WATCH: Make-up artist turns 5-year-old child into mini DRAKE


We've seen a lot of incredible make-up transformations lately, but few are quite as mesmerising (or disturbing) as watching a five-year-old boy turn into Drake.

French-born make-up artist Magali Beauvue has been receiving a lot of attention this week after she successfully managed to transform one of her client's sons into the bearded R&B star using a powerful combination of extreme contouring and, well, beard painting.

Last weekend, Magali – who has been based in the Caribbean for the last eight years – posted a video to her Instagram account in which she shows her followers how she made bare-faced schoolboy Dylane look like the star.

Naturally enough the video has gone mega-viral with Dylane even being dubbed 'Lil' Drake'.

Speaking of the clip, Magali told Complex: "Dylane had so much fun doing it… he was looking at himself in the mirror and was saying 'Oh I really look like Drake now'."

"Something about [Drake] makes him seem so friendly despite his notoriety."

"People love him… that's why 'Little Drake' gets so much love."