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We're all eating avocados like the good, diligent millennials that we are, but have you ever wondered why avos are now hailed as such a superfood.

Sure, we know that they're packed with heart-healthy fats and that they taste sublime when paired with some poached eggs and crusty bread, but there is much more to the humble savoury fruit than that. 

They are chock-a-block full of disease-fighting vitamins, and half of one avo counts as one of your five-a-day. 

According to Healthline, the green toast-toppers have a whopping 26pc of your recommended daily allowance of Vitamin K.

They also contain 17pc of your RDA od Vitamin C, along with lots of Vitamin B, Vitamin E and Vitamin B5 and B6.

Thanks to that Vitamin E, avocados are hailed as being excellent for skin, hair and nails as well as being nutritious. 

Some natural beauty bloggers have created their own face masks out of the fruit, as well as applying them to hair for a moisture boost.

Try a classic mix of avocado, a tablespoon of honey and two tablespoons of warm water as a means to hydrate tired skin.

They also have 20pc of your daily dose of folate, an essential compound which assists in the DNA function, the production of new cells, and supporting nerve and immune functions

Avocados also contain even more heartbeat-regulating potassium than bananas. 

They are low in saturated fat, low in sugar and have zero sodium, while being high in protein. 

Excuse us while we tuck in…


Millennials don't exactly get an easy time; most people hate us or just dismiss us as snowflakes who only have knowledge about wi-fi and avocado toast.

While we generally have more of a penchant for the internet seeing as we GREW UP WITH IT… this doesn't mean we're as lazy and vain as everyone says we are.

For example, we only have three selfie sticks and check our reflections between the hours of 9am and 11pm everyday, so what's the big deal about?

which is worse the daily show GIF by The Daily Show with Trevor Noah

We've all heard the lectures from our elderly relatives about how we drain the economy and refuse to get jobs, but people love to focus on the negatives rather than the positives.

Getting a millennial a Christmas gift can be a challenge, seeing as the chances of them being vegan, supporting paraben-free and cruelty-free produce and generally hipster and full of notions are sky high.

They'll also most likely blog the entire gift opening session, and post every aspect of it to social media, so it's gotta be impressive.

We've made a gift guide especially to help you out this festive season, y'all are welcome.

bbc three millennials GIF by BBC

1. Do What You Love neon sign

Buy: Urban Outfitters
Price: €59

2. Loqi reusable bags

Buy: Designist
Price: €12

3. Scratch map

Buy: Easons
Price: €19.99

4. The Gospel According to Blindboy

Buy: Designist
Price: €13

5. Showerless shaving gel

Buy: Amazon
Price: €8.85, excl. shipping

6. Photo journal

Buy: Photobox
Price: €14.95 (40 pages)

7. Gratitude journal by Karen McDermott

This gorgeous journal has 52 empowering quotes; one for each week of the year. Positive vibez all round, gals.

Buy: Book Depository
Price: €9.24

8. Tarot card tapestry

Buy: Urban Outfitters
Price: €39.99

9. Fujifilm polaroid camera

Buy: Urban Outfitters
Price: €159

10. The Ordinary Hyaluronic Acid 2% + B5 30ml

Buy: Beauty Bay
Price: €6.75

11. Luxury bathtub tray, for all your needs…

Buy: Amazon
Price: 44.23

12. What Do You Meme? party game

Buy: www.BoardGamer.ie
Price: €24.99

13. Umbrella that changes colour when wet 

Buy: Trouva
Price: 28.07

14. Lush 'goddess' bath bomb in purple

Buy: Lush
Price: €6.62

15. Avocado toast Christmas tree decoration

Buy: Urban Outfitters
Price: €10

16. Sivan health yoga mat set for beginners

Buy: Amazon
Price: €33.98

Namaste, ladies.

andre braugher millennials GIF by Brooklyn Nine-Nine


Buying a gift for your friends or family can be difficult enough when they don't possess 'notions.'

What are notions, you ask? Well, it's essentially when a person has grandiose elements of extravagance; whether in terms of fashion, style, food & drink, décor or just in their everyday life.

They drink non-fat, no-foam, five-shot half-caffeine pumpkin spice latte in a special cup at a certain temperature and will refuse to do most activities due to footwear, except yogalates.

 Related image

You'd never catch them drinking cans, especially not Tesco lager; they're most likely only drinking a craft beer that no one has heard of or a slimline tonic with lime cordial and a shot of vodka on the side.

Plebs such as us probably would take a taxi or public transport to a club, whereas someone with 'notions' might take a large limousine with white doves as their accessories.

According to the Urban Dictionary definition:

…You get the idea. It's luxurious hipster-ism.

So, how does one buy a present for someone who are that little bit too big for their boots? It's hard, but not impossible.

Here are our top 20 gifts for those with notions.. proceed with monetary caution.

1. Candlelight Prosecco snowglobe

ASOS, €12.44

2. A rose gold cocktail set

Littlewoods Ireland, €39.99

3. Topshop Flo Marabou shoulder bag  

Topshop, was €44.00 now €35.20

4. Whiskey stones

Sagaform, €21.00

5. Avoca sea-salt chocolate

Avoca sea-salt chocolate, €4.75

6. Huggable Avocado Cooling & Heating Pad

Urban Outfitters, €25.00

7. Charlotte Tilbury, Charlotte's beauty universe

Charlotte Tilbury, Charlotte’s beauty universe, €185

8. Scented Diffuser

Urban Apocethary, Oudh Geranium Scented Diffuser, €32.00

9. Pink Marble iPhone 6/6s/7/8 Case

LuMee, €95.00

10. Bicycle Leather Wine Holder

Urban Outfitters, was €49.00 now €29.00

11. Soirée wine aerator

Designist, €28.50

12. Crosley Cruiser Pink and Gold Bluetooth Vinyl Record Player

Urban Outfitters, was €119.00, now €83.00

13. Metal straws

Designist, €20

14. Fujifilm Instax™ Mini 9 Smokey White Instant Camera

Fujifilm Instax™, was €159.00, now €111.00

15. JO MALONE LONDON Lime Basil & Mandarin Cologne 100ml


16. Popcorn Maker

Urban Outfitters,was €35.00 now €29.00

17. G&Tea set

ASOS, Root 7 G & Tea Set, €41.48

18.Topshop petite luxe fur coat

Topshop, was €110.00, now €76.00

19. Grow your own indoor garden

Click and Grow, €200

20. Personalised hip-flask

T Shirt Studio, 17.25€

There you have it, ladies.

The ultimate gift guide for those in your life who are just that little bit EXTRA, or who think that litle bit highly of themselves.

If they already have some of these gifts, well then I'm afraid they have too many notions for their own good, and this quest is totally futile…


When we picture our perfect proposal, for some of us it might involve major fan fare, a big gesture and maybe a hot air balloon, while for others it's an intimate, quiet and subtle affair. 

In noone's mind does an avocado scream proposal perfection. 

However, to each their own, as it seems that avocado proposals are actually a bit of a thing. 


A post shared by Mindful as F*ck (@mindful__af) on

According to The Cut, the avocado proposal is so far quite rare, but it might just be the next big way to use your leftover avos. 

One Instagram food stylist Food Deco seems to have started the trend, after photographing an engagement ring lodged inside the most flawless avocado we ever did see. Seriously, it's prettier than we are.

The caption reads: 'tag someone who should propose like this,' and according to the comments section, there over 2000 people who should. 


A post shared by Taylor Selby (@taylorselbyyoga) on

Millennials get a bad wrap for their obsession with avocados, and rankly, this is the cherry on top. 

Yes we love them chopped up in our salads, yes we love them mashed up on toast, ye we might even consider drinking our lattes out of them for novelty value – but do we want our engagement ring to be waiting in one? 

We're not so sure.

Feature image: Food Deco / Instagram


As millennials, we're expected to tuck into avocados at every meal, incorporate them into our beauty routines and even occasionally drink our lattes from their skins -we're not kidding. 

However for those of us who weren't a fan of the flavour of avo, we can now get behind the trend without the savoury flavour. 

Waitrose is launching an avocado Easter Egg for this year's chocolate feast – and while it looks exactly, suspiciously like a real fruit, it's actually made of sweet sweet chocolate. 

The egg is made of white chocolate, dyed the perfect avocado green with natural food colouring. 

The stone of the fruit is made of cocoa-dusted milk chocolate, all wrapped up in a dark chocolate shell. 

While we may not have Waitrose in the Republic of Ireland, the egg is available to online shoppers from Tuesday.

We'll be filling our online baskets with both the chocolate and the regular versions. 


So, while the avocado may be one of 2017's most popular foods, it looks like not everyone has got the hang of them just yet. 

Medical staff at Dublin's Beaumont Hospital are urging people to exercise caution when preparing one of this year's trendiest foods.

According to reports, “avocado hand” is on the rise as a record number of people present themselves to A&E with the self-inflicted knife injury.

A record in the November-December edition of the Irish Medical Journal (IMJ) describes how a 32-year-old woman admitted herself to Beaumont Hospital's A&E department this year after accidentally stabbing herself in the finger while trying to de-stone the fruit.

The reports goes on to explain how the kitchen knife was impaled in the woman's hand as well as the avocado.

Medics at Beaumont’s Department of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery say people need to be more aware of the dangers.

“The public needs to be educated on the potential dangers of preparing avocados.”

“Celebrity chef, Jamie Oliver has released a short video demonstrating a safe method to cut and de-stone an avocado by simply using a chopping board.”

In the case of the 32-year-old woman, the knife was removed and the finger nerve was repaired, however, medics have warned that these types of injuries have the potential to to cause significant neurovascular, tendinous and/or bony injuries.


We all know a person who has developed a slight obsession with avocado: avo toasts are their favourite brunch food, they could make guacamole in the dark and they always find a way to put some of the green stuff on their food, even dessert. 

To make this person the happiest in the world on Christmas day, we have searched the Internet for some of the cutest avocado presents on the market.  

1. A happy avocado water bottle

Sass & Belle Avocado Drink Bottle, €8.11, asos.com

2. A cute candle

Avocado tealight candles, €10, urbanoutfitters.com

3. Adorable pyjamas

Avocado Print PJ Set, €15, boohoo.com

4. A friendly mug

Happy avocado mug, €9.95, fruugo.ie

5. A quality eye cream


KIEHLS Creamy Eye Treatment With Avocado, €26, arnotts.com

6. An essential cookbook

THE AVOCADO COOKBOOK, by Heather Thomas, €13.99, easons.com

7. An avocado in chocolate

Chocolate Avocado by CHOC ON CHOC, £12/€13.60, notonthehighstreet.com


Correct us if we're wrong, but we were under the impression that avocados were some kind of miracle food, loaded with nutrients and a myriad of health benefits – or at least that's what we've been led to believe.

After all, an entire generation can't be wrong, can they?

Well, it seems that even though the humble avocado is a pretty healthy addition to any diet, there's always room for improvement.

Spanish food company, Isla Bonita, have gone and created The Avocado Light.

That's right, this diet avocado (??) is said to ripen faster, oxidise slower, and contains 30 per cent less fat than its non-diet counterpart.

However, that's not to say that regular avocados are inherently bad for you, in fact their high monosaturated fat content actually helps to lower bad cholesterol – but of course, as with all good things, moderation is key.

If you are interested in trying this somewhat bizarre creation, you may have to wait a while – Isla Bonita only have plans to distribute in Spain for the time being.


There are a few things that are heavily associated with millennial: selfies, college debt and avocados. 

Whether smashed on toast at a hip millennial-filled brunch spot or sliced over or chopped salad, we kind of love the healthy green. 

Avocado has been having a major moment, as the green delicacy fast became one of the biggest food trends of the past few years.

However, a new survey has shown that despite the association with millennial buyers, millennials actually don't like to guac ingredient all that much. 

The Huffington Post sought out to discover the true millennial propensity for avocados, with shocking results. 

The survey found that people aged 18-29 aren't actually all that obsessed with them.

Only 28 per cent of adults under age 30 say they 'love' the fruit.

Actually, people aged over 30 are way more besotted with it than anyone else, with 35 per cent saying they love the fruit. 

Seeing as avocados have been blamed for millennials not being able to get on the property ladder, we're thinking that those who gave that advice might be eating their words. 




Avocados now make up 90 per cent of a millenial's diet.

We joke. But really, they're everywhere now, and some people are even making lattes out of them.

And just when we thought the obsession with avocados was over, we find this avocado art.

It's seriously impressive.

Australian-based carving artist, Danielle Barresi, has recently become Insta-famous due to her avo-art, and honestly, we can't get enough of it.

Many other artists have now followed in Danielle's footsteps, and it's pretty impressive work:


A post shared by New Zealand Avocado (@nz_avocado) on


A post shared by Lolita (@lolitadby) on


A post shared by Shannon Barbone (@mama_knows_zest) on

Pretty cool, indeed.


You cant scroll through Instagram these days without seeing a plate of smashed avocado or an intricately poured latte.

Now, one Aussie cafe has combined the two to create the ultimate in hipster frankenfood. 

The Turner Cafe has created a latte so Instagrammable, you'll barely be able to choose a filter.

Introducing, the avolatte. 

The avolatte is a perfectly poured latte which is served inside an empty avocado shell. 

The internet has been in uproar since this hipster hybrid came to public attention, with some finding the idea revolting. 

'If you make an avolatte, please punch yourself in the face for me? Also, I hate you,' said one.

What do you think? Way too weird or secretly a cool idea? 



Feature image: Instagram


'Avocado hand,' as doctors are calling it, is a new phenomenon that has prompted the British Association of Plastic Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgeons to warn people about the practice of slicing.

Apparently, improper slicing of avocados can lead to nerve and tendon damage – which is a very upsetting revelation. 

"People do not anticipate that the avocados they buy can be very ripe and there is minimal understanding of how to handle them," Simon Eccles, a former Royal Society of Medicine president of plastic surgery told The Times.

avocado, close-up, color

He also added that his hospital endures a Saturday 'post-brunch surge' of such injuries, and he sees four patients each week due to avocado hand.

Some people even require surgery to fix the issue, and they may never regain full use of the affected hand.

The injury has become so common that doctors are now calling for safety warning stickers to be put on the fruit (btw, we had no idea avocados were fruits until today).

Avocado Fruits

To avoid giving yourself avocado hand, place the avocado on a flat surface with your hand on top and gently make incisions around the outside. When you are de-stoning the fruit, wrap it in a towel and leave only the stone exposed.

'Use the edge of a heavy sharp knife to chop into the summit of the soft pit, so that it is slightly buried. Holding the knife, so that the pit is stabilised, use a towel to twist the pit out,' David Shewring, vice-president of the British Society for Surgery of the Hand, told The Times.

Next time you want to make guacamole – be careful, ladies.