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Buying a gift for your friends or family can be difficult enough when they don't possess 'notions.'

What are notions, you ask? Well, it's essentially when a person has grandiose elements of extravagance; whether in terms of fashion, style, food & drink, décor or just in their everyday life.

They drink non-fat, no-foam, five-shot half-caffeine pumpkin spice latte in a special cup at a certain temperature and will refuse to do most activities due to footwear, except yogalates.

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You'd never catch them drinking cans, especially not Tesco lager; they're most likely only drinking a craft beer that no one has heard of or a slimline tonic with lime cordial and a shot of vodka on the side.

Plebs such as us probably would take a taxi or public transport to a club, whereas someone with 'notions' might take a large limousine with white doves as their accessories.

According to the Urban Dictionary definition:

…You get the idea. It's luxurious hipster-ism.

So, how does one buy a present for someone who are that little bit too big for their boots? It's hard, but not impossible.

Here are our top 20 gifts for those with notions.. proceed with monetary caution.

1. Candlelight Prosecco snowglobe

ASOS, €12.44

2. A rose gold cocktail set

Littlewoods Ireland, €39.99

3. Topshop Flo Marabou shoulder bag  

Topshop, was €44.00 now €35.20

4. Whiskey stones

Sagaform, €21.00

5. Avoca sea-salt chocolate

Avoca sea-salt chocolate, €4.75

6. Huggable Avocado Cooling & Heating Pad

Urban Outfitters, €25.00

7. Charlotte Tilbury, Charlotte's beauty universe

Charlotte Tilbury, Charlotte’s beauty universe, €185

8. Scented Diffuser

Urban Apocethary, Oudh Geranium Scented Diffuser, €32.00

9. Pink Marble iPhone 6/6s/7/8 Case

LuMee, €95.00

10. Bicycle Leather Wine Holder

Urban Outfitters, was €49.00 now €29.00

11. Soirée wine aerator

Designist, €28.50

12. Crosley Cruiser Pink and Gold Bluetooth Vinyl Record Player

Urban Outfitters, was €119.00, now €83.00

13. Metal straws

Designist, €20

14. Fujifilm Instax™ Mini 9 Smokey White Instant Camera

Fujifilm Instax™, was €159.00, now €111.00

15. JO MALONE LONDON Lime Basil & Mandarin Cologne 100ml


16. Popcorn Maker

Urban Outfitters,was €35.00 now €29.00

17. G&Tea set

ASOS, Root 7 G & Tea Set, €41.48

18.Topshop petite luxe fur coat

Topshop, was €110.00, now €76.00

19. Grow your own indoor garden

Click and Grow, €200

20. Personalised hip-flask

T Shirt Studio, 17.25€

There you have it, ladies.

The ultimate gift guide for those in your life who are just that little bit EXTRA, or who think that litle bit highly of themselves.

If they already have some of these gifts, well then I'm afraid they have too many notions for their own good, and this quest is totally futile…


At that stage, we could pretty much put "gin addict" on our resume.

While G&Ts have become a true passion in our life, they are not the only way to enjoy the spirit.

Take this gin shake for example: it is the perfect choice for when you don't know if you feel like dessert or a cocktail. Good news: it is also really easy to make.

Key lime gin shake

  • 100g vanilla ice-cream
  • 100ml condensed milk
  • 30ml gin
  • 1 tbsp fresh lime juice
  • 40g digestive biscuits, crumbed
  • A handful of ice-cubs

Crush the biscuits, then combine all the ingredients in a blender and blend until smooth.

Top with whipped cream, crumbed digestives and lime zest.


Creme Eggs are an Easter institution, and no Easter bank holiday weekend would be complete without a few of these bad boys.

Sadly, if you've been off the chocolate for Lent, you may have forgone the confectionery icon in favour of your chaste religious commitment. 

Those off chocolate are probably gagging for a bit of the sweet stuff, and now Rage restaurant in Dublin is serving up a new way to fix your craving. 

A Creme Egg cocktail exists, and we're more than delighted. 

The popular eatery in Blackrock Village is serving up the sweet treat which looks completely delicious.  

We'll take a vat of the stuff, please. 

Oh, and while we have you; don't forget to have your say in the inaugural SHEmazing Awards this May! It's time to vote, and you can do it right here!


It's International Womens Day, and if ever there was a day to sit back and relax with a cocktail, this is it. Treat yo'self. 

Luckily, one bar in Dublin city has decided to pay homage to the ladies who frequent its establishment with a delectable free drink. 

Adelphi, on Middle Abbey Street, is offering all women a free cocktail to celebrate the day that's in it. 

"To celebrate International Women's Day this Wednesday we will be giving all the ladies a complementary Toblerone cocktail 'because your worth it,'" reads a post on the bars Facebook page. (sic)

The Toblerone cocktail looks dreamy, complete with chocolate sauce and honey.

After a long day of working or marching for reproductive rights, a cocktail would be the perfect tonic. 


Buckfast is the drink that slays us all. One or two glasses (maybe three), and you're the life of the party; but if you go beyond that, boy, are you going to have a raging hangover in the morning.

Well, the drink company has created a new cocktail just for Christmas, and it has intrigued us greatly.

The Velvet Elvis is usually made with Jack Daniel's, raspberry liqueur and 7Up, but the Buckfast version is ten times easier to make.

All you have to do is pour 175ml of Prosecco into a champers glass, and top it off with 10ml of Buckfast.

We're totally going to be drinking this on New Year's Eve.


In the US, Starbucks hold various Starbucks Evenings where people can go to have a glass of wine or a pint of beer in the chain restaurant for one night only.

Yep, it's something we all wish would come here sometime soon, but another thing that might be stepping onto the scene in the near future is the Starbucks cocktail.

The coffee chain has just debuted its new drink which is made by an espresso and… beer.

It's called an Espresso Cloud IPA (they've already trademarked it) and it sounds hella' complicated to make.

According to Delish, you "shake up some espresso with ice, orange pieces and sweet vanilla to create a frothy foam and then spoon it on top a pint of hoppy IPA to imitate the head of the beer.

"The rest of the citrusy espresso shot is served on the side for you to pour into the IPA which creates the namesake 'espresso cloud' of the drink."

OK, so instead of all that mumbo jumbo, you basically just drop an espresso into a glass of beer and it goes really foamy. It does look delightful, though.



It's a good time to be Niall Horan.

Last Monday saw the singer host a gala dinner which saw him rake in £800,000 (€1,032,000) for charity (wow, right?!).

And while we're all super proud of the Mullingar native, we also noticed that one of the guests, Brian McFadden, teased us with a cocktail named after Niall himself.

And we have to say, we want it. All. Like, now.

The Horan Shamrock Spritz consists of Tanqueray London Dry Gin, lime juice, sugar syrup, mint leaves and soda. YUM.

Niall teamed up with golfer Justin Rose on the night, and he too had a cocktail named after him, very aptly called The Justin Rose-ini.

If we were these guys, we'd have a lifetime supply of this in our homes.


Mulled wine, hot buttered rum, eggnog and… martinis?

A fruity or spicy cocktail can be just as festive as all of the other traditional drinks we're used to, and who can say no to a bit of glamour?

Dublin's Westin Hotel have just launched their Mint Bar festive drinks menu – with all cocktails available until Jan 6 for €11 each – and to celebrate, head mixologist Michael Sammon has shared some DIY recipes with us.

These are simple to make at home – the trouble is deciding which one to start with….

Candy Cane Martini


  • 40ml Absolut Vodka
  • 15ml Crème de Cacao (white)
  • 10 strawberries, muddled
  • 10ml simple syrup
  • 20ml cranberry juice

For rim of glass

1 or 2 candy canes, crushed into fine pieces


  1. Place crushed candy canes on a plate, and coat rim of a 7oz martini glass in the candy by wetting the rim, holding glass by the stem and rotating it on the plate.
  2. Place all other ingredients in cocktail shaker, shake and double strain
  3. Pour into glass and serve


Christmas Cake Martini


  • 30ml Martell Cognac
  • 15ml cherry brandy
  • 15ml cinnamon schnapps
  •  10ml almond syrup
  •  20ml cranberry juice


  1. Place all ingredients in cocktail shaker, shake and double strain
  2. Serve in a 7oz Martini glass with chocolate covered cherries

The Liquor Rooms on Dublin’s Wellington Quay have been nominated in this year’s Best New International Cocktail Bar category for the Tales of the Cocktail 2014 Spirited Awards.

The Liquor Rooms are the first Republic of Ireland cocktail bar to ever receive a nomination in the awards, so it’s a pretty big deal! Especially since these awards were set up originally to recognise the best bars, bartenders and spirits professionals from all across the globe.

General Manager Kevin Hurley said, “We are honoured to be the first bar from the Republic of Ireland to be shortlisted for an award at Tales of the Cocktail. This is the highest possible honour a cocktail bar can receive and to be mentioned in the company of the best bars in the world is truly humbling. I am so proud of all our staff and this is fantastic recognition for all the hard work we have put in on both sides of the bar since opening last August.”

Alan Kavanagh, of the Tales of the Cocktail International Judging Committee praised Ireland for its growing cocktail scene:

“The Irish cocktail scene has grown steadily for the past 5-6 years, driven by some of the most enthusiastic and creative bartenders within the worldwide hospitality industry. This exciting achievement is a credit to Kevin, Alan and all The Liquor Rooms staff on their commitment to deliver not only fantastic cocktails, but hospitality and service second to none.”

The awards will be announced on July 19 during Tales of the Cocktail, the cocktail festival held July 16-20 in New Orleans. Best of luck guys!


Make these yummy cocktails for your lucky Valentine this 14th February and you’ll be sure to impress even the most sceptical of dates.

You can opt for a Sugar or Spice cocktail or even better, blend the two to make one epic Sugar AND Spice drink. Clever!

Sugar and Spice

For the Sugar:

  • 25ml Smirnoff vodka
  • 75ml ginger ale
  • 4 raspberries
  • 2 lime wedges
  1. Muddle the raspberries and the lime in a glass.
  2. Fill the glass with ice and top off with the vodka and ginger ale.

For the Spice:

  • 25ml Smirnoff Vodka
  • 75ml apple juice
  • Pinch of cinnamon
  1. Put the vodka and apple juice in a highball glass with some ice.
  2. Sprinkle the cinnamon on top, stir and enjoy.



If you’re planning a girly night in this weekend and want to have some cocktails, why not try these three tasty creations?

The yummy cocktails have a vodka base, which means it cuts down on price and that is always a good thing! Get everybody to bring something and the ingredients won’t seem so daunting.

1.) Moscow Mule

  • 55ml vodka
  • 230ml ginger beer
  • 50ml lime juice
  • lime wedge, to garnish

2.) Flirtini

  • 85ml champagne
  • 14ml vodka
  • 25ml pineapple juice
  • fresh pineapple, to garnish

3.) Harrowgate Nights

  • 25ml vodka
  • 25ml malibu
  • 14ml peach schnapps
  • 110ml pineapple juice

The weather has turned icy, making it the perfect time for a warming tipple.

Smirnoff has created this yummy, bone-heating cocktail using its most recent creation, Apple Bite.

The combination of apple juice and brown sugar with this new vodka makes for a comforting winter drink.

What you’ll need

50ml Smirnoff Vodka

100ml apple juice

2 tbsp brown sugar

1 tbsp apple puree

What you’ll need to do

  1. Add all the ingredients to a saucepan.
  2. Warm on a low heat until the sugar has completely dissolved and the liquid is simmering.
  3. Pour into a glass mug.
  4. Garnish with a wedge of apple and top with a crushed biscuit.