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If you’ve got a problem; a relationship dilemma, work drama or a cringey moment you don’t know how to get past; don’t worry, father and daughter duo, Danny and Dani Dyer will sort you right out. The two announced that they’re launching a new podcast all about giving advice.

The podcast is aptly called Sorted With The Dyers, and is due to start at some stage in early October of this year, with a total of 25 juicy episodes.

Following her pregnancy announcement, which she made earlier this month, Love Island star, Dani, revealed the new podcast project with her dad on Instagram. 


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“I’ve got some more exciting news to share with you all! My dad @officialdannydyer and I are launching a podcast with @SpotifyUK! We want to help you sort out your everyday life dramas, from relationship troubles to things going on in your lives that are making you cringe!”

“If you have a question you want us to answer about life’s ups and downs, email us at sorted@dyerspodcast.com. We can’t wait to hear from you all!” Dani exclaimed.

She went on to say on her Instagram stories, "Finally becoming real! So excited – probably one of the easiest jobs I've ever done working with you @officialdannydyer xx".

There you have it – if you’ve a problem you think the Dyers can fix then make sure to email in. We’re so looking forward to listening to what’s sure to be some stellar words of wisdom from the Dyers.


Princess Eugenie is making waves as a princess, and her latest project has fans buzzing. The 29-year-old is about to become the first ever royal to launch a podcast, and the topic looks fascinating.

The Anti-Slavery Collective, which she co-founded with her best friend Julia De Boinville in 2017, announced via Instagram that Eugenie and Julia will co-host the Freedom United podcast.

The podcast aims to raise awareness about modern slavery, Eugenie explains;  "We are developing a podcast, Freedom United, and we will have a speaker series called 'Tech Tackles Trafficking.'"


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The princess adds; "Now is the time to talk about this, this is on everyone's minds. And if it isn't, we will make it on their mind."

Fellow members of the British royal family have appeared on podcasts in the past, such as when Prince Harry interviewed Barack Obama in 2017 for BBC Radio 4's current affairs show, Today.

Eugenie, however, is the first royal to launch her own;  "We are doing this for the person who can't scream and shout like we can, for the women, girls, men, children all over the world."


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Speaking about the new initiative, Eugenie said;

"This is a whole, much bigger issue that's a hidden crime; it's forced labour, forced marriage, domestic servitude, it's people not being paid correctly, it's the 2004 Chinese cockle pickers that died in Morecambe Bay."

A launch date for the podcast has yet to be announced, but judging by how important the discussion around modern slavery currently is, she'll have plenty of listeners. 

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Sex plays a huge part of our lives, whether you’re having it, not having it, wanting it, not wanting it and everything in between, it motivates us daily in ways we probably don’t even think about. Despite this, it’s still not an open talking point. Private Education, a new podcast hosted by Aisling Keenan wishes to change this taboo, by having informal and educational chats about all things sex and relationships.

The first of its kind in Ireland, the podcast is all about open communication and understanding in the hopes to lead to more acceptance.


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Sex education is lacking in schools and this doesn’t stop once you reach adulthood. Having written about it for so long, Aisling Keenan found that there was a lot of interest in the intricacies of sex and different relationships but there weren’t enough people talking openly about it. Private Education is an open space for people to talk in a healthy, informed and comfortable manner, with no subject ruled out.

Learn how different relationships work, from gay and lesbian relationships to open relationships to being single in your 30s and 40s. Listen to what’s going on behind closed doors in a fun and often hilarious manner, with the aim to normalise the way we talk about sex. The weekly podcast is like sitting down with your friends to have a chat, with guests so far including James Kavanagh, Laura Young from Laura’s Views and Fionnuala Jay, Karen Constantine from Lovely Girly Bits and Catherine Carton from Dainty Dress Diaries, Laura Cunningham and Andrea Horan are also confirmed to feature over the coming weeks.


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Topics discussed include sex education in schools, stereotypes in the gay community and the ten most googled sex questions, so each show has something for everyone. The podcast is for anyone interested in sex, relationships and sexual health.

Aisling Keenan is a freelance journalist from Dublin who was previously the editor of XPOSÉ Magazine and XPOSÉ Beauty Bible, beauty editor for U Magazine and beauty columnist for the Irish Independent Weekend Magazine. She is also a regular contributor on radio, having appeared on shows such as RTÉ 2FM, Newstalk and SPIN 1038 while also appearing frequently on TV3's XPOSÉ.


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Private Education wishes to change the narrative and allow people to talk about things in an open and healthy manner. Did you know for example the most googled sex question is “Where is the G spot?”! Or what a Bear is in the Gay Community? Private Education has all the answers. It’s like sex ed for adults.


As BBC institutions go, Desert Island Discs is easily one of the most recognisable.

Running since 1942, the radio programme has boasted countless world-famous guests who punctuate their life story with the help of eight musical tracks.

From actors, authors and activists to performers and philanthropists, guests share the songs which they would choose to bring to a desert island, and ultimately provide the listener with a snapshot of their life rarely shown in a regular interviews set-up.

Currently hosted by Kirsty Young, the Sunday morning show is available as a weekly podcast, and here are just 8 reasons why it needs to go to the top of your list.

1. Kirsty's tone of voice

Her soft Scottish brogue is undeniably one of the most appealing aspects of the weekly podcast.

Having replaced Sue Lawley as presenter back in 2006, Kirsty definitely has a way of getting her guests to open up in a manner not possessed by all her predecessors.

2. The discovery of new music

Discovering new music is easily one of the best things about Desert Island Discs, and if you have a particular fondness for a guest it's always interesting to know why a particular track means so much to them.

There are few people who listen to the weekly programme, and don't instantly update their music library afterwards.

3. The memorial moments

Over the course of the last 75 years, the show has had its fair share of memorable moments, confessions and reveals from some of the world's most renowned stars.

Always deftly navigated by Kirsty, the listener is quite regularly privy to remarkable conversations which rarely feel scripted, edited or peppered with soundbites.

4. The chosen book

In addition to choosing eight tracks, each guest is required to choose one book they would like to bring to the island with them.

BBC kindly gift them with the Bible (or Koran or Torah as appropriate) before marooning them, although not all guests are particularly impressed by the suggestion they might ever turn a page in the religious tomes.

5. The oh-so-important luxury

And in an effort to make decades alone seem more appealing, the good folk behind the programme also allow the guest to choose a luxury item which might make their time on the island a bit more bearable.

George Michael chose a car (despite at the time being banned from driving) Lily Allen chose her daughter's blankie, Ricky Gervais chose a vat of Novacaine while Simon Cowell, unsurprisingly, chose a mirror.

6. The tearful moments

There is something particularly refreshing about an interview which doesn't attempt to sidestep the subject's more difficult periods.

From Kylie Minogue recalling her relationship with the late Michael Hutchence to Jo Malone recalling her husband's battle with a life-threatening illness, the candid nature of the programme does much to set it apart.

7. The question you didn't know you wanted answered.

When it comes to Desert Island Discs, you always know you're in for an in-depth, no-holds-barred conversation, but often times the guest is thrown a curve ball and asked to reflect on a particular period in their life which you didn't realise you were so fascinated by.

And whether it's Kirsty's engaging manner or other extenuating factors, guests will almost always spill the deets.

8. The theme song

By The Sleepy Lagoon is like clutching a hot mug of tea or stepping into a warm bath – comforting, reassuring and utterly calming.

And if you don't believe us, have a listen for yourself…

Credit: Images BBC


If you're a social media lover in Ireland, and addicted to beauty and cosmetic products, you have DEFINITELY heard of Niamh Cullen and Aideen Kate.

As two of the country's biggest influencers, with a following of 200,000 followers between them. they're a force to be reckoned with.

Niamh focuses more on lifstyle, health and fitness, and Aideen is the queen of make-up on Instagram. 


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Now the pair have officially joined forces to produce a weekly podcast together, and we couldn't be more excited,

The gals captioned their first post on the new Instagram page, Influencer is a Dirty Word;

"New podcast coming Sunday. Episode 1: How To Deal With A Breakup. Grab your hunnies and some snacks (or some dranks), available on YouTube."

Image: @niamhcullenx/Instagram

The two teased their new project via their Instagram stories yesterday, saying, "How to deal with a break-up? Or how to help a friend dealing with a break-up? Go!!!" 

Niamh and Aideen suggested that their followers ask them questions, but their fans had no idea that a podcast was coming.

We're assuming that Influencer is a Dirty Word is about life as Instagram royalty, brand ambassadors and garnering a following of thousands, while looking and feeling great.

Image: @niamhcullenx/Instagram

This is major news for the influencer industry, which is growing more and more competitive.

We can't wait to hear all their gossip about their work-life, wellness tips and discussions about young women going through problems in their daily lives. 

The gals are unreal on their own, but we're delighted they've decided to come together for the magic of podcasts. It's sure to be a great one to listen to with your mates and a bottle of Pinot Grigio.


Get ready to be glued to your earphones, ladies, because our favourite online store, PrettyLittleThing has announced a brand new podcast.

Introducing PLT: Behind Closed Doors is currently sitting at number one on the podcast charts, and for a good reason.

The brand have described the audio as, "A podcast that is true to its name. A way to connect to our audience in a different way with no subject off limits."

The podcast is essentially a slumber party with the gals, where gossip is the sauce served ALL NIGHT LONG, with some healthy female bonding to boot.

To kick off 2019, the crew are hanging out with their gorgeous girls who inspire them daily. It's time to get to know them a lot better, and luckily they're sharing the footage with their audiences and PLT fans globally.

From stories the models and ambassadors have never shared before, to their everyday routines; it's time to really get into the minds of you favourites and take down the barriers of social media. Real talk.

The nine-part mega series will have you blaring the volume and eagerly awaiting the next episode. On Tuesday 22 of January, the debut podcast featured the absolute BABE that is Maya Jama.

Jama is a face of PLT, a TV personality, fashionista and radio presenter herself, giving us purely good vibes. Describing the podcast in her own words, Maya said;

“So excited for PLT to be stepping into the podcast world with Behind Closed Doors. They flipped the tables and put me in the hot seat. Listen in to hear me talk life, face masks and dealing with stalkers."

Stalkers? This we HAVE to hear.

Behind Closed Doors is the latest gift that keeps on giving. PLT Brand Ambassador Megan Barton Hanson will be breaking boundaries, speaking on subjects personal to her;

“Stripper heels are not the easiest to walk in”, she reveals. “I know there has been a lot of talk about my previous profession, so it feels good to set the record straight and open up about my past with PLT in a fun and comfortable environment.”

It's always fabulous to hear women opening up and getting candid about their everyday lives. We can't wait to hear even more from the clothing brand, check out the first episode for some scandal and slumber party vibes.

Listen to the new podcast on iTunesSpotify & Acast, but leave plenty of time, because you'll be pure BINGEING it.



"The last thing I want is a girl crying leaving my house."- Paddy Jackson

The Belfast Rape Trial led to shockingly large media coverage, emotional social media comment and outraged street protest.

The nine-week trial ended in late March 2018, when the jury of nine men and three women unanimously served not guilty verdicts on all charges to all four men involved.

Ex-Ulster and Ireland rugby players Stuart Olding and Paddy Jackson were found not guilt of rape and sexual assault at a house party in June 2016, leading to an onslaught of widespread criticism of how trials such as these are conducted.

Defendants Blane McIlroy and Rory Harrison were also found not guilty on all charges, with Irish rugby captain Rory Best facing critique for attending the trial itself. The hashtag #notmycaptain trended on Irish Twitter.

Two leading barristers in the case feature in the documentary, Toby Hedworth QC for the Prosecution and Brendan Kelly QC for Paddy Jackson.

Image: Belfast Live

The trial ended on March 28, but has remained in the headlines all-year-round, specifically regarding the #MeToo movement, as well as the recent rape trial in Cork.

Both trials have generated upsetting levels of scandal due to the introduction of female underwear as evidence. The Belfast trial saw the young woman's bloodied thong passed around the courtroom with 100 members of the public.

Las week, #ThisIsNotConsent went viral after the news hit regarding a rape trial in court where her underwear was used as evidence of her apparent consent.

Ruth Coppinger TD produced a thong in the middle of a Dáil debate to make a point about the treatment of witnesses in rape trials.

The Gillen Review Panel in Northern Ireland was published this week, and recommended numerous changes around serious sexual assault trials. 

In the documentary, RTÉ One also spoke to members of the public who attended the Belfast rape trial. 

Fair warning, Documentary On One: Notes From A Belfast Rape Trial is a very difficult listen. Narrated by Emer Horgan and Ronan Kelly, the listener of the documentary is faced with some quite graphic testimony.

That jury decided that they could not say, beyond reasonable doubt, that rape had taken place in Paddy Jackson’s house on that June night in 2016. 

Anyone who feels affected by any issues contained within this documentary, please visit the RTÉ Support page for Helpline information

The first broadcast will be tomorrow, Saturday November 24  2018, on RTÉ Radio 1 at 2pm.

Feature image: JOE.co.uk


If you're anything like us, you love nothing more than a good podcast.

So what better way to check out your favourites or discover new ones?

Dublin Podcast Festival is back by popular demand and it's right up our street.

Running from 26th September 17th October, our fair city will play host to live podcasts, workshops and headliner shows with some very cool acts across multiple venues.  

The incredible line-up features international and homegrown podcasters, discussing  everything from food to music to literature to football, film, comedy and much more.

One of the unmissable shows is The Guilty Feminist. 

Deborah Frances-White and co-host for the night Alison Spittle will be live at Vicar Street, 1st October, talking about the noble goals of 21st century feminists and the insecurities which undermine them. 

We like the sound of that.

Another one not to miss out on is the Blindboy Podcast in Vicar Street on 7th October.

The Podcast does not only indoctrinate mental health issues but reaches further into a wide spectrum of current topics, may it be gun laws, feminism, racism or a bit of history. BlindBoy has it covered!

I think we're all aware about the phenomenal rise of the podcast as a form of both entertainment and education. 

This will be the second year of teh festival and it looks set to just keep on growing, celebrating the podcasting world and connecting fans with the people who make them.


DUBLIN! Expect a wicked double headliner down at The Liberty Hall on 12th October with Dubland and Up to 90. Dubland is a fortnightly chat podcast in which Suzanne Kane and PJ Gallagher unpack the news of the week. Whether it's political, global or personal news, there's always something to send PJ into a rant and there's always a stick for Suzanne to poke him with. With well over a million downloads, this podcast is not just popular among its listeners, it's a hit that needs to be consumed as soon as it's available. Also taking to the stage in Liberty Hall is the latest podcast from Headstuff, featuring two of Ireland’s most exciting comics, Emma Doran and Julie Jay. The show covers anything and everything 90s, as long as it happened during the decade of Fresh Prince and ‘going-out’ combat pants, these two gingerettes have got you covered.Treat yourself to tickets this coming Monday from 9am! #DPF18

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Some of the events include:

Sexy Beasts + Phoning It In

The Grand Social – 14 October 2018. Tickets €16 from Ticketmaster.

 Banter 200 with Jim Carroll

The Workmans Club – 17th October 2018. Tickets: TBC.

The Blindboy Podcast

Vicar Street – 7th October 2018. €28 from Ticketmaster.

Those Conspiracy Guys

The Sugar Club – 9th October 2018. Tickets €18 from Ticketmaster.

So what are you waiting for?

Go grab some tix when they go on sale Monday, 16th July at 9am from www.ticketmaster.ie and outlets nationwide.


In celebration of Pride Week, Prospect 57 will be releasing a new fictional podcast series on all platforms (iTunes, Spotify, Stitcher, Deezer, PodAddict, Castbox….). 

A 6-part series based in the country's capital, each episode is less than 30 minutes long, making it perfect for your daily commute or for easy listening before bed. 

Prospect 57 is a one-of-a-kind fictional podcast that’s set in Dublin; on streets that you’ve probably walked down, with people you recognise and places you go to.  

The podcast follows the story of James, a bartender who is found viciously bruised and beaten after the Pride Parade. 

After a sun-soaked day amongst queens, flags and celebrations the night sets in and the party continues.

However, early on the morning of July 1st, James is found viciously bruised and beaten.

The world sees the attack as a hate crime, but Nic, a wannabe journalist and friend of James, knows better. 

Nic sets out to discover all she can about her work place and the colleagues she once trusted. Step into Prospect 57, a bar like any other in Dublin with a dark, disturbing underbelly that wishes to keep its secrets hidden. 

All six episodes will be released on July 1st, the day after Pride when James was attacked as though it’s happening in real time.  

Brought to you by QueerMoon Productions and the HeadStuff Podcast Network, Prospect 57 has been months in the making and features a gripping storyline of attack and deceit that will keep you coming back for more. 

You can download it here: www.headstuff.org/prospect-57 


Feminism is a pretty heated topic in Ireland at the moment, between the push to repeal the 8th amendment and campaigns to close the wage gap taking over Twitter. 

Irish feminism has come a long way, and creating true equality between the sexes is closer than it has ever been before.

Here are five fierce and inspiring feminist podcasts from home and abroad: 

5. 2 Dope Queens

This intersectional feminism podcast discusses "stories about sex, romance, race, hair journeys and living in New York," according to the description. 

Hosted by Phoebe Robinson and Jessica Williams, this laugh-a-minute American podcast ticks all the boxes. 

4. Feminist Heart

This informative podcast on Near 90.3 FM focuses on the development of women's issues in Ireland. 

The half-hour long episodes, of which there are four in total, explore topics like education, the gender pay gap, abortion rights, women's Liberation and contraception.

3. Women of the Hour

This podcast is written, hosted and directed by one of the most prominent feminist celebs, Lena Dunham.

The writer-turned-actress discusses a different them each week, from ageing to work to love and sex. 

Catch it on Soundcloud and Spotify. 

2. Popaganda by Bitch Media 

Popaganda is a hard hitting series of episodes which cover a multitude of women's rights issues on an international platform.

The podcast covers modern problems like transphobia, yellow and black face in the fashion industry, and misguided public PR blunders such as the Pepsi ad debacle. 


This recently developed podcats the concoction of two self-described "fine-ass feminists" from Dublin.

Jenny Claffey and Lindsay Hamilton run the show, and maintain that the lack of realness in the influencer industry pushed them to create a podcast where real issues are discussed. 

"When the whole influencer thing really exploded we definitely noticed a gap in the market for ‘real talk’," Lindsay told The Daily Edge.

"That’s when I think we started to see our conversations as important and that they could help the women of Ireland today who are being fed so much false content."

Oh, and while we have you; don't forget to have your say in the inaugural SHEmazing Awards this May! It's time to vote, and you can do it right here!


Harry Potter was, and still is, read religiously by kids, teens and adults alike.

With the franchises' cult following, it wouldn't be untrue to say that in the height of HP mania, there was a reverent, almost sectarian attitude towards the series. 

So, it was only a matter of time before someone began examining the Harry Potter book series as if it was a true sacred text. 

'Just as Christians read the Bible, Jews the Torah and Muslims read the Quran, we are embarking on a 199-episode journey (one chapter an episode, to be released weekly) to glean what wisdom and meaning we can make from J.K. Rowling’s beloved novels,' reads this unique podcasts bio.

Hosts Vanessa and Casper talk the reader through the novels chapter by chapter, examining the sub-text within. 

Each week, a chapter of the book is read through the lens of a particular theme, from friendship to envy, making it a very interesting listening experience. 

Image result for harry potter

The podcast is still making it's way through the seven tomes, and is currently on book four. 

For any Potter fanatic out there, it's a must listen. 


It's an interesting time to be  woman in Ireland at the moment, what with the current issues of abortion rights and the gender pay gap both finally gaining the attention they merit. 

Women's issues are creeping into the lime light, and helping to promote feminism and the recognition of female issues are a whole host of feminist podcasts. 

One of the very best has got to be The Guilty Feminist, which injects a hit of humour into a usually sombre subject. 

This laugh-a-minute podcast uses its episodes to discuss various elements of women's lives through a comedic lens. 

The episodes include the topics of food, porn, apologising, the internet, fashion and many more. 

The podcast description suggests that the panel discuss topics '“all 21st century feminists agree on” while confessing their insecurities, hypocrisies and fears that underlie their lofty principles.'

Comedian Deborah Frances-White heads up the well-established podcast with a series of guests. 

Comedians Sofie Hagan, Sara Pascoe and Leyla Hussein often join her.

The podcasts are treated as a stand-up comedy show, and are recorded in front of a live interactive audience.