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Azealia Banks is a woman of controversy, and her career has arguably been stalled and stopped multiple times because of her numerous spats with famous faces.

While Paddy Power was taking bets on whether or not the Harlem rapper would even play her set at The Academy last night, the 27-year-old miraculously showed up onstage.

She dedicated her gig to "All the beautiful Irish women", much to the amusement of the crowd of beloved fans who admitted that their rap hero was 'problematic', but has such good tunes you forget about it.


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Banks hit the headlines yesterday after an incident on board a flight from Gatwick to Dublin airport, which led to the artist having to take the ferry to Dublin.

She ended up having quite the rant on board the Aer Lingus flight, calling Irish women 'ugly' and launching into a tirade about our Celtic people.

“I’ve had enough of y’all oompa-loompa looking, spray-tanned, crazy-looking b****es tonight,” she raged, which was characteristic of her numerous feuds with other musicians.

“The girls have scurvy, they’re vitamin deficient, need some calcium tablets.”


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Reviews of the show claim the rapper brought an impressive set to her debut Irish show, channelling talent which is arguably gone to waste as her Twitter arguments have only done her damage.

Fans know her attitude well enough to dispel any negative thoughts of her social media ranting, choosing instead to focus on her musical prowess, surprisingly soulful voice and explosive rap verses.

“I’m a rude b**ch nigga, what are you made up of?” she spits on her classic hit, 212.

The 'Queen of Ireland' doesn't make any effort to cover up her personality, so take her with a pinch of salt but don't try to deny that the gal has talent.


Prepare the throne; Azealia Banks has officially declared herself 'The Queen of Ireland' after arriving to her gig in Dublin via…FERRY. Ok then, your highness.

The 212 rapper was forced to get the boat after storming off an Aer Lingus flight last night.

The 27-year-old seemed pretty confused after trying to change her travel arrangements, asking her Insta following if Ryanair and Aer Lingus were the same airline.


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She claimed she had been given clearance to fly with Aer Lingus, whatever that means, according to Dublin Live.

Calling herself "Queen of Ireland", she ranted:

"I've been asleep, and I woke up to some excellent news. It's out, I'm the Queen of Ireland! I never knew I was the Queen of Ireland!" We never knew either, henny.

She continued;

"Aren't you happy to have such a Queen like me? Oh my God, the first black queen of Ireland! I really just woke up in the Irish Spring and the girls can't take it." She wasn't done yet…


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"I got the pot of gold, b*tch. I've got the pot of gold, and I'm not even from here! Now wait, until I do this sold out f***ing show. Y'all b***hes are gonna see who the f***ing Queen of Ireland is." 

Understandably, she got a fair few angry messages in her inbox, but Banks said she was sick of the "oompa loompa crazy looking b***hes". Oh my.

"The girls have scurvy, they're like vitamin deficient, they need some calcium tablets and some Camaraderie soap. Anyways, I'm back on the Chardonel (wine)." We Celts are just very pale, and can't do much about it unforch.

She enlisted the Notorious Conor McGregor for support, sharing a screenshot of a message, where she wrote; "Conor help they are bullying me".

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Banks got into a massive row on Monday morning with a female cabin crew member, after boarding a flight from Gatwick to Dublin airport. 

Aer Lingus confirmed that the rapper left the 10.55am flight from Gatwick but declined to comment on her allegations.

They have released a statement following the incident.

They said: "Aer Lingus can confirm that two guests scheduled to fly on 10:55am flight from London Gatwick to Dublin (EI233) this morning disembarked themselves prior to departure."


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"The guests in question got off the plane safely of their own accord, while all other guests remained on board…Aer Lingus has a strict no-tolerance policy towards disruptive guest behaviour.

"The safety and security of our guests and crew remains our first priority."

Azealia, poor little divil, said she was 'treated like a wild animal' in the lengthy post, portraying the incident as her 'travel day from hell'.

Banks plays a sold-out show at the Academy on Abbey Street tonight, that should be an interesting one to say the least…



Earlier this year, Azelia Banks let rip at Zayn Malik on Twitter in a tirade of homophobic and racist remarks.

She tweeted such things like, "Dude, I make better music than you. Simmer down with that fake white boy rebellion and that wannabe beiber swag," and "Lol u a b**ch n***a." There were many more tweets, but let's just say the language in them went from bad to downright awful.

At the time, Zayn simply replied to her, ""@AZEALIABANKS why you been saying nasty things about me? I wasn't talking about you."

However, now the 25-year-old has penned an open apology to the former Directioner.

She sent the letter into Us Weekly, and you can read it below:

Azealia Banks and Zayn Malik

What do you think of her apology? 



Having racially abused former 1D member, Zayn Malik, taunted a 14-year-old Disney star and been dropped from the line-up of a UK festival, Azealia Banks has finally backed down and admitted she was in the wrong when she went seriously off one one last week.

Taking to Instagram over the weekend, the 24-year-old 212 singer told her fans and followers (who must be dwindling by the second) that she has taken the time to reassess her position, and she may actually have overstepped the mark. (Ya think?!)

"Now that the immediacy of the infamous incident has worn off, I've had some time to decompress and take a more rational assessment of things," she wrote in a post which has been liked a mere 6,000 times since its upload.

"I want to extend my sincerest apologies to the world. Employing racial / sexual slurs / stereotypes in attempts to make fun of or degrade another person or group is absolutely unacceptable and is not fair or fun for anyone."

"Allowing my anger to get the best of me, I've managed to insult millions of people without reason. And for that I give my deepest apologies," she finished.

Unfortunately for the New Yorker, Instagram users were having none of her apology, with some even suggesting that the Yung Raunxel singer has nothing to do with the post.

"You didn't write this, everything is spelt correctly," wrote one while another commented: "Really not good enough, how long will this apology last for until you start another online beef by being racist/homophobic/transphobic etc?"

"Such a shame that good talent has to be overshadowed by teen minded drama. Hopefully the world will bless us with someone as talented as you but with a heart of gold," they finished.

Well, that definitely didn't go to plan.



The fall-out from Azealia Banks' outrageous Twitter outburst last night has stirred debate in both the US and UK, and it looks like the repercussions for the performer may be greater than she realised.

Following her racist abuse of former One Direction member, Zayn Malik, the 212 singer has come in for major criticism from fans and those in the music and entertainment industry.

So, it may come as no surprise to learn that organisers for the Rinse: Born & Bred Festival in London have decided to drop the controversial New Yorker from this year's line-up.

In addition to the abuse she levelled at Zayn online, the 24-year-old singer also dubbed UK rap music 'a disgrace' and threatened to bring 'arms' to her upcoming performance.

Azealia once again took to Twitter after learning that she's been cut from the upcoming festival to apologise to fans who may be disappointed by the organisers' decision.

"To all of my Darling UK fans who bought tickets to see me at the Rinse FM show. My sincerest apologies!!" she tweeted earlier today.

Refusing to draw a line under the situation, the Yung Rapunxel singer decided to once again make her opinion known, continuing: "But you know Mama Puma always goes in for the Kill. And NEVER backs down. Most of the people coming to this on my day were only coming for me."

Defending herself against fans who reminded her that the UK helped put her on the map, the singer tweeted: "Fully acknowledge this. I absolutely adore the UK I just think US rap is better. Why are you so pressed?"

Hmmm, we wonder, Azealia…



Twitter is known for throwing out more celeb spats than you can shake a stick at, but this latest one has got to be one of the most intense we've ever seen.

It all kicked off when Azealia Banks took a shot at Zayn Malik for using her Yung Rapunxel video as inspiration for his Like I Would track, posting: "Damn Zayn be mood boarding the f*ck out of me. I'm not mad about this though. Zayn is a cutie pie."

Whether or not Zayn was aware of Azealia's remarks we're not sure, but Azealia certainly seemed to take offence at his supposed retort which read "No lies…I see you reaching but I don't care. My @'s too good for you."

And then, ladies, all hell broke loose.

Azealia, who seriously has no chill, tweeted: "Dude, I make better music than you. Simmer down with that fake white boy rebellion and that wannabe beiber swag."

"Do you understand that you are a sand ni**er who emulates white boys' renditions of black male hood?" she tweeted. "U.S.A is about to teach you who not to f*ck with."

‘!mma start calling you punjab you dirty bitch," the 24-year-old singer continued. "‘You a d**k rider for real for real. Ride this d**k until the wheels fall off Punjab."

Obviously blown away by the singer's hate, 23-year-old Zayn responded by tweeting: "Why you been saying nasty things about me? I wasn't talking about you lol?"

This isn't Azealia's first Twitter feud and we doubt it'll be her last.


Azealia Banks got herself into a little bit of bother this week. 

E! News is reporting that the rapper was arrested early Wednesday morning after she allegedly assaulted a female security guard outside a Meatpacking District nightclub, Up&Down in New York. 

The New York Police Department told E! that around 12.46am, Azealia was escaorted out of the venue "when she became verbally abusive and began to push the victim and bit the victim on the breast causing swelling and redness."

The NYPD added that "she was arrested and charged with assault, disorderly conduct and harrassment."

But what exactly got Ms Banks so riled up that she bit the woman's poor boob?!

A source told E! that the 24-year-old wasn't invited to the party in Up&Down, but arrived as a plus one. 

But when Azealia tried to go down to the party, the security guard turned her away and told her she had to have a stamp to enter. She eventually got a stamp and proceeded into the party but told the other guests that she was annoyed the security guard didn't recognise her as a celeb. 

That's how the altercation started but we're sure there was a lot of drink involved too. Azealia was released on Wednesday evening after seeing the judge. 



Singer Azealia Banks has something of a reputation for her short temper, and things really got the better of her on a plane journey last night.

The star was flying from New York to LAX on Monday evening, and wasn't happy when she had to wait for other passengers to gather their luggage before leaving the plane.

When the flight landed in the early hours of this morning, the singer reportedly made a beeline for the front exit from her first class seat in the sixth row.

However a French man and woman were blocking her way as they took their luggage from the overhead bins.

During the exchange, the man "put his hand out" in front of Azealia, which she didn't take well. According to eyewitness reports published today by TMZ, the 212 singer "spit in the man's face, punched him in the face and clawed at his shirt."

A fellow passenger made a video of the altercation that followed, which shows Azealia trying to pull her luggage out of a Delta flight attendant's hands and eventually calling him a "f*****g f**got."

Police were called (unsurprisingly) and stopped the singer at baggage claim after she exited the plane. Luckily for Azealia, who made headlines last year for her racially charged Twitter rant against Iggy Azealea, the French couple agreed not to press charges.

Taking to Twitter just now, Azealia told a very different story, claiming the French man hit her "in the face."

And her response to anyone who didn't believe her?

Right so.



The trouble between singers Iggy Azalea and Azealia Bankns started off as a slanging match on Twitter, but it has escalated into something even more dramatic.

Azealia has made no secret of her dislike for Iggy in the past, publicly saying that she feels her success is undeserved and that she is insulting people of colour by acting like a black person but not caring about racism. 

The two have had numerous lengthy arguments on Twitter, but now it seems someone else has joined in the drama.

An anonymous user with the Twitter handle @TheAnonMessage began tweeting at Iggy over the weekend, threatening to release footage of her sex tape if she did not apologise to Azealia within 48 hours. 

The account, which has since been suspended, posted a number of threatening and angry tweets to the singer, calling her a "trashy b**ch" among other things.

One particularly worrying tweet read, "MESSAGE: @IGGYAZALEA, you have exactly 48 hours from now to release a statement apologizing to @AzealiaBanks and the protesters in NYC… You are guilty of misappropriating black culture, insulting peaceful protesters, and making light of Eric Garner's death. @IGGYAZALEA"

A later tweet read, "There's an X rated tape of you, we bet you'd certainly don't want public, are we right? @IGGYAZALEA….and this is nothing. Comply or else." 

Iggy has yet to make any public response to the tweets, but seeing as she has previously said that the media speculation surrounding the existence of an alleged sex tape "makes [her] sick," we can't imagine she was too happy with this latest development.



Iggy Azalea has had just about enough of the abuse she’s been enduring recently, and has finally lost it on Azealia Banks in a spectacular rant.

Taking to Twitter to address Banks after her racially charged rant against her, in which she accused Iggy of not caring about racism, the Fancy singer sent her a very ‘special message’ back.

In it, Iggy made reference to a radio interview Banks gave this week, in which she broke down in tears and branded Iggy Azalea’s success as undeserved and overhyped.

“Special msg for Banks: There are many black artists succeeding in all genres. The reason you haven’t is because of your p**s poor attitude,” wrote Iggy.

Ouch! She didn’t stop there, though, and added: “You created your own unfortunate situation by being a bigot and don’t have the mental capacity to realise yet. Probably never will.”

Iggy went on to brand Banks as a ‘bully’, completing her epic rant with a pretty powerful message: “You’re poisonous and I feel genuinely sorry for you because it’s obvious at this point you are a MISERABLE, angry human being. Regards!”

Banks went on to hit back at Iggy, whom she referred to as a “clueless white girl”, telling her that she has “no place to comment”.

Guys, can we stop the hate now, for once and for all?



First Snoop Dogg, then Eminem, and now Azealia Banks. Iggy Azalea's list of enemies is growing longer and longer – but she's not afraid to stand up to them, either.

After a jury decided not to indict a white police officer with the murder of black man Eric Garner yesterday, protesters took to the streets and the internet to show how angry they were with the verdict.

Singer Azealia Banks used the incident as an opportunity to slate Iggy for acting like a black person, but not caring about racism.

She started by posting this tweet, referring to the singer as 'Igloo Australia':

When Iggy didn't respond, Azealia posted this:


Eventually Iggy took to Twitter to have her own say:

The argument didn't end there though, with Azealia tweeting directly at Iggy to ask why she kept "making fun" of black people.

Despite the harsh words, Iggy tried to end things on a positive note, telling her followers to "Make sure you do something to let YOUR government know how you feel when something is unjust… Make sure you sign petitions, hit the streets and protest or donate to groups helping to support and rebuild the community too."

Sounds like it was a stressful day for both singers – we hope they can work things out.