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When a loved one is struggling with depression, it can be hard to know what to say. We can feel powerless in these situations, aware that what we say could be damaging if not thought through properly. There is no perfect way to talk to someone affected by depression but making an effort can be comforting and help in more ways than you think. Here are five helpful things to say to a loved one who is living with depression:

1. ‘I am here if you want to talk’

Depression can manifest itself in many ways, but it is common that those affected are reluctant to ask for help. You cannot force someone to talk about how they are feeling. No one owes you a conversation in exchange for your support. However, for someone to know you are there makes a huge difference.  Be patient. Open up the lines of communication and let them take it from there. Remind them often that you will be there whenever they want to talk.

2. ‘What can I do to help today?’

Getting out of bed can be a challenge for those with depression. Symptoms include fatigue and lethargy. Ask your loved one what you can do to help them get through their day. This does not have to be huge tasks, it will often be small things like having a cup of tea together, sharing a lift to work or even accompanying them to the doctor. Sometimes, giving them space is just what they need, so be sure to ask if they simply need time to themselves.  

3. ‘You are not a burden’

Those with depression often need help with everyday tasks such as cooking food, shopping or even getting dressed. You must let your loved one know that you are helping because you want to. You want to create a space where they feel comfortable asking for this kind of help when they need it. Let them know that they are not putting you out in any way.

4. ‘You are so important to me’

Depression causes people to have feelings of doubt and worthlessness. It is important for you to tell your loved one outright how much you value them in your life. Try and do this as often as you can. Let them know specifically why you love and respect them. Even if they do not respond to this, your words can be powerful.

5. ‘What you are feeling is real. I am sorry you are feeling like this’

Those with depression have heard it all before: ‘snap out of it’…‘eat more vegetables and you will feel better’…‘you’re just being lazy’…‘there are people worse off than you’. These are extremely unhelpful ways of responding to anyone. Even if you do not fully understand how your loved one is feeling, it is crucial that you validate their emotions or lack thereof.

If you have a loved one who needs help, encourage them to visit www.pieta.ie for a range of supports. 


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Are you a lover of PHASHUN but are searching for a great cause to donate to? Well, boy do we have the event for you.

Faisean Éire's unique Fashion Showcase will exhibit stunning pieces from novel Irish designers tonight at 7pm in the Chocolate Factory, and it's set to be quite the night.

Proceeds from the evening will be donated to Pieta House, whose 'Two in Eight' campaign reflects the statistic that one in four people in Ireland will experience mental health issues at some stage of their lives.

Performances will include a catwalk show with 30 gorgeous and unique pieces designed by 10 fashion grads and students.

The show will bring three art forms together in a spectacular charity event; a fashion show from professional and diverse designers, murals on the walls of an industrial setting and last but not least, aerial artists showcasing their skills.

Chloé Commins and Polly Shapkina are two aerialists featured in the event, who will be using hoops and silk to impress the fashion-forward guests.


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The pioneering show 'Two in Eight' marks the shocking statistic that one in four people in Ireland will suffer from mental health problems; Pieta House will use the funds to help counsel those with suicidal ideation.

Sinéad Ronan Wells, Fundraising Executive for Pieta House, commented on the vital need for events such as these;

Pieta House operate a network of centres across the country, employing 270 qualified therapists. In 2018 we saw over 7,000 clients who were either at risk of suicide, engaging in self-harm, or bereaved by suicide," she added.


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"Demand for our one to one, free, professional counselling services continues to grow year on year which would be unattainable without public fundraising initiatives such as this," she concluded.

It's a crucial cause, why not attend a catwalk show of ground-breaking Irish artists for only €25? Don't miss your chance to get the first glimpse of Ireland's future famous faces.

Get your tickets here for the special Faisean Éire showcase, tonight at 7pm in the Chocolate Factory, Dublin.


The family of Chester Bennington, have planned to set up a suicide awareness charity to help young music fans.

Chester died by suicide in his California home last month, aged just 41.

His death shocked fans around the world, and now his family are determined to help others who may be experiencing similar mental health issues.

According to reports, the family hope the organisation will help to prevent others, especially young fans, from suffering the same fate as the Linkin Park frontman.

Chester took his own life on what would have been the 53rd birthday of Audioslave singer, Chris Cornell, who also died by suicide earlier this year.

The family of Chester are said to be concerned that fans of the rock stars “might want to glorify or somehow honour their deaths by doing the same. They're also worried troubled people might view this as an appropriate way out.”

Shortly after his death, Linkin Park shared details of suicide help lines along with the message: “In case you or someone you know needs support, here are some resources.”

Samaritans.org – Irish telephone: 116 123


The Internet can be a dangerous place for teens, and a series of devastating teen suicides have proven why.

UK police have warned parents to be aware of a social media "game" which has been linked to the death of three teenagers in Russia. 

The "Blue Whale game" calls on participants to complete a dangerous self-harm challenge every day for 50 days before they are encouraged to commit suicide.

After the suspicious deaths of three young teens, the terrifying "game" has been called into question by the authorities. 

Two schoolgirls, Yulia Konstantinova aged 15 and her friend Veronika Volkova 16, fell to their deaths from a 14-storey block of flats, another, aged 15, fell from a fifth floor flat, while a 14-year-old girl died after being hit by a train.

Pic: Facebook

Yulia 15, left a note on social media saying "end" shortly after posting a picture with a blue whale while Veronika, 16, wrote "Sense is lost… End," before she took her own life.

UK police have been issuing warnings about "Blue Whale" on Twitter.

Similar warnings have been issued in Belgium, France and throughout Europe, according to The Mirror.

According to Russian media, the rules range from watching a scary movie to avoiding conversation for an entire day, and much more disturbing tasks are also included. 

Other rules of the game include cutting symbols into the arms, climbing cranes, and standing on the ledges of building roofs, according to a Reddit list.

To "win" the game, teens are encouraged to kill themselves.

The name "blue whale" refers to the phenomenon of blue whales washing up on the beach.

Police in Russia are currently investigating the suspicious deaths. 

We sincerely hope that whoever is orchestrating this sick game is caught and punished severely.