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Tommy Fury has spoken out against Anton Danyluk for the way in which he's treated his girlfriend, Molly-Mae Hague, since the trio left the Love Island villa.

The boxer has called Anton's petty behaviour 'childish' after he unfollowed Molly-Mae Hague on Instagram, and admitted that there's 'tension' between them all now.

During the reunion show, 24-year-old gym owner Anton was asked about the drama and he claimed they had never been friends in the first place and refused to follow the influencer.

20-year-old Tommy has since spoken about the issue on the Capital Breakfast show this morning, saying he didn't understand where Anton was coming from.

"I honestly couldn't see it, I thought them two were friends because obviously we’ve been on this whole experience together so I thought everybody would be friends.

"I think there was just a little bit of tension, you know, purely off what Anton said and about all the unfollowing stuff and all that…"


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He added; "It really is… I think it's a bit childish because we’re all good friends here and there’s no need for any bad blood and on mine and Molly's part, there's no bad blood, we wish him all the best."

19-year-old Molly Mae admitted she was shocked when she discovered that Anton had unfollowed her.

Speaking on the reunion show, she said: "I hadn't even got my phone back yet and came out and the first thing I seen was that Anton had unfollowed me.

"At the end of the day, everyone's entitled to follow and unfollow who they want to, so it's not bothered me, but I was just a little bit shocked."

She added; "And I don't feel like I would have necessarily done that to him because we didn't speak much in the villa, so I don't really know why it happened, but no bad blood.

"You're my friend, even if I'm not your friend."

Anton denied any pettiness, explaining half-heartedly that; 

"What happened is, when we're in there, our management or whoever is running our Instagram follows for us. Molly came up on my Instagram and I'm sure Molly will agree with this, we've never even spoken in the villa, really."


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Their clash appeared to start when Molly-Mae and Tommy voted for Anton and Belle Hassan to leave the villa, which led Belle to brand the pair 'two-faced'.

At the reunion, Anton and Belle both denied this, saying that the public voted them out at the end of the day.

It seems that there's no love lost between the foursome, but does it all boil down to Anton getting pied by Molly-Mae at the start of the series when she eventually chose Tommy? We reckon so.

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As an increasing number of sources confirm that she is struggling to cope after her armed robbery ordeal, Kim Kardashian West has made a fleeting return to social media.

The reality star – who was bound and gagged in a luxury apartment during Paris Fashion Week – has reportedly logged into Twitter to unfollow 13 people.

According to The Sun, the mother of two’s fans began to share encouraging messages with her as she reduced her “following” list to 108 people.

The peculiar move comes as insiders claim the 35-year-old remains “paranoid” after the attack which saw her lose $10 million worth of jewellery.

While Kim continues to keep a low profile, yesterday TMZ reported that she has filed a lawsuit against a media outlet who suggested she had lied about aspects of the robbery.  


Facebook has become a big part of our daily lives, but sometimes it's more of a bother than anything else.

From meaningless notifications to annoying status updates, follow these handy hacks to make sure your feed is the way YOU want it: 

1. Hide certain posts/pages from you News Feed

After logging on to FB, you likely scroll through your News Feed to see what friends are up to or to read interesting articles. However, you may have that one friend that constantly posts ridiculous status updates. 

Instead of unfriending them completely, you can unfollow their page by clicking on the arrow on the top of a given post. 

If you're on your phone, select 'Unfollow X' or if your on a desktop, select 'Hide all from X'. 


2. See the most recent posts from your News Feed

FB is automatically programmed to show you top posts from your friends and pages. However, that means sometimes seeing older posts that aren't that relevant anymore. 

Change your News Feed to appear in chronological order using the left-hand sidebar. If you're on your phone, click 'more', then scroll down to 'feeds' and select 'most recent'.


3. Choose people and pages to show up first

If you have the new FB update, you can now customise your News Feed to prioritise updates from your favourite people and pages.

To activate these settings, go to News Feed preferences and under 'settings', choose 'prioritise who to see first'. Assigning blue stars to your top friends will unsure you never miss an update. 


4. Stop getting notifications from things you don't care about

FB is all about communicating with friends, so it's likely you will comment on a post your BFF might share. However, after you comment, you might start to receive notifications from other users commenting on the same post after you. 

This is super annoying, especially when you're not in the convo anymore, so to stop these, first click on the notifications button and you can adjust what you want to see from there. 


5.Stop notifications popping up on your phone

Similarly, your likely to not want pointless notifications on your phone either. Push notifications can be adjusted under your phone's settings. Select 'notifications' and then 'mobile push' and uncheck anything you don't want ot see anymore. 


6.  Disable 'seen' in FB Messenger

Your Messenger automatically allows friends to see when you've opened a message they sent you. While this is one of the harder ones to undo, you can use a third party app to turn it off on your desktop only. Some popular choices are FBUnseen (for Google Chrome) or Unseenly


7. Choose who can see what you post

You can block individual friends or lists of friends from seeing your most recent status updates, or photos you've posted. At the end of your post, you'll see a button at the bottom telling you who can view it, click that, then click 'more options' and then 'custom'.

Under 'don't share with', type in the person's name that you want to hide the post from. 


SHEmazing! TV offers you your daily 90 Second Update rounding up the showbiz news!

Today’s highlights include Victoria Beckham reveals why she looks so good, Justin Bieber wanting to delay his DUI case over you won’t believe what and Selena Gomez unfollows some of her closet friends on twitter, but why? This and much more in our 90 Second Update.

Watch the video for the full report.