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If Chris Rea's Driving Home For Christmas gives you butterflies in your stomach, you're not alone.

If after 24 hours back home this Christmas, you struggled to understand why you got butterflies in the first place, you're definitely among your own people here.

Believe us, we know the idea of returning to the family homestead over the festive period is always hugely appealing, but, unfortunately, we have to admit that the reality often falls a little short.

For every shared laugh and moment of closeness, there are always twice as many arguments and three times as many spats; it is what it is, ladies.

Here we take a closer look at the reality of returning to the family home for Christmas.

1. You revert to teenage mode

There's something about crossing your parents' threshold which throws all of us back a few years in the maturity stakes.

Within minutes of sashaying in, an adolescent cloud will descend upon you, and you'll feel compelled to ditch your heels in favour of a hoody and your tote in favour of a tank top. And that's just the clothes. 

From fighting over the remote to refusing to answer the house phone, your transition back in time is pretty much complete.

2. You need more personal space

Living on top of your family was fine for most of your life, but your tolerance has definitely waned slightly since you moved out.

While you're undoubtedly thrilled to see them, that doesn't mean you're OK with sharing an inflatable bed, or squeezing onto one armchair together for the duration of an entire film.

Having to endure your sister's breath in your ear as you watch Home Alone: Lost in New York is more than flesh and blood can stand, frankly.

3. You struggle with the 'routine'

Having to re-adapt to the family's routine can be one of the toughest parts of the festive season.

You forgot that your father rises at dawn and insists that the rest of the family does too and it had slipped your mind that your mother needs to know your whereabouts at all times.

Oh, and you really hadn't factored in your drunk siblings' penchant for arriving home at 4am and burning the kitchen down. Maybe you blocked it out.

4. You question your family's habits

Whether it's their chewing, their insistence on having the TV volume on an even number or their reluctance to have a discussion at a normal decibel, your family's habits are enough to drive you to drink.

You told yourself to rise above it, and God knows you definitely tried, but they're really pushing you to the limit here.

It's as if they want you to leave, but they will not get the better of you.

5. You miss alone-time

Being able to spend more than a few hours in complete silence is something you can kiss goodbye to when you rock up at the family homestead this Christmas.

You'll spend the entire festive season being asked multiple questions – many of which shouldn't require an answer of more than two words, but by God, you'll be obliged to give one.

You'll find yourself fantasising about a moment in your day when the only sound you hear is the crickets chirping around your own head.

6. You struggle with your own notions

While your friends may think nothing of your love for a Chai Latte and your other half wouldn't question your obsession with tapas, your family think you're nothing more than a high-falutin' gobshite.

And the longer you spend with them, the more you tend to believe them.

To be fair, it was far from Chai Lattes you were raised….

7. You must accept drop-in visitors

When you return home for Christmas you realise that the 'just popped in for a chat' visitor is still an actual thing.

The thought of dropping in on someone unannounced within your own circle would have you ex-communicated in no time, but back home, it's a cause for celebration.

And sneaking upstairs the minute the doorbell rings isn't an option because – just like every Christmas that has gone before – you have been nominated the head of the welcoming committee.



Buying a gift for your friends or family can be difficult enough when they don't possess 'notions.'

What are notions, you ask? Well, it's essentially when a person has grandiose elements of extravagance; whether in terms of fashion, style, food & drink, décor or just in their everyday life.

They drink non-fat, no-foam, five-shot half-caffeine pumpkin spice latte in a special cup at a certain temperature and will refuse to do most activities due to footwear, except yogalates.

 Related image

You'd never catch them drinking cans, especially not Tesco lager; they're most likely only drinking a craft beer that no one has heard of or a slimline tonic with lime cordial and a shot of vodka on the side.

Plebs such as us probably would take a taxi or public transport to a club, whereas someone with 'notions' might take a large limousine with white doves as their accessories.

According to the Urban Dictionary definition:

…You get the idea. It's luxurious hipster-ism.

So, how does one buy a present for someone who are that little bit too big for their boots? It's hard, but not impossible.

Here are our top 20 gifts for those with notions.. proceed with monetary caution.

1. Candlelight Prosecco snowglobe

ASOS, €12.44

2. A rose gold cocktail set

Littlewoods Ireland, €39.99

3. Topshop Flo Marabou shoulder bag  

Topshop, was €44.00 now €35.20

4. Whiskey stones

Sagaform, €21.00

5. Avoca sea-salt chocolate

Avoca sea-salt chocolate, €4.75

6. Huggable Avocado Cooling & Heating Pad

Urban Outfitters, €25.00

7. Charlotte Tilbury, Charlotte's beauty universe

Charlotte Tilbury, Charlotte’s beauty universe, €185

8. Scented Diffuser

Urban Apocethary, Oudh Geranium Scented Diffuser, €32.00

9. Pink Marble iPhone 6/6s/7/8 Case

LuMee, €95.00

10. Bicycle Leather Wine Holder

Urban Outfitters, was €49.00 now €29.00

11. Soirée wine aerator

Designist, €28.50

12. Crosley Cruiser Pink and Gold Bluetooth Vinyl Record Player

Urban Outfitters, was €119.00, now €83.00

13. Metal straws

Designist, €20

14. Fujifilm Instax™ Mini 9 Smokey White Instant Camera

Fujifilm Instax™, was €159.00, now €111.00

15. JO MALONE LONDON Lime Basil & Mandarin Cologne 100ml


16. Popcorn Maker

Urban Outfitters,was €35.00 now €29.00

17. G&Tea set

ASOS, Root 7 G & Tea Set, €41.48

18.Topshop petite luxe fur coat

Topshop, was €110.00, now €76.00

19. Grow your own indoor garden

Click and Grow, €200

20. Personalised hip-flask

T Shirt Studio, 17.25€

There you have it, ladies.

The ultimate gift guide for those in your life who are just that little bit EXTRA, or who think that litle bit highly of themselves.

If they already have some of these gifts, well then I'm afraid they have too many notions for their own good, and this quest is totally futile…



 We all have a pal with notions – you know the one.

Whether they have a 'dietary requirement' that isn't quite legit, opt for yoga retreats as holidays, wear wide-brimmed, flappy, unnecessary hats that are totally ill-equip for the Irish weather, and drink their soy-coconut flat whites with their pinky in the air, their notions are part of who they are, and you love them for it. 

Even if you really think that their beetroot crisps are mank and you'd rather buy ten tops in Penneys over one 'staple piece' from Reformation. 

Here are a few (silk) stocking stuffers for your pal who thinks facials are better than an thick nightly coat of Sudacreme: 

 Glossier rose facial water €16.00

The Coveteur Book €29.00

Pippa Collection planner €45.00

O.P.I Nail Lacquer €8.10

 SkinnyDip London passport cover €7.00

Designist DIY Gin kit €30.00

Faux fur scarf €28.38

Charlotte Tillbury lipstick in Pillowtalk €32.00

Reggipetto Bralette €40.00

Glendalough Wild Winter Botanical Gin 700ml €47.50

Mario Badescu Cucumber Make Up Remover Cream €10.20

Cashmere beanie hat €49.00

Riedel Vinum Brandy Snifter €55.00

Heartbreaker beret €20.00

COS handbag €69.00

3fe Christmas Blend €10.00

River Island Multi Layer Puff Sleeve Shirt €51.35 

SkinnyDip London Hip Flask €11.76

& Other Stories Radiance Cream €23.00

Dollard & Co gift hamper – Price Varies


Unless I'm totally ignorant to the world, very few people are morning people.

And if they are, they're probably also the kind of people who do laundry before they run out, answer every email as it arrives and never eats cereal for dinner.


Cosmo recently published an article titled 12 Things Morning People Do Every Day, and while we can all aspire to be like these remarkable beings someday, the rules set in place for being a 'morning person' are total notions. And here's why…

They say: Set only one alarm

We say: Setting only one alarm in the morning is a disaster waiting to happen. If you don't have a strong will to get out of your warm bed, you'll no doubt fall back asleep with nothing else to wake you.

Cue an awkward conversation with your boss as to why you're an hour late…

Black and White Alarm Clock at 2:34

They say: And set the alarm 15 minutes earlier than you think you need to

We say: Noooo! Get all the sleep you possibly can. The writer of the article states, "Those extra 15 minutes of sleep aren't going to make a difference in the rest of your day, anyway."

Those extra 15 minutes make ALL the difference and are the key to us being acceptable human beings for the entire day.

Image result for alarm gif

They say: Skip the quality time with your phone

We say: Yes, in an ideal world we would rid ourselves of all technology an hour before we go to bed.

But, that never happens, does it? Those Instagram Stories aren't going to watch themselves, you know.

android phone, app, blur

They say: Eat your breakfast sitting down

We say: Again, in an ideal world we would have our kitchen table set up with a delish breakfast and read the morning paper while munching on granola.

But, we savour our sleep and those extra 15 minutes that were mentioned above means we need to have a speedy breakfast. And that does not happen while sitting down.

Red Strawberry and Raspberry on White Ceramic Bowl

They say: Make your dang bed

We say: This is the point in the article that made us LOL. Between getting ourselves ready, eating breakfast sitting down and neatly making our beds, we'd have to be awake about two hours earlier than usual.

Plus, doesn't a neat bed mean bed bugs? Now, nobody has time for that.

Image result for not gonna happen gif

They say: Actually get up to exercise

We say: We have to admit that we see early morning gym bunnies on our way into the office, and fair play to them. We wish we could do it.

But, if we have to get a bus, a Luas or spend more than an hour in traffic trying to get to work, the most exercise we'll be doing is giving side eye to the person eating cheese and onion crisps on the 6.15am bus.

Image result for side eye gif

They say: Go. To. Bed. On. Time.

We say: *uncontrollable laughter* Because… we all know that's not going to happen, right?




Some celebs have such notions…

And the latest that needs to come back down to earth is James Arthur.

The former X Factor finalist recently came back on the music scene with a new album… yet, he thinks Justin Bieber and Zayn Malik (to name a few) have copied his style.

“I think Justin Bieber and Zayn have both been listening to me a lot and they basically wanna be me,” he told The Sun.


A post shared by James Arthur (@jamesarthurinsta23) on

“There’s a couple of tracks of Zayn’s where he ad libs. I asked Louis Tomlinson whether he’s been listening to me and he said ‘Yeah, he’s been lurking’,” he claims.

And he didn't stop there.

Oh, no. James suggested that other musicians are only where they are now because they come from a wealthy background.


A post shared by James Arthur (@jamesarthurinsta23) on

“I’m not saying none of these guys are talented, but people think Ed Sheeran crawled off a couch and lived on the street or something but him, Ellie Goulding . . . they all come from Suffolk, Surrey, Richmond.

"I think Sam Smith’s dad got a huge loan or something to help his career. Those things can help artists get attention but I guess my song Say You Won’t Let Go proved it’s about the song."

Lad, come on…



Notions is a uniquely Irish phenomenon, and we all have at least one mate who is full to bursting with them.

It may have been far from €200 sheepskin gloves she was reared, but that doesn't stop her insisting she can't get through winter without them.

And as anyone who's mates with a notion-head will know, choosing their Christmas present is a form of absolute torture.

Do you give into their carry-on and splash out on a chrome coffee flask or do you turn the other cheek and hand over the scratchy pyjamas you saw in a bargain basket?

Well, we've done the thinking for you on this one.

Faux fur fashionista

Any notionista worth their salt needs at least ONE faux fur item in their wardrobe, and now's the time to earn Brownie points.

Clockwise from left: Helen Moore Treacle Faux Fur Huff My Shining Armour €38

Large Faux Fur Clutch Bag by Koko Couture : Topshop €26

  Faux Fur Makeup bag Topshop € 16.00

Fur beanie hat: Topshop €29


Hip Flasks FTW

She spent her youth playing crouching tiger, hidden naggin,and while she's still more than happy to engage these days, she'll only do it with the slickest of accessories.

And in fairness, we're with her on that one.

Left to right: Skinnydip Drank All My Money Hip Flask ASOS €20

Life Gives You Lemons Hip Flask ASOS €7.33

Booze Hip Flask ASOS €7.33 

Gal-on-the-go planners

If there's one thing you can say for your friend with notions, she's always snowed under with social engagements. 

So, why not make sure she keep track of her high-flying lifestyle with one of these sleek weekly planners?

Clockwise from left: Kate Spade 12 month diary 2017 Deco Dot: My Shining Armour €42

Adrift Gilded Planner: Easons €19.59 

Bewmore Rose Slim Line Diary Cath Kidston €15