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It can be really hard to stick with New Year’s resolutions. January is so miserable already – we’re broke, back to work and about a stone heavier after all the Christmas indulging. Plus, this year, it’s looking like it will be harder than ever with another lockdown looming.

But one way you can stay on track and exercise for a healthy body and mind this January is to check out Lidl’s new range of health and fitness products! Our favourite has to be their new Sanita Massage Gun, ideal for working out all your sore muscles after your at home work out!

 To help ease your muscles into your New Year’s health and fitness resolutions, Lidl are debuting their new and versatile Sanita’s Massage Gun for just €79.99 – that’s up to 2/3 less than similar machines on the market! The ultra-affordable massager is available in all 168 Lidl stores nationwide from 31st December

The deep tissue massager is the perfect way to destress after the busy Christmas season and with 4 interchangeable massage attachments, you can adapt the massage gun for use on the entire body. The must-have tool offers various intensity levels to suit all needs from softer massages releasing knots and increasing blood flow to more rigorous muscle recovery. Lidl’s Sanita’s Massage Gun also comes with a 5.5-hour rechargeable battery and a practical storage bag, so you can massage away that muscle fatigue and stiffness wherever you are.

To further kick-start your New Year health buzz, Lidl are launching free online workout classes led by star Irish athletes, Ciara Mageean and David Gillick, helping you over the first hump of your 2021 health and fitness journey. With classes each Saturday at 10am for the month of January, Lidl’s ambassadors will keep you on track and motivated to achieve all your New Year’s goals. The perfect little boost to help you to keep your resolutions!

Each 20 minute exercise class will be hosted on the retailer’s Facebook here and Instagram (@Lidlireland) platforms, requiring little to no equipment. However, from Thursday 31st December, Lidl is stocking a whole range of versatile workout products starting at just €4, which are perfect to kick-start your new workout regime and can be used to follow the classes too. With staples such as Lidl’s Crivit Kettlebells (€4.99, 4kg/€8.99, 6kg/€9.99, 8kg) to help build strength and endurance and Crivit Resistance Band Set (€3.99) with light, medium and strong bands to keep your muscles challenged, it won’t be long until you’re feeling like an Olympic athlete yourself.

Lidl’s Sanita’s Massage Gun and workout range are available in Lidl stores nationwide from Thursday 31st December but hurry, they are only available while stocks last and with these price tags, they’re sure to sell out fast!

With their equipment and online classes readily available in the New Year, Lidl have all of your health and fitness needs covered! We could all use a helping hand with our motivation, especially in January. So let Lidl help and pop into store to check out what you’ll need to beat those January blues!



Many of us began the year on a health and fitness kick. I say 'us', I don't actually mean ourselves included. Most people are still couch potatoes and the passing of time won't do much to change that.

80 percent of people will have abandoned their New Year's resolutions by February, which is a pretty high statistic.

The only thing that could tempt us to change our deviant ways and embrace the health kick is…luxurious travel destinations. Luckily for you gals, we've discovered the best value deals for your health-focused trips.

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Travel Republic have helped us to bring wellness to the forefront of our priorities…by having a selection of INSANELY stunning destinations to lure us towards.

Health and rejuvenation are the goal, and now it's never been easier to take a relaxing post-January break which doesn't negatively impact your lifestyle choices.

Sounds good to us, so what are the winners?

1. Aghadoe Heights Hotel & Spa: Killarney, Co .Kerry

The Aghadoe Heights Hotel & Spa is unbelievably magical, and offers unparalleled luxury overlooking the world-famous lakes of Killarney.

The spa at Aghadoe is honestly an oasis of pure serenity; the 10,000 square foot Resort Spa has 11 treatment rooms, relaxation areas, couples suites and a THERMAL SUITE.

The hotel has a fully equipped gym, conservatory-style indoor pool and outdoor terrace and some stunning local hikes and walking trails to enjoy.

If it's good enough for Gary Barlow, it's good enough for us:


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2. RedLevel at Melia Palacio de Isora – Tenerife

This is next-level privacy chic, and it's adults ONLY. The RedLevel at Melia Palacio de Isadora is located beside the Tenerife sea, where the excellent service and facilities will give you a classy, unique stay.

The destination has the elite SPA by Clarins on offer, as well as a private pool surrounded by Bali beds and a Pool Concierge service for the infinity pool. They also boast the LARGEST saltwater hotel pool in Europe, at a 5,000m2.

If you need the perfect place for relaxed rejuvenation with the best food you can buy, total seclusion and dazzling sunshine, this one's a winner. Escape the hustle and bustle of daily life and embrace the wellness, if you've got the cash, that is.


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3. 137 Pillars House: Chiang Mai, Thailand

Ah, our personal favourite. This destination is NEXT. LEVEL. GORGEOUSNESS.

If a far-flung and exotic setting is your biggest wish for the great escape, look no further than the beauty of Chiang Mai. The tropical Thai paradise is famed worldwide for it's calm and serene vibe, and private space.

Nestled in lush scenery, the hotel boasts a luxurious spa, yoga classes, tropical gardens, a drool-worthy pool, a gym….and Tai Chi. Wowza.

The hotel has a variety of wellness packages on offer to suit the needs of every traveller; it's the ideal health-driven retreat. There are also millions of elephant sanctuaries nestled in Chiang Mai which make the perfect tourist treat.


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 4. Taj Bentota Resort & Spa – Bentota, Sri Lanka

The Golden Mile of Bentota beach is something of a gem, nestled along the southwest coast of Sri Lanka.

The setting is totally unique, with the hotel overlooking the idyllic Indian Ocean and only 40 miles south of Colombo; Sri Lanka's capital.

The relaxing resort comprises 162 rooms with sea or garden views, vistas of the Indian Ocean of the lush vegetation of the tropical shrubbery around the building. They've got two tennis courts, a health club with a steam bath and sauna and a fully-equipped gym. Oh, and don't forget about the outdoor swimming pool, a poolside snack bar and games.

Asia's most exotic sanctuary is without a doubt a great decision for those wellness and health fanatics out there to enjoy:


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5. Hotel Palazzo Montemartini: Rome, Italy


The prestigious Palazzo Montemartini is a boujée five-star hotel in central Rome, within walking distance from Termini Station, Baths of Diocletian and Michaelangelo's church of Santa Maria degli Angeli. Need we say more?

It's the ONLY hotel in Rome crossed by the Servian Walls, built way back in the sixth century BC. Wellness and holiday fans can find unique high-tech elegance in the location, with 82 rooms and suites and the ultra-exclusive Senses Restaurant & Lounge Bar

The exclusive SPA ExPure has pure unforgettable moments of relaxation. They've got massage and treatment rooms, colour therapy showers, heated swimming pools, saunas and Turkish baths. The dream.

We. Are. Drooling. It's the destination we want, but also the destination we NEED. 

There you have it, ladies and gents. The top five wellness and health destinations the world can offer, with opulent, lavish and sumptuous locations for y'all to visit.

You deserve this level of decadence, plus you'd achieve the most EXTRA of Instagram snaps.

Retreat to these magical destinations and never look back. Actually, screw that. Just don't ever leave? 

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An investigation by Buzzfeed News has revealed how a large number of female customers claim to have been sexually assaulted during visits to one of America's largest massage franchises, Massage Envy.

The report, which was published over the weekend, found that some 180 women had filed lawsuits, police reports or board complaints against the company, including allegations of forced digital and oral penetration.

Others say massage therapists has “groped their genitals, groped their breasts, or committed other explicit violations”.

According to Buzzfeed, many victims say their complaints were 'mishandled or ignored' by Massage Envy, with one women claiming she begged an employee to remove the accused from a session with another client.

“She said she could not do that, and she invited me in to talk about my services,” the woman said.

Most states in the US do not legally require massage providers to report client allegations of sexual misconduct.

In a statement a spokesperson for Massage Envy said the company was working on its policies around these types of issues.

“We believe that even one incident is too many, so we are constantly listening, learning, and evaluating how we can continue to strengthen our policies with respect to handling of these issues,” they said.


Most of us don't get the recommended eight hours of sleep a night – and as we all know, there can be major repercussions on the way we look as a result.

We wish we could wake up bright-eyed, with dewy skin every morning, but that's never going to happen… unless you follow these quick fixes that will have you looking fresh in a shorter amount of time than you spend in the line for Starbucks. 

Moisturise it

When you don't get enough sleep, you body – mostly your skin –  misses out on its nightly repairing.

By not allowing it to rejuvenate, you'll be more prone to breakouts, redness, patchy skin and dehydration. Thankfully, the latter can be solved by doing what we should be doing anyway: moisturising. 

It'll help you achieve that radiant glow we all sought after, but as well as that it will help fight long term symptoms of not getting enough sleep, like enlarged pores, wrinkles and under-eye circles. 


Massage it 

Now we're not talking about a full-on massage here, just a quick face one. If you're to be ready in under five minutes, you're going to need a good multi-tasker – and this one is perfect. While using your finger to moisturise, give yourself a small face massage. 

It will help boost circulation and brighten the complexion. Not only does it feel amazing with cold moisturiser, but if you practise the right routine, you will give your face an instant boost in a minute flat. 


Highlight it

In the morning, especially on days where you've gotten little sleep, a good highlighter is like saviour in a tube. When you've found the right one for your skin tone, it'll be your go-to for brightening and defining your features in a flash.

The best places to apply this is the inner corners of your eye, under the brow bones, and across your cheekbone to fake that eight-hour sleep look. 


Cool it

When it comes to the dreaded puffy morning face, rely on one thing – cold temperatures. Cold temperatures shrink capillaries and stimulate drainage (in other words, de-puffs).

Whether you press your face with a cold cloth or store your moisturiser in the fridge, take every opportunity to give your face a zap of coolness. Pro tip: Place two spoons in the freezer for a couple of minutes and place them over your eyes (curved sides inward) for 10 – 15 secs to get rid of puffiness in that area.

The best part is, it will not only make you look more awake, but you'll feel more awake too. 



Although most people like to make February 14th memorable, not everyone likes to spend a fortune on it. If you want to get the most out of Valentine’s Day, all you need is a bit of creativity.

Get moving
Engaging in some physical activity like ice skating will get your endorphins flowing, leaving you both in good humour for the rest of the day.

Draw the curtains, light some scented candles and get some body oils on your fingers. A full-body massage by the love of your life is something you’re bound to enjoy.

Rose petals
As corny as it may seems, nothing will get him more excited than a trail of rose petals to the bedroom. Anticipation is half the fun of a romantic surprise – or a steamy one.