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FUJIFILM Corporation and its President, Kenji Sukeno, today announced the release of INSTAX Mini Link (RRP €120). This sleek instant photo printer will revolutionise how people embrace photography on their smart phones.

Linking to phones via Bluetooth, the nifty printer and dedicated mobile phone app makes it easier than ever to turn photos saved on smartphones into lasting memories. The INSTAX Mini Link is available in Ireland from today and in three attractive colours; dusky pink, ash white and dark denim. 


What sets INSTAX Mini Link apart from other smartphone printers is the fantastic image quality which it delivers. The easy to use printer uses FUJIFILM real film technology to offer unrivalled prints, all of which feature the iconic INSTAX white boarder that the brand is famous for across the globe. In addition to quality prints, INSTAX Mini Link is lightweight for excellent portability. The printer truly is instant with a fast speed of about 12 seconds per print.


Another distinctive feature of INSTAX Mini Link is the simple yet fun app that links smartphones to the printer. With multiple modes and functions there is something to meet every printing need, not to mention, lots of ways to have fun and stay entertained.

Simple Print – shoot with a superimposed INSTAX white frame that gives users a visual reference, so it eliminates any uncertainty of exactly what’s in the picture, ensuring users get the photo they want each time. This intuitive function allows for easy photo adjustments, such as making it larger or smaller, rotating it, applying a filter or adjusting brightness.

Video Print –this cool function allows users to scroll through video frames left to right to choose the most memorable moments. Once selected, all that’s left to do is press the extract button to turn their favourite part video clip into an Instax print. 

Frame Print – The Frame Print feature allows users to pick from 27 different templates to create quirky and show stopping pictures.

Collage Print – this function has four amazing features that are perfect when creating images with friends. The Collage Print feature allows users to combine lots of their favourite photos onto one print.

Party Print – INSTAX Mini Link is all about connecting with friends and family and there is no better way to do that than with a Party Print. This entertaining feature gives users the ability to create one photo with loved ones by connecting up to five smartphones to the app. The app receives a picture from each of the devices and combines them into one INSTAX print. Once smartphones are linked together, users can select the layout of the images, or use ‘surprise mode’ to get a shock! In the “Surprise Mode,” no one knows what kind of pictures others have chosen and what the final print will look like until the images appear on the print.

Match Test – Have hours of fun with the Match Test function, a quirky game that allows the user to check the compatibility of two people in a photo. The app has the “Quick diagnosis” mode to check compatibility of people shown in a picture, and the “Precision diagnosis” mode that involves answering some questions.


When taking pictures from the printer’s dedicated app, users can use INSTAX Mini Link main unit to remotely control the camera operation. For example, they can zoom in and out by tilting the printer in different directions. Printing multiple copies of a picture has never been easier, simply hold the Link with the printout end pointing down and press the button at the centre.

Bring people together for a group shot by using the camera as remote controller for your smartphone’s camera.

INSTAX Mini Link is available now in FUJIFIILM outlets nationwide, RRP €120.00 prices may vary by retailer



Shemazing mums have collaborated with FujiFilm to capture the magic of Father's Day, and answer the question of why it's so important.

We asked our readers why the day isn't just a 'Hallmark Holiday', and the results were both hilarious and heart-warming.

Some lovely moments have been shared between their children and Dad, judging by the positive reaction. 93 percent of Irish mums agree that the day should be celebrated.

Over half of mums surveyed admitted to playing down the role that a father plays during the child-rearing years, from infancy to teenage times. 

However, 100 percent of mums had nothing but pure love when asked how it feels to witness a special moment between a dad and their children, unsurprisingly.

We asked Shemazing mums for examples of some of these priceless snapshots, and the answers made us believe in Father's Day even more.

According to our mums, their #BestDadMoments include; "The times he allowed our girls to give him a full makeover", "The times it rained and he took over pitch-side so I didn't get wet" and "The day he taught our little ones to ride their bikes".

"The nights he got our children to sleep when I simply couldn't", was another classic example, and "The times he let me be 'good cop' when disciplining our children". 

"The life experience stories he shares with our children to teach and empower", "the promises he makes to our children to always be there for them no matter what"and  "The way he makes our children feel when they share their latest achievement", were more sweet gems.

Another memory was, "The belief he instils in our children that they can do and be anything they desire", which all parents can relate to.

"The pure love I witnessed when he held our child for the first time," is possibly the most special moment in a father's life.

Last but not least,"The dad-dance moves he performs for our children for fun or to get them out of a funk". Hilarious, but necessary sometimes. Father's Day is just around the corner, Sunday, June 16.

It's time to get your last minute gifts in order. Our mums showed a strong preference for personalised gifts using photos to capture their #BestDadMoments.

According to Shemazing mums, the top five most popular gifts this Father's Day are; A personalised photo gift, a new gadget or tech gift, aftershave, golf balls or sporting accessories, and a selection of craft beer.

Laura Erskine, Head of Community for MummyPages.ie, spoke about the Father's Day findings;

"Sometimes us mums can get a little jealous when we see that dad is the one that they screech excitedly for when he gets home from work, and we’ve been the one cooking, cleaning, tending to homework and cut knees.

"Not to mention the joyous laughter that only dad can elicit when he wrestles them on the bed or blows raspberries on their tummy, and we’re the one reminding them to brush teeth before bed," she added.

“But for all of these #BestDadMoments, there are also those moments where dad takes matters into his own hands and allows us mums to have some peace and quiet.

"Very often, we as mums don’t let dad to be an active parent as much as we should," Laura continued.

"We need to let dad be dad –  unsupervised, with no prior instructions – just figuring it out as we do everyday.

This Father’s Day, "I would urge mums to let dads to be dads, so that both the joyous moments and the more mundane ones, can be more equally shared by both parents.”

“For those considering a special gift this Father’s Day, there is nothing that beats a personalised photo gift depicting one of the #BestDadMoments saved on your camera roll," Laura says.


Creating a personalised photo gift and doesn't have to cost a fortune. FujiFilm have a quality range of photo gifts, including mugs, photo blocks for office desks or a photo book of special moments starting from just €9.99.

For any mums juggling a hectic family life and need a last-minute gift, definitely try the FujiFilm Imagine app, which allows you to order your personalised photo gift from your smartphone and collect it from your nearest store or delivered nationwide.

Father's Day is always a magical time for the dads out there, why not make it a day to remember?

Photos: Photo: Moments Photography, Dublin 


There is no such thing in this world as a perfect person, and one role model who emblemizes the acceptance of ones flaws has got to be Taylor Swift.

While she pokes fun at her own past through her creative music videos and tongue-in-cheek tweets, Taylor has also used the past year as an opportunity to reclaim her power in the face of her haters.

She has expanded her voice far beyond her humble beginnings in country music, and dominated the charts and popular culture with her most recent album Reputation. 

Taylor has bourne the brunt of some feuds over the past few years, and her most recent defined an entire era for Swift’s music.

Most notably, a drawn out fight with Kanye West and Kim Kardashian proved to be a difficult time for the singer.

The singer was held to task by Kim Kardashian last year, after the reality TV star leaked some unflattering audio of the singer. Kim’s penchant for the use of the snake emoji in association with Taylor’s name led to an influx of hate on Taylor’s social media, and pop culture fanatics lapped up the apparent demise of the star’s good name.

Rather than retaliate, Taylor did the opposite – she went dark. The star deleted all of her Instagram photos last August, and removed her profile photos from all of her social media. The singer was clearly gearing up for a comeback, but no one could have anticipated what she would serve up as a remedy to her silence.

An apology? A sweet-as-pie comeback to regain her throne as the globe’s most wholesome pop star? No.

Taylor made her comeback with some very mysterious videos of a snake slithering slowly, and frankly, we were all shook. Taylor came back with badass, unapologetic album, playing on her newly garnered bad Reputation, and made reference to her past feuds with delicate but dramatic references. We were hooked.

With unapologetic songs like I Did Something Bad, End Game and Look What You Made Me Do dominating the album, we’re quite certain that anyone who had previously tried to drag the pop icon down was probably losing sleep over the thought of what she would do next.

That’s the thing about bullies, once you stand up for yourself, they somehow seem to lose their (forked) tongues.

Taylor went up against some of the most powerful personalities in the celeb world, and proved that past accusations of her ‘playing the victim’ to further her career were simply untrue – she hadn’t played the victim, she had been one, and now she was reclaiming the power people had tried to take from her.

She did this once again in her well publicised sexual assault trial against former radio DJ David Mueller – winning a symbolic one dollar in compensation from the DJ who groped her publicly at a meet-and-greet.

taylor swift taylor swift dancing

The compensation was purely meant to be a symbol – Swift certainly didn’t need the money, but she needed to prove to her fans once again that if you stand up against the people who seek to harm you and take away your power, your autonomy, you can win.

‘I acknowledge the privilege that I benefit from in life, in society and in my ability to shoulder the enormous cost of defending myself in a trial like this,’ she said at the time. ‘My hope is to help those whose voices should also be heard.’

At a later concert, Taylor’s fans showed the singer that she had been heard, by holding up one dollar bills of their own one year on from the court case.

Taylor’s impact on her fans is undeniable, and rather than pandering to the needs of an endlessly churning celebrity industry by retreating to the safety of her formerly innocent image, she took the opportunity to show her fans and herself that the people who try to take advantage of you, hurt you, and beat you down can be defeated.

She came back into our lives via a fierce album, an even fiercer attitude, and a no-nonsense approach to dealing with bullies and haters, and we can’t think of a better role model than that.


There is something so tangible about the permanence of a physical photograph.

In an era where thousands of pictures are stored on smart phones in our pockets, what is it that makes a captured moment special anymore?

The resurgence in popularity of instant photos is a direct response to our digitally motivated, snap happy culture, one that places an emphasis on acquiring ‘likes’ rather than using an image to revisit a passing memory.

A post shared by instax HQ (UK) (@instaxhq) on

Luckily, Fujifilm’s Instax Square SQ6 is making memory conservation a priority – allowing digital natives to capture their happiest moments on real film.

If there is one occasion we want to ensnare in the flash of a camera, it’s festival season.

We’re decked out to the nines in glitter, enjoying every waking moment with our best friends, listening to our favourite live music amongst the beauty of nature.

It simply couldn’t be a more photogenic opportunity, and with Ireland’s biggest festival, Electric Picnic, just around the corner, we’re contemplating our list of festival essentials – and an instant camera is top of the list.

Being festival ready is a multi-faceted task with many aspects to consider.

First up, it’s all about how we’re looking on the day. Packing the perfect festival clothes that simultaneously emblemise our personal styles while being able to adapt to the, shall we say, changeable Irish weather is a must.

Getting the makeup look on point can be tricky when you’re staying in a tent in a field full of revellers, but we’re all about making an effort with the glitter.

Sometimes though, we get kind of frustrated that most instant cameras don’t have a selfie option, so we can’t capture ourselves and our pals with accuracy. Luckily, the Instax Square SQ6 has an actual selfie mode and a reflective selfie mirror, so you can check the capture area of your selfie in a mirror next to the lens. The Selfie Mode also does all the behind the scenes work for you while you’re in front of the camera, automatically adjusting the brightness and focal length.

Well, we didn’t go through all that outfit planning not to snap long lasting evidence of ourselves in all our finery.

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Next up on our festival essential list is the itinerary. We want to see EVERYTHING we came to the festival to see – be it music acts, street food carts, comedy tents, carousel rides or cocktail classes.

Whatever the adventure you’re embarking on, the Instax Square SQ6 prints in the perfect size to capture any activity.

There wont be the hassle of trying to choose whether to shoot portrait or landscape, or worrying about fitting every member of your crew into shot.

At 1.3 times the size of Instax mini prints, if there’s room on your itinerary for a rave in the woods, spoken word session or buffet brunch, there’s room in your instant photo.

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Festivals are all about getting creative – be it an experimental new hairstyle, sampling new music genres or engaging in a creative workshop.

We’d also like to take the opportunity to get creative with the special memories we’re capturing.

The Instax Square SQ6 Camera has modes that let us do just that.

First up, there’s the Double Exposure Mode, where you can press the shutter twice to capture a shot overlaying two images in the same print – and it looks extremely artistic.

The second is the existence of the Flash Colour filters. Three colour filters can be attached to the lens, creating a tint of your chosen shade to the image.

Whatever your game plan for festival season, it would be a shame to let it go by undocumented – and there is nothing quite like flipping through a pile of actual photographs and reminiscing on some amazing memories.

Fancy nabbing yourself an Instax Square SQ6 Camera to capture all of your fleeting festival memories? 

We have FIVE of them to give away below: 

This competition is now closed. Congratulations to all our winners, we have sent you a message. Thank you to everyone who entered x



I don’t know about all dads, but I know that my own father is a fiend for a good camera.

There’s something super cute about a proud dad capturing moments and memories, which is something my dad has always done.

And with Father’s Day coming up, I was wracking my brain for gift ideas – and it hit me.

An instant camera. A novelty in itself, and a brilliant gift idea.

I know, I know… I am a genius.

Dads are SO hard to buy for, especially because they never give us hints or clues, so this seems like a no brainer.

You know what I didn’t realise though? There are so many different kinds of instant cameras.

Here’s a lovely line up of all your Father’s Day options. You’re welcome.

Image result for father and teenage daughter

1. instax SQUARE SQ6

Time goes by. Before you know it there are so many precious moments that you’ll never have again. The 1:1 square format instax SQUARE SQ6 captures the beauty in each and every moment, so that you can cherish those memories for a lifetime.

Image result for instax SQUARE SQ6

2. instax SQUARE SQ10

Express your creativity in an instant, with stunning direct prints from the new hybrid instax SQUARE SQ10. This camera lets you capture those ‘once in a lifetime’ memories and moments beautifully, in a stylish square format.

And because it’s a hybrid, you get the best of both worlds – the control and composition of a digital camera, with the enjoyment and tangible fun of a real photo print.

Image result for instax SQUARE SQ10

3. instax mini 90

The instax mini 90 offers advanced features, such as bulb and double exposures, that are attractions of traditional analog cameras and offer an enhanced capability to capture light creatively.

The instax mini 90 is also equipped with new functions and features like macro mode and high performance flash, making this an instant camera for every photographer developed under the concept “NEO CLASSIC.”

Related image

For more information visit instax.ie or follow Fujifilm on Instagram @INSTAXHQ.

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