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For the shopaholics among us, a day spent browsing through sale rails and shoe aisles is a day well spent.

That warm fuzzy feeling you get when you finally decided to splurge on that over-priced (but oh so worth it) winter coat can be hard to explain – but scientists reckon they have found the answer.

Research conducted by tech company, MyndPlay, found a direct link between shopping and a state of pure and utter bliss.

For the study, participants were divided into two categories – 'Inspired' and 'Shop-y-cats'.

The first group were those who genuinely enjoyed to shop, while the latter were those who only did it in order to fit in with the crowd.

Anaylisis of both group's 'gamma brainwaves' showed that a massive 84 per cent of Inspired shoppers experienced a feeling of elation, or 'buyers' high', at the till, which then lasted for some time after.

According to The Sun, the feeling can be compared to the pleasure derived from engaging in sexual activity, or a Formula 1 driver finishing a race.

Most Shop-y-cat shoppers also experience a momentary high, though it did not last nearly as long.

What's more, over 80 per cent of this group saw their mental fatigue rise by up to 30 per cent, every 10 minutes they spent shopping.

Rob Hattrell, Vice President of eBay UK, told The Sun: “Shopping is personal. It’s  a reflection of what makes you, you.”

“This fascinating research gives great insight into the highs that can be achieved when you hit the zone of inspiration and shop like nobody else.”

So basically, it all comes down to being in 'the zone'.

Happy shopping, ladies! 


The iconic skateboarding brand Vans are having a big sesh this Saturday in Jervis Shopping Centre, and we wouldn't miss it for the world.

The newly-opened store is hosting a drop-in event on February 16 for those who want to get their beloved Vans customised FREE of charge.

Local artist Ruan Van Vliet will be doing the inking, while a DJ plays some tracks and pizza and games are provided for all.

Ruan Van Vliet is a graduate of the iconic NCAD art college in Dublin, and works as both an artist and illustrator. Your Vans will be one-off, unique pieces once Ruan's done with them, trust us.

His work is renowned for it's bright, colourful and amusing patterns, and he has also created work for Vice, AirBnB, Offset Design Festival, Guinness, among others.

Shoppers can try out prize pong, to try and win 50 percent off their Vans purchases on the day.

Vans are one of the biggest brands around, and their skateboarding shoes have been hugely popular for years, so we're delighted that they've opened a new store in Jervis Shopping Centre.

As one of the capital's most vibrant and most successful shopping environments and hosting over 60 outlets, Jervis has become one of the nation's biggest hubs.

With pizza, games, a DJ and free customisation as well as prize giveaways; don't miss Saturday's party. We'll see you there on February 13, from 12pm until 4pm.

We'll be staying the full four hours, because why wouldn't we be? It's free pizza, for crying out loud.

Feature image: Vox


Get ready to be glued to your earphones, ladies, because our favourite online store, PrettyLittleThing has announced a brand new podcast.

Introducing PLT: Behind Closed Doors is currently sitting at number one on the podcast charts, and for a good reason.

The brand have described the audio as, "A podcast that is true to its name. A way to connect to our audience in a different way with no subject off limits."

The podcast is essentially a slumber party with the gals, where gossip is the sauce served ALL NIGHT LONG, with some healthy female bonding to boot.

To kick off 2019, the crew are hanging out with their gorgeous girls who inspire them daily. It's time to get to know them a lot better, and luckily they're sharing the footage with their audiences and PLT fans globally.

From stories the models and ambassadors have never shared before, to their everyday routines; it's time to really get into the minds of you favourites and take down the barriers of social media. Real talk.

The nine-part mega series will have you blaring the volume and eagerly awaiting the next episode. On Tuesday 22 of January, the debut podcast featured the absolute BABE that is Maya Jama.

Jama is a face of PLT, a TV personality, fashionista and radio presenter herself, giving us purely good vibes. Describing the podcast in her own words, Maya said;

“So excited for PLT to be stepping into the podcast world with Behind Closed Doors. They flipped the tables and put me in the hot seat. Listen in to hear me talk life, face masks and dealing with stalkers."

Stalkers? This we HAVE to hear.

Behind Closed Doors is the latest gift that keeps on giving. PLT Brand Ambassador Megan Barton Hanson will be breaking boundaries, speaking on subjects personal to her;

“Stripper heels are not the easiest to walk in”, she reveals. “I know there has been a lot of talk about my previous profession, so it feels good to set the record straight and open up about my past with PLT in a fun and comfortable environment.”

It's always fabulous to hear women opening up and getting candid about their everyday lives. We can't wait to hear even more from the clothing brand, check out the first episode for some scandal and slumber party vibes.

Listen to the new podcast on iTunesSpotify & Acast, but leave plenty of time, because you'll be pure BINGEING it.



We have seen Santa in many guises, but this one might just be our favourite. 

The Yorkdale Shopping Centre in the States has given aul St. Nick a festive makeover this year and seriously he has NEVER looked better. 

Taking to their Instagram account, the shopping centre has posted numerous pics of Santa striking some serious poses as he takes a break from planning for the big day on the December 25. 

In the super trendy snaps, Santa has temporarily ditched the ill-fitting red suit for some very fetching festive fashion by top designers such as Burberry. 

Well, la-di-dah Santa. 


Christmas trees and #YorkdaleFashionSanta! #YorkdaleCheer

A photo posted by Yorkdale Style (@yorkdalestyle) on

And Fashion Santa is not just featuring on a social media campaign because if you happen to be in Yorkdale, you can actually meet him. 

The fashionable king of Christmas, who is portrayed by model Paul Mason, will be kicking around the shopping centre in the build up for the big day. 

This is one Santa that we would want to meet. 



If you’ve worked in retail for any amount of time you’ve probably developed a smoking habit, cynical attitude and lost hope in humanity.

Dealing with rude customers, annoying managers, and endless shifts all for minimum wage should be recognised as a crime.

These are the things that every retail worker has had to endure in their time.

1. Being expected to stop thieves
You work on the register or in the stock room, but somehow you’re also expected to tackle a 6″5′ fleeing thief. Hire a security guard for Christ’s sake, that’s not in your job description.


2. Customers throwing money on the counter rather than placing it in your outstretched hand.
There is nothing more infuriating than this ignorant a**hole! Clearly seeing your hand waiting to accept the money, they drop their change on the counter and expect you to pick it up, one coin at a time.

f3. When you have to tell a customer their card is declined
The awkward face EVERY retail worker makes at this moment.

468750664. Customers making a mess
You sometimes feel like they are doing this purely to piss you off!

giphy5. Rude customers
There is nothing worse than having to deal with an ignorant customer, struggling maintain that fake smile on your face.

22jCQ276. Customers letting their kids run wild and free
If you must go shopping with your complete family, for the love of God, please don’t bring them all up to the register to pay. Believe it or not, only one person is needed for this mighty task.


7. Dealing with “cute” couple fights over who is paying.
Just give me the money. Go enact your strange financial foreplay somewhere else.

giphy8. Wandering off in the middle of a transaction
Someone sees cousin Mary enter the store and leaves during the transaction to catch up on the last thirty years.

giphy9. Customers blaming you for stuff out of your control
Someone freaks out at you because the price isn’t what it says on the label. They seem to feel like your job is also to MAKE the prices, but this is actually not the case. Find someone else to take out your frustration of being overcharged €2 on.

544239_348765011900240_436290346_n10. The fake laugh and smile you’ve mastered
Everybody has their fake retail smile. It gets harder and harder to maintain the longer you work there!


11. People paying you with a mountain of change
Yes, we don’t mind taking your change but within bloody reason. We don’t want to count 2000 1c coins when there’s a queue of 10 people behind you!


12. The Customer is almost NEVER right!
Vehemently arguing that a product is overpriced, only for us to show you that you were actually looking at the completely wrong label, or you hadn’t realised that the price was in EURO, not pound sterling!

giphy13. You and your friends work completely different shifts
The little fun you used to have in work has been taken away from you by your manager. Now you’re stuck working with the employees your least compatible with, in order to ensure you’re never happy at work.

giphy14. “Can I pay part card/part cash?”
WHY do you have to be so awkward? You really shouldn’t have to divide up a subtotal of €15 by cash and card.


15. Customers who move at an obnoxiously slow pace when there is a massive queue behind them
Anybody who moves THAT slow clearly is doing it on purpose. I don’t care how old you are. Shift it sister!


16. A half hour break is simply not enough for the hell you have to put up with each day
Time doesn’t seem to apply during working hours. 30 minutes break is a totally different amount of time than 30 minutes on the register.


17. You agree to cover someone’s shift and immediately wish you could go back in time to change your decision
“Why did I just do that?” The worst part is that the other person never returns the favour.


18. A customer has mistaken you for a qualified therapist
We don’t want to hear about your life struggles at 5pm on a Tuesday evening. Just take your purchases and head for the exit please.

19. People entering the shop and meandering around the store at closing time!
Are these people actually serious? Despite what they might think, we actually do have other things to do and would like to leave when our shift ends. If you want to wander aimlessly around the store at closing time, please pay me extra for allowing you to do do.

tumblr_mmwl07l8gx1rt9ukxo1_50020. Trying to text without your boss seeing you
Texting your friends under the register that you’ll need them to pick you up a copious amount of alcohol to forget about your job for the briefest of moments, without your boss catching you.

anigif_enhanced-buzz-11572-1381172380-921. Having to deal with drunk or high customers
The worst of the worst. Slurring their words and gazing hopelessly into your eyes. The stink of alcohol pouring into your nostrils as you try your best to deal with their dire antics.

giphy22. Telling a customer that there is in fact a queue in your store
Yes, there is actually a line that you must enter, not just burst your way to the head of the register. And then they get pissy with you for telling them nicely.


23. The terribly annoying retail jokes that we hear ALL the time
You’ll immediately recognise these. “Do you take cash?” Haha good one! Yes, we do actually accept cash… Now hand it over.

giphy24. Infuriating “witty” retorts from customers
when an item doesn’t scan: “It must be free.” Or even worse. You’ve endured a 3 hour blitz of customers and are enjoying your first sip of water and the temporary silence, when you here: “Oh you must need something to do?!”


25. You’re not above breaking your phone in order to avoid being called into work on your day off
You’ve thought about it. Either turning your phone off or pinging it off a wall because you just give up. Nothing is worse than going into that place on your day off.


26. Your outlook on life has completely changed after working in retail
You’ve developed a cynical attitude and your hope for humanity is completely drained.


via our content partner CT


As Rebecca Bloomwood found out in Confessions of a Shopaholic, some people simply indulge in things – usually material things – that they don’t particularly need and find happiness in it.

But, new study shows that using shopping as a way of dealing with problems can prove to be more effective than once thought – finally an excuse to spend more.

Researchers in Michigan found that ‘retail therapy’ can help people feel more in control of their own lives while lifting up their spirits at the same time.

They carried out three experiments and found that those who bought something were three times happier than those who only did window shopping.

Other studies also back these results, they have also shown that shoppers generally go through positive feelings when they reflect on their recent purchases.

God help the person in charge of our credit card bill this month. Oh wait…eeek!