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Being on planet earth for a quarter of a century is quite something, you know?  

When you're any age, you think you know everything and that there's nothing more you could possibly learn.

It's naivety, and we are all afflicted by it at various points in our lives. But I've realised as the years tick by, that I feel I know less than I used to.

Maybe it's youthful arrogance that fades but whatever it is, I hit my 25th birthday and felt like I'd gotten more stupid.

Twenty-five is a funny age, it sounds more adult than 24 and it feels like you kinda have to start getting your shit together. You're young, sure, but you're not young

So, with all that rambling done, I thought I'd impart some wisdom (that term should be used loosely) that I've gathered in my 25 years and hope that it helps some of you. 

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1. Not everyone is going to like you and that's tough

It's horrible the first time you cop that someone isn't your biggest fan…and you've done f*ck all to make it so.

While it stings, the reality is – if someone knows the real you and doesn't wanna be best mates, it's their loss and definitely not yours. 

2.  Friendship takes work

Like, hard work.

The first few months and even years might be plain sailing, but it always hits a road bump.

Because that's life. If you give up after a bad row, you didn't deserve the friendship. People are flawed and things aren't always rosy but if your friend is someone you want to keep in your life, don't risk losing them. Dig deep and sort it out.  

3.  Your mother is (almost) always right

This isn't an easy one to admit but I've learned that it's true. 

Listen to her when she gives unasked-for advice about relationships/jobs/health/friends. Just don't tell her you are. 

4.  Pretending to know something is a waste of time

''You know in The Jungle Book when…'' I've never seen it. There, I said it.

Own up to not knowing things. It doesn't make you look stupid, just genuine. 

5.  People's behaviour is rarely to do with you

Your boss a bit off today? Is your best friend being cold in her messages?

Newsflash: the world doesn't revolve around you.

They're more than likely have a shitty day and it has nothing to do with you. 

Or else, assume it hasn't until they tell you otherwise. 

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6. Try to do things without wanting something in return. 

Want to end your bf/gf a sweet message? Do it.

But don't do it because you want a sweet message back, do it because you want THEM to get a sweet message. 

7. People act certain ways for reasons

I used to be – and still am, working on it – massively judgemental.

If a friend didn't want to go out, I'd be like ''For feck sake, how boring are they?'' but sometimes people do things for their own personal reasons that are none of my business and I have to keep that in mind. 

8.  Pee after sex…seriously 

UTIs are no joke. 

9. If you love someone, tell 'em 

Sounds like a no-brainer but if you feel it, say it. 

10. You can't force someone to love you…and you can't force someone to be someone they're not

It's sad but true.

If you're trying to make someone love you or fancy you, they aren't for you. 

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11. Wear the mini-skirt

You only get this banging body in your 20s so show it off – also show it off at whatever age you want but definitely now. 

12. Wear your retainer 

Braces are cute once…not twice. 

13. Heartbreak is one of the greatest things that can happen to you

It sounds ironic but it's true.

It's the most disgusting thing to have to go through but there's something that being so vulnerable does to you…it opens you up in a totally cool way.

It makes you talk to random people, it makes you look at yourself – really look at all the ugly bits that you'd rather not and want to do something about them. 

It teaches you humility and shows you how strong the bond of love is..it's fascinating.

There's that quote about learning more when you're miserable opposed to when you're happy and it's kind of true. Embrace heartbreak, I say. 


It'll thank you later for giving it water and cleansing it after a night of booze. 

15. Jealousy is silly

It doesn't do anyone any favours.

Trust people until they give you a reason not to…it's something I really have to work on. 

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16. Get help if things are shite

Things get too much, talk to a professional. It's harder to book that first session with a counsellor than you might think but it is so worth it.

Life is tough enough- help yourself when you can. 

17. Like yourself because you spend an awful lot of time with yourself 

It does what it says on the tin. 

18. Try new things, things that scare you – hiking, food, movies, music 

I'm kind of prejudice against certain foods or movies (Westerns, anyone?) but giving something different a go once in a while broadens the mind.

And it means you always have something to talk about. 

19. People you love will hurt you

Sometimes it's deliberate, something not. It's because they're human.

Forgiveness is a wonderful thing – it frees you. 

20. Spend time with family – they won't always be there 

Visit your grandma for a cup of tea and ask her about her life in the 1960s.

Ring your aunt and have a gossip.

Have a pamper night with your sister or cousin – they're ready-made mates that you're so lucky to have. 

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21. Doing things alone is fun

Sitting in a cinema alone is THE BEST.

Have dinner alone and don't give a f*ck what anyone thinks – they're probably in awe of you and jel that they're not doing it.

You don't always have to surround yourself with people – be good with being by yourself. 

22. Trust your gut

We tend to ignore when the tiny voice in our heads warns up against something, or something just feels off in a relationship or job.

Your intuition will serve you so well – if only you tune into it. 

23. You're not a nice person, sometimes 

This is a tough one.

You are flawed. At times you're selfish, mean, hurtful and rude.

You might not mean it or realise it but we are all selfish at times.

Try to be aware when family members tell you about your weak points.

24. Eat the local cuisine 

I went to Budapest and had a safe meal – and kicked myself afterwards. 

When in Rome, as they say – always try local food and drink because that's what will enrich your life and you never know, you could stumble upon your new fave dish. 

25. Kiss – a lot 

It's free, burns calories and it's FUN. 

You'll be 90-years-old one day so you might as well kiss as many rides while you can. 

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Many of us were absolutely RAISED on Disney when we were kids. We grew up with the incredible cinema releases of The Lion King, Aladdin, Cinderella, Mulan and The Little Mermaid, and it changed our lives forever.

The Disney princess role has changed as the generations got older (and more feminist), bringing more progressive films with 3D female characters such as Brave, Frozen, Moana, The Princess and the Frog and Tangled.

Kiera Knightly recently spoke out against the films, saying that her three-year-old daughter is banned from watching them in her home.

keira knightley smiling GIF

When asked why, she said to "rescue yourself!" from the prince is a far better message to send to young women; "Cinderella waits around for a rich guy to rescue her. Don’t." Right on, gal, right on. Fight the power.

However, when we were watching the classic princess films as children, I highly doubt we realised at the time just how YOUNG they all are, which arguably makes the movies seem a tad creepy.

It's basically teens getting sexualised and sent off to live with a man who has privilege over them forever.

For decades, young girls have been seeing these characters as role models; they're compassionate, fierce, caring, brave and highly intelligent.

Many of the gals are preparing for marriage, but they're in their mid-teens. Seems a little weird, considering the men they're marrying are often at least ten years older.

For example. Pocahontas' age in the film was never confirmed, but in real life she actually met John Smith when she was just a 10 year old girl. Ew.

First up: Princess Jasmine. Aladdin's bae was only 15-years-old in the film, as a recent The Mary Sue article pointed out. So when she's dressed in red and is seducing Jafar (a creepy old man), she's officially underage…

princess jasmine disney GIF

A key portion of the film revolves around the fact that she's obliged to marry a prince before her sixteenth birthday, which is three days away.

The Mary Sue also noted that Jasmine is a highly sexualised character, with Jafar commanding the genie to force her to love him. Alright…we're officially disturbed.

Plus, that waist-line is a fantasy; she'd fit maybe half an organ in there if she's lucky.

HuffPost has previously pointed out that none of the 'official' Disney princesses are older than 19, even though most of them are wed or engaged by the end of each of their respective movies.

Ariel is a sixteen-year-old who claims to be an adult, while Eric is the ripe old age of 18. So in today's day-and-age, it would be illegal for them to marry.

Granted, these films are purely fantasy, but it's pretty strange how they design the princesses as sexualised teenagers who always end up with an older man.

If this next one doesn't shock you, we don't know what will. Snow White is just 14 YEARS OLD when she meets her prince, and escapes from a cruel queen who tries to cut out her heart out of vanity.

The prince also kisses her while she's KO'd; problematic as f*ck.

snow white kiss GIF

Kristen Bell has also pointed out issues with Snow White as a film, which was the first colour Disney animation and was released back in 1938.

“Don’t you think that it’s weird that the prince kisses Snow White without her permission?” Bell says she asked her daughters. “Because you can not kiss someone if they’re sleeping!” Hello, consent?

Fairy tales don’t have a stable form, and every era rewrites centuries old fairy tales to fit it's specific agenda or zeitgeist. Many Disney princesses were based on the 1812 Brothers Grimm tales.

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They changed their book of stories to adapt to 19th-century German bourgeois family values, so why can't we update them in 2019?

Cinderella was transformed into a live-action remake recently, but ZERO alterations were made. 

Our Chinese hero warrior Mulan, famous for it's WHOPPER tunes like I'll Make a Man Out of You: she's also sixteen. Yet she has to nurture a fragile toxic male ego, and marries him in the end.

Ok, then, it took a woman to fix a man's dodgy job and her reward is a lifetime of obedience. Sleeping Beauty's Aurora was also 16-years-old, and we've got another classic case of non-consent.

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While Disney has 100 percent made improvements for it's female characters, like Frozen's Queen Elsa and Princess Anna especially, and Brave's Merida (also 16); it's important to be aware of the classic films and their morals.

The live-action Aladdin doesn't arrive for another few months (May 24 to be exact), we have no idea if Jasmine will be a more marriage-appropriate age. The actress cast to play her is 25-years-old, at least.

Naomi Scott isn't a teenager, so let's hope her character isn't either.  Scott told Entertainment Weekly that her character’s goal is “really to protect her people, to do right by them," in December, so we have high hopes.

The eye-wateringly hot Marwan Kenzari has been cast as Jafar in the live-action flick, and he looks FAR younger than the animated character. He's a certified thirst trap.

We're relieved they're moving away from the creepy-old-man game, thank God. The movie looks intriguing, if just for a blue Will Smith as the genie. (Check out those memes about him, they're amazing)

Bring on the badass empowered female princesses, like Meghan Markle and the Thai princess Ubolratana who recently attempted to run for Prime Minister. Get it, gurls.

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Kim Kardashian has had to deny that her eldest daughter North West has a BOYFRIEND. We put that in capital letters, because the child is just five-years-old.

Rapper Consequence's son Caiden Mills referred to North as his "boo", and many people jumped to the conclusion that they were dating.

Kim has now made it totally clear that her five-year-old daughter does NOT have a boyfriend, according to The Daily Mail.


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The reality TV star was leaving the Hollywood Beauty Awards with Chris Appleton last night, and the 38-year-old was asked whether or not it was "too soon for North West to have a boyfriend" by a paparazzi.

The query was referring to seven-year-old Caiden Mills, son of Consequence. Kardashian replied, "She doesn't have a boyfriend. Like, is that for real? She's five."

Consequence was part of Good Music, the music label created by North's famous dad, Kanye West. Mills himself has over 52,000 Instagram followers, and has been pictured with both Kanye and Kim.


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Mills posted an Instagram caption relating to North on February 6, saying,"Shout out to Northie, babygirl I’ll see you soon."

The same day, the youngster posted a photo of himself holding a gold pendant necklace, saying, "She’s gonna love it. Wrap that up sir, I’ll take it."

Then he posted a photo on February 9 with his arm around North, writing "Boo'd up" as the caption. Weird…


A post shared by @kkwlive on

Caiden celebrated Kanye West's album College Dropout achieving its 15th anniversary, describing it as the "First album that North’s dad and my dad worked on together."

"North, Saint and I had the BEST time on our play date at @exploratorium. It was so much FUN," he captioned yet another image of himself and North, with her brother Saint.

On Valentine's Day, he posted a snap of himself brandishing a heart-shaped box of sweets captioned, "Love is in the air." Realistically, he probably isn't writing the captions himself, but still.


A post shared by Caiden Mills (@caiden817) on

We're fairly sure the Instagram account isn't run by the seven-year-old, but who knows?

Neither Consequence or Kanye have commented on the matter, but we're fairly relieved that Kim has calmed everyone down with her comments.

North West sings at Kim Kardashian and Kanye church services, so she'll probably have an album out by age 10. 

Feature image: W Magazine


Millennials don't exactly get an easy time; most people hate us or just dismiss us as snowflakes who only have knowledge about wi-fi and avocado toast.

While we generally have more of a penchant for the internet seeing as we GREW UP WITH IT… this doesn't mean we're as lazy and vain as everyone says we are.

For example, we only have three selfie sticks and check our reflections between the hours of 9am and 11pm everyday, so what's the big deal about?

which is worse the daily show GIF by The Daily Show with Trevor Noah

We've all heard the lectures from our elderly relatives about how we drain the economy and refuse to get jobs, but people love to focus on the negatives rather than the positives.

Getting a millennial a Christmas gift can be a challenge, seeing as the chances of them being vegan, supporting paraben-free and cruelty-free produce and generally hipster and full of notions are sky high.

They'll also most likely blog the entire gift opening session, and post every aspect of it to social media, so it's gotta be impressive.

We've made a gift guide especially to help you out this festive season, y'all are welcome.

bbc three millennials GIF by BBC

1. Do What You Love neon sign

Buy: Urban Outfitters
Price: €59

2. Loqi reusable bags

Buy: Designist
Price: €12

3. Scratch map

Buy: Easons
Price: €19.99

4. The Gospel According to Blindboy

Buy: Designist
Price: €13

5. Showerless shaving gel

Buy: Amazon
Price: €8.85, excl. shipping

6. Photo journal

Buy: Photobox
Price: €14.95 (40 pages)

7. Gratitude journal by Karen McDermott

This gorgeous journal has 52 empowering quotes; one for each week of the year. Positive vibez all round, gals.

Buy: Book Depository
Price: €9.24

8. Tarot card tapestry

Buy: Urban Outfitters
Price: €39.99

9. Fujifilm polaroid camera

Buy: Urban Outfitters
Price: €159

10. The Ordinary Hyaluronic Acid 2% + B5 30ml

Buy: Beauty Bay
Price: €6.75

11. Luxury bathtub tray, for all your needs…

Buy: Amazon
Price: 44.23

12. What Do You Meme? party game

Buy: www.BoardGamer.ie
Price: €24.99

13. Umbrella that changes colour when wet 

Buy: Trouva
Price: 28.07

14. Lush 'goddess' bath bomb in purple

Buy: Lush
Price: €6.62

15. Avocado toast Christmas tree decoration

Buy: Urban Outfitters
Price: €10

16. Sivan health yoga mat set for beginners

Buy: Amazon
Price: €33.98

Namaste, ladies.

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A video of Ryan Gosling during his Mickey Mouse Club days has surfaced, and it would melt the coldest of hearts.

In the video, Gosling ‘accidentally’ walks into a room where his friend is answering questions from viewers, and the question posed to Ryan is, “How do we keep so cool and natural in front of the TV cameras?”

Watch the video to see his adorable response.





Ah college, you served us well. Now that we have entered the dreaded real world, we have come to appreciate the time we spent in college, lazing away and occasionally strolling around the library.

Here are some of the things we are still mourning about college life:

1. It’s still socially acceptable to be an immature eejit
Not a girl, not yet a woman.

12. College is the last time you’ll have absolutely zero responsibility
The only task you have is to pass your exams, everything else ultimately ends up in the care of someone else.

23. It’s okay to scrounge off your parents
You can call up your parents and ask them for rent (beer) money without hesitation, and they will usually give in to your request.

34. You don’t mind drinking cheap beer and vodka
Tesco finest vodka and gin and maybe some Buckfast for good measure.

image505. You don’t work a full-time job
Because you can’t. Hello, we have tutorials. Zzz…

u6. Having the freedom to come and go as you please
Missed a lecture? It’s graaaaand, you’ll totally make it next week. But you miss work ONE time and they freak. What’s the deal?

giphy7. Not having mind-crushing hangovers
Remember when you could down a naggin and wake up singing? Us neither, puuuke!


8. It was still somewhat somewhat acceptable to take weird drunken photos.
Now you’ll never get hired if these hit your newsfeed…

Drunk-People-horse9. You enjoy living weekend to weekend
Before you started working full time, you could party anytime you like, now it’s strictly Friday and Saturday nights. How dull.

giphy10. 4 months off in the summer
Ah, them were the days. This gem even inspired a lot of us to become teachers, you know.


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Can you believe this young blonde grew up to be burlesque bombshell, Dita Von Teese? Us neither!

Dita, who is known for her dark hair, porcelain skin and retro wardrobe, uploaded this vintage snap of herself as a teenager.

The burlesque dancer and lingerie designer uploaded the image to her Instagram account with the caption: “Found this pic of me sunbathing, age 16. I still love the beach, but these days I prefer to enjoy it with sun protection or by moon-bathing in a black swimsuit paired with diamonds.”

We can’t imagine Dita looking anything different to how she does now, but this photo really makes us wonder what could have been!

Do you prefer Dita’s look now, or then?





These famous faces look ridiculously young – and we think it’s down to genes rather than a helping hand with a scalpel!

1. Jim Parsons (44)
That’s right, Sheldon Cooper is 44 years-old! He plays someone almost twenty years younger than him in The Big Bang Theory. Crazy.


2. Alyson Hannigan (41)
It feels like just yesterday Alyson was Willow in Buffy. Now she is a shocking 41 and looks amazing!


3. Pharrell Williams (41)
The man has not aged in twenty years. There is only one explanation. Vampires.


4. Gwen Stefani (44)
The gorgeous mother of three always has impeccable style and is known for her trademark red lips and bleached hair.


5. Sarah Hyland (23)
It’s no surprise this baby-faced actress plays a teenager in Modern Family. Can you believe she is actually 23?




With so many things going on in our lives, it can easily happen that we fall into bed at 3am and get back up again at 9am.

Bad sleeping habits can affect every aspect of your life and leave you drained and exhausted.

Straighten out your sleep routine and feel refreshed and ready to take on the day rather than hide from it!

1. No eating before bed
Try not to eat up to an hour before bedtime so your tummy won’t feel uncomfortable and full.

2. Go to bed early
Know how many hours sleep you want and need and get to bed well within time.

3. Meditate
Take a few moments to rest your eyes and clear your mind while not actually focusing on falling asleep.

4. Gradual
Slowly de-stimulate your mind by dimming the lights about an hour before bedtime.

5. Tire out your mind
Turn off the TV and grab a book or listen to some soft music to prepare your mind for the lull of sleep.