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Pop icon Britney Spears has won a major legal victory in order to keep her former manager, Sam Lufti, away from her.

The news comes amid fears that he is behind a campaign of continuous harassment and even death threats against her family.

Yesterday, an LA judge granted Spears a temporary restraining order against Lutfi, meaning he is not allowed to contact the singer or her family.

Insiders from Page Six believe that Spears and her family are convinced Lufti is behind the recent #FreeBritney fan uproar. Her followers dislike the conservatorship which her father, Jamie, has over the singer.


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“If you connect the dots, it all leads to Sam being all over this,” a source told the publication. “People have been sending death threats, and they suspect it’s the same folks behind #FreeBritney.”

Lutfi has allegedly been harassing those in Britney's inner circle since she checked out of a mental health facility two weeks ago. Apparently, he contacted Spears' mother Lynne to challenge the conservatorship by offering money.

The documents also claim that Lutfi posted “disparaging and threatening comments” on social media, and requested that the public 'raise hell' to free the star. Spears went into the facility following the news of her father's illness.


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An insider added, “Sam is trying to insinuate himself into Britney’s life again. Her family worries he could have a dangerous impact on her mental health.” Court filings suggest that he has been threatening to release private documents of Britneys from her past.

The family are convinced that the former manager drugged her back in 2007, around the time of her head-shaving meltdown.

In a 2008 book, Spears’ mom wrote, Through the Storm: A Real Story of Fame and Family in a Tabloid World, that Lutfi had been giving the singer Adderall in her food, which he strongly denied.

Lutfi's lawyer replied to the restraining order, saying; “We are disappointed in the results. We feel this is overly broad and violates Mr. Lutfi’s constitutional rights. We look forward to arguing the matter more fully at the hearing for a more permanent restraining order on May 28.”


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Britney told her fans that she was taking some 'me-time' following Jamie's life-threatening illness, cancelling her Las Vegas show.

She checked into a mental health facility for a 30-day treatment in April, despite claims by fans that she was being held against her will. Protests ensued in Hollywood which demanded her release.

Britney took to Instagram and assured her followers that she was okay; "My family has been going through a lot of stress and anxiety lately so I just needed time to deal with it. Don’t worry, I’ll be back very soon."

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Prepare the throne; Azealia Banks has officially declared herself 'The Queen of Ireland' after arriving to her gig in Dublin via…FERRY. Ok then, your highness.

The 212 rapper was forced to get the boat after storming off an Aer Lingus flight last night.

The 27-year-old seemed pretty confused after trying to change her travel arrangements, asking her Insta following if Ryanair and Aer Lingus were the same airline.


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She claimed she had been given clearance to fly with Aer Lingus, whatever that means, according to Dublin Live.

Calling herself "Queen of Ireland", she ranted:

"I've been asleep, and I woke up to some excellent news. It's out, I'm the Queen of Ireland! I never knew I was the Queen of Ireland!" We never knew either, henny.

She continued;

"Aren't you happy to have such a Queen like me? Oh my God, the first black queen of Ireland! I really just woke up in the Irish Spring and the girls can't take it." She wasn't done yet…


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"I got the pot of gold, b*tch. I've got the pot of gold, and I'm not even from here! Now wait, until I do this sold out f***ing show. Y'all b***hes are gonna see who the f***ing Queen of Ireland is." 

Understandably, she got a fair few angry messages in her inbox, but Banks said she was sick of the "oompa loompa crazy looking b***hes". Oh my.

"The girls have scurvy, they're like vitamin deficient, they need some calcium tablets and some Camaraderie soap. Anyways, I'm back on the Chardonel (wine)." We Celts are just very pale, and can't do much about it unforch.

She enlisted the Notorious Conor McGregor for support, sharing a screenshot of a message, where she wrote; "Conor help they are bullying me".

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Banks got into a massive row on Monday morning with a female cabin crew member, after boarding a flight from Gatwick to Dublin airport. 

Aer Lingus confirmed that the rapper left the 10.55am flight from Gatwick but declined to comment on her allegations.

They have released a statement following the incident.

They said: "Aer Lingus can confirm that two guests scheduled to fly on 10:55am flight from London Gatwick to Dublin (EI233) this morning disembarked themselves prior to departure."


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"The guests in question got off the plane safely of their own accord, while all other guests remained on board…Aer Lingus has a strict no-tolerance policy towards disruptive guest behaviour.

"The safety and security of our guests and crew remains our first priority."

Azealia, poor little divil, said she was 'treated like a wild animal' in the lengthy post, portraying the incident as her 'travel day from hell'.

Banks plays a sold-out show at the Academy on Abbey Street tonight, that should be an interesting one to say the least…



Ah, Madge. You're not in the best of places at the moment, huh?

Madonna is after having her second on-stage meltdown this week as she took to a Melbourne arena in Austrailia.

While in the middle of her concert she decided it would be a good time to tell her fans that Guy Ritchie is a "son of a b***h," as well as asking "someone please f**k me."

She also appeared to take a few swigs out of a fan's hip flash while on stage and fell off a tricycle, the Daily Mail reports.

Her son has decided to live with his father in London rather than choosing to stay with Madge in America.

The custody battle with Guy Ritchie has clearly taken a toll on her and we hope she bounces back to herself in no time.


It seems like Justin Bieber is having a particularly bad few weeks. 

First, he stormed off a Spanish radio show when the hosts asked him a line of awkward questions and then he ran off stage at one of his concerts because a fan annoyed him.

But that wasn't the end to the 21-year-old's bad behaviour as new footage of him flipping a chair over in a crowded restaurant has just emerged.

The short video was taken in Cannes, France over the weekend:

However, Justin went on to Twitter to defend his actions:

AND then, he even used the incident to advertise his new album:

Oh, Justin, you never fail to humour us. 



Cara Delevingne has finally broken her silence on the Michelle Rodriguez and Zac Efron situation with some not-so-nice tweets!

The model is obviously far from happy about the stories going around and has taken to her Twitter account to voice her disgust at rumours: “Still more press poop spilling out their asses/mouths! Must be a case of journalist diarrhoea at the moment.”

She continued to voice her displeasure at the media’s coverage of the love triangle by writing: “Dear journalists, there is so many more important things going on in the world. You effect what people read. Have some respect for your jobs.”

Yikes, she is NOT happy with what is being said at the moment.

Her ex girlfriend, Michelle, was recently seen kissing actor, Zac Efron, while on holiday and the story has been extensively covered over the last two days.





Former Nickelodeon star, Amanda Bynes, has been spotted out in California and we’re really  happy to see her doing so well.

The actress was seen leaving the gym yesterday looking much healthier than we’ve seen her in a long time.

In an attempt to get back to her old self, she’s even signed up for a part-time course at the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising.

Amanda had a troubled 2013 filled with bizarre incidents and worrying tweets to her fans. She was diagnosed with schizophrenia after being admitted to a treatment facility for her behaviour and it’s amazing to see what a turnaround she’s made after getting help.

Keep up the good work, Amanda!