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Molly-Mae Hague won't be back in Ireland anytime soon, according to The Clare Echo. Remember when she took a private plane to an underage disco in Co. Longford? We do.

The Queens Nightclub in Ennis announced during the airing of Love Island that the social media influencer would appear for a meet-and-greet in August.

Tickets had been on sale for the event, but the nightclub have now confirmed that Molly-Mae has postponed her trip indefinitely to Co. Clare.


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The Ennis venue wrote; “Due to unforeseen circumstances Love Island’s Molly-Mae Hague has had to postpone her appearance at Queens Nightclub Ennis this Saturday night.

"She would like to apologies to all her fans. Full refunds available on tickets already purchased from both eventbrite.com and Kaffeine," they added.

"Stay tuned to our social Media Accounts for further updates. Apologies for any inconvenience caused."

Image: Queens Nightclub Ennis/Facebook

Molly-Mae has been dating professional boxer Tommy Fury since mid-way through the ITV reality show, but is currently undergoing photoshoots in Los Angeles.

The star has yet to comment on the postponement of her nightclub appearance, after winners Greg O'Shea and Amber Gill spent the weekend in the county to see the Cliffs of Moher.

You're missing out on some Wild Atlantic Way beauty, gal. Your loss, we say.

Feature image: Instagram/@mollymaehague



One of Dublin's most infamous celebrity hotspots is officially closing down, and it's fair to say we are NOT HAPPY.

The Porterhouse Group have confirmed that Lillie's Bordello, off Grafton Street, will say farewell in the New Year.

Pretty much everyone and anyone have passed through the club since the 1990s, including Julia Roberts, Bono, Rihanna, David Hasselhoff and Mick Jagger.

The dancefloor has seen many well-known faces and has created even more nightlife memories, between this and Club 92, where are all the oldies gone?

The owners of the club, The Porterhouse Group, are claiming that it will announce exciting new plans in the spring; let's hope it's a brand new club that's essentially the exact same as Lillies…

The legendary venue will have its last day of service on January 19, so get yourselves down there before it's gone.



A controversial billboard erected by a Donegal nightclub has been branded as "disgusting" and "misogynistic" by furious locals. 

The large advertisement for Liberty's club in Buncrana features am image of a woman wearing shorts and holding a gold club, along with the caption: "“Libertys – Your 19th hole for the summer.”

The offensive ad had been the subject of numerous complaints, with many calling for it to be removed. 

Speaking to the Donegal Daily, Senator Pádraig Mac Lochlainn said the billboard was  “just plain offensive."

"If it was shock value publicity they were seeking, then mission accomplished," he said.

"They need to cop themselves on, show some respect for our community and take it down!”

Many of the club's regular punters have also taken to the venue's social media calling for them to remove the offensive ad. 

One commenter wrote: "This not funny. It's blatant rape culture.Please take it down and replace it with an image that shows a young woman who is confident, in control and sexy, as opposed to a faceless receptacle for some drunk guy's hard on."

While another accused the establishment of promoting "rape culture and misogynistic sexism." 

"You should be ashamed of yourselves. This is being shared on social media and is doing you no favours. Promoting rape culture and misogynistic sexism in one poster."

The club has not yet responded to calls to remove the image. 



One person had died and three more are thought to be seriously injured following a shooting in a German nightclub in the early hours of Sunday morning.

The 34-year-old suspect opened fire at the Grey club in the southern city of Konstanz, at around 2.30am, killing one guest and injuring three others. 

The gunman, who has not yet been named, later died in hospital after exchanging gunfire with police officers outside the popular music venue.

Photo: EPA

One police officer was also injured.

The motive for the shooting remains unclear, however officials said he was an Islamist known to security forces, and added that he was psychologically unstable.

The attack comes after a similar incident in Hamburg on Friday, where a failed asylum seeker killed one person and injured six others.


In the past year there has been a huge boom with… naked stuff. From restaurants to rooftop bars, it looks like the world is keen on getting starkers to enjoy their weekend activities.

And the latest venture into the world of no-clothes is a nightclub.

Now, we all know that your average nightclub is not the most hygienic, and give it an hour or two of people bopping around, and the place is practically a sweat house.

So, imagine THAT – along with sweaty pits and jiggly bits everywhere in sight…

Image result for grossed out gif

The club, called Get Naked at the Takeover Bar in Greek Street, Soho, launched last month and operates two nights a week.

It is optional to get your kit off (you can't exactly force anyone to go nude), and those who do decide to take their tops off will be rewarded with a bottle of champers for their, erm…'bravery'.

Image result for grossed out gif

Live music, naked hula-hoopers (???) and naked shot-servers fill the bar each night, with the promoters saying it is "steeped in debauchery", with "booze, bubbles and bums."

We think we'll pass on this one…



Following the announcement yesterday that Tobey Maguire is splitting from his wife of 12 years, Jennifer Meyers, it now appears that he's partying like a madman.

And he's not alone, either. Tobey is hitting up the nightclubs with his buddy Leonardo DiCaprio and has been spotted with Lionel Richie's 18-year-old daughter Sofia.

"It looks like Leo's rubbed off on him," a source told Page Six.

"He's just going to the clubs with Leo and he's been seen with and without him… [Tobey's] turned up more often than usual."

TMZ has also reported that Tobey's split has been on the cards for a while now and he actually separated from his wife in June.

Pictures then surfaced today of him with Sofia Richie in a club in Hollywood from earlier this month in 1 OAK, but TMZ insiders say "it's not what you think."

To be honest, those pictures are very blurry, but insiders say the pictures are just of them having a friendly chat.



This is a developing news story…

At least two people have been killed and 16 injured in an attack on a Florida nightclub.

According to local news reports the mass shooting occurred in the early hours of this morning during a “teen event” at Club Blu in Fort Myers.

The Telegraph has reported that many of the injured are young people.

Reports suggest clubgoers as young as 13-years-old were attending the event.

One person has been detained by police in connection with the attack. 

The victims have yet to be identified.

The news comes less than two months after a single gunman killed 49 people and wounded 53 at Pulse nightclub in Orlando.













If you walked into a nightclub – and a rave nightclub at that – and saw an elderly couple, what would you think?

Are they lost? Abandoned? Nah, they just want to party.

That's what happened to DJ Jacob Husley when he spotted a Polish husband and wife at the rave he was performing at.

According to Buzzfeed News, he was totally confused as to why the couple were there, so he spoke to the security guard who told him that the couple bought tickets and walked right in without a bother.

“I asked them whether they were OK because it sort of looked like they shouldn’t be there,” he said. “They didn’t speak English, so they just smiled at me and continued on."

“But I still had a suspicion that there might be something wrong, so later I went over and had a proper chat with them and it turned out they they had planned the whole trip.”

As the night went on, a raver in the club who spoke both Polish and English acted as a translator for Jacob and the elderly couple.

The man and wife told him that they were visiting their daughter in Watford and heard about this rave in a newspaper back home, so they decided to give it a try.

And it worked out well for them, as they were offered free drinks throughout the whole night, yet after one shot of tequila each, all they wanted was some tea. Aw!

They were even welcomed into the VIP area (which is usually closed on rave nights) but when Jacob went to check on them a few minutes later, they left and made their way to the middle of the dance floor.

“I think people are just really accepting of each other, I think that’s what clubbing is all about … People were dancing with them, came over to talk to them, and took pictures with them,” he said.

“They had no music requests, but they seemed to really enjoy the music. They were on the dance floor holding hands and putting their hands up in the air."

"They stayed until 5am, so it was obvious that they did enjoy themselves."

If we're ANYTHING like this in our 80s, we'd be pretty happy campers. Fair play to them!

Image: Jacob Husley/Abbleleek Facebook


As most nightclub's take photos these days, it can be particularly scary seeing them go up on Facebook the next day. 

But this guy from England, saw a photo of him cheating on his girlfriend with his EX-girlfriend. Not a good move, lad. 

Upon seeing the candid shot, he wrote to the club, Levels, and asked them to take the photo down. But what we bet he didn't expect was their BRILLIANT response:

"Drop off 10 grand cash and a pack of Haribo Tangfastics at the club before 6pm otherwise I'm making it the profile pic for the clubs [sic] page," they said.

In the end, they did take the photo down, but it didn't stop them sharing it with all their fans on Twitter.



Here at SHEmazing! we felt overwhelmed by a barrage of puns and inappropriate innuendo when it was announced this morning that one well-known Dublin nightclub had designed and released underwear.

Upon reflection, common decency prevents us from sharing many of these sentiments with our discerning users – so instead we'll just give it to you straight: from today it seems you can BUY branded Copper Face Jacks pants.

Yup, the iconic Harcourt Street venue has on offer a pair of white boxers for the lads, and a pair of sporty orange knickers for ladies – both of which feature the venue's distinctive logo.

Suffice to say that many's a Christmas present has now been sorted.

With the items supposedly available to purchase on site (the lads and ladies at Lovin Dublin already have their hands on samples), we've also contacted Coppers for details on nationwide stockists and delivery – and are currently awaiting an update. 


He, of course, beat Chad Mendes last month in Las Vegas in a nail-biting fight that had millions glued to their screens. 

Next up for Conor McGregor is Jose Aldo – in the city's MGM Grand Garden Arena, in December.

And while the Dubliner has a packed training schedule, he's also enjoying a little down time in Sin City, making club appearances that delight his many fans.

Last night, however, was strictly about kicking-back and having fun: he was spotted in Vegas's famed 1 OAK venue, a favourite of celebrities and sports stars.

The club took to Instagram this evening to share news and a snap of Conor: "UFC champ Conor McGregor ended up at 1 OAK last night," it said in an accompanying caption. 

It is not known whether his long-term girlfriend, Walkinstown-native Dee Devlin, 28, accompanied the 27-year-old.

Among those to regularly frequent the Las Vegas Boulevard venue are Kim Kardashian, Ciara, Chris Brown, Pitbull, and Katy Perry.

Scott Disick is furthermore a big fan; he's also paid five-figure fees to hang-out at there. Though most recently, he was forced to cancel a much-hyped appearance shortly after his July breakup with Kourtney Kardashian.

Conor also does club appearances in the city: following his win against Mr Mendes, he was signed up to do a pool-party at the SLS Las Vegas Hotel & Casino.

However, Crumlin-boy Conor, who spent time on the dole queue before he found fame, says he'll never "forget the struggles".

"I never forget where I came from. I never ever forget the hard times,” he has explained.

“I pinch myself because I am surrounded by luxury. But make no mistake – it’s luxury built on sacrifice.”

He and Dee often celebrate his milestone wins with OTT Las Vegas shopping sprees, and he also recently splashed out on matching  his 'n' hers Audemars Piguet diamond-encrusted watches, each costing between €30,000 to €50,000, for him and his girlfriend.


Speaking to the Guardian after his win over Chad Mendes, he admitted: “We went shopping for ten hours straight yesterday.

"I got us a limo and we stuffed it with shopping bags so it was a great day and then we had a great night."




A teenager fell two-and-a-half metres from a three-storey building in Cork at 2.30am yesterday – and now has suspected serious spinal injuries.

Ciara O’Brien was on a night-out with her friends at the newly-opened The Moorings venue in Kinsale; a beach-themed bash was being held to mark the end of summer.

Following the incident, the 18-year-old was taken to Cork University Hospital, but has now been airlifted to the specialist spinal injuries unit at the Mater in Dublin.

Ciara had only recently celebrated her Debs and sat her Leaving Cert at Kinsale Community School. Friends told the Irish Sun that they and her family are “devastated and shocked” by what happened.

The full extend of her injuries is still being accessed by doctors in Dublin.

Kinsale Cllr Kevin Murphy, who knows the family, also told the Irish Sun: “It’s a terrible shock for all her relatives.

“You don’t expect such a dreadful thing to happen when a young girl is out socialising.

“The family are devastated and are praying she’ll make a full recovery.

“We don’t know the extent of her injuries, we’ll find that out over the coming days.

“They don’t know how bad it is yet.

“She is a gorgeous young girl. Her family are the nicest people you could ever meet — they are salt of the earth.

“It’s very upsetting for the whole Kinsale area. The family are very well-known in the locality and all our thoughts are with them.”

Gardai have now launched an investigation and a garda spokesman has confirmed: “An 18-year-old girl fell from the flat roof of a licenced premises on Market Street in Kinsale early on Saturday.

Beach party kicks off in 3 and a half hours!Why not come in fancy dress and you could win a holiday for 2!

Posted by The Moorings Kinsale on Friday, 21 August 2015


“She was taken to Cork University Hospital and was subsequently transferred to the Mater Hospital in Dublin. An investigation into the incident is ongoing.”

The Moorings nightclub only reopened last month under new ownership.

Business continued as normal at the venue last night with the second of their beach-themed bashes taking place as planned.

Declan Ryan of The Moorings last night explained to the Sunday World: “It was simply just a freak accident,” adding: “It was just an accident. She fell about 8 foot [2.5metres] from the side of the building.

"It wasn’t in the club it was beside it.”

He also said that he had met with Gardai and that all the staff at the venue were “hoping and praying she will be OK”.