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Cast your minds back to the white wood panelled house from Twilight, the iconic supernatural tale of a high school girl falling in love with a (monotonous) vampire named Edward Cullen.

Bella Swan was a misfit character who spends a lot of time cooped up in her room, which is later visited creepily by Edward. The 2008 movie launched the careers of Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson.

Luckily for any die-hard fans of the franchise, the iconic home was set in rainy Washington State and is now available to rent on Airbnb. 

The famous house is referred to as the Twilight Swan House on the app, and was featured as the home of Charlie and Bella Swan in the films.

The charming 1930s home is located in downtown Saint Helens, a quiet neighbourhood, and is within distance to the riverfront and only a short drive away from Portland.

You can literally recreate all of the most memorable scenes from the infamous flick, which spawned three other films in the series and was adapted from the books by Stephanie Meyer.

Do we all remember Bella's bedroom being visited in the night by Edward while the protagonist was asleep? Wouldn't that seem extremely creepy now? It 100 percent would. Jus' sayin'.

There is a two-night minimum label on the house, with discounts applied for one-week stays or longer. The house costs a cool $330 per night on off-peak days, and $440 per night on Fridays and Saturdays.

It's pretty steep to stay there, but bear in mind that you'd be renting the entire gaff. That means you're better off getting a massive gang of Twilight addicts to head on the experience with you, and to lower the price.

As Jess says; "Need to get my twilight bitches together for the trip of a lifetime."

The fans have spotted the house online, and needless to say, were extremely excited about the possibility of sleeping in the home of their teenage obsession.

"Will be taking myself on a date of ultimate and complete pleasure there, see ya," wrote Ellisa. Power to you, girl.

We feel like we're 14-years-old again, foaming at the mouth to get our hands on a sparkly vampire or an overheated, long-haired werewolf. The hormones were RAGING.

"What if we kissed in Bella Swan's house…I'm just kidding…unless?" another fan wrote. These people are deathly serious about this house, and you should be too. It's our adolescence in building form.

The house sleeps ten guests, according to their Airbnb description, and has five bedrooms, five beds, and one bathroom. Some fans on Twitter were highly stressed out by the idea of five bedrooms and only one full bathroom, as were we.

The Airbnb owners are Amber and Dean, and are superhosts. That's a good sign that this isn't a hoax. We wonder if the house is a lil bit chilly, for the Jacobs to cool down, or if the heating is on blast for Edward?

Finally: A moment of silence for how hilarious the scene of Charlie meeting Edward was:

warn bella swan GIF

Feature image: Instagram/@sagacullens


Upcycling in every sense of the word is on the rise, what with climate breakdown becoming an apocalyptic-level problem and sustainability on everyone's minds.

New One4all research shows that Irish adults are finding creative ways to make homes their own, with 48 percent of Irish people having upcycled an item from their house.

65 percent of homeowners nationwide have renovated their home, with the kitchen being the most popular part of the property to remodel. Weirdly, April is the most coveted time for home improvements.

According to the survey carried out by One4all, safety of the property is the most important factor home-dwellers in Ireland, followed by the neighbourhood in which the property is located, and thirdly, having an outdoor area or garden space.

Seeing as the housing crisis has us all feeling especially glum, most of us are comfortable with sticking where we are currently. Nine in ten of those queried claimed they 'feel at home' where they live.

Is this because they can't accord to buy another home or rent in another spot, though? Either way, Irish people are making homes their own.

While the kitchen is the most common room to be remodelled, the bathroom came in second place and the garden came in third. 

December is the quietest month of the year for home updates, most likely because of all those parties being thrown during the festive season.

The renovations lasted between one and three months for 28 percent of people, but it took between six months to a year to complete the works for ten percent of people.

44 percent of those polled say they are ‘somewhat happy’ with their home at the moment, compared with 39 percent who say that they are ‘very happy’.

Overall, men in Ireland rate their current happiness with their home higher than women do, with 86 percent of them chuffed compared to 81 percent of women.

The research states that most women would change the interior of their home if money wasn't anything to worry about, but men would choose to increase the size of their house instead.

When it comes to D.I.Y, Ireland is a nifty nation with almost 1 in 2 (48 percent) revealing that they have upcycled an old item in their home.

For most of those polled, the purpose behind their upcycling project was to make something old look nicer and new. A One4all gift card to get a mate who's gaff needs a boost would be an unreal idea.

Making something more personal was the second most popular purpose for upcycling amongst respondents, with 95 percent of those who upcycled an item saying they enjoyed the project.


tim reno GIF by Channel 7


Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston may be split for more than ten years but it seems that he still holds a candle for her.

While Jen celebrated her 50th birthday in February, Brad made the guest list – which shows that they are still very much friends.

But now it's been revealed what present her former husband got for her – and it is IMPRESSIVE.


A post shared by Brad Pitt (@bradpittoffcial) on

When the pair called it a day in 2005, Jen had to give up her dream home and it was something that broke her heart at the time.

Now, Brad has brought the $79million (€70.4million) property back into her life in the form of her birthday gift.

How amazing is that?

The present looks like an extension of an olive branch – so could there be a reconciliation happening?

Image result for jennifer aniston 2019

Well, Jen has got her dream Beverly Hills home that she used to live in with Brad back – what a birthday gift, right?

With Brad attending the bash and gifting her with their former house, are they getting back together?

According to model Caprice Bourret, she believes that they were the perfect match.

The 47-year-old told New magazine, she said, ''I had dinner with Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie separately, though I can't remember if they were married at the time. Brad was amazing, Angelina was a b****. She didn't say one word the entire night. She just sat there looking into space."

Well, we will watch this space…



This morning, someone in Dublin woke up 175,000,000 million euro, and wow gosh, we're sooooo delighted for them.

While we couldn't be more pleased that someone other than ourselves is now mega rich, we couldn't help but ponder on what we would purchase as our first big Euromillions spend. 

A luxurious holiday? A flash car? A mad expensive ostrich skin hand bag? Nah – top of the list has to be growing that property portfolio (or just starting one). We've been creeping around the internet, searching for our perfect habitats in Dublin (seeing as that is where the winning lotto ticket was purchased) and we have compiled a list of our faves that we will probably never be able to afford bu hey, it's fun to fantasize: 

1. Bayview, 17 Sutton Castle, Sutton, Dublin 13, North Dublin City – €1,250,000

You could buy around 140 of these stunning houses for your Euromillions fee.

On the market by Gallagher Quigley, this iconic 19th century mansion with sprawling grounds and a sea view is the perfect family home. It even has a spiral staircase leading from the garden to the exterior terrace where you have a gorge view of Dublin Bay.

This period home was once owned by the Jameson family – so it comes with some glam history as well as walk in wardrobes.

2. Horse Island, Roaring Water Bay, Schull, Co. Cork – €6,750,000

Where else is there to go when you want peace and quiet to count all your money? Why, your own private island of course. 

Now, we know we said we would keep all of our homes to the Dublin region, but with all those millions, chartering a yacht from Dublin bay to Schull shouldn't be too much of an issue. 

The island comes with a STUNNING main home, as well as six guest houses, so it's perfect for family to visit once you've had your fill of solitary island living. The views are breathtaking, and you could probably bride a Deliveroo guy to get the boat over with your order if you tip him well enough. 

3. Monte Alverno, Sorrento Road, Dalkey, South Co. Dublin – €7,500,000

The stand out feature of the house has got to be the stunning figure-of-eight shaped outdoor swimming pool that languishes invitingly in the back garden.

Other external features include an all weather floodlit tennis court and a Chinese garden that has its own waterfall and lily pond.

South facing bedrooms give a glorious sea view, and plant lovers can rejoice in their element with a chilled martini in the jungle of a conservatory. 

4. Arkendale, 6 Arkendale Road, Dalkey, South Co. Dublin – €1,950,000

This Georgian gaff had us shook from the very first picture. Sprawling high ceilings with original stucco work and big bay windows make this home the ideal modem house with original character. 

Currently it has some very interesting wallpaper and pastel carpet choices, a nod to the original design of the home. 

The feature staircase leads to the upstairs where there are five generous bedrooms, while downstairs resides a snooker and cinema room.

5St Georges, St Georges Avenue, Killiney, South Co. Dublin – €9,250,000

This GORGE property honestly has a whiff of Hogwarts magic about it. From the stunning turret to the stain glass windows, it's a marvel to look at. 

The home comes complete with a little church (gas) and the architecture is a nob to the Gothic revival in Ireland. 

The main bedroom has a balcony with panoramic sea views, and everything about it is just magic. 



With Halloween just around the corner, now is the perfect time to start planning a spooky weekend getaway. 

Grab a group of your most fearless friends and check- in at one of Airbnb's most haunted homes (just remember to leave a spare bed for the ghost you'll be sharing with). 

Here's a list of some of the spookiest listings available to rent right now. 

The Madness Chamber (York, United Kingdom)

This one isn't for the faint of heart.

Nestled in one of the world's most haunted cities, this 600-year-old apartment, eerily dubbed 'The Chamber', is every bit as creepy as it sounds. 

Those daring enough to stay here have reported everything from unexplained bumps in the night, to encounters with the real, albeit friendly, ghosts who call this place home. 

“The flat is very, very old and oozes ye olde character, the ghosts are friendly too and the spooky paraphernalia great fun. You would be mad not to stay here.” -Jason, Brighton UK

The Girl in the Yellow Dress (New Orleans, LA)

While this cosy bedroom might look like the perfect place to rest your head after a long day exploring New Orleans, it might be worth mentioning that you'll be bunking with a young, raven-haired girl wearing a long yellow dress.

Host, Adrienne Parks, first learned of her mysterious house guest through neighbourhood chatter, and while her benign presence is largely accepted, no one knows what exactly she is searching for.  

“This is our go-to place in New Orleans. The location is ideal, and the mansion is perfect – filled to the brim with the whimsical, hysterical, and sometimes perception-shifting.” – Michael, Florida

The Soldiers’ Asylum (Gettysburg, PA)

This historic civil war farm house would provide the perfect setting to any Hollywood horror film. 

It's idyllic location and vintage interiors may scream 'quiet weekend away', but in reality, just over 150 years ago, this stately stone house was a scene of unimaginable anguish thanks to its location in Gettysburg, a battleground for the bloodiest war in U.S. history.

According to the host, Stephani Maitland, “The column of cannons, horses, bodies, and all the injured soldiers was drug down that road. It was a horrible mess.” 

“Beautiful place, exciting for Civil War history lovers, and rejuvenating for those looking for an escape to the countryside.” -Atticus, Cambridge MA

The Lady in Waiting (Piedmont, Italy)

Legend has it, this picturesque property is haunted by the presence of a broken hearted women named Barbara who died for love in the tower of the Castle. 

Some day that her sighs and wails can still be heard coming from the walls. 

But hey, they do offer a continental breakfast for your troubles. 

There are currently no guest reviews for this property, which could mean one of two things:

1. Someone is yet to muster up to courage to stay here for the night. 

2. No one has made it out alive… 

(We're guessing the first one tbh). 

Happy Halloween! 



If you find yourself scrolling through Instagram at 2am, and can't seem to think of a reason why, we feel you.

We spend literal hours on the social media site, but with pictures like these to look at, it's easy to see why.

For those of you who love decor, forget about copper accents and neutral tones, because it looks like rainbow hues are the way to go.

Amina Mucciolo has designed her house based on rainbows and unicorns, and it looks like an actual dream. 

The rainbow-spattered wall is our favourite thing:


A post shared by Amina Mucciolo (@studiomucci) on


A post shared by Amina Mucciolo (@studiomucci) on


A post shared by Amina Mucciolo (@studiomucci) on


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A post shared by Amina Mucciolo (@studiomucci) on


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We think we need to re-do our homes! 



Sick of paying sky-high rents, or struggling to make it onto the property ladder? Well, a GAA club in Louth may just have the solution for you. 

St Fechin's GAA club in Termonfeckin is raffling off a four bedroom semi-detached house as part of its massive fundraising campaign, with tickets going for just €100. 

Launched on Friday, the 'Win a Feckin House' competition is capped at 8,000 tickets, giving you a fairly decent chance of nabbing the top prize – Well, when you compare it to the likes of the Euromillions anyway. 

According to Buzz.ie, the property, which is located in the new Castle Park development in Termonfeckin, features a landscape garden, rear patio and solar panels, as well as a fully fitted kitchen, built-in bedroom wardrobes and heated towel rails. 

The draw is due to take place on Sunday December 30, 2018, in the Westcourt Hotel in Drogheda, but people who purchase their tickets before August 1 will be entered into a bonus draw with the chance of winning five more tickets. 

Other prizes on offer include a cruise for two, a bathroom makeover and a 55" LED TV. 

All of the money raised over the course of the campaign will go towards building a new community centre for the club. 

Speaking about the raffle, a spokesperson for the club said: 

"St Fechins GAA in Termonfeckin, Co Louth will be changing someone’s life on Sunday, 30th December 2018 when one lucky winner will be the proud owner of a beautiful 4-bedroom semi-detached house in Castle Park, Termonfeckin worth over €280,000!" said a spokesperson for the club.

"We've many more great prizes bringing the total prize fund up to over €300,000!"

Upon purchasing a ticket, you will automatically become a social member of the club. 

Tickets can be purchased online here or at the following locations: Wogans Build Centre, North Road, Drogheda; Briscoes Electrix Ltd, Donore Road, Drogheda; Westcourt Hotel, West Street, Drogheda; The Design Gallery, St Laurences Gate, Drogheda; The Forge Field Shop & Coffee Shop, Termonfeckin; Termonfeckin Post Office; Dublin Meat Company, Dublin Road Drogheda.

Good luck! 

Feature Image // myhome.ie 


Few films captured the hearts of a generation quite like the 90s classic, 10 Things I Hate About You.

After all, who could forget the scene where Heath Ledger pranced around the school bleachers in the ultimate exclamation of love, or when Julia Stiles broke our teenage hearts with her emotionally charged love poem.

It was cinema magic, and to be honest, it's still one of our all-time favourite girls night flicks.

And now, an iconic piece of film memorabilia could be all yours, because the gorgeous Victorian house, and home of the Stratford sisters', has just gone on the market for the first time in 30 years.

Complete with the original woodwork, cosy entrance hall, fully-functional bar, and the quintessential wrap-around porch, this lavish Washington property could be yours for cool $1.6 million (€1.3 million) – which, by Dublin price standards, isn't actually half-bad.

Here's exactly what you'll get for your money:

We've got to admit, we don't hate it. Not even close, not even a little bit, not even at all.



What's the first thing that pops into your head when you think about raffles?

Probably those little pink ticket books or that battered teddy bear you won at your primary school's Christmas fair.

Well, forget everything you thought you knew, about well, everything, because this woman just won a £800,000 house in a humble raffle – no, really.

Finance worker, Marie Segar, is now the proud owner of the 18th century Melling Manor in Lancashire, after spending £40 on 20 tickets.

Dunstan Low, the previous owner, decided to raffle off the property after it failed to sell for it's £800,000 asking price.

And after word quickly spread, Dunstan ended up taking in a nifty £900,000 in ticket sales from around the world.

Oh and as if Marie wasn't lucky enough, the house also came with the title, Lady of Melling, which was donated by the manor's previous owner, St John's Hospice in North Lancashire after Dunstan donated £30,000 of the raffle profits.


Whether it's our  mother, our aunt, or our clean-freak BFF, we all know someone who makes us take our shoes off at the door.

And we all might think that this is to keep their houses spick and span, but it turns out there's a way more hygienic reason for it.

According to a new study carried out at the University of Hoxton, our shoe soles are probably the dirtiest things we own, and they have a whole load of pathogenic germs (which are the really bad kind) on them.

fashion, get ready, getting ready

But, it's not just muck and dirt the researchers found. Living on your shoe sole is clostridium difficile, which can cause some pretty nasty bacterial infections. 

Clostridium difficile was found on 26.4 per cent of shoe soles.

And if you think wiping your shoes on the mat before you walk in the door will help – it won't.

White Converse All Star Chuck Taylor High Tops Sneakers Surrounded by Black Red and White Shoes

Dr Kevin Garey, who led the study said: "You have to think of the person who wiped their feet before. You might be picking [up] stuff they left behind.”

So, there you go. Listen to your mammy and take off your shoes.

Oh, and while we have you; don't forget to have your say in the inaugural SHEmazing Awards this May! It's time to vote, and you can do it right here!



Calling all Marilyn Monroe fans!

There is an amazing pad for sale in Clondalkin, and it's interiors are absolutely bonkers, in the best possible way.

Every available surface is painted a different, bright hue, and Marilyn Monroe's iconic smile gleams down from every wall. 

From the colourful, leopard print sofas to the polka dot toilet, the princess pad screams fun. 

And as for the princess's boudoir? It's decked out in pink ruffles, walls and carpets.

Any Marilyn bed covers, of course. 

Even the hallway is emblazoned with the classic Hollywood star's face, and rainbow chandeliers hang from every light fixture. 

The living room is the epitome of a Barbie dream house, with pink and purple fabric covering every surface, and ornate cushions and decorations in every free space. 

The kitchen seems a little more muted, with modern, white fittings.

That is, until you notice the sun bed in the middle of it.

According to auctioneer Ray Cooke's site, the three bedroom end of terrace property is located in the quaint cul de sac of Harelawn Drive, Dublin 22, within arm's reach of Liffey Valley Shopping Centre and the M50 Motorway.

"No. 44 is immaculately presented and boasts quirky decor throughout," reads the ad.

You can say that again!

All those Lip Kit drops must be paying off as KUWTK star Kylie Jenner has just bought her third mansion of the year.

Since June, the makeup mogul has added a $6 million home and its $4.5 million neighbour to her property portfolio and now Trulia has reported that she’s just dropped $12 million on her latest Hidden Hills gaff.

The 13,200 square foot house sits on 1.4 acres of land and boasts eight bedrooms, 11 bathrooms, “expansive views of the city”, a gourmet kitchen, home theatre, game room, pool and a spa and massage room.

All of the 19-year-old’s properties are in the same area, but her latest purchase is by far the most luxurious yet.

Images: Crisnet