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"You'd be so much prettier without all that gunk on your face" is something that only, I repeat, only our mothers can say to us, not trolls on instagram.

Some makeup artists get bombarded by haters telling them they wear too much make up, attempting to shame the maquillage mavericks into ditching their carefully crafted faces.


A photo posted by Amy (@agentsometime) on

One MUA, Miami-based Amy who shows off her unique makeup looks on Instagram at @agentsometime, defied the haters and proved to her followers that makeup shaming simply isn't ok.

Spelling out a very colourful message, the MUA posted a snap of some achingly sharp liquid liner, along with the word "NOPE" outlined above it. 

The makeup fan is clearly fed up of people pointing out that they prefer a natural look and she should tone it down. 


A photo posted by K i r a S e y m o u r  (@kizzabruh) on

Other makeup artists have followed Amy's example,a nd posted responses of their own to makeup shamers.

Making the most of the popular meme slogan "cash me outside, how bou dat," another MUA outlined the phrase on her eyelids as a reply to her highlight haters. 


A video posted by  Karen  (@glamntrashy_xo) on

Clapping back at people who shame the level of makeup others wear has become something of a movement in the makeup community, with hundreds of Twitter and Instagram posts on the subject.

Shaming for any reason really isn't nice behaviour, never mind over something as personal and creative as someone's makeup application. 

However, it seems like the hate is just one more reason to create spectacular makeup looks in the cosmetic community.

Keep doing you, girls.  


2016 has been a pretty WEIRD year in the world of beauty trends (and in general). 

A popular trend that came up numerous times this year was weird (and sometimes wonderful) liquid eyeliner looks. 

We have done a lovely little round-up of some of 2016's craziest eyeliner trends… for your viewing pleasure. 

WARNING: some of them are sort of terrifying…

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1. #knifeliner


Thank you so much for the love!

A photo posted by Nasia Belli (@nasiabelli) on

2. #unicorneyeliner

3. #bubbleliner


Guys, I did a thing. #bubbleeyeliner #scallopedeyeliner #makeup #makeuptrends

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4. #dickliner (yes, this was actually a thing)

5. #candycaneliner


Sneak peak no. 2– Candy Cane Lane EYES: •@morphebrushes 35C palette #morphe •@nyxcosmetics liquid white liner and vivid brights liner in "Vivid Fire" #nyxcosmetics •@velourlashes in "Fluff'n Dolled Up" #velourlashes FACE: •@kohgendo Aqua Foundation #kohgendo •@narsissist Soft Velvet Loose Powder in "Snow" #nars •@katvondbeauty Shade+Light Contour Kit #katvondbeauty •@makeupgeekcosmetics blush in "Romantic" #makeupgeek •@katvondbeauty Metal Crush Eyeshadow in "Thunderstruck" as highlight #katvondbeauty BROWS: •@anastasiabeverlyhills Brow Wiz & Brow Pomade in "Caramel" and Brow Gel in Clear #anastasiabeverlyhills LIPS: •@toofaced Melted Matte in "Lady Balls" #toofaced •@smashboxcosmetics Be Legendary Lip gloss in "Legendary" #smashboxcosmetics … … … #makeup #makeupbyelyana #underratedmuas #undiscoveredmuas #vegas_nay #brianchampagne #makeupartist #makeupoftheday #nyxcosmetics #mua #undiscovered_muas #wakeupandmakeup #instagood #undiscoveredmua #instabeauty

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6. #christastreeliner

7. #glitterliner

That's a wrap on 2016… roll on the NEW MAKEUP YEAR!