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Back in January, Megan Burke and her sister racked up tens of thousands of views on YouTube when they performed a medley of Beyoncé songs.

Knocking it out of the park, the Dublin sisters soon went viral, and now they're back with an even more impressive medley of hits.

Going down the 90s R&B route this time around, Megan and Sally-Anne sing No Diggity, Doo Wop (That Thing) No Scrubs and Waterfalls, and frankly, we're still reeling.

"Myself and SallyAnne have been so busy recently and we haven't had a second to record anything new but this week we had to get together to record this video because this ideas been going around my head for ages now," Megan wrote beneath the newly uploaded footage.

Someone give these girls a record deal.

Oh, and for anyone who missed the sisters' ode to Ed Sheeran back in May, we got you.

And now for your listening pleasure….




She already has quite the profile as a kick-ass MUA. But Dubliner Megan Burke is a woman of many talents, because she is also the MOST amazing singer. 

In fact, she has over the last couple of years compiled some pretty expert renditions of a load of hit songs, including Christina Aguliera's Fighter, James Brown's I Feel Good, and Maroon5's Sunday Morning.


A photo posted by Megan Burke (@megan_makeup_music) on

And now, Megan has teamed-up with her sister, Sallyanne, to record a stunning selection of Beyonce's hits.  

Posting the video to the Megan Burke Facebook page, it has already notched up some 55K views. 

"So myself and my sister decided to do a video together," the makeup artist wrote in the accompanying caption. "We obviously wanted to sing our favourite Beyonce songs."

During the five-minute long clip, the Swords-based duo nod to the likes of Crazy In Love, Soldier, and Hailo

Watch their incredible talent below: