by a clown, but not literal, as you can see!  #seniorartistsslayhalloween #seniorartistsslayhalloween #maccosmetics #macseniorartist #reflectsblueglitter #reflectsverypink #relectspink #reflectspearl #whitepigment #shiny #whiteacrylic #studiosculptfoundation #44lashes  #invisiblesetpowder #colour #color #purple #lilac #blacktrackfluidline #retromattelip #pretty #makeup #makeupartist #beauty #beautyblog  #myartistcommunity #macpigment #eyeshadow #makeupaddict @maccosmetics#colour #color #spooky #makeup #makeupartist #beauty #beautyblog  #myartistcommunity #macpigment #eyeshadow #makeupaddict @maccosmetics #glitter

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Stunning work by @michelleclarkmakeup  #macseniorartist #macosmetics #artistry #crystal #mystical #beauty

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• HALLOWEEN • last one of these! Close up of mine. I'd love to see this on a dark skin, change it all to real skin tone as a base, but have all the details bronze, chocolate, gold, copper instead of Pearl and white. Rich dark chocolate brown lipstick on the lips, with #ReflectsBronze pressed on top. The last touch – have a friend blow #reflectsgold over the entire face! Someone do it and tag me!! Please!! #seniorartistsslayhalloween #seniorartistsslayhalloween #maccosmetics #macseniorartist #3Dblackglitter #reflectspearl #whitepigment #shiny #whiteacrylic #studiosculptfoundation #7lashes #44lashes #shiveringwhitestudiofix #invisiblesetpowder #colour #color #spooky #makeup #makeupartist #beauty #beautyblog  #myartistcommunity #macpigment #eyeshadow #makeupaddict @maccosmetics#colour #color #spooky #makeup #makeupartist #beauty #beautyblog  #myartistcommunity #macpigment #eyeshadow #makeupaddict @maccosmetics #glitter

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Feat image: Instagram @michelleclarkmakeup



Every makeup fanatic knows the sadness that comes with smudging a brand new product for the first time.

But thankfully that shameful feeling could soon be confined to the past as the cosmetic gods have finally gifted us with magnetic eyeshadow.

MAC’s Spellbinder shadows have been magnetised to prevent eyeshadow fallout and will keep the pigments looking picture perfect in their pots no matter how many times you use them.

As demonstrated in the following clip, magnets beneath the product allow the shadow to simply be pushed back into its original wave shape after use so that it always retains its untouched look.

A spokesperson for the brand told The Huffington Post that the Spellbinder range will be available in the UK from December 1, but will only run for a limited period of eight weeks.

The shadows – which come in cobalt blue, cool teal, warm olive, vivid emerald, deep amethyst, rich chocolate, smoky quartz and metallic bronze shades – will go on sale in the US later this month.




Considering MAC smash everything from lipstick lines to special collections it is no great surprise that the brand's cosmetic counters are always buzzing.  

But have you ever wondered what kind of juicy insider secrets you would learn while working for the makeup giant?

Buzzfeed Style recently rounded up a long list of MAC employee secrets, so we've picked out our favourite eight just for you:


1. MAC staff get a pretty decent discount:

As anyone who’s ever worked a retail job will know, people are always mad to know what kind of discount you get and for MAC employees, it’s pretty hefty indeed.  MAC staff can reportedly get up to 60 percent off the brand’s products as well as a monthly allowance to spend in store. 


2. And once a year they can get whatever they want for FREE:

MAC’s annual gratis is a time when staff members can order a selection of their favourite products for free.  The actual dream.


3. But in fairness you’d want a helping hand if you had to wear makeup ALL of the time.

There’s no taking a makeup free day if you work at MAC because the MAC MUA’s are expected to wear a full face of makeup all of the time.  If you’re working in-store and aren’t seen to be wearing enough product, you will be asked to apply more.


4.  So how do they keep themselves fresh faced on the floor all day?

A good spritz of Fix + is how.  MAC’s must have refreshing mist is a bit of a cult beauty product as this lightweight water-based spray helps keep the face hydrated while giving fading makeup the boost it needs. 


5. Which must have product is impossible to get hold of?


#lovethiscombination #macsoar #macbrave #mac #maccosmetics Snap: son_gulumm

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The brand's most in demand product is the Soar lip liner thanks to Kylie Jenner.  Back before Kylie Cosmetics began breaking the Internet on a daily basis the reality star also recommended MAC's Whirl liner. 


6. Six MAC empties do equal a free lipstick.



So be sure to hold on to those bad boys.


7. They know their stuff:


You can't just wander in off the street and land a job in MAC – you've got to earn those benefits.  While some staff members were trained by MAC and others learned their trade elsewhere, everyone working in MAC is a qualified makeup artist.


8. Oh, there is one more perk…


My new MAC chains  #rosegold #gold #mac #macnecklace #myartistcommunity #myartistcommunitymidatlantic #macchain  #MUA

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When MAC artists move up the ranks they are awarded a MAC necklace to mark their achievements.  Nice!



We are girls and we love make-up. SHOCKER. And we will therefore take any opportunity to discuss make-up in detail because make up what makes us happy. 

Whether you are all about the packaging or swear by your go-to foundation, we all have our favourite brands for many, usually very specific, reasons. 

But how did MAC become MAC? And what benefit is there to be had from Benefit? Oh and just WHO is the Essie behind Essie?

Do we have you wondering? Well wonder no more. 


NYX Round Case Lipstick in Electra, €xx


The glorious Nyx was named after the Greek goddess of the night. Nyx (the goddess that is) symbolises beauty and power (of course).

Touché, Nyx.


Essie Nail Polish in Play Date, €9.99, Boots


The Essie behind Essie is none other than the company’s founder, Essie Weingarten. Having set up her company in 1981, Essie is a pretty impressive business woman.

Essie cosmetics was sold to L'Oréal ensuring business success for the foreseeable future.

You go girl.

​Maybelline New York

Maybelline Fit Me Foundation, €11.99, Boots


In 1915, Mabel Williams mixed coal and Vaseline together and applied her concoction to her lashes and brows, making them look fuller and darker.

Yep, you guessed it! She was one of the first people to create mascara as we know it.

Inspired by her creation, her brother set up Maybell Laboratories and eventually changed the name to Maybelline.


MAC Studio Finish Concealer Due, €31.50 


MAC was founded in Canada in the eighties and was originally intended to be marketed solely towards make up professionals.

As a result, MAC simply stands for Makeup Art Cosmetics


Lancôme Soothing Moisturising Cream, €52.50 


This cosmetics brand was named after… a castle?

The founder of the company named his new venture after a French castle called the Château de Lancosme that he had visited on his holiers.

Yellow flowers that were seen growing in the castles gardens served as the inspiration for the brands' iconic flower emblem.


Shiseido Perfect Mascara Full Definition, €27, Boots


​Shiseido is one of the longest running cosmetics brands in the world having been founded in 1872.

The name comes from a Chinese book entitled I Ching (that’s the Book of Changes to you and me). This ancient and historic manual is one of the oldest of the Chinese classics.

The word shiseido itself comes from a passage in the text that means: "Praise the virtues of the great Earth, which nurtures new life and brings forth new values."


Benefit Benetint Lip and Cheek Colour, €34.50 


Benefit cosmetics started out as a beauty boutique called The Face Place which was opened by the Ford sisters in the seventies.

As the store originally focused solely on make up products that would tackle common problems and blemishes, it would make sense that the brand eventually became Benefit

As in beneficial cosmetics, geddit?! 


Sorry MAC fans, but if you have been lusting after their oh-so popular Spice liner and were expecting Santa to pop one under the tree for you, think again.

The favourite of make-up addicts everywhere because of its universally flattering appeal, Spice lip liner has become the brand’s most-wanted product ever. The massive increase in the pencil’s popularity is a result of the queen of the Instagram pout herself: Kylie Jenner. 

The 18-year old reality TV star has revealed that she counts on the liner to help her perfect that famous pout.

Before Kylie confessed to using lip fillers to obtain her famous pout, she was attributing it to her makeup artist’s serious skill with a lip pencil. Big sister Kim has also revealed that she still relies on the famous brand despite having an enhanced smile.

She is known to blend a number of shades together when contouring her lips, but her favourite is Spice though, just FYI. 

So much so that MAC shops around the world have were experiencing something of a supply crisis earlier this year.

While you can find it online, it may not be available for very long. With Christmas just around the corner, people are planning on stocking up. So if you know someone in your life that is expecting a beauty haul for Christmas, then you better order one now. 

However, if you are one of the unlucky beauty addicts who can’t get their hands on the liner of the moment, have no fear. 

NYX have a liner that is supposedly the closest thing to the MAC original. The Peekaboo Neutral lip pencil is available online for just €5. 


Hurrah! The long-awaited MAC Autumn collections have officially hit shelves. 

First up is their new glimmering foundation which any make-up lover is going to adore. 

Studio Waterweight Foundation, which is exclusive to Brown Thomas, is the latest product in MAC's studio line up. 

The innovative foundation delivers colour in a brand-new elastic gel serum formula – unlike any other foundation on the market. 

It boasts of an ultra-thin fluid application, yet it is true to colour and builds to a medium coverage – perfect if you want to change your make-up from day to night!

The stay-true colour softly blurs away any of your imperfections such as pores, blemishes and fine lines. Score!

What's more is that is has a built-in moisture fusion complex that provides immediate AND all-day hydration. So no more dry or flaky skin come lunch time!

This foundation is brilliant if you want your skin feeling soft, quenched, silky and supple to the touch!

What more could a girl ask for?! 

Also hitting MAC this week is their all-new Haute Dogs collection. 

This collection is inspired by canines – featuring luscious hues of buttery fur tones, golden powders, subdued polishes and regal berry lips – this set is sure to knock any pooch off his perch! 

Our favourite pieces of all is their new nail lacquers which take pride in being the perfect shades for Autumn too. We're definitely going to grab the hushed grey while it lasts! 




Mac has given us an exclusive look at their new nail transformations and Moody Bloom collection which are set to be released this July.

Former forensic scientist, Marian Newman has collaborated with MAC to create a new collection of nail lacquers and topcoats which are designed to give your nails a stylish twist.

The nail polishes come in six topcoats from shadow, blue, pink, green and gold and will transform the look of your lacquers into totally new shades.

MAC is also releasing its new collection of lipgloss, eyeshadow and blusher through it’s new Moody Bloom collection. The Moody Bloom Collection comes in a variety of colours from Venomous Violets, Intoxicating Ivy and poisonous Nightshade Glow.

And if that wasn’t enough, a selection of your favourite MAC products are also now available in handy travel-ready sizes, and are the perfect size for your make-up kit!








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