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We’ve been dreaming about jumping into our warm, cozy bed all morning. There’s nothing better than curling up in your toasty duvet after a long day at work.

We pop the heating on, make a cuppa and scroll through Netflix before dozing off, but it turns out we’ve been making quite a rookie mistake before hitting the hay in the winter.

According to experts, sleeping with the heating on is actually really bad for you as it disrupts your sleep.

So, if you’ve been struggling to get a good night’s sleep this month then your central heating may be to blame.

How does the heating impact our sleep? Well, our bodies can’t deal with the fluctuations in temperature all too well, especially in the night time.

The Sun reported, “Often we are told the bedroom should be 16C to 18C but for some people that is too cold, so it is better to focus instead on simply making the bedroom feel cooler than the rest of the house.”

"The more important temperature for sleep is the one between the mattress and the duvet, which should be between 27C and 29C.”

Experts believe the best thing to do is to let your bedroom cool down before going to bed.

We’ll certainly be trying this before we doze off this evening!


It's safe to say we all wish our homes were as clean as Mrs Hinch's. Her stunning pad has become one of the most famous homes on Instagram and we're not one bit surprised. The mum is always sharing the most beautiful snaps of her house with her 3.4 million followers, however, it can be hard to avoid the trolls when you have such a huge following.

The cleaning guru shared a rude message from one person who commented on her wardrobes, "I think your wardrobe would have been much better than this if I am honest with you."

Sophie shared the remark and asked, "What do some people expect of me?"

She later shared a photo on her feed and expressed her disappointment in the comment, "Following on from my DM I received about my wardrobe today (please see stories) I need to say this …. Believe it or not , I am the first person to look at my own grid and say “why the hell do I have 3.4 million followers”. I have absolutely no idea. It baffles me everyday!

"But why should I change my home into something I’m not , just to suit the size of my account? I refuse. Yes This is my lounge, I don’t have a ‘cinema room’ , I don’t have a walk in wardrobe, I don’t have a make up room BUT my dog does have his own bedroom…


A post shared by Sophie Hinchliffe (@mrshinchhome) on

"I sit my Mrs Hinch arse down here every night with all my Handsomes, blankets and waxmelts and I genuinely couldn’t be happier. We have absolutely everything we could ever need. So to all my fellow barg lovers and hinchers…. I bloody love ya!! stand proud, be you and all the effin best," she shared.

Her followers praised her for being so honest, "Your house is gorgeous but your personality shines a million times more – you honestly make me smile."

"You are who you are. You don’t have to justify yourself," another wrote.

One added, "Well said Sophie! Never change as you're a beautiful woman inside and out."


Irish Instagram sensation Maggie Molloy of @cheapirishhouses is taking her property-hunting skills to the next level in an exciting new television series for RTÉ.

Maggie bought her own house, which has nine outbuildings and an acre of land, for an incredible €80,000. Her mortgage is less than €300 a month. That's just €10 a day! 

People just couldn't believe her story so Maggie started her Instagram account @cheapirishhouses less than a year ago to help others to find similar property bargains. Today she has over 30,000 followers and counting…


A post shared by Cheap Irish Houses (@cheapirishhouses) on

In this new series Maggie will use her house-hunting skills to help buyers own their very own piece of the Irish countryside. 

Maggie is looking for buyers with an open mind who are not afraid of a bit of work. In return she will reveal the kind of properties people would never have thought were within their reach. Properties oozing with charm, in picturesque locations, with plenty of outdoor space. All at jaw dropping prices.  

To apply to take part in the show click here: https://submit.link/MFV9t


Our favourite Irish beauty brand has just released its first aroma diffuser and we are LOVING it.

Just in time for the season of nights-in and snuggly pyjamas, the award-winning Jo Browne has added the Bamboo Aroma Diffuser to its range of all-natural skincare and perfumes, handmade in Ireland. This gorgeous new addition to an already gorgeous range is the perfect way to spoil yourself as the cold weather approaches.

So easy to use, the aroma diffuser uses mist- meaning it never gets hot. You simply plug it in, lift up the cap to add water to the max line and add three delicious drops of your fave aroma blend by Jo Browne.

There are so many reasons to treat yourself to a diffuser. The aromas add a certain lux to your home, making you feel all-relaxed when you come in after a long day. Delivering the perfect amount of scent in minutes, the essential oils can have an incredible overall effect on your physical and emotional well-being. At the touch of a button, you can work your way to a better night’s sleep, reduce those stress levels and even lift your mood.

The diffuser has the added benefits of humidifying and purifying the air, as well as reducing dust. Interestingly, aroma diffusers have an ionising effect: the air quality is improved because more negative ions are released into the air. The delicious smell fills the room in minutes, creating a clean and zen space for you to really rewind and chill- not to mention, the Jo Browne Aroma Diffuser is a fabulous addition to any room décor!

One of our favourite things about this gorgeous new product is the bamboo packaging. Not only does it look great, but it is also ecologically friendly- complementing the all-natural brand values of Jo Browne. Depending on your mood, you can choose from six beautiful aroma blends: Fresh Blend; Calm Blend, Breathe, Sleep, Signature and Christmas.

Priced at €75.00 for the Diffuser and €20 for each of six Blends, the Jo Browne Diffuser and Blends are available online at https://jobrowne.com. You can also pick yours up at Meadows and Byrne, Kilkenny stores, McElhinney’s, House of Ireland and independent gift shops across Ireland.





Saoirse Ronan has put her Greystones home on the market and I’m ready to move in- has anyone got a lend of €1.5 million?

The beautiful five bedroom house is located along a sweeping tree lined driveway, surrounded by high walls and manicured lawns.

Photo 2

Each room in the Mary Queen of Scots star’s home looks as classy as the next.

The Little Women star certainly modernised the home which was built in the 1970s.

Photo 13

We’re honestly obsessed with that kitchen- just look at those blue cupboards.

Photo 24

And the emerald green sofa in the sitting room? Obsessed.

Photo 21

Don't even get me started on the adorable garden.

Photo 35

The house features five bedrooms and five bathrooms, a reception hall, two interconnecting reception rooms, a dining room, a reading room, a private garden

Photo 43

One of the most elegant rooms is the living room, located at the rear of the house. The room features a stunning marble hearth and open fire place at its focal point.

The huge kitchen would be the dream place to drink your early morning cup of coffee.

The listing states;

Photo 49

‘As you ascend the elegant timber framed staircase upstairs, the first floor is home to five bedrooms – all of them substantial, with fitted wardrobes and four with full en suite. One of the bedrooms close to the master bedroom has been converted to a large walk in wardrobe with a luxurious en suite bathroom with separate shower comparable to a hotel suite in uptown New York. On the second floor there is room for a home cinema, gym or full guest accommodation with fully functional kitchen.

Photo 8

‘Details externally include a beautiful west-facing veranda that runs almost the length of the front, the wooden sash windows and granite sills, the red-tiled roof, tall chimney stacks and filigree ridge tiles.

Photo 18

‘Once you arrive at the property there is a real sense of peace and tranquillity where the only sounds pervading the quiet calm are the birds in the day time and the noise of the ocean nearby by night.’

Photo 29

It really is the dream home. If only I was a millionaire. The Lady Bird actress has impeccable taste. 


Upcycling in every sense of the word is on the rise, what with climate breakdown becoming an apocalyptic-level problem and sustainability on everyone's minds.

New One4all research shows that Irish adults are finding creative ways to make homes their own, with 48 percent of Irish people having upcycled an item from their house.

65 percent of homeowners nationwide have renovated their home, with the kitchen being the most popular part of the property to remodel. Weirdly, April is the most coveted time for home improvements.

According to the survey carried out by One4all, safety of the property is the most important factor home-dwellers in Ireland, followed by the neighbourhood in which the property is located, and thirdly, having an outdoor area or garden space.

Seeing as the housing crisis has us all feeling especially glum, most of us are comfortable with sticking where we are currently. Nine in ten of those queried claimed they 'feel at home' where they live.

Is this because they can't accord to buy another home or rent in another spot, though? Either way, Irish people are making homes their own.

While the kitchen is the most common room to be remodelled, the bathroom came in second place and the garden came in third. 

December is the quietest month of the year for home updates, most likely because of all those parties being thrown during the festive season.

The renovations lasted between one and three months for 28 percent of people, but it took between six months to a year to complete the works for ten percent of people.

44 percent of those polled say they are ‘somewhat happy’ with their home at the moment, compared with 39 percent who say that they are ‘very happy’.

Overall, men in Ireland rate their current happiness with their home higher than women do, with 86 percent of them chuffed compared to 81 percent of women.

The research states that most women would change the interior of their home if money wasn't anything to worry about, but men would choose to increase the size of their house instead.

When it comes to D.I.Y, Ireland is a nifty nation with almost 1 in 2 (48 percent) revealing that they have upcycled an old item in their home.

For most of those polled, the purpose behind their upcycling project was to make something old look nicer and new. A One4all gift card to get a mate who's gaff needs a boost would be an unreal idea.

Making something more personal was the second most popular purpose for upcycling amongst respondents, with 95 percent of those who upcycled an item saying they enjoyed the project.


tim reno GIF by Channel 7


There’s no place like home. Why not make yours into the happiest it can be?

Have you ever walked into a space that just feels inviting, with high energy and makes you want to stay? That space is calling to you because it has wonderful Feng Shui which equals balance.

Yes, Feng Shui is a real thing. In fact, many Fortune 500 companies and celebrities use it to create balanced and harmonious spaces.

In her eye-opening book, The Happy Home: Your Guide to Creating a Happy, Healthy, Wealthy Life, Feng Shui expert Patricia Lohan not only explains the ancient Chinese art form, but reveals how she uses the 4,000-year-old practice to change peoples lives in ways they never thought possible.


A post shared by Patricia Lohan Feng Shui  (@lohanpatricia) on

The Happy Home is an invitation to look at your home with new eyes — not just as the place you live, but as the gateway to your happiness, health and wealth.

You will learn how your home possesses its own unique energy. When everything is as it should be, this energy works like a magnet, attracting in the right things at the right time. This could mean more money, better clients, happier relationships, improved health — there’s no area of your life that your home’s energy won't touch.

From The Happy Home, you’ll also come away knowing:

  • A deep understanding of what Feng Shui is and how you can use it to turn any living space into a happy one
  • How to clear the blocks in your home that are getting in the way of success, happiness, abundance and love
  • What to keep and what to throw out in order to open up your space and invite in more of what you want and less of what you don’t
  • How you can identify your unique house type so you can set up your home environment to attract more abundance and better relationships
  • Easy switches you can make to any room to balance its energy and allow for more flow
  • How to find your home’s “prosperity corner” and pump up what you are receiving
  • Remedies that will supercharge all nine areas of your house and your life to match

Lohan speaks what she knows. She has countless happy Feng Shui stories of her own. She used the power of this ancient modality to manifest her amazing husband, Ken, to grow and expand her business and move across the globe from Ireland to the tropical island paradise of Bali.

Lohan originally from Galway, says, “what really lights me up is seeing people transform their entire lives when they start using the principles of Feng Shui in their everyday environments. From unexpected cheques arriving in the mail to TV appearances across the US, business doubling in revenues from careers taking off to vision boards coming true, from marriages getting closer to hearts healing, I’ve seen it all!”


A post shared by Patricia LohanFeng Shui  (@lohanpatricia) on

Lohan points out how it all begins with your home. It’s where you kick off your shoes and settle in after a long day.

It’s where you give and receive goodnight kisses from the most important people in your life.

It’s the foundation for literally everything, which is why when your home’s energy is out of whack, the rest of your life is too.

The Happy Home: Your Guide to Creating a Happy, Healthy, Wealthy Life, by Patricia Lohan is available in all good bookshops and can also be purchased by going to https://patricialohan.com/happyhomebook/


Have you ever laid in bed, pondering the thought that your bedroom would look a million times better if you had dragon-fire to light up the space? We know we have.

Game of Thrones fans may just lose their minds when they see that Etsy is now selling dragon lamps, which literally blow three-dimensional fire in an array of colours.

Just switch on the button on your remote control to change the colour of the dragon fire and set the atmosphere as you wish. We have to admit, they'd look pretty damn cool in our gaffs:

Image: Etsy

We're still not entirely over that shocking GOT finale, and we've got years to wait until Bloodmoon, the much-anticipated prequel, airs on TV. 

This lamp is the perfect reminder of the good old days when Daenerys Targaryen had three full dragons; Drogon, Rhaegra and Viserion.

Remember when one of them were White Walker baddies or fell into the ocean after being speared? Good times. Thankfully, some genius figured out a way to make a 3D printed dragon lamp with fire coming out of it's mouth:

Image: Etsy

This lamp may just be the greatest thing Westeros has ever seen…imagine how jealous everyone else in the Seven Kingdoms would be if they saw this in your house?

You can change the position of the dragons by either leaving them down on a table or placing them on the wall, so it can be a bold Night King ice dragon or a Dany Drogon with warm orange tones.

It's an unofficial GOT piece of merchandise, by the way, but we're choosing to decide that it was made by Daenerys for us personally. Get yours now on Etsy for €45, what a steal.

game of thrones dragon GIF

Feature image: HBO


In terms of commitment, buying a house is up there with tying the knot. For that reason, house-hunting can feel strangely like dating. Just like those folks in your Tinder feed, there are so many potential homes out there to choose from. Each has their own unique characteristics. Some look fantastic on the outside but need a lot of work on the inside. Others might bore you slightly at first but eventually charm you over time.

Perfect Property, Ireland’s leading property search platform, has discovered the four types of house you’ll probably encounter in your house hunting adventure.

The Charming Older House

It’s a little older than what you’re used to, but you just can’t help yourself. You’ve been totally seduced by its charms and classic appeal. Like a fine wine, it has aged beautifully and only taken on more irresistible character over the years.

Your friends and family may have reservations about its structural stability and longevity. Sure, there may be a few creaks here and there, but you just can’t stop thinking about its timeless features. One thing is for sure, they don’t make houses like this anymore.

The Out of My League House

You get butterflies just looking at it. The proportionate aesthetics, the well-defined features, the size of it – ugh it’s hard not to hit that super-like button. Simply drop-dead gorgeous. You can’t help yourself dreaming about the luxury, the sophistication and the opulence.

But in reality, you know that the chances of even setting up a viewing are slim with a few too many zeros in the price tag. Maybe someday you will own a house like this, but for now you’ll have to be content with the photos and the fantasies they inspire.

The Diamond in the Rough House

It might feel a little beneath your usual high standards, but you just can’t help to see its potential. Sure, it’s a little rough around the edges, however, given enough time and effort you can surely turn it into something special. If you can picture the end result, there’s nothing that a newly purchased toolkit and a few YouTube videos can’t fix.

Your parents may initially disapprove of what they think is a sub-par choice for their offspring. But in a few years, you know that they’ll come around to appreciate what a wonderful home your house has become.

Despite the work required, you should be able to negotiate a decent price on properties like these and put your own stamp it exactly the way you want,” comments James Durr, English / Irish developer (Property Solvers).

The Take Home to Meet the Mother House

Practicality and functionality are the order of the day here. This is the kind of place that your mother would love to boast about down in the parish centre.

It’s well refined without being flashy. It’s interesting without having a host of hidden secrets. It’s charming without being cheesy and you can always rely on it no matter what. Once you get to know it, you’ll fall deeply in love with it. The only problem is that independence may be short lived with your mother knocking on the front door frequently.

Find Your Perfect Match

With so many properties to choose from it can be a daunting task to commit to one that you know you’ll love for the rest of your life. The good news is that unlike dating, a home won’t ghost you after a first viewing or still have an ex-owner in the picture.

Whether you’re starting your house hunting adventure or you’re a seasoned veteran, be sure to find a property that doesn’t just suit you right now but one you can grow into. With Perfect Property’s Perfect Match feature, your ideal home is only one search away.

For more beautiful homes like the ones mentioned above, visit perfectproperty.ie., Ireland’s most innovative property search platform.


We are forever swooning over unique and aesthetically pleasing interiors on Instagram so it’s safe to say we were delighted to hear award-winning, world leader in design Barrisol was launching in Ireland.

For over 50 years Barrisol, has provided the most innovative products to renovate, decorate and personalise walls and ceilings. Each product is manufactured specifically for its own unique location.

Every ceiling or wall is unique, reworked as requested and adapted to the style of your interior. Barrisol creates exclusive works of graphic art and there are no limits to the dimensions of your painted walls and ceilings.

Replacing heavy materials like brick and stone with innovative lightweight materials to revolutionise interior design Barrisol Alpha membranes allow applications out of the reach of conventional materials. They are quick to install, require less labour and even reduce the carbon footprint of transport. Free from phthalates, arsenic, cadmium and mercury, Barrisol Alpha products come with a high environmental quality guarantee suited to private homes and public spaces.

Barrisol Alpha print offers a fast and clean installation with considerably less mess than traditional wallpapering techniques and has the added benefit of being easy to remove and reinstall at any time without damage with the added benefit of being made to measure

The Barrisol Alpha ceilings, acoustic panels and lighting and Artolis walls can be printed in millions of colours thanks to the digital printing technology. The textile designs are recoloured, resized, modernized and brought to life by our graphic design department so that they can embellish the most fashionable homes, hotels and restaurants.

Wall coverings are water-repellent and can be used in bathrooms.

The Barrisol universe offers endless possibilities, limited only by your imagination. Barrisol enables you to create unique design with a combination of vibrant colours and complex shapes, organic shapes or waves and spheres of more conventional forms.


Thanks to the unique hand highly adaptable nature of Barrisol Translucent Sheets we can create intelligent lighting systems to make your interiors brighter and bolder without compromising on design. There are no limits to how a Barrisol lighting installation can help illuminate any interior space. They can even create illuminated 3D effects creating eye-grabbing lighting features for a reception, bar home or showroom.



Oh how we love our bedroom, it’s all ours and we can do with it and, ahem, in it what we please. But if yours is anything like ours it is a mismatch of leftover paint colours and haphazardly arranged furniture.

However, instead of enviously pawning over gorgeous bedrooms on Pinterest, why not get to work on your own – but make sure you read these five rules before you start anything.

Stock up on testers
Before you go crazy decorating your room in bright colours, test it out first. Yes that bright red might look all cool and retro in the pot but not so much all over your walls.

Place focus on the bed
Invest in some new and clean bed linen – Penneys have a pretty good stock, obviously budget-friendly. It will look expensive and inviting even if your walls and furniture are bland looking. Pile it with pillows for an added touch of luxury.

Go with what YOU like not what’s ‘in’
Unless you really love it, avoid going for a style that is 'in' as it will just as quickly 'go out'. Remember to always think ahead otherwise you will end up either disliking your room again. And you’ll have to do it all over again.

Make it functional
Make sure everything is easily accessible otherwise your room will just irritate you, no matter how nice it may look. And everything will just end up on the floor. Everything.

Use natural light
Natural light is not only the best light for putting on your make-up but it helps you wake up gradually. 



Petra Eccleston, the daughter of the Formula 1 boss Bernie Ecclestone, shows us all that money can’t buy class. The 24-year-old bought a 56,000sq ft mansion three years ago for a mere €65 million and decided to do it up herself, but not for the better of it.

The 123-roomed home originally belonged to Aaron Spelling – American film and TV producer – who designed it to resemble a French chateaux, although this was quickly destroyed when Petra moved in.

The model spent €17m redecorating her home which included installing a Marilyn Monroe themed hair salon, two 5ft Pamela Anderson sculptures, white marble flooring and a dog pampering room. However, we have to admit some of the things she has in her home has us feeling pretty envious like the bowling alley, pool room and her very own nightclub.

Talking about the house, Petra said: "I know the house is huge, but with the other houses we looked at that were a similar size to this, you felt like you were in a museum. They didn’t feel homely. I think because there was a family here previously it was warmer and cosier."