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Planning a hen party may seem like a fantastic idea at the time but it can soon become a complete and utter nightmare. You spend hours scouring the Internet for decorations that are that little bit classier than your typical penis straws and pink feather boas, but alas they're everywhere you look.

Until now, thanks to Aldi, planning your bestie or sister's hen-do just got a hell of a lot easier (and affordable).

An amazing range of party supplies for hen parties, baby showers and summer fiestas, are on sale in 137 stores nationwide from Sunday, May 26.

From tableware to décor, the range has all you need to make sure your party is really memorable!

Make it a Hen Party to remember with some stunning decorations. Choose from Fancy Hen Party props, sashes and balloons. As well as some banners and bunting! With decorations ranging from a mere €0.99 to €12.99, you’ll plan a celebration to remember for a fraction of the price.



We'll be flocking to Aldi to stock up on all these decorations when they arrive in store on May 26.


We are forever swooning over unique and aesthetically pleasing interiors on Instagram so it’s safe to say we were delighted to hear award-winning, world leader in design Barrisol was launching in Ireland.

For over 50 years Barrisol, has provided the most innovative products to renovate, decorate and personalise walls and ceilings. Each product is manufactured specifically for its own unique location.

Every ceiling or wall is unique, reworked as requested and adapted to the style of your interior. Barrisol creates exclusive works of graphic art and there are no limits to the dimensions of your painted walls and ceilings.

Replacing heavy materials like brick and stone with innovative lightweight materials to revolutionise interior design Barrisol Alpha membranes allow applications out of the reach of conventional materials. They are quick to install, require less labour and even reduce the carbon footprint of transport. Free from phthalates, arsenic, cadmium and mercury, Barrisol Alpha products come with a high environmental quality guarantee suited to private homes and public spaces.

Barrisol Alpha print offers a fast and clean installation with considerably less mess than traditional wallpapering techniques and has the added benefit of being easy to remove and reinstall at any time without damage with the added benefit of being made to measure

The Barrisol Alpha ceilings, acoustic panels and lighting and Artolis walls can be printed in millions of colours thanks to the digital printing technology. The textile designs are recoloured, resized, modernized and brought to life by our graphic design department so that they can embellish the most fashionable homes, hotels and restaurants.

Wall coverings are water-repellent and can be used in bathrooms.

The Barrisol universe offers endless possibilities, limited only by your imagination. Barrisol enables you to create unique design with a combination of vibrant colours and complex shapes, organic shapes or waves and spheres of more conventional forms.


Thanks to the unique hand highly adaptable nature of Barrisol Translucent Sheets we can create intelligent lighting systems to make your interiors brighter and bolder without compromising on design. There are no limits to how a Barrisol lighting installation can help illuminate any interior space. They can even create illuminated 3D effects creating eye-grabbing lighting features for a reception, bar home or showroom.


Millennials don't exactly get an easy time; most people hate us or just dismiss us as snowflakes who only have knowledge about wi-fi and avocado toast.

While we generally have more of a penchant for the internet seeing as we GREW UP WITH IT… this doesn't mean we're as lazy and vain as everyone says we are.

For example, we only have three selfie sticks and check our reflections between the hours of 9am and 11pm everyday, so what's the big deal about?

which is worse the daily show GIF by The Daily Show with Trevor Noah

We've all heard the lectures from our elderly relatives about how we drain the economy and refuse to get jobs, but people love to focus on the negatives rather than the positives.

Getting a millennial a Christmas gift can be a challenge, seeing as the chances of them being vegan, supporting paraben-free and cruelty-free produce and generally hipster and full of notions are sky high.

They'll also most likely blog the entire gift opening session, and post every aspect of it to social media, so it's gotta be impressive.

We've made a gift guide especially to help you out this festive season, y'all are welcome.

bbc three millennials GIF by BBC

1. Do What You Love neon sign

Buy: Urban Outfitters
Price: €59

2. Loqi reusable bags

Buy: Designist
Price: €12

3. Scratch map

Buy: Easons
Price: €19.99

4. The Gospel According to Blindboy

Buy: Designist
Price: €13

5. Showerless shaving gel

Buy: Amazon
Price: €8.85, excl. shipping

6. Photo journal

Buy: Photobox
Price: €14.95 (40 pages)

7. Gratitude journal by Karen McDermott

This gorgeous journal has 52 empowering quotes; one for each week of the year. Positive vibez all round, gals.

Buy: Book Depository
Price: €9.24

8. Tarot card tapestry

Buy: Urban Outfitters
Price: €39.99

9. Fujifilm polaroid camera

Buy: Urban Outfitters
Price: €159

10. The Ordinary Hyaluronic Acid 2% + B5 30ml

Buy: Beauty Bay
Price: €6.75

11. Luxury bathtub tray, for all your needs…

Buy: Amazon
Price: 44.23

12. What Do You Meme? party game

Buy: www.BoardGamer.ie
Price: €24.99

13. Umbrella that changes colour when wet 

Buy: Trouva
Price: 28.07

14. Lush 'goddess' bath bomb in purple

Buy: Lush
Price: €6.62

15. Avocado toast Christmas tree decoration

Buy: Urban Outfitters
Price: €10

16. Sivan health yoga mat set for beginners

Buy: Amazon
Price: €33.98

Namaste, ladies.

andre braugher millennials GIF by Brooklyn Nine-Nine


Buying a gift for your friends or family can be difficult enough when they don't possess 'notions.'

What are notions, you ask? Well, it's essentially when a person has grandiose elements of extravagance; whether in terms of fashion, style, food & drink, décor or just in their everyday life.

They drink non-fat, no-foam, five-shot half-caffeine pumpkin spice latte in a special cup at a certain temperature and will refuse to do most activities due to footwear, except yogalates.

 Related image

You'd never catch them drinking cans, especially not Tesco lager; they're most likely only drinking a craft beer that no one has heard of or a slimline tonic with lime cordial and a shot of vodka on the side.

Plebs such as us probably would take a taxi or public transport to a club, whereas someone with 'notions' might take a large limousine with white doves as their accessories.

According to the Urban Dictionary definition:

…You get the idea. It's luxurious hipster-ism.

So, how does one buy a present for someone who are that little bit too big for their boots? It's hard, but not impossible.

Here are our top 20 gifts for those with notions.. proceed with monetary caution.

1. Candlelight Prosecco snowglobe

ASOS, €12.44

2. A rose gold cocktail set

Littlewoods Ireland, €39.99

3. Topshop Flo Marabou shoulder bag  

Topshop, was €44.00 now €35.20

4. Whiskey stones

Sagaform, €21.00

5. Avoca sea-salt chocolate

Avoca sea-salt chocolate, €4.75

6. Huggable Avocado Cooling & Heating Pad

Urban Outfitters, €25.00

7. Charlotte Tilbury, Charlotte's beauty universe

Charlotte Tilbury, Charlotte’s beauty universe, €185

8. Scented Diffuser

Urban Apocethary, Oudh Geranium Scented Diffuser, €32.00

9. Pink Marble iPhone 6/6s/7/8 Case

LuMee, €95.00

10. Bicycle Leather Wine Holder

Urban Outfitters, was €49.00 now €29.00

11. Soirée wine aerator

Designist, €28.50

12. Crosley Cruiser Pink and Gold Bluetooth Vinyl Record Player

Urban Outfitters, was €119.00, now €83.00

13. Metal straws

Designist, €20

14. Fujifilm Instax™ Mini 9 Smokey White Instant Camera

Fujifilm Instax™, was €159.00, now €111.00

15. JO MALONE LONDON Lime Basil & Mandarin Cologne 100ml


16. Popcorn Maker

Urban Outfitters,was €35.00 now €29.00

17. G&Tea set

ASOS, Root 7 G & Tea Set, €41.48

18.Topshop petite luxe fur coat

Topshop, was €110.00, now €76.00

19. Grow your own indoor garden

Click and Grow, €200

20. Personalised hip-flask

T Shirt Studio, 17.25€

There you have it, ladies.

The ultimate gift guide for those in your life who are just that little bit EXTRA, or who think that litle bit highly of themselves.

If they already have some of these gifts, well then I'm afraid they have too many notions for their own good, and this quest is totally futile…



If you find yourself scrolling through Instagram at 2am, and can't seem to think of a reason why, we feel you.

We spend literal hours on the social media site, but with pictures like these to look at, it's easy to see why.

For those of you who love decor, forget about copper accents and neutral tones, because it looks like rainbow hues are the way to go.

Amina Mucciolo has designed her house based on rainbows and unicorns, and it looks like an actual dream. 

The rainbow-spattered wall is our favourite thing:


A post shared by Amina Mucciolo (@studiomucci) on


A post shared by Amina Mucciolo (@studiomucci) on


A post shared by Amina Mucciolo (@studiomucci) on


A post shared by Amina Mucciolo (@studiomucci) on


A post shared by Amina Mucciolo (@studiomucci) on


A post shared by Amina Mucciolo (@studiomucci) on


A post shared by Amina Mucciolo (@studiomucci) on

We think we need to re-do our homes! 


Would it shock you to learn that the average wedding costs in Ireland are currently estimated at €31,000? 

Between the perfect dress, the fairytale venue and all the bits in between, one of the most special days of your life often proves to be one of the most expensive too. 

However, there are ways to save the pennies! 

There are fantastic savings to be made across your wedding checklist at Dealz on those all-important finishing touches.

With stationary and décor costs potentially amounting to €1,400, and with so many overheads remaining, why not remove the unnecessary splurges and bag yourself some real savings at Dealz.

Celebrations buyer at Dealz, Bryony Russell says, “We love a good celebration here at Dealz and understand that weddings can be really expensive! With more people looking to save money, we created this gorgeous range to help with the wedding budget, which offers amazing value at just €1.50 per item.”

From beautiful invitations, elegant favour boxes, table décor, bubble wands for those opting for an outdoor garden wedding, metallic balloons, bunting, confetti and much more – the budget retailer is on hand to help you curate the wedding of your dreams at a fraction of the cost.

And with the enitre collection of Insta-worth pieces priced at just €1.50, you can't really go wrong. 

The wedding collection will be available in stores nationwide from Monday, 21st May – here's a little taster of what you can expect: 



It's weird, but since I entered my mid twenties, I have found myself spending money on things that my 17-year-old self would be shocked by. 

For Christmas this year, I purchased a gorgeous pink velvet chair – to me, love me. 

Anyway, the chair has brought me MASS amounts of joy (the little things), so I decided to inspire you all. 

So, I hit Pinterest, and made a list of the cutest pink chairs ever, that are guaranteed to brighten up your bedroom. 

Have a look, and let us know what you think! 

Pink velvet chair – yes, please!


Lux and Glam Boho Reading Nook




Lichtplan, interieurontwerp & interieuradvies, kast op maat benedenwoning jordaan Amsterdam door Studio Nest #Vitra #Artifort #orangeslice


tufted chaise so cute


Large dusty pink velvet armchair


Join us and enter the golden world of furniture and lighting! Get the best home decor inspirations for your interior design project with Insplosion at http://insplosion.com/



Even the cat matches!  What a beautiful, vibrant mix of colors!


Os tons rosa e menta dão o tom nesta delícia de ambiente, pequeno e aconchegante.




To be honest, paint is never really a topic of discussion here in Shemazing HQ. That is, until this little collection came along.

Dulux have come out with a Made By Me range and it contains all the sparkle under the sun.


The colours the paints come in are Disco Pink, Copper Glitz, Gold Rush, Star Dust, Scarlet Sparkle, Silver Shimmer, Sparkling Silver and Steel Diamond.

Aren't they dreamy?

Screen Shot 2016-10-26 at 13.58.30

They're not supposed to be for covering a whole wall, but are intended for painting over a mirror frame, or boxes or vases or basically anything you want.

We think our houses are soon going to be covered in this.


Milling around Penneys while snapping up the latest must-have fashions and accessories could easily be considered a national pastime at this stage.

And while most of us could offer a thorough assessment of most sections of the high street store, the Home department doesn’t always get the props it deserves.

Until now, that is.

It looks like the good folk behind the insanely popular high street store have decided it’s important we have the perfect setting for our post-shopping spree fashion show, and after getting a sneak peek of what’s on offer, we are totally on board.

Launching their Autumn/ Winter 16 season, Penneys have tapped into our nation’s love of Scandinavian-inspired furniture and created a clean, contemporary range which speaks to us on an emotional level.

From the geometric grid prints and colour blocking to the metallic accessories and stunning stationary, the Scandi Cool look has us seriously re-thinking our current décor.

 And with prices coming in as low as €7 a pop, we're totally OK with that.

Anyone else feel a shopping trip coming on?




Now that we've finally said goodbye to Christmas, the end of winter won't be far behind.

If you're looking to revamp your bedroom to embrace the light, fresh vibes of spring, then we have a few tips to get you started.

Make 2016 the year you create a living space you love.

1. Mix it up with prints
Forget about matching because vibrant clashing prints are perfect for brighter days. So mix and match bright florals, tribal prints and bold colours for a lively and fresh look.



2. Use neutrals as a base
White and cream are the perfect base for all of those fun and bold colours. So when it comes to basics like bedsheets, curtains, walls and ceilings, keep it crisp and clean.



3. Small touches can make all the difference
If you don't have the time (or the permission from your landlord) to fully re-decorate, bring life into your room with simple touches like artwork and printed cushions.



4. Let the natural light in
Replace dark curtains with white or sheer ones, clear beauty products, photo frames and other clutter off your window sills and really open up the room. If you don't have large windows, hang or prop a large mirror against a wall to make the room appear bigger and brighter.



5. Bring nature to the room
Get a bunch or two of fresh flowers at your local supermarket (once spring hits, daffodils will be oh-so cheap) and pop them in a cute bottle or vase for an instant springtime feel. Just don't forget to replace them after a few days! Alternatively go for some fake flowers and a metallic sprayed branch or two.



Vintage Affair Editorial header

Vintage Affair is a vintage wedding styling company specialising in rental & styling of vintage props & décor accessories. Their aim is to enable wedding couples the freedom to drift into bygone eras of vintage allure and enjoy the run up to their big day, at an affordable price.  They remove the hassle, time and money wasting that goes with planning your dream day. Allow the team at Vintage Affair to become totally immersed in the supply of your desired rental treasures and the hands on styling of your venue and removing the D.I.Y look from your wedding.

But that’s not all, Vintage Affair also caters for a range of events from sophisticated hen parties to baby showers and christenings.

So no matter what event you have coming up, whether big or small why not set the tone of your event in a Vintage Affair style, and let them take the hassle out of your special day.

To be in with a chance of winning a €150 voucher for Vintage Affair simply follow the steps below.

Step 1: Like the Vintage Affair Facebook page


Step 2: Enter your details below



If you’ve been looking at your kitchen lately wondering where it all went wrong, then perhaps it needs a bit of a revamp. And if you’re going to go to the bother of doing it up, why not pick a theme? Themes are the best! Here are our favourites!

We’re not sure we could have an Italian themed kitchen without craving a big bowl of spaghetti bolognese every time we walked in, but if you think you could handle it, the Italian look is really nice and homely!

If you live by the sea, or if you just like the colour blue, a nautical themed kitchen is really fresh and inviting. Accessorise with ropes and sea shells – lovely!

If you want your kitchen to be a natural beauty, why not try an organic theme? We bet having a theme like this would help keep you motivated to eat healthily, a pizza box just wouldn’t look right on that table!

Everything sounds better when you put the word ‘country’ in front of it – country soup, country produce, country kitchen. You’ll be just dying to whip up a few freshly made apple tarts in a kitchen like this, leaving them out on the window sill to cool, like the good old days (or just reheat the one you bought in the shop and hide the evidence!).

If you’re looking for a cool, sleek interior design, then a modern kitchen is just the thing for you. This is a clutter-free zone.

Want to feel like you’ve stepped into a time machine every time you go to make a cup of tea? Well, maybe it won’t be so extreme, but a retro kitchen will surely provide a blast from the past for your parents! It looks really cool too!

images via Pinterest