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Pieta House are calling on clubs, companies and individuals to do something that makes them “FeelGood” and create a positive atmosphere inside and outside the workplace this October to raise vital funds for the charity. Last year over 200 participants took part in ‘FeelGood with Pieta’. Participants raised funds and created awareness by organising yoga classes, lunchtime walks, with some people going the extra mile and tackling the 500km Camino Walk across Spain and France, all in support of ‘FeelGood with Pieta’.

The funds raised for ‘FeelGood with Pieta’ have a direct impact on the service users, as they help ensure the doors remain open and the services provided by Pieta House remain free. ‘FeelGood with Pieta’ ambassadors and well-known household names for the campaign include chef, Derry Clarke, international rugby players, Jack McGrath and Hannah Tyrell, and actor, Moe Dunford.

‘FeelGood with Pieta’ ambassador Derry Clarke, said; “I am delighted to be taking part in ‘FeelGood with Pieta’ again this October. It’s all about taking the time and reminding yourself how good you can feel, reaching out to others and enjoying time together.”

This year, ‘FeelGood with Pieta’ is expanding its outreach across two weeks from October 14 to 27 to encourage people to create and register their own style of event, by doing something that makes them “FeelGood”. Pieta have outlined three pillars to use as inspiration for ‘FeelGood with Pieta’ events:  

Connect – Focus on making time to re-connect with friends and family. Alternatively, make an effort to meet new people in your community/workplace. Organise a coffee morning in aid of Pieta House and invest time in building on existing relationships or creating new ones. 

Be Active – Get yourself moving. Go for a run with a friend, get out of the office for an hour and enjoy a lunchtime yoga class. Getting active doesn’t have to mean running a marathon. Something as a simple as a lunchtime walk or organising a steps challenge amongst peers is a certain way to create healthy competition and get a daily dose of exercise, while having fun!

Feel Good – Organise an event that will help you and friends feel good. Host a movie night with close friends, suggest a ‘Raffle an annual leave day’ competition to your boss. Hold an event that will instil positivity and a feeling of contentment amongst colleagues and friends. 

Speaking about the fundraising initiative, Elaine Austin, CEO of Pieta House, said; “The ‘FeelGood with Pieta’ campaign is an amazing opportunity for people to get active and take small steps towards improving their own mental health as well as raising vital funds for Pieta House to keep our doors open and services free for all. ‘FeelGood with Pieta’ is about taking the time to reconnect with friends, work colleagues or family members in a fun and uplifting way. We are extremely grateful for all donations and hope that the ‘FeelGood with Pieta’ initiative will encourage people to get out, have fun and spread awareness for an important cause.”

EY Ireland, which fundraises for Pieta House on a year-round basis, believes that employee wellbeing is crucial to the health and happiness of any workplace. Following the launch of the campaign, Ian Collins, EY’s Health & Vitality Partner Sponsor since 2018 said: “At EY, we place the health and wellbeing of our employees at the centre of our business. They are our greatest asset and we are committed to continually striving to improve their experience as employees so that their physical, mental and emotional needs are factored into everything that we do, and each of the supports that we provide.”

Since 2006, over 48,000 people have been through the Pieta House doors in a state of crisis, and with over 80% of funding coming from the public, support is vital to help continue this lifesaving work. 

Pieta House, which started as a small, Dublin-based charity in 2006 with just one centre with four staff, has now expanded to 15 centres employing over 270 therapists and administrative staff nationwide. From day one, all of the services it provides have been offered completely free of charge.

For more information and for tips on how to host your event, and turn it into a fundraiser, go to www.feelgoodwithpieta.ie .


Pieta and Electric Ireland recently unveiled the ‘Wall of Hope’ – a public work of art created to officially launch Darkness into Light 2019 – the major charity fundraiser that is expected to attract over 250,000 participants this May 11, 2019.

In 2018, Darkness into Light was hosted in over 200 venues across 19 countries and 5 continents. This year, Pieta and Electric Ireland have increased capacity, with additional volunteers and over a quarter of a million people are expected to walk, from darkness into light, on May 11 at 4:15 am. Registration for the walk is now open at www.darknessintolight.ie.

About the Wall of Hope

Located on Dublin’s Camden Row, The Wall of Hope is a larger-than-life mural, created by Subset, a group of artists responsible for some of Ireland’s most provocative street art. The work signifies the Hope that Darkness Into Light spreads across the globe every year. Using #DIL2019 and #ThePowerOfHope, Pieta are encouraging people to share their messages of Hope in the lead up to the walk on Saturday 11 May and beyond.


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About Darkness Into Light

Darkness into Light is organised by Pieta and proudly supported by Electric Ireland since 2013. It is a global movement dedicated to ending suicide and supporting those who engage in self-harm. By walking from Darkness Into Light, participants play an important role in removing the stigma around suicide and self-harm as well as raising vital funds to fight suicide.

The unique event is symbolic of the journey from despair to hope. It begins, in darkness, at 4.15am and continues for 5 kilometers through to dawn. Funds raised from Darkness Into Light help keep Pieta’s counselling services free of charge and freely accessible to those in suicidal crisis, people who engage in self-harm, and to those bereaved by suicide; last year, participants  raised a massive €6 million through the event.


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Pieta has supported over 40,000 people with face to face therapy. Since opening its doors 13 years ago, Pieta has heard painful truths from thousands of people who have come to the organisation at the point of suicidal crisis or actively engaging in self-harm. In 2017, one person a day died by suicide in Ireland and worldwide close to 800,000 people die by suicide every year, which is one person every 40 seconds.

Darkness Into Light is vital for fundraising, for raising awareness and for bringing people together in a spirit of solidarity, comfort and hope. To find your nearest venue and for registration, visit  www.darknessintolight.ie



The Darkness Into Light walk in aid of Pieta House is one of the most well-known Irish-born charity movements. 

By walking from Darkness Into Light, participants play an important role in removing the stigma around suicide and self-harm as well as raising vital funds to fight suicide.

The event is symbolic of the journey from despair to hope, which many people who suffer with mental health issues feel. It begins in darkness, at 4.15am and continues for 5km through to dawn, as a beautifully poignant sunrise breaks through the darkness to symbolise that there is always hope for those struggling with their mental health. 

Since the first event took place in the Phoenix Park in Dublin in 2009, the walks have become a global symbol of people standing in solidarity for suicide prevention, and the event had humble beginnings, with just 400 people showing up to Phoenix Park a decade ago.

This year, Pieta House expects a whopping global turn out of a quarter of a million people.

The funds raised from Darkness Into Light help keep Pieta’s counselling services free of charge and freely accessible to those in suicidal crisis, people who engage in self-harm, and to those bereaved by suicide; last year, participants raised a massive €6 million through the event.


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Registration is open from today, and to launch the event, Darkness Into Light, supported by Electric Ireland, unveiled a beautiful mural on Dublin's Camden Row. 

Created by the extremely talented Subset, a group of artists responsible for some of Ireland’s most provocative street art, the mural reads the word 'Hope.'

Mirroring the message of the sunrise walk, the mural will act as a reminder to the nation that there is always hope for those who struggle.

Speaking on this movement of hope, Elaine Austin, CEO, Pieta said: 'Darkness Into Light is vital for fundraising, for raising awareness and for bringing people together from rural communities to major cities across the globe in a spirit of solidarity, comfort and compassion in giving all hope.'

'Social connection is the heart beat of Pieta, it’s about removing the feeling of isolation and to spark conversation about the importance of mental health and wellbeing in all our lives.'

Elaine added that 'the new online registration process is a lot quicker and more user-friendly than previous years and we would urge everyone who wants to get involved to register at www.darknessintolight.ie.'

If you want to encourage people to take part, you can use the hashtags #ThePowerofHope and #DIL2019. 


Pieta House has announced a new fundraising initiative aimed at corporates, businesses and SME’s to refocus their love and save ‘A Life A Day’ by donating €1,000 this Valentine’s Day.

Last year in Ireland, more than a life a day was lost to suicide and Pieta House is now calling on companies to donate €1,000 to reduce this number one day at a time. By sponsoring a life for €1,000, companies will fund a full counselling programme for one vulnerable individual suffering from feelings of hopelessness or despair.

Year on year, corporate gifting with flowers, chocolates and jewellery has increased nationwide so instead of dwelling on material items, Pieta House wants to refocus the love and kick-start the new fundraising initiative for ‘A Life A Day’ on what’s traditionally known as the most caring day of the year.

Over the course of a year, Pieta House is aiming to raise €1,000 from 365 companies to reach their target of €365,000 to save a life a day.

Speaking about the new initiative, Kieran Brady, Director of Funding & Advocacy in Pieta House, said; “We’re extremely passionate about life-saving work here in Pieta House and we rely heavily on our volunteers, friends and fellow organisations to support and encourage initiatives such as ‘A Life A Day’.

“According to official statistics from the CSO, more than 392 lives were lost to suicide in 2017, a figure which relates to more than one life a day. The average age of a Pieta House service user is under 30 so we’re calling on corporates, businesses and SME’s to be proactive and protect the wellbeing of their employees by supporting the fight against suicide. By donating just €1,000, you’ll be directly impacting a life that might be otherwise lost to suicide.”


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Since it was established in 2006 to provide free and accessible, professional services to people who are in suicidal crisis or who are self-harming, Pieta House has worked with over 44,000 people, and has become one of Ireland’s leading charitable organisations in today’s society where suicide, self-harm and stigma have been replaced with self-care, hope and acceptance.

Pieta House, which started as a small, Dublin-based charity, now employs over 270 therapists and administrative staff nationwide and has 15 centres across the country.

In 2018 alone, over 7,400 people came through its doors. From day one, all of the services it provides have been offered completely free of charge.

To help to reduce the rate of suicide in Ireland and save ‘A Life A Day’, you can donate online via www.pieta.ie/alifeaday.ie . For further information on Pieta House and its services, visit www.pieta.ie.



Are you a lover of PHASHUN but are searching for a great cause to donate to? Well, boy do we have the event for you.

Faisean Éire's unique Fashion Showcase will exhibit stunning pieces from novel Irish designers tonight at 7pm in the Chocolate Factory, and it's set to be quite the night.

Proceeds from the evening will be donated to Pieta House, whose 'Two in Eight' campaign reflects the statistic that one in four people in Ireland will experience mental health issues at some stage of their lives.

Performances will include a catwalk show with 30 gorgeous and unique pieces designed by 10 fashion grads and students.

The show will bring three art forms together in a spectacular charity event; a fashion show from professional and diverse designers, murals on the walls of an industrial setting and last but not least, aerial artists showcasing their skills.

Chloé Commins and Polly Shapkina are two aerialists featured in the event, who will be using hoops and silk to impress the fashion-forward guests.


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The pioneering show 'Two in Eight' marks the shocking statistic that one in four people in Ireland will suffer from mental health problems; Pieta House will use the funds to help counsel those with suicidal ideation.

Sinéad Ronan Wells, Fundraising Executive for Pieta House, commented on the vital need for events such as these;

Pieta House operate a network of centres across the country, employing 270 qualified therapists. In 2018 we saw over 7,000 clients who were either at risk of suicide, engaging in self-harm, or bereaved by suicide," she added.


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"Demand for our one to one, free, professional counselling services continues to grow year on year which would be unattainable without public fundraising initiatives such as this," she concluded.

It's a crucial cause, why not attend a catwalk show of ground-breaking Irish artists for only €25? Don't miss your chance to get the first glimpse of Ireland's future famous faces.

Get your tickets here for the special Faisean Éire showcase, tonight at 7pm in the Chocolate Factory, Dublin.


We are always in awe of the incredible work Pieta House do. The charity has helped so many people cope with their mental health disorders and overcome some of the darkest moments in their lives.

In October, the charity will run one of it’s greatest campaigns to date. Feel Good Week will bring people together to remind themselves of how good they can feel and raise vital funds.

Feel Good Week will take place from October 20 to 27.

The aim is to help people #FindtheFeeling through a nationwide campaign of wellness, mindfulness, active, social and fun events. All you have to do is get together with your nearest and dearest and spread positive vibes by hosting a Feel Good event.

There are so many different things you can do during Feel Good Week, but we decided to conjure up the top five things that always lift our spirits.

1: Dance it out: Meredith Grey and Cristina Yang shared this wonderful piece of advice with us on Grey’s Anatomy. If you’re feeling a bit low or sluggish and need to lift your spirits then stick on ABBA or Taylor Swift or whatever cheesy music tickles your fancy and just dance away the negativity with your sisters or your co-workers. 

2: Breakfast morning: There’s nothing we love more than breakfast food. Seeing a table full of strawberries, croissants, yoghurts, grapes, and pain au chocolat is our idea of heaven. Host a breakfast morning at your office and encourage your colleagues to step away from their desk for even ten minutes and natter to one another over a cup of coffee instead of through email.

3: Embrace the nostalgia: Something as simple as watching The Little Mermaid can spark positive memories so go back in time and curl up on the sofa with a cup of tea and your favourite Disney film playing on the TV. Studies claim nostalgia is good for the mind because it can boost both your energy and spirit.

4: Get outside: The last thing you want to do after a draining day at work is to go outside and be at one with nature, we’d much rather be at one with Netflix. However, even our lazy, sloth-like selves know just how good you feel after spending some time outside. 

It can help you unwind and let go of the stress of the day. Why don’t you call up your old school friends and go for a walk along the pier?

5: Host a mystery book swap: It’s like going on a blind date, but with books. Call up your fellow bookworms and exchange your favourite book- but there’s a twist. Participants need to wrap up their books so the cover is hidden.

Think of it as Secret Santa for book lovers. The mystery element helps make it that little bit more exciting.

Are you ready to #FindTheFeeling? It’s easy to take part. You can register your fundraiser FREE on www.pieta.ie/feelgood.


The Nicky Byrne Show with Jenny Green on RTÉ 2FM have donated the prize money form their You're Some Laugh competition, which featured the laugh of the late Avicii, a Pieta House. 

The game, which has been going on for the last eight weeks, sees listeners guess which celebrity laugh is played on air each day until the money is won.

For every day the laugh is guessed incorrectly, the prize fund goes up, however, this particular run has been closed and the €840 has been donated to Pieta House, after it was confirmed Avicii took his own life earlier this month. 

The Swedish DJ and producer Avicii, whose real name was Tim Bergling, passed away in a resort in Oman on Friday, April 20, aged just 28.

“It is with profound sorrow that we announce the loss of Tim Bergling, also known as Avicii,” his representative said in a statement.

“He was found dead in Muscat, Oman this Friday afternoon local time, April 20th.  The family is devastated and we ask everyone to please respect their need for privacy in this difficult time. No further statements will be given.”

Earlier this week, the musician's family confirmed he had dies by suicide, saying he "could not go on any longer."

They wrote, “Our beloved Tim was a seeker, a fragile artistic soul searching for answers to existential questions. An over-achieving perfectionist who travelled and worked hard at a pace that led to extreme stress.”

“He really struggled with thoughts about Meaning, Life, Happiness. He could not go on any longer. He wanted to find peace.”

If you have been affected by any of the issues raised in this report you can contact Pieta House 24/7 Helpline 1800 247 247 or the Samaritans Helpline 116 123



With Valentine's Day approaching, there are some of us who might be struggling with much more than the concept of not receiving a card this year. 

All around us in our community are people struggling with mental health issues, and sometimes silently. 

Luckily, there are places like Pieta House which work to support these individuals. 

In the spirit of Valentine's Day, iconic vintage store Nine Crows is showing serious love for both Pieta House and the wider community by launching a campaign to combat the sometimes deadly silence and stigma which can surround depression and mental health issues. 

Tomorrow, from 11am onwards, both Nine Crows Galway and Nine Crows Dublin will be hosting an event for vintage fans to come together and chill with a bottle of West Coast Cooler to raise funds for the vital work done by the people at Pieta House.

20pc of all sales made in Nine Crows tomorrow will be donated to the charity, who support people struggling with depression, self harm and suicidal thoughts. 

There will also be donation buckets on hand to lob your change into. 

'We've decided to hold an in-store event in both our Dublin and Galway stores in aid of Pieta House this Valentine’s Day where we can all hang out together and show our love for each other while raising some much needed funds for a cause that has deeply affected our community.'

'Join us for some deadly tunes, super cute selfies at our selfie station and some FREE West Coast Cooler,' reads the event description.'

 Cant make it down to update your vintage collection? You can donate to Pieta House here. 



Ireland is a country renowned for it's soundness, and 'the people' is often cited as the best thing about living on our little island. 

With all the negative things going on in the world right now, it's important to remember just how sound people in our lives truly are. 

Pieta House have created a brand new campaign to remind us exactly how much the Irish phenomenon of soundness really impacts our day to day lives – and the campaign is about to go viral. 

#SoundEffect is kicking off today in the lead up to and during Electric Picnic, and aims to get the people of Ireland to share how being sound can help our minds and our lives on the daily.

From grabbing your work wife a Starbucks on your way to work to simply being there for someone when they need you, little acts of soundness can create a wave of positivity. 

'Considering the levels of apathy and negativity we are constantly exposed to, and which can become at times overwhelming, it’s important to highlight the empathy, inherent goodness and level of social consciousness that exist throughout the vast majority of society. Now more than ever,' said Paula McLoughlin, Chair and Acting CEO of A Lust For Life. 

If you have an act of soundness to contribute, head over to Twitter and use the hashtag #SoundEffect to spread the positivity.



Earlier this month, over 150,000 people woke up and walked from Darkness Into Light with Pieta House, crossing the finish line in over 150 locations around the globe.

The next step on this journey continues, and Electric Ireland and Pieta House have teamed up to create ‘The Essentials of Empathy’, in order to demonstrate the way we treat each other has a direct impact on individuals’ well-being.

The list was developed with the Clinical Directors of Pieta House, ‘The Essentials of Empathy’ and includes five actionable guidelines, with the aim of friends, colleagues, communities and family members treating each other with more compassion, in order to create a healthier, happier Ireland.

We like the sound of that, indeed. 

The Clinical Director of Pieta House, Marguerite Kiely, said: ‘’The Essentials of Empathy are guidelines for people to bring into their daily lives. If everyone takes one thing from this and brings it into their daily life, we’ll be able to live in a happier and healthier Ireland, where people are looking out for each other and show they care.

Darkness Into Light shouldn’t be the end of the journey for those taking part, but rather the beginning for so many who suffer in silence on a daily basis.” 

Paul Stapleton, the General Manager of Electric Ireland, commented: “Electric Ireland was delighted to see so many people participate in Darkness into Light. Our partnership with Pieta House is of huge importance to our staff and customers and we would encourage people to consider ‘The Essentials of Empathy’ as another step to ensure people look out for one another in their daily lives.”


Joan Freeman, Pieta House founder, just off air with @3sixty5days at the finish line. #dil2017

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The Essentials of Empathy are as follows: 

1. Slow Down and Check In: In a fast-paced world, we need to slow down, take a breath and check in with ourselves and those around us.  

2. Listen and Connect: Listening is about more than just being present. Put down your phone and connect in real life through daily activities. Go for a walk or have a cup of tea together.  

3. Ask Questions, Even The Hard Ones: Sometimes, asking how someone is really feeling can be a tough question, but it’s the best way to start a conversation.  

4. Empathise and Be Understanding: Passing remarks can have big impacts. By being more understanding, and seeing things from others’ points of view, we can help to make everyone feel more accepted.

5. Be Generous With Your Kindness: Small acts of kindness can make someone’s day – it is a gift that we can all give, and something we should give whenever and wherever we can.

hands, heart, love

Electric Ireland and Pieta House are calling on Ireland to consider Darkness Into Light as more than just one day.

‘The Essentials of Empathy’ need to live with us as part of every day and can be seen as a driver for a focus on collective responsibility, to ensure everyone  supports and treats each other in the best possible way.

We need to look after ourselves, and those around us. 



The Darkness Into Light walks took place across the country, and the globe, this morning. 

In excess of 150,000 people were expected to take part at over 150 venues all over the world. 

Since the first event took place in the Phoenix Park in Dublin in 2009, the walks have become a global symbol of people standing in solidarity for suicide prevention.

The 5km walk begins before first light and ends as the sun rises, in a powerful symbolic demonstration that helps to tackle the stigma associated with suicidal feelings and depression, and aims to deliver the message that there is always hope and help for those who feel suicidal.

'So many families have been touched by suicide,' said Senator Joan Freeman, speaking on RTÉ's Morning Ireland.

'It is not just about thousands of people walking, it is about coming together as a country, and all talking about the same topic.'

Irish participants have been sharing the scenes from Pieta House's initiative all morning, which kicked off at around 4am this morning.

Organisers expect to raise a total of €3 million from the event, which will go towards supporting keeping Pieta House's life-saving counselling services free. 

Feature Image: Twitter / Marbrenn 



Indulging in a spot of shopping is one of the nicest treats you can give yourself, and now you can actually help others with your sartorial splurging. 

From Friday April 28 to Monday, May 1, Dundrum Town Centre will be playing host to a Shop for Good charity fundraising initiative for the fourth year running.

Aiming to raise funds and awareness for the charity Pieta House, Dundrum Town Centre has created a four day shopping event in the behemoth mall.

The way it works is that customers are asked to purchase Shop for Good coupons for €1.00 from pop-up booths around the centre.

100 per cent of the proceeds made from the sale of the coupons will go to Pieta House, and customers can use the coupons to avail of fantastic discounts across a huge range of stores and restaurants in Dundrum Town Centre. 

'We are delighted that Pieta House is the nominated charity for the Dundrum Town Centre Shop For Good initiative,' said Brian Higgins, Pieta House CEO.


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'We are so grateful for such initiatives because they serve to highlight the work that we’re doing at Pieta House.'

'It’s because of the generosity of people across Ireland that we are able to keep our services free of charge and are so happy to say that more than 29,000 people have accessed them since the day we opened 11 years ago.'

Pieta House is a free crisis centre offering counselling, therapy and support to individuals suffering with suicide thoughts and self-harm.

They also support individuals and families who have been bereaved by suicide.

This initiative is going to support this extremely worthy cause, so get shopping nd know that every coupon used is helping those in need of mental health support.