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This is straight out of Charlie Brooker's Black Mirror, except if he was more into beauty and cosmetics…

For her Dazed Beauty magazine cover, Kylie Jenner had her game switched up when the publication used actual artificial intelligence created solely with a computer to create her new look.

It's INSANE. The whole idea was to put the most popular beauty trends into one lewk by using AI programme Beauty_GAN. The programme uses an algorithm to create beauty looks from Instagram trends…are we living in 3019?


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In Kylie's case, 17,000 trends were used to achieve her cover image. Pastel-pink hair, eyeshadow colours fading into one another, overdrawn Cupid's bows and light matte pink lipstick. It's a lot…

The gal kind of looks like she's melting…but it's still pretty cool. We sense that MUAs and influencers will be trying to emulate this look through their makeup skills soon enough.

AI program Beauty_GAN digitally applied hair and makeup to Daniel Sannwald's photos of Jenner, and the results were shared in the editorial.

According to Dazed Beauty, Beauty_GAN is "first algorithm of its kind, trained to create its own beauty imagery based on what it sees on Instagram." Damn.


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Dazed Beauty's creative director Sebastian Zimmerhackl explained why the images of Jenner aren't picture perfect, despite the technology.

The computer had to learn exactly what "beauty" is, according to the 17,000 photos it was fed. The result “doesn’t look perfect because it’s an experiment," he said.

"But maybe in the future, it is the artistic mistakes that we will remember.” That's deep, Sebastian. What does beauty even mean nowadays, especially with editing and filters?


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Sannwald photographed the reality TV star with almost no makeup to serve as a blank canvas for Beauty_GAN, who recruited her due to her influence with trendsetting in the beauty industry.

She recently became a billionaire as a result of her company's success; Kylie Cosmetics.

Beauty_GAN's art director Lukas Rudig stated;

“It’s a collaboration: what the machine does to her is paint her face in the way it thinks it should be in a beauty selfie. To put it in a really easy metaphor, Beauty_GAN is like a mirror of popular culture, but the reflection staring back at you might not be what you expected."

"We teach a machine to see us and what it shows us back is not always what we see ourselves.”



Coronation Street actress, Georgia May Foote, has admitted that it was not her own decision to leave the TV show.

Georgia, who plays Katy Armstrong, opened up about her departure, saying: “I was a bit gutted that leaving Corrie wasn’t my own decision – it’s like a boyfriend dumping you first.”

Doesn’t sound like Georgia is too happy with the producers at the moment!

However, unlike her co-star, Michelle Keegan, who did make the decision to leave, Georgia’s character won’t be killed off: “Katy will not be killed off and the door will be left open for a possible return.”

Georgia has remained upbeat about the whole affair, however, saying: “It’s given me the kick I needed to move on to other things.”




It looks like everybody’s favourite FLOTUS (First Lady of the United States, don’t cha know) will be appearing on the NBC’s hilarious show Parks and Recreation.

Michelle’s office in the White House confirmed the news saying she will make a guest appearance in the season six finale.

The episode will be in line with Michelle’s campaigning for health and fitness in America and will be titled “Moving Up”.

Parks and Recreation also confirmed the news on their Twitter account, writing: “Time to get real about Pawnee’s obesity … @FLOTUS is coming to town for our #ParksandRec season finale Thursday, April 24!”




This new series centres around six computer programmers who are all room-mates trying to make big money in Silicon Valley.

Our new The Big Bang Theory perhaps?!



Check out the new teaser released by Netflix for Orange Is the New Black – are you excited for season 2?