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We are forever swooning over unique and aesthetically pleasing interiors on Instagram so it’s safe to say we were delighted to hear award-winning, world leader in design Barrisol was launching in Ireland.

For over 50 years Barrisol, has provided the most innovative products to renovate, decorate and personalise walls and ceilings. Each product is manufactured specifically for its own unique location.

Every ceiling or wall is unique, reworked as requested and adapted to the style of your interior. Barrisol creates exclusive works of graphic art and there are no limits to the dimensions of your painted walls and ceilings.

Replacing heavy materials like brick and stone with innovative lightweight materials to revolutionise interior design Barrisol Alpha membranes allow applications out of the reach of conventional materials. They are quick to install, require less labour and even reduce the carbon footprint of transport. Free from phthalates, arsenic, cadmium and mercury, Barrisol Alpha products come with a high environmental quality guarantee suited to private homes and public spaces.

Barrisol Alpha print offers a fast and clean installation with considerably less mess than traditional wallpapering techniques and has the added benefit of being easy to remove and reinstall at any time without damage with the added benefit of being made to measure

The Barrisol Alpha ceilings, acoustic panels and lighting and Artolis walls can be printed in millions of colours thanks to the digital printing technology. The textile designs are recoloured, resized, modernized and brought to life by our graphic design department so that they can embellish the most fashionable homes, hotels and restaurants.

Wall coverings are water-repellent and can be used in bathrooms.

The Barrisol universe offers endless possibilities, limited only by your imagination. Barrisol enables you to create unique design with a combination of vibrant colours and complex shapes, organic shapes or waves and spheres of more conventional forms.


Thanks to the unique hand highly adaptable nature of Barrisol Translucent Sheets we can create intelligent lighting systems to make your interiors brighter and bolder without compromising on design. There are no limits to how a Barrisol lighting installation can help illuminate any interior space. They can even create illuminated 3D effects creating eye-grabbing lighting features for a reception, bar home or showroom.


Summer is here, and we're ready to give our interiors a little bit of a lift to go with the bright and airy season. 

Luckily, one of our favourite homeware havens Zara Home is giving us just that with their new collection.

Check out a few of our favourite pieces: 

 Pillow covers €22.99Place settings €15.99, Mug €6.99, Rug279.00

Pink cushion €22,99, Bed set €45.99, Rug €99.99, Green cushion €22.99

Candelabra €39.99, Chalice candle €9.99, Elephant candle €19.99, Floor cushion €69.99

Photo frame €17.99, Wall mirror €69.99, Glass pot €22.99, Ceramic vase €29.99

Tree candle €11.99, Bell bulb lamp €59.99, Coral lamp €99.99, Round table nest €149.00


As every dedicated pinner will know, Pinterest is a haven for interiors inspo and there are few rooms in a house which deserve more design dedication than the bedroom. 

Unfortunately the problem with developing a unique personal space is that it can take a lot of time and effort, so we’ve pulled together some eye-catching ideas from the online board sharing platform to help you kick your creativity into gear.

The bed: The main focus of any bedroom is obviously the bed but even if it is the room’s most practical feature, it doesn’t necessarily have to be boring.  Whether your sleeping space is flat on the floor or stacked on top of someone else’s, Pinterest will know how to make it look magical.



Walls: While all white bright rooms will always be super chic, Pinterest also has a great collection of contrasting colour bedroom images.  It demonstrates that there is no need to keep walls boring as striking wallpaper can be applied to create a unique focus point in the bedroom and mix and match paints can be used on alternate walls.


Lighting: Whether it comes from a natural light source like a large framed window or an artificial base like a quirky lamp, light in a bedroom is an absolute essential.



The little things: Sometimes it can be the smallest details which give a room its authentic feel.  From stacks of magazines to framed positivity quotes if Pinterest promotes anything it’s well placed small touches.

All images: Pinterest



Framing your most precious memories isn’t as simple a task as it may sound. You need to do your snaps justice and display them in a way that represents you, your family and friends, while fitting into the style of your home.

Here are some ideas to help you find the perfect way to frame your photos.

1. Structured
If you like neatness, organisation and your interior has clean cut lines then this style of framing is for you and your home.

structured frame

2. Rustic
If your home is a little bit more cosy and rustic with lots of wood and warm colour then perhaps something like this would be just what you need to display your photos.

rustic frame

3. Kitsch
Do you love bright colours and mismatched delf, furniture, pillows, cushions and just about anything else you can think of? Collecting different size and style frames can add an interesting and great look to your walls as well as telling a story. Why not collect a frame every country you visit?

kitsch frame

4. Craft
Is everything in your home handmade or from craft fairs? Do you love art and photography? Then you’ll have great fun creating these great frames with polaroids – vintage and cute.

polarooid frame



Kourtney K has been posting pictures of her impressive Calabasas home on Instagram for some time now.

However, having finally finished the decorating, Kourtney is bored already and has decided to put her home on the market.

The decor is very Alice in Wonderland, with vibrant colours and patterns. It’s hard to know if this will make the house easy or hard to sell – only time will tell.

Have a look at the unconventional interior design and tell us what you think!

kardashian collage house