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Even though the world gets busy celebrating us, we get a day off work and are basically encouraged to sip up from sun up, St Patrick's Day isn't actually all it's cracked up to be.

Like New Year's Eve, the day of our Patron Saint invariably involves sidestepping pools of vomit, losing your friends and judging those who have taken to the holiday with gusto.

There's not an Irish person among us who wouldn't fear being labelled a buzzkill, but when it comes to March 17, more and more of us are admitting that we're actually grand with that label if it means we can avoid wearing a plastic arse and having someone puke on our shoes in public.

Here are 8 reasons why St Patrick's Day is… well… urgh whatever.

1. All major towns and cities are basically brought to a standstill with the help of a parade.

Yes, we envied those cheerleaders back in the day, but right now these gals from Georgia are the only things standing between us and our sanity.

2. You will see something that actually makes you question your fellow countrymen.

Blokes wearing nothing but tricolour mankinis in the middle of our capital's street is not something we need in our lives.

3. Society makes you feel the need to mark the day in some way, so you can't even enjoy your day off on the couch without feeling guilty.

Surely playing the National Anthem before your Netflix binge is enough?

4. You will see something that reminds you that alcohol and bodily functions don't mix.

"Don't look now, but that girl is puking into her own handbag."

5. You will hear the term St Patty's Day used at least one… unironically, we might add.

And it will make your teeth feel itchy and your toes feel curly.

6. You will see something that will make you want to cry a little despite your best efforts.

A dignified-looking elderly man with a shamrock pinned to his lapel is enough to make you weep.

7. The fiddly-diddly music belting out of every establishment loses its appeal very quickly.

"They're bloody murdering Raglan Road."

8. You will be forced to watch your fellow citizens confirm the archaic stereotypical perception once held of us.

"Ah yeah, vomit on yourself there before starting a row with that lamppost, good man."

Can we sit this one out?!



St. Patrick's Day is this weekend and you know what that means, Irish or not?

Yes, getting locked. 

Apparently, more than 13 million pints of Guinness will be consumed worldwide as we celebrate St Paddy himself.

When Irish women were asked who they wound most like to have an aul pint with on the day, their response wasn't too shocking. 

Image result for st patricks day gif

Love Irish Tours surveyed 1,000 Irish people and they chose…Amy Huberman.

Possibly the soundest woman on the planet and we deffo agree.

So who else made the list?

Image result for amy huberman drinking gif

We have other Irish gems like Saoirse Ronan, the O'Donovan brothers and Blindboy.

If you can overlook Saorise God-awful accent, then go right ahead.

Rather surprisingly, Conor McGregor was chosen by some people before the likes of interesting political figures like former President Mary Robinson and Taoiseach Leo Varadkar.    

For us, it's a toss up between the RIDES that are Pierce Brosnan, Robert Sheehan and Colin Farrell. 

Who would you have chosen? 


Krispy Kreme’s Original Glazed doughnut turns green from Friday, March 15 to Monday, March 18. 

In celebration of our country's most beloved holiday, Krispy Kreme is going green by transforming its most iconic doughnut to the O'riginal Glazed.

The dough and glaze of the signature doughnut will be enhanced by a natural green colouring.

Krispy Kreme are inviting customers to come and watch the waterfall turn green in their Doughnut Theatre, and enjoy them HOT straight off the line.


A post shared by Krispy Kreme Ireland (@krispykremeirl) on

Krispy Kreme’s Green O’riginal Glazed Doughnut will be available all Bank Holiday weekend, from Friday, March 15 in the Blanchardstown Centre Krispy Kreme store and will retail for its normal price of €1.95 each or sharing box of 12 for €13.95.

Show your friends how you’re going green with Krispy Kreme’s O’riginal Glazed this St. Patrick’s Day using the hashtag #kkgoesgreen.

We couldn't think of a better (or more patriotic) treat to enjoy on Paddy's Day.


St Patrick's Day is probably the biggest day of the year in our Emerald Isle for hitting the stores to buy alcohol.

Let's be real here, we're a nation of drink-connoisseurs; we'll be in the pub all day or at some mad gaff with a keg.

Stores like Aldi have been recently producing some of Ireland's best quality and cheapest gin, but they've only gone and topped themselves with their latest product.

Aldi Ireland has OFFICIALLY announced that it will be selling…wait for it…shamrock infused gin. Just in time for St. Patricks's Day; we know exactly what we'll be polluting ourselves with this year.

Made by Listoke Distillery in Co. Louth, Tower Gin’s 'Shamrock Infused Gin' will be on sale from Thursday, February 28 for a price of €19.99/50cl, so banishing all of those snakes won't break the bank.

Tower Gin’s 'Shamrock Infused Gin' has been distilled in the traditional London Dry style, with all ingredients, including the fresh shamrock, coming from the highways and byways of Co. Louth.


A post shared by Scott (@srsam2) on

The refreshing gin has a mild earthy taste from the shamrock flavour, and has rosehips and sweet orange flavour to match. Oh, and the gin is genuinely green, in honour of St. Paddy himself.

The gin makers have written an adorable poem for it's customers to enjoy;

"We once made a gin by The Tower, distilled with an Irish green power, some citrus and spice, some tonic and ice, from Ireland’s delicate wild shamrock flower!"

Adorable. We're so excited to give this one a try, it would be our honour to drink gin for the sake of our country.

Only one week left until we can get our hands on the gincredibly patriotic alcohol beverage, and 24 days until the biggest day of the Irish calendar. Get down to Aldi before the snakes get their paws on it first.


So, Paddy's Day 2018 is almost upon us, and if you're anything like us, you've yet to to put a single plan in place. 

Sure, you could head into town to watch the parade, or drop into the local for a few casual pints, but with so many unique events happening across the country, it's high time we shake things up a bit. 

From beer festivals to film screenings, here's your guide to best alternative events taking place across the country this weekend. 


Hip Hop meets Brunch – Saturday, March 17. 

Celebrate out national holiday an incredible afternoon of the freshest Hip Hop and Grime tracks and the tastiest food at Odeon, Harcourt Street. From new skool to old skool and everything in between. 

Tickets include – brunch, bottomless Mimosas (12:00 – 13:30), music and games. 

Oh, and just in case you were wondering, they're showing the match too. 

For more information and to reserve a table, click here

Irish Craft Beer and Spirits Festival – Sunday, March 18. 

Following the hugely successful Gin Fair in August, House Dublin are hosting its very first Irish Craft Beer and Spirit Festival. 

Event organisers promise that whether you are a Craft beer Connoisseur or it is your first time tasting Whiskey or Gin, you need not worry as you will be joined by brewers, distillers, and all-round enthusiasts as they show you what separates us from the rest of the world when it comes to craft beer and spirits 

There'll also be live music and spot prizes for a few lucky customers. 

Check out the event page for more information. 


Mark McCabe at The Library – Saturday, March 17. 

Anyone who grew up in Ireland during the early 00s will have a soft spot for this one. 

Best known for his hit Maniac 2000, Mark McCabe takes to the decks for what is sure to be an incredible show. 

Tickets are priced at just €9.56 and are available here


Patrick's Hill Ball Run – Sunday, March 18. 

Over 10000 multi-coloured balls cascade down Patrick's Hill as a novelty fund raiser for the Cork Lions City Centre Defibrillator Project. 

The first six balls to make it down are winners! 

For more information, or to enter the draw, click here

The Young Offenders Screening – Saturday, March 17. 

Relive the magic and charm of the cult Irish comedy with a two or three course meal followed by an exclusive screening in The Cameo Cinema at 9pm. 

For more information click here


St Patrick's Shorts

Galway City Gallery in association with Galway St Patrick's Festival will be screening a programme of Irish Short Films as part of St. Patrick's Festival 2018.

The full line-up is yet to be announced, but you can keep an eye on the event page for more information. 



So, whether you're living abroad or just know someone who is, you'll know how much we Irish love our home comforts.

From comforting cups of Barry's tea and buttery Tayto sandwiches, to Friday night pints and our self-deprecating banter, we there are some things that just can't be replicated when we're away from home.

And with St. Patrick's Day fast approaching, many Irish living abroad have been hit with a serious case of home sickness.

But not to worry – this year, The Paddy Box, a company that ships all our favourite treats to expats in Australia, Canada and USA, has added two special packages specially designed for those missing home during the festivities.

Jam-packed with Irish treats that represent these two national holidays and are sorely missed by those living away at the time of these occasions, both the 'Paddy's Day Box' and 'Easter Box' encapsulates our unique Irish culture and affection for local products.

From Paddy’s Day hats, Irish face paint, Irish flags, to Irish slang books and tea towels with Irish mammy quotes, the ‘Paddy’s Day Box’ has everything to allow Irish abroad feel like they are back at home on March 17th. The package also includes the Irish food essentials missed by everyone, such as Tayto crisps, Cadbury Dairy Milk, Barry’s Tea and Ballymaloe relish.

Chockfull of Irish chocolate, the 'Easter Box' includes two Cadbury medium Easter eggs, a Cadbury crème egg five pack, Cadbury mini egg pack, a Butlers Chocolate Bunny, Jacobs Elite Teacakes, Cadbury Purple Snacks 6 pack and more.

To celebrate the launch, The Paddy box conducted their own research on the likes, interests and cravings of Irish currently living abroad – and basically, we're all just one bug stereotype.

Unsurprisingly, Tayto Cheese and Onion crisps are the most missed food item of Irish living abroad, followed second by Cadbury Dairy Milk chocolate, third by Barry's Tea, fourth by Ballymaloe Relish and fifth by McDonnell's Curry Sauce.

What's more, 85 per cent of respondents said they miss Ballymaloe Relish more than their in-laws.

When asked what they would do if they were flown to Ireland for one day only, 58 per cent said they would go to Penneys, 56 per cent said they would have a Tayto sandwich and a cup of Barry's Tea, 33 per cent would visit their grandparents, 74 per cent would spend time with their parents and 23 per cent would attend a GAA match.

Oh and the most missed dinner is ‘Mum’s Sunday Roast’ – obviously.

Through the website (www.thepaddybox.com) people can choose from a range of pre-packed, individually themed, 10 item boxes, or choose to make their own custom 10 item box, tailoring them specifically for someone they love. Boxes start from €49.95 and go up to €59.95. The Paddy Box team hand pack each gift box, input personal notes and ‘ship with Grá’ anywhere in the world.



It's not surprising that people around the world want to spend St. Patrick's Day in Dublin and will travel from the far corners to get here. 

Because let's face it from the parades to the atmosphere, there really is no beating it. 

There is a longstanding tradition of celebrities making the grand trip to the Emerald Isle on the big day and this year it was former boyband star and ex-husband of Jessica Simpson who caught the Paddy's day bug. 

Basically, a 90s superstar was here and we were living for it. 

However, the singer-turned-reality-star went to impressive lengths to not only conceal his identity but also get into the St. Patrick's spirit. 

The 42-year-old was snapped strolling down Grafton Street with his wife, Vanessa, and some friends donning a full face of paint, a ginger beard and a leprechaun hat (we are also appreciating the green hints on his runners). 

Because if you can't do it on Paddy's Day in Dublin then when can you. 

The star was also spotted flying into Dublin airport on Tuesday where fans were excited to get pics with the star. 

While they were out soaking up the atmosphere in the capital yesterday, on Wednesday they enjoyed a trip to the Guiness Storehouse as well as dinner and drinks at the Bank Bar on Dame Street. 

We reckon he's probably feeling a bit worse for wear today, but sure who isn't? 



While you can't deny that Americans win in the enthusiasm stakes when it comes to St Patrick's Day celebrations, there's one element of their Irish-American pride that we simply can't abide – the use of "St Patty's Day."

As every native Irish person knows, it's always "Paddy" and never "Patty," unless you're celebrating the birthday of your aunt Patricia or getting excited about making burgers.

After years of trying to communicate the message across the Atlantic, some Irish expats have taken it upon themselves to fight the good fight. 

There's this lad, slyly correcting his colleague's mistakes in the news studio he works at:


This girl, spreading The Word of St Patrick:


This music fan, who wrote a pleading letter to her fave US band:


Even poor Donal Skehan has some work to do with his pals in LA:

Next year we suggest bulk-printing copies of Twisted Doodles' PSA and sending them all over the USA.

A wise use of taxpayers' money, surely?

Happy Paddy's Day, everyone.


Most of us would take the idea of a few pints down the local for granted, but if you're a global superstar things are a little different.

Niall Horan's been making the most of his extended break from the limelight by fitting in a few well-earned holidays, both at home and further afield.

And after returning to Mullingar over Christmas, Mr. Horan made another trip to his hometown today for a cheeky Paddy's Day pint – his first March 17 on Irish soil in five years, according to The Sun.

"Happy St. Patrick's day everyone.  Always proud of our little nation," he wrote on Instagram alongside a snap of himself slugging a pint of Guinness in what looked to be a relatively quiet Irish pub.

Niall was taking no chances though, and attempted to stave off attention from fans by pulling his cap down over his face.

With some spare time on his hands, Niall's been using the opportunity to get back to his first love – golfing. Just yesterday he was out in the "freezing cold" for a putt around:

We don't feel too sorry for poor freezing Niall though, as he's only just back from a sun-drenched trip to Thailand with 2FM host Eoghan McDermott and three friends.

Eoghan called the holiday a "week in paradise," and judging by the snaps posted by the pair on social media, it certainly was.

Happy March 17 Niall!


If you're celebrating St Patrick's Day in the West today you might notice things are a little more subdued than usual.

At least that's the aim of the plan laid down by several supermarkets and off-licences across Galway, preventing revellers from purchasing alcohol until 3pm today, March 17.

It's hoped the initiative will help to cut down on anti-social behaviour in the area, on a day which is notorious for on-street trouble.

According the Gardaí, the initiative is totally voluntary and businesses are under no legal obligation to refrain from selling alcohol.

Speaking to Newstalk today, Galway's Lord Mayor Frank Fahy said that the issue of anti-social behaviour on March 17 was not just isolated to one part of Ireland.

"We need to encourage people that there are other ways to celebrate St Patrick's Day other than going over the top as regards alcohol.

"It's not just Galway, every city has the same problem, right across the country."


St Patrick's Day is something of a global holiday at this stage, and while here in Ireland we're content with a few pints of the black stuff on March 17, other countries feel the need to go all out.

Here are just a few of the Paddy's Day "traditions" that we (thankfully) steer away from on the Emerald Isle.

1. Using Guinness as an ingredient (in anything other than stew)
Guinness in a pint glass – yes. Guinness in stew – yes. Guinness in brownies, cheesecake or cupcakes – no,  no and NO.


2. Dyeing beer green
Are you enjoying that neon green lager? REALLY though, are you?


3. Dyeing rivers green
We're looking at you, Chicago.


4. Dyeing anything green, in fact.
A green loaf of soda bread does not a Paddy's Day lunch make.


5. Greeting people with obscure phrases as Gaeilge
"Go n-éirí an bóthar leat, a Shéamus!"


6. Playing It's A Long Long Way To Tipperary at full blast
Thousands of incredible great songs have come out of Ireland, sadly that's not one of them.


7. Affectionately referring to March 17 as "St Patty's Day"


8. Saying "Top of the mornin' to ya!," even in jest
"Top of the mornin' to ya, random Irish person! Can you tell us the way to the Guinness Storehouse?"

paris hilton gross ew disgusted grossed out


9. Having t-shirts made bearing your family name
No true Irish person would be seen dead in a t-shirt proclaiming they were one of "The Killarney O'Shaughnessys," and that's just a fact.



If you've got a brother, sister, BFF or boyfriend living in some far-flung land, then you'll want to read on.

The folks over at Tayto have put together the most Irish prize package of all time – the chance to fly your loved one home for March 17.

Yep, Tayto will provide return flights for one person from anywhere in the world back to Dublin for the St Patrick's Day celebrations. The lucky scamp will also receive two VIP tickets to the St Patrick's Day festival, to really allow them to celebrate in style.

And if you're not lucky enough to have your bestie flown home, you can still surprise them with a taste of all things Irish in honour of the big day, as Tayto will be sending a box of their famous crisps to 100 runners-up anywhere across the globe.

Rather than launch some random new flavour (Guinness and beef, anyone?) to kick off the competition, Tayto have instead rebranded their classic Cheese and Onion packaging into an uber-Irish version. Behold, Cáise agus Oiniúin:

To enter, all you need to do is purchase a bag of the tricolour-themed crisps and follow the instructions on the packet.