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The Pixel 4 is here and it's definitely worth consideration when it comes to a Christmas phone purchase this year.  With the exceptional camera, new built in apps, cute accessories and phone stand are all welcome improvements to the Pixel.

Let’s great straight into what we like so it makes sense to start with the camera.  You can capture a perfect photo with the Pixel 4.  This phone has their largest camera upgrade to date – there are now two cameras on the back of the phone including a new telephoto lens.  The astrophotography is impressive.  Night sight already took beautiful photos in full darkness but now you can use the night sight for shots of the night sky and stars which make for beautiful pro-photographer photos but without the pro-camera kit costs.

Actual Night Sight photograph with the new astrophotography capability.

Legendary photographer Annie Leibovitz unveiled a series of portraits of individuals who are changing the landscape of their time. She used a Google Pixel exclusively; Annie encountered her subjects in the places they live and work and are inspired into action and it’s fair to say, the results which you can view here are extremely impressive.  

The project was said to push Annie who has rarely shot professional portraits on a camera phone. “I wanted to challenge myself to shoot with the camera that’s always in your pocket,” she says. “I’d heard so much about the Pixel and was intrigued.”

There a new Google Assistant too with better integration than before on the Pixel predecessors.  This means, it’s now much faster to get more done.  It’s been redesigned to allow for faster processing and to take up less space too which means its easier to multitask across different apps.   

There is appealing play factor on the Pixel 4 too where it pre-empts your reaching for the phone through its new motion sense feature.  The phone uses a miniature radar sensor to detect movement around the phone. So, whilst reaching to pick it up, it will turn on the unlock screen so it’s ready to go – pretty cool eh?  We also liked the wave your hand feature to turn off timers and alarms (although maybe this is too easy to do when it comes to turning off that early alarm clocks each day?!).

The new built-in apps add to the functionality of the phone – the Pixel 4 now includes a new recorder app which allows you save and listen to later and can also transcribe speeches too which makes it a worthy phone for the consideration of any student taking college courses.  

With the release, there are new accessories designed to help capture the best photos, get a fast-wireless charge, and in some cases, help the planet, thanks to sustainable materials.  The signature knit fabric cases come in four colours – Sorta Smoky, Just Black, Blue-ish and Could be Coral. New this year, is the fabric being used requires less water in the dyeing process which helps to minimize environmental impact.  The case has a new raised-edge design for better screen and camera protection, soft microfibre lining for cushioned scratch protection and durable fabric that's easy to clean.

The aesthetically pleasing stand (which we’ve always loved) is still standard with the new Pixel 4 is extremely functional too as you can view the screen easily whilst charging.

Now for the science bit – with 6GB RAM, a 90hz display, and Pixel Neural Core, Pixel 4 is fast and powerful.   The Pixel Neural Core is the engine for on-device processing, always-on computing, and machine learning, meaning more tasks are done on the device for performance and privacy.

Finally – for those who are hoping to channel your own inner photographer, we’ll leave you with a piece of advice from Annie: “It’s all inside you. You just go do it. It’s all there.

The recommended retail price for the Pixel 4 with fullscreen 5.7” display is from €759.  It comes in three colours – clearly white, just black, and a limited-edition orange.


FUJIFILM Corporation and its President, Kenji Sukeno, today announced the release of INSTAX Mini Link (RRP €120). This sleek instant photo printer will revolutionise how people embrace photography on their smart phones.

Linking to phones via Bluetooth, the nifty printer and dedicated mobile phone app makes it easier than ever to turn photos saved on smartphones into lasting memories. The INSTAX Mini Link is available in Ireland from today and in three attractive colours; dusky pink, ash white and dark denim. 


What sets INSTAX Mini Link apart from other smartphone printers is the fantastic image quality which it delivers. The easy to use printer uses FUJIFILM real film technology to offer unrivalled prints, all of which feature the iconic INSTAX white boarder that the brand is famous for across the globe. In addition to quality prints, INSTAX Mini Link is lightweight for excellent portability. The printer truly is instant with a fast speed of about 12 seconds per print.


Another distinctive feature of INSTAX Mini Link is the simple yet fun app that links smartphones to the printer. With multiple modes and functions there is something to meet every printing need, not to mention, lots of ways to have fun and stay entertained.

Simple Print – shoot with a superimposed INSTAX white frame that gives users a visual reference, so it eliminates any uncertainty of exactly what’s in the picture, ensuring users get the photo they want each time. This intuitive function allows for easy photo adjustments, such as making it larger or smaller, rotating it, applying a filter or adjusting brightness.

Video Print –this cool function allows users to scroll through video frames left to right to choose the most memorable moments. Once selected, all that’s left to do is press the extract button to turn their favourite part video clip into an Instax print. 

Frame Print – The Frame Print feature allows users to pick from 27 different templates to create quirky and show stopping pictures.

Collage Print – this function has four amazing features that are perfect when creating images with friends. The Collage Print feature allows users to combine lots of their favourite photos onto one print.

Party Print – INSTAX Mini Link is all about connecting with friends and family and there is no better way to do that than with a Party Print. This entertaining feature gives users the ability to create one photo with loved ones by connecting up to five smartphones to the app. The app receives a picture from each of the devices and combines them into one INSTAX print. Once smartphones are linked together, users can select the layout of the images, or use ‘surprise mode’ to get a shock! In the “Surprise Mode,” no one knows what kind of pictures others have chosen and what the final print will look like until the images appear on the print.

Match Test – Have hours of fun with the Match Test function, a quirky game that allows the user to check the compatibility of two people in a photo. The app has the “Quick diagnosis” mode to check compatibility of people shown in a picture, and the “Precision diagnosis” mode that involves answering some questions.


When taking pictures from the printer’s dedicated app, users can use INSTAX Mini Link main unit to remotely control the camera operation. For example, they can zoom in and out by tilting the printer in different directions. Printing multiple copies of a picture has never been easier, simply hold the Link with the printout end pointing down and press the button at the centre.

Bring people together for a group shot by using the camera as remote controller for your smartphone’s camera.

INSTAX Mini Link is available now in FUJIFIILM outlets nationwide, RRP €120.00 prices may vary by retailer


New research findings by global technology leader Huawei have just revealed that more people now aspire to be a social media influencer than a pro sports player as their 'dream job'.

Seeing as we're all budding photographers, they've decided to launch the Creatives competition for the fourth year in a row, which aims to find Ireland's most creative and talented amateur photographer.

The winner? You can earn the prize of travelling to ANY destination in the whole world, taking snaps on your Huawei premium device from their flagship P30 series as an extra gift.

You can have the opportunity to travel to anywhere in the world, putting Huawei's camera to the test in the trip of a lifetime.

Huawei coincided the launch of the competition with their research findings, which state that 67 percent of Irish people believe that social media inspires them, and 78 percent say it gives them ideas for creative projects.

For a traditionally sports-obsessed country, it speaks volumes that more of us now want to be an influencer. Irish people took a whopping 3,924,723,984 photos in 2018 alone, and social media is now a way to showcase creativity.

Talent can be promoted from your phone nowadays, so Huawei's Creative competition fits perfectly with our budding photographer nation. Why not enter?

All you have to do is share a photo entry with the hashtag #HuaweiCreatives, and one lucky winner will gain flights and accommodation for two to search for new photography experiences.

Last year, the competition had 15,000 entries, but 2019 now has SEVEN additional categories, including night, nature, street and cityscapes.

Capturing Irish scenery, skylines, buildings and fashion shots on Instagram could now lead to a life-changing all-expenses paid trip.

To apply for the Creatives campaign, photograph, your should be uploaded to Instagram with the hashtag #HuaweiCreatives as well as the hashtag for the category they are entering.

Find out more on their website, happy snapping ladies. We hope your travel dreams come true.


Finding the perfect getaway can be a challenging business; you want to feel at ease, relaxed and replenished, but where can you find a spot with the perfect amount of privacy mingled with life-changing views?

Well, this tree hotel in the northern Swedish forests offers rooms perched among the pines with an awesome aesthetic landscape to boot.

It's essentially something straight out of a dream, with different room types like the Bird's Nest, The Cabin and the UFO (legit a flying saucer).


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Each of the seven available rooms are all modern variations of tree houses designed by Scandinavian architects, which allow you to bond with nature in the lap of luxury. 

The Tree Hotel is so private and remote that you have to fly all the way from Stockholm to the Lulea Airport, and then the hotel organises for a car to collect you, or for a train journey.  

You can totally disconnect and enjoy the natural lifestyle, as well as possessing that crucial WiFi in case you need to post an emergency Instagram of your incredible surroundings. Oh. it also has HEATED FLOORS and towers.


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There's also a gorgeous restaurant on the property which makes sure to serve only local ingredients. Daytime activities include dog sled tours, ice fishing and photography walks.

You might need to tap into your savings to afford this one, however. Prices range from about €113 to €680 per night, depending on the time of year and type of room.

Maybe add it to the bucket list, or find a sugar daddy to help you out (joking…joking…)

Absolute boujee-ness goals.


Boy, do we have the event for you. As everyone knows, Ireland has some of the best whiskey in the world, and we're also pretty damn good at drinking it too. 

What if, let's say, you could get a cocktail masterclass, a photography session, a copper etching class AND pizza…. all in the one place?

You read that right, it's possible. Roe & Co. Irish whiskey are celebrating reinvention through a series of creative workshops, and tickets are now available for just €25

A brand that's known for it's innovation are bringing Ireland's most impressive artists together especially to celebrate craft in Dublin.


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The newly revived Dollard Printing House on the Quays has been totally transformed for the regular workshop sessions.

Alan Mulvihill is hosting the cocktail masterclass, as a Roe & Co ambassador. He'll be teaching you how to create delicious cocktails so you can impress all your mates at house parties and pre-drinks.

Alex Sapienza will be teaching the art of the portrait, as a wet plate photographer. It's basically a process of extreme light exposure that creates an amazing raw style of imagery being developed on a sheet of metal.

Pretty cool, right? He's leading an hour-long workshop to discuss the art form. Don't miss that one.


A post shared by Roe & Co. (@roeandcowhiskey) on

Helen O'Higgins is teaching the copper etching class, to show her exploration of the architecture, culture, history and everyday life in Dublin.

Every guest will get the chance to try their hand at copper etching, a unique art form.

With your ticket, you can also get a free Roe & Co drink in Roberta's restaurant afterwards, so its an all-round glamorous experience.Plus you get to learn loads of new skills and meet some artistic and fascinating people. 

We can hardly believe you get all of this for €25, so get your tickets before it sells out, people.

The event is strictly over 18s only, so don't forget your ID if you have a babyface lads.

joanne woodward drinking GIF


The Deets:

When: Saturday 8 December, 3:00-6:30pm

Where: Dollard House, Wellington Quay, Dublin 2

Cost: €25

Tickets: Eventbrite


As the generation who grew up with a camera embedded in every portable electronic device, it's no wonder we're so snap happy. 

Whether it's a hot-dogs-or-legs snap by the holiday poolside, a candid of you and the gals necking cocktails, or that slightly blurry picture of a cute dog you saw while at a red light, we're constantly capturing the moment with our phones, Polaroid cameras and DSLRs. 

One place we cant help but share these images is social media, and this may not be a bad thing. 

One study suggests that taking a photo and posting it on social media every day is great for your wellbeing.

The team looked at the impact this had on people and found that interacting with fellow users and capturing the moment had a positive impact on the participants’ mood.

This might seem counter productive if you factor in the pressure to get likes and comments, but for people who can put that aside and just admire their digital photo album, there are benefits to reap. 

Many participants admitted that they love looking back at the moments they’ve captured, especially if they’re feeling down.

It can't hurt to remember the good time during phases of sadness, and they can serve as a realistic reminder that positivity could be just around the corner. 

We're thinking of making an album of all out favourite pictures on our phones right now…



The tender age of just 19, Molly Keane is already an accomplished internationally-known photographer. 

The Donegal native was sitting studying for her leaving cert when she got a call that would set her career in motion. She was one of 12 contestants selected for the Sky Arts Master of Photography competition. 

"When I applied I thought I didn't have a hope. To be picked out of 10,000 entries from across Europe was amazing. I moved to Rome to take part, it was a bit mad- I even missed my mocks!

“It was an absolutely amazing experience.”

Thanks to the publicity and recognition from the competition, Molly was able to move to Dublin last summer to begin her career as a professional photographer. She now works with portraits, live music and conceptual photos. 


'Green Dream' (2018) #portrait #selfportrait 35mm #me

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As a young Irish woman, it was inevitable that she would get involved with the campaign to repeal the Eighth. 

“I’ve always been pro-choice. It might not be for me personally but I would never take that choice away from another woman.  Having children is a personal choice, and not one that I’d ever make for another woman. The eighth amendment makes getting help during crises pregnancies a lot hard than it needs to be.”

Using her photography skills to encourage "difficult conversations", she gathered inspiration from the well-know photo-blog, Humans of New York. 

“I’ve always loved the idea of Humans of New York. Putting faces and words to big issues really personalises them. I wanted to do my bit with photography and social media to promote the Yes vote.”

As part of the series, Molly has photographed an "eclectic" mix of people, from men, to grandparents, to young mothers and people with disabilities. She also snapped big-name Irish celebrities such as Jack Gleeson, director Lenny Abrahamson and musicians May Kay from Le Galaxie and Faye O'Rourke of Little Green Cars.

“There are so many different reasons to vote yes. That’s why I made a specific effort to photograph people from all different ages and genders. No two women are the same, and neither are their reasons for wanting repeal.”

But perhaps the most compelling portrait she's captured was her first, of her own mother. 

“When the repeal debate first started, mum wasn't really sure about repealing. After lots and lots of difficult conversations I could start to see where she was coming from. She had never experienced a crises pregnancy; myself and my brothers had been planned and wanted. She never had any difficulties during pregnancy that so many women have. She realised that she came from a privileged position. Eventually we came to a level of understanding, she’s the first portrait I captured for the series.”

In the run up to the most divisive vote in Ireland's recent history, it can be all too easy to forget the real people affected by the eighth amendment. Molly's fabulous portraits remind us to humanise the debate. Take a look at some of our favourites here:

"Although personally, abortion is never something I would choose for myself, I am very pro-choice because I understand that even if you are against abortion, it’s going to happen. Anyone with half a brain can see the impact it has on women; the awful effect the 8th amendment has and the trauma and shame it creates in this country"- Elena 


"The 8th should never have been put in our constitution. It makes Irish women less safe and less free, and blocks progress towards laws based on rationality and compassion rather than superstition and the impulse to control"- Lenny Abrahamson. Director of Room, Frank, What Richard Did and Garage



‘It’s often assumed that disabled people are inherently anti-choice. People with disabilities are being used as an argument against repealing the 8th. I’m pro-choice because people should have the freedom to make their own decision. There’s a lot of work that needs to be done as far as respecting people with intellectual and physical disabilities, and I don’t see the anti-choice side offering any of that. Young girls with intellectual disabilities who have been abused can’t access abortions here and have been forced to carry a child to term. I do think that there’s a lack of respect towards people with disabilities from the pro-life side. We’re being used as props in this referendum. People need proper access to reproductive health around their disability. At the end of the day, it’s sick, poor and disabled women who suffer most under the 8th. The most sensible thing to do is to trust women, because there are so many complicated issues when it comes to healthcare. It’s a doctors job to help people and save peoples lives but the 8th amendment handcuffs them. The burden of the 8th falls on marginalised people, including women with disabilities often. I really hope that Ireland stands up and votes for Repeal, it’s long overdue.’ (HUMANS OF REPEAL, Ferdia) #HumansOfRepeal #Together4Yes #TogetherForYes #RepealThe8th #Repealproject #Portrait #YesforRepeal #portraitpage #politics #ireland #dublin #postthepeople #theguardian #tpj #woman #womensrights #feminism #photojournalism #35mm #abortionrights #analog #analoguevibes #trustwomen #REPEAL #HONY #8thref #Documentary #abortionreferendum

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"It’s often assumed that disabled people are inherently anti-choice. People with disabilities are being used as an argument against repealing the 8th. I’m pro-choice because people should have the freedom to make their own decision. There’s a lot of work that needs to be done as far as respecting people with intellectual and physical disabilities, and I don’t see the anti-choice side offering any of that.

"Young girls with intellectual disabilities who have been abused can’t access abortions here and have been forced to carry a child to term. I do think that there’s a lack of respect towards people with disabilities from the pro-life side. We’re being used as props in this referendum.

"People need proper access to reproductive health around their disability. At the end of the day, it’s sick, poor and disabled women who suffer most under the 8th.

"The most sensible thing to do is to trust women, because there are so many complicated issues when it comes to healthcare. It’s a doctors job to help people and save peoples lives but the 8th amendment handcuffs them. The burden of the 8th falls on marginalised people, including women with disabilities often. I really hope that Ireland stands up and votes for Repeal, it’s long overdue"- Ferdia


"I think in this day and age every woman should have the right to decide what they do with their own body"- Peggy

Follow Humans of Repeal here


Jacqueline Duran Joyce lives in New York City with her husband Luke. 

Luke, a Galway native, and Jacqueline, tied the knot in Ireland last year – and there were some truly amazing snaps from the day.

However, as stunning as the wedding pictures were, no photos compare to the those that the lovely Jackie captures herself. 

A few months before the wedding, the couple decided to go on an adventure, and travelled the world (I literally mean every bloody corner of the globe btw). 


Central Park all dressed up for spring 

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While photography had always been a passion of Jackie's, she really started to pursue it while discovering some of the most amazing locations in the world. 

And let me tell you, thank GOD she did – because she 's got mad skills.

Jackie has captured everything, from the sky scrapers of New York City and the horses of Connemara to the lighthouses of Montauk and the mountains of New Zealand. 

One thing I truly admire about her work is that she sees beauty in the mundane.

In the flash of a camera, Jackie will take a photo of something so gorgeous, that would have otherwise gone unnoticed.

All of a sudden, an old, unappealing boat becomes a work of art – immortalised through Jackie's photography. 

A self proclaimed beach-bum, Jackie has a particular penchant for all things nautical. 


I’m dreaming of a sunny day out East. 

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Growing up on the water, and spending many summers of her adult life by the beach – Jackie eats, sleeps and breathes the sea, and all that comes with it. 

This is apparent in her online store, where the majority of her magical prints have a nautical theme.

However, as much as I too am a water lover, it is Jackie's ability to capture the quiet magic of New York that appeals to me most. 

You see the Brooklyn Bridge, The Empire State and Times Square everywhere, all you have to do is typ 'NYC' into Google. 


Daydreaming of one of my favorite places!

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Jackie takes a different, slightly ethereal, approach to photographing the concrete jungle. 

My personal favourite photo? The picture of the Brooklyn Bridge and the Manhattan bridge at dusk, which appear blurred out in the background, allowing white flowers to take centre stage. 

This is the kind of thing I'm talking about – you still get the incredible hit of the world renowned bridged of the Big Apple, but with a gentle twist. 


Low lying clouds and possibly the most beautiful trees I've ever seen.

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Last year, the lovely Jackie set up her very own Etsy page (blessed), where people can go and purchase prints of her work. 

We genuinely love them all, and you will too! 

Have a gawk around her page, we DARE you not to instantly want to add everything to your cart. 


Third-wheeling is something we all have experience of, but few of us would happily embrace the third-wheel title with the same enthusiasm as one brave man named Mitch Jolliff.

And for that, we applaud him.

In a move which we're sure many couples will seek to mimic, Mitch agreed to appear in his best friend's engagement and wedding photos as the classic third wheel, and he nailed it.

It all started when Brittney Krysinger got engaged to Mitch's best friend Kody and asked Mitch if he would take part in a photo shoot which would sum up the trio's dynamic.

While initially reluctant, Mitch finally decided to get involved and took part in the couple's engagement and wedding photos which were captured by photographer Lindsey Berger.

"At first, I was not a big fan of it,” Mitch told Yahoo. “They actually had to persuade me quite a bit to take the pictures. I’m not a big picture taker."

Delighted that Mitch took part, Brittney said: "I think it’s so relatable. Everybody has that friend who third-wheels with you, who’s always there."

Sound familiar?



Our Instagram feeds would feel incomplete without a stylised snap of our superfood salad, or a table flat lay shot of Sunday brunch, mimosas included.

But according to new research, we shouldn't actually be snapping photos of our food before we dig in.

As well as the social faux pas of making our food go cold and preventing everyone at the table from eating in the pursuit of the perfect picture, a study has shown that paying too much detail to the appearance of our food makes us enjoy the overall experience less. 

Overexposure to food, brought on by looking at it for ages to create that gorgeous picture, leads to pre-satiation.

The study established 'sensory simulations as an important mechanism underlying satiation, and provides behavioural evidence that simple evaluations can produce sensory-specific satiety.'

This basically means that you're bored of the food before you even start eating it, and where's the fun in that? 

'When we Instagram, we inherently must focus our attention on the item in the picture, even for that very brief moment,' the paper's co-author Professor Joseph Redden told The Independent

'This can have a range of effects on later enjoyment.'

So essentially, spending so much time 'gramming your food means that you're taking less time to enjoy it, which can ultimately lead to you not getting as much satisfaction from the meal as you could have.

And we'd much rather eat the perfect meal at it's best than get a few extra likes on Insta. 


Your wedding day will probably be the most photographed day of your life, and with good reason.

Between the perfect dress, the flawless make-up and the beautiful venue to act as the backdrop, you’re going to want to document your efforts. But have you ever stopped to think just how many photos will be taken?

A new report has put a number on it – and it's slightly terrifying.

Research by Mobiles.co.uk has found that an average of 3,000 pictures are taken over the course of the average wedding day.

That's right, 3,000

See, while most couple still choose to hire a professional photographer to document the day, a massive 75 per cent of wedding guests will use their smart phones to grab some extra snaps.

The survey of 1,015 wedding guests and 1,015 recently married couples also found that two thirds of those pictures are shared on social media – so essentially 2,000 pictures of your wedding day will be floating around in cyber space for all of eternity.

Given these stats, it’s no wonder most brides make it their business to look their best on the day. 


Behind every good Instagram pic, is the person that actually took it.

Ever wondered who takes those pictures of that bikini babe lounging on the beach or laughing candidly with her gal pals where all the friends are in the picture?

Well, those snaps are the work of the illusive Instagram boyfriend.

The much sought after Instagram boyfriend is on hand to take the perfect snaps 24/7, and keeps those likes and follows rolling in thanks to his excellent photography skills.

Whether it's the perfect group picture, the yoga pose, or the shot-from-the-back travel snap, the boy does good when it comes to getting the perfect lighting and set up.

A Facebook and Instagram page is committed to highlighting the trials and tribulations of the Instagram boyfriend, by exposing what taking the perfect picture really looks like.

His least favourite phrase: "Ew, take it again."

This page definitely made us laugh because it it pretty funny when you think bout what people really look like when posing for "the perfect Instagram picture."

But we also kind of wish we had an Instagram boyfriend to get us the likes we deserve. 

Any volunteers?